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Re: Мужчины || Men

В связи с годовщиной землетрясения в Японии японское ТВ выпустила небольшой фильм о Юзуру. Там много фоток из убежища, где его семья из 4 человек вынуждена была кантоваться на кусочке 1метр на 3 метра. Давали им онигири- одна штука в руки. Во как. Видно что ему до сих пор тяжело об этом рассказывать. Его школу показали, где он с друзьями-мальчишками тусуется. Весь класс пришёл его в аэропорт встречать после Cup of Russia, который он выиграл. Кстати в кино энтого нет, но Юзуру получил награду Sendai City Sports. В январе кажись. Не помню. У него синенький браслетик на видео, это тот который с надписью "Плющенко"? Или тот был чёрный? Всё у меня смешалось в голове. :kli_ny:

by let`s talk
08 Mar 2012, 17:53
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Re: Женя и его семья, близкие друзья.. || His family and fri

Yeah, HAPPY RELAX, Plush!

And more pics for FOOTBALL GUYS, please! :hi_hi_hi:
by let`s talk
11 Mar 2012, 13:33
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

Zhenya landed 4-3-3, not just 4-3-2, and more than once. 4-3-2 is what Yag could do. The combo of three jumps with quad is indeed very rare. I remember only three skaters could do it: Yag 4-3-2, as I mentioned already, KVDP 4-3-3T and Zhenya 4-3-3L- is still the most difficult combo that he did 10 years ago. Since then- no progress in FS. Thanks to the new judging system.
by let`s talk
22 Mar 2012, 06:45
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Re: Чемпионаты Европы-Мира || European-World Championships 2

So, let's watch :mo-ro_zi_vo:

The Eurosport:
TV guide:
Before the event some other online stream links might show up.

Rossiya-2 (Россия-2):
A lot of links online, just a few here:
TV guide (available for a week):

For Japan residents, Jsport got nuts. They will show the event a week later, which is beyond any reasonable grounds. They showed some stuff from Euros live. And they don't show Worlds. Great. Fuji TV will show boys and girls as usual at prime time:

Pay channel for Rossiya-2 and Eurosport
by let`s talk
23 Mar 2012, 19:06
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Re: Чемпионаты России || Russian Nationals 2010-2012

Первенство России 2012 г. "Ranks: Candidate for Master of Sport"

But here is also national junior event.What is the difference between these junior competitions? ("ст. возраст" = "Статья Возраст"?) :ne_vi_del: What you call "junior event" consists of the skaters who earned the right to take part in this competition based on their results in Cup of Russia. Another event the link to which you posted above has skaters who earned the right to skate there based on their regional competitions.

ст. возраст It means старший возраст (elder age), those who were born in 1995 or later- for singles.
мл. возраст = младший возраст? Yes. Those who were born from 1999.
by let`s talk
29 Mar 2012, 20:57
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Re: Чемпионаты Европы-Мира || European-World Championships 2

The true World champion is here. We are not supposed to link to a boo-ed champion on Plush site since Plush was never and never will be boo-ed.

Here is the boy who repeated Plush and Yag's record by winning a bronze medal at the first appearance at Worlds:

by let`s talk
01 Apr 2012, 06:16
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Re: Чемпионаты Европы-Мира || European-World Championships 2

A new Guiness record in FS- a booed world champion: :plush42:

Boos greet Chan as he wins men's title

(Reuters) - Deafening boos, jeers and whistles could not wipe the smile off Patrick Chan's face on Saturday as he became the first male skater in six years to win back-to-back titles at the world championships despite crashing to the ice on a double Axel.

Twenty four hours after Chan smoothed over the cracks in his short programme with what he called "his priceless expressions" and Oscar-winning acting skills, the 21-year-old had no place to hide when he landed on his bottom while attempting the relatively simple jump.

While the crowd thought that howler had handed the title to 2010 champion Daisuke Takahashi for his hypnotising 'Blues for Klook' free skate, the judges did not agree.

