Died Evgeni Plushenko's mother

In St. Petersburg 09.07. passed away in the 59th year of life Tatiana Vasilievna Plushenko after a long illness, incurable cancer. Funeral of Evgeni's mom will take place on July 13th at the Sestroretsk cemetery in St. Petersburg.

We express our deepest condolences to Zhenya and his whole family. Tatiana was a great mom and strong woman. Thank her so much on her son - she made him a man, which we love. She will be always in our hearts. Rest in Peace, madam Tatiana Vasilievna.

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Моя дорогая мама, спасибо тебе за ту прекрасную жизнь, что ты мне подарила , ты всегда со мной и в радости и в горе , мы с тобой вместе прожили и прошли очень долгий и сложный путь , благодаря тебе я стал человеком ! Ты всегда в моем сердце! Спасибо всем  моим друзьям и поклонникам за поддержку со всего мира , мама Вас всех любит !!! ||| My dear mom, thank you for the wonderful life that you gave me, you are always with me in joy and in sorrow, we're lived together and have been through a long and difficult way, thanks to you, I became a man! You are always in my heart! Thanks to all my friends and fans for their support from around the world, my mom loves you all !!!

Fotografiju objavljuje Евгений Плющенко (@plushenkoofficial)