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Re: Награждения вне пьедестала || Evgeni's awards OFF Ice

Today at 12:45-13:30 (17:45-18:30 JST) Rossiya-2 will broadcast the Olympic Ball in the Kremlin. Streams here:

by let`s talk
31 May 2014, 09:47
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Re: Пресса, интервью|| Press about Evgeni ON Ice

Интервью Евгения Плющенко. Большой спорт Эфир от 23 09 2014:
- I feel much better. Do not disturb me the spine, injuries - said the skater on the TV channel "Russia 2". - But this sports season I will miss. I will participate in commercial performances. If my health will be good, then, maybe, i will continue to compete and try to qualify for a fifth Olympics.
Except part which is already translated, Plushy also talked (again) about Sochi withdrawal and surgery. About current men's skating today, he said that Yuzuru Hanyu is skater from "another planet", that worked with him on some jump details during the show last summer because Yuzuru asked him for advice. About Russian younger skaters - will be interesting to see Artur Gachinski with new coach... about Kovtun.... maybe they can be among first 3 skaters in Europe, in World among 5th... he can not say anything specifically, because they are unstable, not consistent...

Not correct translation about Kovtun and Hanyu. Plushenko said:

"This season I was skating with Chinese and Japanese skaters (*in shows in this context- LT). Japanese are surely from another planet. They are top contenders in all competitions, especially Yuzuru Hanyu."

(on the question: who of Russian Men can be in top 5 in major international competitions)

It's quite realistic in Europe where our guys can be in top 3 actually. I especially want to congratulate Seryozha Voronov and Kostya Menshov. These two guys have been skating for a long time and finally they did it (*medaled at Europeans- LT). There is also Artur Gachinskij who left Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin for a new coach, so I am very interested to see him this season. There is Kovtun. I just don't know how the guys will skate this season, but it's very possible for them to be in top 3 in Europe and probably in top 5 at Worlds. Try to understand that it's really difficult for me to say anything certain because the guys are not consistent. It's not like when Lyosha Yagudin was skating, and if somebody asked me then about him, I would answer: he will be in top 3. Because I knew this athlete, I knew my rival. He would surely be in top 3."

Plushenko was speaking in high regards about all Japanese skaters and their work ethics to J-media too when he was in Japan.

He didn't mean specifically Kovtun as the Russian skater who can be in top 3 in Europe and in top 5 at Worlds. He was speaking about Team Russian Men.

The reference to Yag is probably the reference to the times when Men, i.e. rivarly Plu&Yag, were more consistent than top skaters now.

by let`s talk
25 Sep 2014, 17:47
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Re: Kings on Ice 2014 - Bucharest, Romania 07.10.2014

@Anastasia E, Plu fans are beautiful and gorgeous too! :plush46:

Big thanks for the report and pictures. :plush40:
by let`s talk
12 Oct 2014, 17:33
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Re: Женя и его семья, близкие друзья.. || His family and fri

VIDEO :-):


Наша спортивная семья , ни дня без спорта , даже игровые автоматы у нас специальные .

Our sports family, neither day without sport, even slot machines are special

Slot machine must have a different meaning in Russia - because before I went and watched I was thinking "You can't take a baby into a casino!" :sh_ok:

I think he throws better than me, ;;-))) The "slot-machine" means the same in Russian, sometimes event get written without the actual translation as cлот-машина, i.e. the stuff that is used in casinos.

Here Yana meant "игровые автоматы для детей" (literally "game machines for kids") which is the casual expression for more bookish развлекательное оборудование. In English her message should be "even our amusement arcade games are special" . :plush46:
by let`s talk
17 Nov 2014, 16:56
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Re: Kings on Ice - Warsaw, Poland 28.02.2015

cekoni wrote:Nd, 1 mar - 16:10-18:00
TVP Sport & TVP Sport HD


16:10 is 24:10 in Japan and 18:10 in Moscow :mo-ro_zi_vo: plush48
by let`s talk
01 Mar 2015, 11:40
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Re: Kings on Ice - Warsaw, Poland 28.02.2015