They rewarded him for being the only skater out of the 24 finalists to land two quads cleanly and Chan topped the long programme standings with 176.70 despite incurring a two-point deduction. He won with a total of 266.11.

Takahashi, the only skater among the top three not to tumble, settled for his second successive silver after trailing by 6.45 points.

Japan celebrated having two men on the podium for the first time as teary-eyed teenager Yuzuru Hanyu made an instant impact at his first worlds by grabbing bronze.

After melting the hearts of French fans with his spellbinding routine to the soundtrack of Romeo and Juliet, Hanyu dissolved into tears long before his career best score of 173.99 for the long programme flashed up.


The 17-year-old had not been considered as a medal contender having finished seventh in the short programme but he won a standing ovation on Saturday with his fearless yet charming performance as the ill-fated lover which featured 12 soaring jumps, including a quad toeloop.

Hanyu tripped up while approaching a lift-off for a jump but as the mistake did not occur during one of his elements, he still compiled a total of 251.06.

The display even left his coach Nanami Abe an emotional wreck as she was seen gently dabbing away her tears with a tissue.

"Being here the first time and to win a medal is amazing," said Hanyu.

In a competition where more than 10 skaters pulled off a quad, Chan stood out for his ability to pull off the jump twice in his 'Adagio from Concierto de Aranjuez' routine.

He even added in an unscheduled triple toeloop at the end of the second quad, a decision which almost backfired as he glided dangerously close to the boards on his landing.

Accident averted, it seemed as if Chan would at last produce the longed for "clean" skate he has struggled for throughout the season.


After landing 10 jumps, he slipped up on his final attempt.

He let out a rueful smile as he ended his programme on his knees, with the crowd applauding sympathetically.

But when the scores were revealed, the crowd quickly turned on the Canadian.

"The double Axel (fall), it isn't me if I don't make at least one freaky mistake," quipped Chan. "It was a little touch of Patrick at the end.

"I didn't skate the lights out like Yuzuru but I skated smart and it all added up and I still ended up on top."

Chan tried to win over the fans by thanking them for their support in French but when it came to the medal ceremony, it was clear who had won the popular vote.

After politely acknowledging Chan's achievement, the hollering fans erupted when the two Japanese skaters re-emerged to take their places on the podium.

Home favourite Brian Joubert missed out on a medal despite rediscovering his form to finish fourth. Michal Brezina's hopes of becoming the first Czech man to win a medal since the country broke away from Slovakia were dashed after he slumped from second to sixth.

As Chan celebrated winning his ninth title in a row, a run that began in 2010, he also gave Canada their second of these championships following Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's success in the ice dance earlier in the week.
by let`s talk
01 Apr 2012, 19:08
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Re: Чемпионаты Европы-Мира || European-World Championships 2

No, Simona. It's not just only you:

DiManno: Toronto’s Patrick Chan strikes gold at world figure skating championships

NICE, FRANCE—Patrick Chan screwed in his ear bugs, propped up his legs, played a few hands of cards with his coaches.

When the arena began to rumble and shake, he thought: Aha, must be Brian Joubert.

But not until every other skater had finished — 23 of them — did the defending World Champion emerge from the dressing room for his close-up, final competitor in the final flight.

Cue the music. Cue the big tricks.

Quad toe 1: Nothing to it.

Quad toe 2: Better than the first.

Triple Axel: Stupendous.

And from that moment, less than a minute into his program, the 22-year-old from Toronto knew he’d had it nailed.

He would be the first Canadian global gold medallist, male, to repeat as world champion since Elvis Stojko.

He would show everybody there was nothing remotely fluky about his paramount skating prowess — though no one has doubted his singularly spectacular skills, certainly not over the past two seasons of uninterrupted triumphs.

He would leave the French Riviera exactly as he was upon arrival: The man to beat and the man who apparently can’t be beaten.

Chan is entirely inside the sweet spot of skating at this point in his career, victor again Sunday night at the world championships.

