The Men - Serbian magazine (Translation)

The Men - Serbian magazine, February 2011 (Scan)

Evgeni Plushenko

The Star On Ice
The best figure skater in the whole decade and the most paid star of this sport, Russian whose name triumphs in all large ice halls in the world - Evgeni Plushenko.
The master of the most sophisticated sport on ice is fond of giving self-assured statements prior to the competition, aware of his incredible ability. He gave to this sport strong masculine dimension, deeply assured that sport that doesn’t include hard and dangerous situations and moves, in fact is not for the real man. And while he is announcing, in macho way, confidently, his future achievements he stays equally graceful and sophisticated in executing scary jumps and spins wearing tinsels and sateen. Perfect synchronization and grace in movement on ice are keyes of his succes and break to the very top. Let the titles talk for itselfs- eight-time national champion, six-time European champion and three-time World champion. As well, he became the first man in the history of this sport who won three olympic medals. With very dynamic movement and extraordinary choreography, Plushenko managed to transform figure skating into real art contnuously breaking his own records. While resisting the modern tendency in figure skating which emphasizes dancing moves, this exquisit skater is cotinuously returning back strenght to male sport with his skating, moving boundaries over and over again.

Russian way
Although the winning of the biggest and the most prestigious competitions in the last decade is not unfamiliar for him, young skater reveals that winning gold at the next Olympic games in Sochi 2014 would represent accomplishment of all his dreams. Looks like that this extremly talented man hasn’t said his last words in figure skating yet. Although, because of the suspension of ISU he is not allowed to compete at the moment, he continuous to train in order to keep his body , skating and recognizable winning style in perfect form.

translation: Nevena