In his interview Plushy said that's sold more than 18,000 tickets for tonight's KINGS ON ICE show! :bra_vo: Is this some kind of record? :plush45:
I believe it is. Opera on Ice in Arena di Verona has a lesser capacity of 15K. So 18K beats it. As for tickets in competitions, JN-2013 Men Free still keeps the record with fully sold out Saitama Super Arena of 22K. :kli_ny:
by let`s talk
01 Mar 2015, 11:36
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Re: Вне льда (cтатьи,фото,видео)|| Evgeni OFF the ice

"Bar?" They write it was a club in the style of Greek Palace! Plu was invited there (and forgot about the dress code without Yana :hi_hi_hi: ).
They also write that Russia still doesn't have a strong Men skater now (event tabloids understand that :a_g_a: ), so Kotei Plushenko (Emperor) plans to compete in the next Olympics. plush48
by let`s talk
21 Jun 2015, 17:13
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Re: Fantasy on Ice 2015, Japan (May - July, 12 shows)

I went to both shows today. Awesome! :ya_hoo_oo:

Plu skated White Tosca in the 1st half, with Edvin. He did two 3T and 2A in all his performances, with no quads or trixels. In the afternoon Tosca he fell on steps out of the blue (there was some trouble with the ice before that, they had to stop the show to repair the surface, apparently not all holes were done :ne_vi_del: ). He looks so much like Sasha in that blonde waving hair. White Tosca was a blend of romantism and power. He was like a violinist where the violin was his blades playing the music on ice. Very emotional and tender performance, beautiful arms, sharp fast feet, no empty note that wasn't presented on the ice. :plush32:

Carmina (Plumina) is a completely different character and quite unusual for Plu himself. I read before about Dark Lord, etc. and it didn't really fit in my mind: Plu and Dark :de_vil: ? How is it possible? Today I figured out what was actually meant. Some medieval inquisition on bloody ice defeated in Inferno by Lord of Life on the mission Good vs. Evil :ry_car: . The "powerful" is not the word. That was mystic beyond an average man who could "moved" arenas' construction just moving his arms and the mesmerized helpless audience could barely realized what had just happened :sh_ок: . The final battle finished on major music note with his arm up to the sky and Light. Wow! :plush13:

Plu also watched all performances of Team Snow King. Among the retired skaters Johnny stood out. He was in the excellent physical form, sparkling, speedy, full of character and creation. :plush31:

by let`s talk
04 Jul 2015, 19:08
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Re: Женя и его семья, близкие друзья.. || His family and fri

-Вы не пытались остановить мужа в его спортивной карьере, учитывая проблемы со здоровьем? Не бывает просто по-женски страшно за него?

Иногда мне бывает за него страшно, и я даже пытаюсь его остановить, но это – его жизнь. Запретить ему кататься - все равно, что у портного забрать ножницы, а у балерины - пуанты. Поэтому я мечтаю продлить его спортивную молодость. Проблемы со здоровьем у Жени по-прежнему есть, и на этой неделе мы в очередной раз летим по этому поводу в Израиль. Но если у него будут силы бороться и отобраться на пятую олимпиаду – это будет феноменальный результат. Женя уже сделал то, что называется преодолением сверхчеловеческих возможностей. А как будет дальше, покажет время. Помешать ему может только здоровье.

D&M : Have you ever tried to stop your husband from continuing his athletic career considering his health problems?

Yana : Sometimes I do feel scared for him. I even tried to stop him, but that is his life. To forbid him to skate is like to separate the tailor and the scissors or the ballerina and the pointe shoes. So, I dream his sport youth would go on. But Zhenya does have health issues and this week we are flying to Israel again (*"this week" refers to the time of when the interview was taken- LT). If he still has the power to fight for being chosen to skate in his 5th Olymics, that will be just phenomenal. Zhenya has already done the things that someone might call overcoming superhuman capabilities. What will happen next, only the time will tell. His health is the only thing that can stop him.

