European Championships 2010: King's Victory

 "King of Ice" banners welcomed Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko at the European Figure Skating Championships 2010 in Tallinn.

On January 21, Saku Suurhall Arena hosted men with their long programs. The best piece of an "Ice pie" was presented to the audience in the very end - the 4th group contained the top-5 best figure skaters according to the short program.

Evgeni Plushenko has won that incredible struggle with 164.09 points! The total result makes up 255.36 scores, meaning that Evgeni now is six-time European Champion.

"Everybody was so strong and everybody wanted to win. But I knew that I just had to perform my program. And I did it. And even something went wrong in the beginning, my wife, whom I love so much, managed to inspire me and made me believe that I can do everything. That's why it's our common victory with her. I'd also like to thank all my fans who came here to welcome and to support me, and everyboby who supported me watching the championships on tv," said Evgeni afterwards.