When will Evgeni return to competitions? (TV news 30.11.2010)

... brief translation of the video:

"I'm anyway planned after the Olympics to rest one year and then continue with my career. But from next season, I plan for three years to perform and ride up to the 2014 Olympics.
Everyone understands, that the conditions for training are needed. Everybody understands, that we must not disgrace, nor before Sochi, nor at the Olympics.
Preliminary talks with the Russian Figure Skating Federation about restoration of my status went very positively. And with the Gorshkov, and with Piseev, and with Mutko, we have a good relationship."

"Plushenko's status we will restore at the end of the season. We currently do not need this competition. We'll wait for the lifting of sanctions and return in an international skaters union.
In general, Zhenya - a man, whom is hard throw into confusion. He goes to his goal, him is impossible to turn. He is in a good mood - it can be seen on his movements, and he gives the impression, that he was younger than all the other skaters in my group."