And yet.

They booed Chan.

Jeered, heckled and erupted in those piercing whistles that are the European version of a hiss.

Kept it up, too, for ever so long as Chan awaited his marks in the kiss ‘n’ cry, continued the caterwauling when the scores were flashed, confirming the Canadian’s fresh investiture, more gold bling to hang around his neck.

It’s not that there’s any ill-will against Chan, the endlessly ebullient skating virtuoso who has essentially rewritten the record-book in his sport. But, from what spectators had just witnesses with their own eyes, he should not have been the winner on his occasion.

Chan begs to differ.

Surprised he’d triumphed? “No, I knew when I got off the ice. With that strong opening I felt like I had won anyway.’’

That “anyway’’ refers to what didn’t go precisely as planned.

“I was just happy and relieved that it was over,” the back-to-back champ said afterwards, claiming ignorance of the full-throated heckles, ears wide shut. “I didn’t actually notice. I could just sort of hear it in the background.

“I wasn’t sure if it was cheers or jeers but either way it was pretty cool. It shows they care, right?”

The transcendent skater had just accomplished what had been vowed: He’d defended.

But it was a surprisingly un-Chanian performance in Saturday afternoon’s free skate, a program that crashed in the middle and never really found its lofty footing again.

When did Chan last fall on a double Axel? When, come to that, did a world champion win despite falling on a double Axel?

“That opening — after waiting for five skaters, 40 minutes — and just the way everything was planned out perfectly ... you know what? It was smart skating. It was not perfect, mistakes here and there. Shows that I’m human, right?

“Somebody asked me earlier this week, how can these guys beat you? It’s a question I’ve been asked a lot this season. Well, I left it open for them after the short and I left it open after the long. I gave them little chances.”

When the scores flashed up on the board, Chan had pulled down a free skate score of 176.70, nearly ten points off his season’s best. Yet still good enough to top the field in the long and, coupled with his two point budge from the short, 266.11 overall, good for gold again.

But then the hoots and hollers cascaded down from the stands at the Palais des Expositions again. If they couldn’t have home favourite Joubert in the medals — he finished fourth — then this was an audience palpably pulling for one of the two Japanese men: former world champ Daisuke Takahashi and youngster Yuzuru Hanyu, only 17 and world junior champion last season. Hanyu, despite one tumble, had electrified the crowd earlier. Indeed, he edged out compatriot Takahashi in the free skate — and had the best technical marks of any competitor on the day — though settling for bronze. Takahashi took silver.

For Japan, this marked the first time two of their men had medalled at worlds.

But it was Canada at the apex — and that’s gold-times-two in Nice, with Chan joining ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in the winner’s circle.

Didn’t come as easy as it looked, however; or, rather, didn’t look as easy as it came.

“It’s the hardest competition this far in my career,” Chan admitted. “On the double Axel, it was a combination of being a bit late to the music and ... it’s a long program. I lost concentration a bit.”

That double Axel — which Chan can do in his sleep — proved disorienting. It arrived in the last third of a routine skated to “Adagio from Concierto de Aranjuez”. It defeated him. Fell so hard on his backside that, an hour later, Chan was still holding an ice pack to his bum.

Truthfully, the program seemed somewhat on the ropes even before the fall. But there was that awesome start, an explosion out of the gate that pretty much precluded anyone else dislodging Chan.

Chan was unsure what had sent the double Axel off the rails. “I was late in the program and that may have played a factor. I feel like I have to catch up, I have to catch up, so I rushed the takeoff. It’s always kind of a funky jump. I bruised my butt pretty good so I guess that’s a punishment.

“I didn’t skate necessarily lights out but I definitely skated smart. I made sure all the little details were done well. It all added up and I ended up still on top.”

These worlds, Chan acknowledged, have been no walk on the promenade, a far more mentally grinding experience than a year ago in Moscow. He arrive here in a funk after a week of lousy practices at home in Colorado Spring. There were a couple of days where, after a rough session at the rink, I just went home.

