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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

Дарина, Ania_i_Tania, Таня once again girls, thank you so much for your transcripts - they helped a lot. and big thanks to Вера and Ирина for videos!

For now I managed to translate only part 2 and short part 3 of the interviews.

Click "cc" to see subtitles.

I will continue translating today and I'll add the next translated videos to this playlist:
by Eve
10 Jan 2012, 19:24
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

Стефан Ламбьель: "Гачинский - не второй Плющенко. У него свое лицо"

Stephane Lambiel: "Gachinski is not the second Plushenko. He is his own man"

Q: Recently, one of the main discussion topics in figure skating is yet another return to the ice of Evgeni Plushenko. What are your thoughts on this subject?

Stephane: I saw Zhenya's performance at Russian Nationals in Saransk and in my eyes Plushenko was magnificent, well, as always. I think for the time he had, Evgeni was in a pretty good shape. About his technical abilities we all already know. I always said if he's healthy and motivated he would come back. So I'm looking forward to the European Championships in Sheffield, with his participation, and of course I wish him good luck and many wins this season.

Q: Is it good for figure skating, when someone, who was already leaving the sport twice, is still a competitor for the gold in all the major competitions?

Stephane: You have to understand, that's not Evgeni's problem. If he himself is mentally prepared to take this road once again, from beginning to the end, then why not do it. I sincerely admit, I admire Plushenko's decision to come back again - it is a very bold move, once again proving what a great athlete Zhenya is and a real champion. I still remember all our battles, in Turin and in other big competitions. Sport - it is a real battle, but sometimes it happens, that your opponent is stronger than you and you have to accept that, as did I in my time.

Q: There's one more Mishin's student, Artur Gachinski. Will he be the second Plushenko - will it be good for him or bad?

Stephane: I think it won't happen, Artur has his own charisma. Besides, the skating styles of Plushenko and Gachinski are completely different. so there's no point comparing them. Believe me, they are totally different and we should give Artur a chance to be himself. Gachinski is not the second Plushenko. He is his own man.

Q: How about you, is 26 the age when one ought to finally say "no" to professional sport?

Stephane: Well yes, that is my case (laughs). My goal was 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and unfortunately I could not win a medal there, finishing 4th. Now I perform in various shows and I love it. So I have no regrets and no thoughts of coming back - I'm content with the life I now live.
by Eve
15 Jan 2012, 22:35
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