Vladimir Pozner: “I go to Vancouver to support Plushenko!”

 Vladimir Pozner, guru of the Russian television journalism, will be one of the most exclusive Russian representatives in Vancouver. On his way to Canada the famous anchorman and the American culture connoisseur tells what is stored for the Russian Olympic team overseas.

“First of all, Canadians are not Americans, they are different. There’s indeed a point of view that we lose only when we are judged unfairly. But I think it’s vice versa and I’m sure Plushenko will be praised to the skies, because he’s a great sportsman. ”

“I don’t like winter sports very much - I’m not so good at it myself. I like summer sports, but I will support Plushenko with all my heart. He quitted sport and then returned with such a victory. I mean the European Championships. Still noone’s been able to do that, and I want to see it.”