“Coming here, I had my doubts. I thought, oh my God, am I going to be the guy who lost it, didn’t make it happen, when he was so close? But I snapped myself out of it because I knew I’d trained hard all season.”

Most people, Chan knew, almost took it for granted that he would recapture the crown. “It’s like, if he does it, he should be the winner. And if he doesn’t, shame on him. It’s a unique position, maybe uncomfortable sometimes. But I think I made it over the hump now.’’

So, not quite how Chan had envisioned things it, with raspberries ringing in his ears.

Yet still, indisputably, the finest male skater on the planet. So boo-you.


You see? He gave them little chances. What a generous boy. Have no idea how some people can like this ass. Only asses themselves surely. :ze_le_ny:
by let`s talk
02 Apr 2012, 20:17
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

Chan did not say anything wrong, He said his role models/favorite skaters were Kurt Browning and Stephane Lambiel. Maybe he does not have role models or favorites among the competitive skaters or maybe he likes Kurt and Stephane more than he likes others. I don't understand where is the cowardness.
Surely he didn't say anything wrong. For Chan. To mention a current competititve skater? No way. He is the one and the only. He thinks. He just didn't expect that Japanese would go classy. And by doing this they unintentionally exposed his manners in public. :-) Nothing wrong in having a favourite skater among the past ones. Plush often used to mention Petrenko as one of his favourite ones. Yet, to speak about the current rivals, someone needs some balls. We often hear about them from Plush. The baby Hanyu was the one who he was constantly praising last season, when Yuzuru was in junior, and this season too. While Chan normally says the stuff like "I gave them little chances", "there will be some skaters of my level" and other twattish arrogant crap without even saying skaters' names. Can you take your chan crap somewhere too? :ni_zia:
by let`s talk
04 Apr 2012, 16:22
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Re: Женя и его тренер А.Н.Мишин || Evgeni and his coach Mish

Тренер по фигурному катанию Алексей МИШИН.:
Here is mainly about his technology that Mishin uses in his training sessions. The most intereting moment I think is the Orthodox Cathedral that you can see at the beginning. It used to be the skating rink there where Mishin started his career as a skater.
by let`s talk
05 Apr 2012, 14:43
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Re: Женя и его тренер А.Н.Мишин || Evgeni and his coach Mish

Anything interesting in the video? What does Mishin say? :-):

Алексей Мишин: Думал о том, чтобы снять Гачинского с чемпионата
He apologized to fans for Artur's bad skating in Nice. He said there were some reasons, both objective and subjective. He mentoned that Artur had new boots just two weeks before the Worlds, he didn't feel comfortable in new shoes yet. Also, he had a little trauma of his ankle, but not a serious one. He also mentioned that the training calentar was not very right. So, they will rethink all this stuff and will do their best not to make similar mistakes in the future. The journalist asked if it were a good idea for Artur to withdraw. Mishin said no, it weren't since the substitute skater was not ready at that moment.
by let`s talk
05 Apr 2012, 14:34
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Re: Мужчины || Men

lala630312 wrote: Well, they didn't like the result, but what can we do? They are French.
:kli_ny: Idiot.
by let`s talk
20 Apr 2012, 21:09
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Re: Новости о соревнованиях || Competitions News

Не, это правда случилось что ли? Чана наконец то не на первое место поставили.



by let`s talk
20 Apr 2012, 21:16
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Re: Мужчины || Men

I hope you can understand my translating :kli_ny: :-)

Interview with P. Chan, some parts:

"I learned a lot in Nice"

Lala перевела на на англ. отрывок интервью Патрика венгерскому изданию.
Теперь русский вариант:

… если вы видели программы Юзуру Ханю, то должны думать, что он будет очень сильным соперником [в Сочи] ...

