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Re: Ваши идеи для Жени(ВИДЕООБРАЩЕНИЕ ЕП)||Your ideas for Ev

I'm not sure if this topic is still open for discussion, but I randomly came up with an idea for Plushy at 12:30 AM. :D

What I haven't really seen (at all) in figure skating would be competitive programmes to video game scores. This one in particular is from the Japanese game Gyakuten Kenji , a part of the Gyakuten Saiban series.


This (in my opinion) is a very beautiful piece of music, and can even fit Evgeni's personality very well. With the right chromatography, the flow of the music and Evgeni's talent could make it a very competitive programme (possibly for next season, if he doesn't stick with his current ones?).

Just a suggestion. I wish Evgeni luck at Russian nationals in December! No matter how he performs, he will forever be a champion in my eyes. Good luck to the rest of team Russia as well! plush48
by tamaryokucha
29 Nov 2011, 10:54
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