Sports camp— Evgeni Plushenko
A truly magical Christmas Tale—21 shows "Nutcracker"
With great success~~King on Ice tour
Farewell, Dear Cekoni!
Bucharest show was postponed!
New shows
Evgeni Plushenko was operated in Israel
Happy birthday Evgeni!
Premiere "Snow King 2" show of 3rd November in St.Peteresburg was canceled
Added many shows in Calendar
Evgeni about the upcoming season and his plans
Died Evgeni Plushenko's mother
Snow King 2. Return - St. Petersburg 03-08.11.2015 (7 shows)
Snow King - Sochi 01-04.05.2015 (4 shows)
Snow King - Moscow and St. Petersburg (19 shows)
Past shows this summer - Japan and China
Evgeni Plushenko returned to the ice!
Evgeni Plushenko successfully underwent back surgery
Update of the Calendar
Evgeni's message
Evgeni Plushenko is the two-times Olympic champion!
Show of Champions and friends!
Evgeni thanked his fans
Evgeni Plushenko is officially included in the Russian Olympic team
Evgeni Plushenko is the silver medalist at Russian Nationals 2014
Russian Nationals 2013/2014
Evgeni Plushenko will skip the Grand Prix in Moscow
Evgeni won his first tournament!
ISU Volvo Open Cup 22nd - Riga, Latvia (07-10.11.2013)
Today is Evgeni Plushenko's Birthday!
Russian show "Opera on Ice" - St. Petersburg, Russia (04.10.2013)
Show "Opera on Ice 2013" - Verona, Italy (28.09.2013)
Evgeni's message after additional medical examinations
ODRI Fashion show
Evgeni underwent back surgery
Evgeni Plushenko withdrew from the European Championships 2013!
Congratulations on the birth of a son!
Congratulations to Evgeni, tenfold Champion of Russia!
Evgeni Plushenko is the best Russian Athlete of the 2012 year!
Evgeni's Anniversary show ''Just 30!''
Today is Zhenya's 30th birthday!
Competition: The screenplay for the comics
Shows in Russia and Italy in October
Evgeni's Birthday Anniversary show ''Just 30!''
Japan Open 06.10.2012
More Plushenko's shows in Italy
Evgeni Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya are expecting a baby!
Articles and news about Evgeni's preparations
Charity show Believe, Moscow 01.05.2012
Charity show 01.05 in Moscow
Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko presented a new ODRI collection
4 shows in June
New show in Italy!
News about Evgeni's operation
New exclusive watch from Ulysse Nardin and Evgeni Plushenko
Charity show for children
European Championship 2012 (Sheffield, 23-29.01.2012)
2012 Calendar & Wallpapers
Evgeni congratulates the friends New Year!
2 shows in Italy!
Russian Nationals 2012 (24-28.12.2011)
Today is birthday of Evgeni Plushenko!
Exclusive videos from the personal archive of Evgeni Plushenko
Monthly News on the Forum
All about Evgeni's injury and Rehabilitation
Test Skating & Monthly News on the Forum
News about Evgeni
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Evgeni's interview for International Figure Skating magazine, October 2011
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Mishin training camp - Pinzolo, Italy
Mishin training camp - Tartu, Estonia
Plushenko and Mishin interviews about the operations
Decisions of the ISU Council
Evgeni Plushenko rights restored for performances at the ISU competitions
Russia urges ISU to lift ban on figure-skater Plushenko
The Olympic champion will return to the sport
Evgeni Plushenko - I want to become a legend of figure skating
Reprise of the 2011 World Championships Gala, St. Petersburg
Zhenya's exclusive interview for the official site and forum
2 new shows in May (Russia)
Topics about shows in Budapest and Prague
Gran Gala del Ghiaccio - Turin, Italy 09.04.2011
Stockholm Ice 2011 - 02.04.2011
New show in Italy!
Evgeni Plushenko: To my Japanese friends
2 topics on forum
Evgeni Plushenko's message to women on 8th March! [SUBS]
Kings on Ice 14.04.2011
About Alexei Mishin 70th anniversary show 08.03.2011
Eisgala Davos topic & 2 new shows in Czech Republic!
New show in March!
Art On Ice 2011 shows
Translation of Plushy's interview & more news about ISU suspension
"Google Trend 2010" Award
Plushenko sent the official request for the return of his amateur status
New shows!
Evgeni in Japan
Zhenya on TV during december / january
Zhenya's performances in Japan have been canceled!
VOTE for Zhenya!
When will Evgeni return to competitions? (TV news 30.11.2010)
I know for what I dream of returning
Communication of Ari Zakarian's
Kings of the Ice - show and documentary movie
Zhenya won a prize "Crystal Ice" - thank you friends!
Crystal Ice 2010 second round - VOTING!
Evgeni Plushenko asking for help in the restoration of his amateur status!
Crystal Ice 2010
Topic with the latest news in our forum
Video message to fans
New Youtube channel
Medal of Order of Merit for the Fatherland
Plushenko isn't creating new Olympic medals
Tango Amore - Tango Vittoria
Olympics 2010: First lead
Short program - Long fight
Vladimir Pozner: “I go to Vancouver to support Plushenko!”
European Championships 2010: King's Victory
European Championships 2010: New World Record
New contest
Poll from Evgeni and Yana
VCIOM Rating 2009
Triumph with two records
New world record!
2010 Russian national figure skating championships
Injury forces Evgeni Plushenko off ice
Evgeni Plushenko wins the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating
Evgeni Plushenko wins the 2nd stage of the Cup of Russia
Exclusive live broadcast!
First start!
Straight to the Olympics!
Evgeni's gratitude to his fans!
World friends` surprise!
Live with Plushenko
The International "FAIR PLAY Mecenate" Prize
Contest for all friends!
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