Патрик: Фигурное катание гораздо больше, чем прыжки. Японцы всегда очень техничные фигуристы, они лучше меня, лучше, чем кто-либо другой. Но есть и другой аспект этого вида спорта - искра, которая позволяет вам откатать программу так, чтобы после зрители вздохнули: как жаль, что она закончилась. Может быть, у меня есть это преимущество перед ними. Во всяком случае, я хочу быть всегда лучше и лучше. …

-Что вы думаете по поводу того, что кто-то говорит, что вам завышают оценки?

Патрик: Не мое дело рассуждать о своих оценках, но я стараюсь создать нечто прекрасное на льду, то, что судьи могут понять, почувствовать и оценить. Это очень легко указать на кого-то, что ему завышают баллы, но если кто-то действительно понимает фигурное катание, можно посмотреть на детали и увидеть различия между фигуристами. Прежде чем критиковать кого-то, посмотрите программы снова и снова, обращая внимание на каждую деталь. Я люблю кататься, и я люблю очаровывать зрителей и судей.

-Хорошо, но публике не понравился результат, она освистала ваши баллы. Что вы об этом думаете?

Патрик: Это был длинный сезон, и тот, кто следит за фигурным катанием, прекрасно знает, какой объем работы нужно сделать, чтобы достичь результата. Вот почему я хочу наслаждаться своим вторым титулом чемпиона мира, я не занимаюсь публикой. Я не слышал никакого свиста и аплодисментов, потому что для меня этот спорт значит очень многое, чтобы я нервничал из-за того, что некоторым людям не понравилась моя постановка. Я рад, что они так интересуются фигурным катанием и пришли посмотреть чемпионат мира. Ну, им не нравится результат, но что мы можем поделать? Они французы. :)-(:

По-русски это читать вообще невозможно. Это у него то искра-преимушество, которой нет у других. :ps_ih: Не поймёш, человек то ли дурак, то ли наглый шибко.
by let`s talk
25 Apr 2012, 18:12
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Re: Новости о соревнованиях || Competitions News

This video compares Dai's FS at Worlds and at WTT. The idea is that his skating in Nice was not so much different than in Tokyo but the scores are uncomparable. I am an optimist, I think it's because the booing in Nice got heard. Some people believe it was just to peace the situation but at major events like GPF and Worlds Canada will get its win that it doesn't and didn't deserve. Let's wait for the next season and see. :plush34:
by let`s talk
28 Apr 2012, 19:26
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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

Столько страниц тут понаписали. Я и не буду всё это читать. Вот увижу новые программы, тогда и буду ворчать, если повод будет.
by let`s talk
01 May 2012, 18:22
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Re: Благотворит. шоу для детей || Charity shows 20.2 & 1.5.2

Could someone translate this video? :plush39: Sounds very interesting! :plush31:
I translated parts about the judging system and about his work with Camerlengo:

at 7:30:

-Journalist: Talking about judging. Recently the judging system is a sore point in the world FS. Maybe it's time to change something about it? What do you think?

-I am an athlete. I can't change anything in the judging system. But I want to say that in principle the system was created well. The current FS is developing in spins, footworks, etc. But still the system seems uncompleted. During the last years every time they come with new changes, either in spins or footworks or others. The system has some good points that work well. But sometimes the system works just ugly. When a skater skates, makes 3 falls, gets the abnormal score and beats the guys who skated greatly with clean programs, it simply cannot be explained. It's just unbelievable. Maybe now, after the WTT, something will change. It seems that now judges see that FS community is angry and probably they are ready to change. We'll see.

at 10:20:

-Journalist: Could you tell us about your work with Camerlengo?

-Evgeni: We have started to work on a new SP. Of course it's impossible to put a new program for two days. But the "skeleton" of the program is ready and more than a half of the program has been made. Pasquale will come to our training camp in Spain (in July-*let's talk) where we will continue our cooperation. We will be working together and I want him to make both of my programs for the next season- SP and LP. He is a great master in his field, a real specialist in choreography. I hope our work together will go on in the future too.
by let`s talk
02 May 2012, 19:17
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