Competition: The screenplay for the comics

Dear friends,

We have launched a new competition for the most creative and talented people.

Evgeni decided to make a New Year gift to his fans - a comics, where one of his true life stories is described. We came up with the idea to announce a competition for the best screenplay (idea) for this comics. In this genre everyone can express himself!

So, the challenge is to think of the theme for the comics with Evgeni where his story is being told. The volume of the finished book is about 24 pages, but you do not need to draw anything! Just an idea. Still your sketches, storyboards and disclosure of the main ideas in text format are mostly welcomed.

The ideas can be of any kind, they are limited only by your imagination. For example, you can provide something interesting on Eurovision topic, or Zhenya's comeback to a competitive sport. The main thing is the star character in your story should be Evgeni, of course.

We have very little time left - the competition is held until October 26! We hope for your activism and original ideas.

The winner will receive exclusive prizes from the skater with the autograph and huge respect on pages of the comics!

Please send your works to

Good luck!