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Re: Чемпионат Европы 2012 || European Championships 2012

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Евгений Плющенко победил травмы и всех соперников в Европе

Evgeni Plushenko won the injuries and all his rivals in Europe

Sheffield (UK), January 28 - RIA Novosti. The Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko won a convincing victory at the European Championships in figure skating, despite a leg injury and back pain, which did not allow him to compete in full force and effect.

After performing FS Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko won the seventh European title in his career.

Most competitors of Plushenko did not cope with the psychological stress and made mistakes, which did not allow them to compete with the now seven-time European champion. The only one who skated both days clean is Gachinsky Arthur Plushenko’s countryman and his partner on training in a group of Alexei Mishin/ Gachinsky Arthur won silver.

Before the European Championship meniscus was “cracking”

Plushenko’s preparation for the European Championships was incredibly hard. Performing in the qualifying competitions, the Olympic champion admitted that he was not sure about his trip to Sheffield until the last moment. " Left knee injury sharpened - he explained. – During trainings my meniscus was jammed, and I just could not bend or straighten the leg. And now, if you pay attention, in training after jumping I skate and shake my foot to put my " cracked " meniscus into place. "

All competitors of the Russian champion looked very good at training in Sheffield . Skating of Javier Fernandez was specially impressive, who easily performed the two quads – toe-loop and Salchow. Most of the specialists considered Fernandez as the most dangerous rival of the Olympic champion. But they agreed in opinion that Fernandez could bring instability and nerves, while Plushenko is able to skate to the max in any state.

Short without quard

In the short program, because of pain in the knee Plushenko refused to perform a quadruple jump. However, most competitors simply can not cope with nervous tension and mistakes. Fernandez didn’t perform well combo "3-3" and the triple axel, Tomas Verner has not managed to do a quadruple, and Brian Joubert failed his routine at all, falling twice. Only Gachinsky demonstrated his best - a tough set of elements, including a combo 4T-3T. This allowed him to defeat Plushenko and become a leader. True, the gap was microscopic - 0.09 points.

"The physical condition did not allow me to jump a quad in the short program - said at the time 29 year-old Plushenko. - I am not going to perform 4T in my FS yet"

Events on Saturday showed that the key phrase in that word "yet".

He “ripped to shreds” all those who breathed down his neck

Plushenko performed second of the six best figure skaters in free skate in the final warm-up. How then coach Eugene Rukavitsyn admitted in a conversation with a reporter, "F-Sport" he realized during Zhenia’s warming up that the Olympic champion intends to perform a quad. And so it happened. Plushenko began the program with his 4T, and then did a number of other jumps, two triple axels and two triple Lutz. It was clear and convincing skating and definitely the best in two events in which appeared Plushenko (Russia and Europe championships). The audience that filled the Sabbath "Motorpoynt Arena" welcomed the Olympic champion standing.

None of the contenders to Plushenko could not come close to him. The majority - because of their own mistakes. Particularly disappointing Fernandez, who did two quads at least, but failed in two triple axels and finished sixth.

Spectators welcome the Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, who won a gold medal in men's figure skating at the European Championships of figure skating.

The only one who in this situation cope with nerves became Gachinsky. 18-year-old athlete played two quads in one program for the first time in his career, purely done all the other elements. But as for the technical and the second, the artistic evaluation of the World Cup bronze medalist in 2011 gave her the award-winning team-mate on a group of more than 15 points. Others - even more.

"In my opinion, Plushenko has angered with the whole situation, not even the leadership of Arthur, but just the fact that someone breathes down his neck a little and it irritated him, So Plushenko just took it and tore all his pursuers."- noticed Rukavitsyn later.
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