Plushenko isn't creating new Olympic medals

The Associated Press
VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Evgeni Plushenko isn't awarding himself a new medal. Or creating one, for that matter.
Reports Tuesday said a picture of the Olympic silver medalist's latest prize was labeled "platinum of Vancouver" on Plushenko's official Web site. His medal from the Salt Lake City Games was properly identified as silver. But agent Ari Zakarian said no one had authority to do this "stupid thing," and Plushenko himself was not aware of it.
There were no labels beneath the pictures of Plushenko's three Olympic medals as of Tuesday afternoon. The Russian also has a gold from the Turin Olympics.
"It's absolutely a mistake. Evgeni has absolutely no idea about this. Absolutely no idea," Zakarian said. "Nobody from our team is awarding a platinum medal."
Plushenko just wants to move on, Zakarian said, and incidents like Tuesday don't help.
"Of course he's sad. He wanted to do his best," Zakarian said. "But it's past, it's done and he's looking forward to the next competition. This is history. It's over."
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