:plush3: plush48
by let`s talk
08 Sep 2015, 17:23
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Re: Medal Winners Open & New Year on Ice - Japan 15-17.01.20

"Закрывал первое отделение Плющенко с показательным номером "Grande Amore". Я первый раз видела эту показалку живьём. Детки-мальчики могут отдыхать, им никогда не научится так кататься как Плю. Экспрессия, сила, харизма, полное погружение и посвящение себя целиком зашкаливает. А главное, он буквально утаскивает публику за собой как в воронку. По команде льда и владению залом у него нет конкурентов, и судя по всему не предвидется. Он получил самую большую овацию зала за весь вечер, и причём с большим отрывом. "

Thank you let's talk :plush39:
I didn't know till the last moment if I could be able to attend or not. They keep holding MWO on weekdays :kli_ny: that affect the attendance enormouly. Last year I couldn't make it (still pissed since he won there and I didn't see it live :plush43: ). But this time I was around, got free and after Krudy twittered me that they would sell tickets at the venue :plush40: , I boarded a bullet-train :na_met_le: . I was in Arena 2 row, it was the 1st in fact since "1st" row didn't exist as such, was deconstructed to make some space apparently. The view was wonderful. I was so glad that I did it on Friday when I could see MWO itself plus "Grande Amore" that I had never seen live before. Great choice of music, so strong but in major tune, not in minor, that brings more passionate joy rather than drama. Those baby-boys can take a rest, they will never skate as Plu ::yaz-yk: . Expression, power, charisma, deep sinking and total devotion of his own self get beyond humanly imaginable. Most importantly, he drags the audience with himself like the waterspout. His command of ice and possession of the audience have no competition in the current field and seems like will not have any. He got the biggest standing ovation of the night and with the huge margin. :p_a-r_t_y:

The MWO was quite interesting to watch. I agree with the placement in Ladies and 1t/2nd in Men but I completely disagree with Kulik's placement :nel-zya: . He was blatantly robbed of bronze. He skated "Lavender" in a lavender shirt, was the fastest among all, had smooth arms, amplitude jumps, right on music and won TES over others two, yet lost to them :ze_le_ny: . For me he is the one who should be on the podium, he is actually still looks good and terriby handsome, doesn't age at all. :plush32: Yeah!

by let`s talk
17 Jan 2016, 15:44
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Re: Женя и его тренер А.Н.Мишин || Evgeni and his coach Mish

It is from the official magazine of Russian FS Federation. Mishin on Plu:

"Если говорить о самом звездном
ученике, Евгении Плющенко, то
нельзя сказать, что я нашел и выбрал
его. Это его тренер Михаил Хрисан-
фович Маковеев выбрал меня для
Жени, когда волгоградский каток,
на котором они работали, закрыли и
сделали там автомобильный салон.
Видимо, мой тренерский метод пока-
зался ему правильным. И я благода-
рен Михаилу за то, что в моих руках
оказался уникальный спортсмен.
В работе с Женей Плющенко не
было больших сложностей. Была
радость познания, радость успеш-
ных экспериментов. Потому что его
талант позволял решить совершен-
но немыслимые тренерские задачи.
Когда мы перешли к работе над ка-
скадом «4+3», чтобы из второго ту-
лупа выехать хорошо, я предложил
Жене делать затем двойной риттбер-
гер. И таким образом родился уни-
кальный каскад «4+3+3», который
вошел в историю фигурного катания
под нашими именами.

В череде побед была всего одна
черная страница. Как пережить тра-
гедию серебряной медали в Солт-
Лейк-Сити? Что в связи с этим мне
хочется сказать... За что я ценю Женю
так высоко? Вы можете не поверить,
но он ни разу за всю свою карьеру не
упрекнул меня за тот (или какой-то
другой) неуспех. Ведь самое легкое
решение – переложить погрешность,
трудность, ошибку со своих плеч на
плечи других. Тренера, хореографа,
родителей... Плющенко ни разу не
упрекнул меня. И за это я ему глу-
боко благодарен. И буду уважать
всю жизнь. Такое отношение, такой
взгляд на вещи – абсолютно уни-
Иногда, как мне кажется, человеку
полезнее не выиграть, а проиграть.
Поскольку поражение это скажется
на его жизненном пути благотвор-
нее, чем победа. Так и произошло в
Солт-Лейк-Сити. На тот момент я
уже являлся наставником олимпий-
ского чемпиона, так что, выиграть
еще одни Игры в качестве тренера
— было для меня хоть и желанной
целью, но не самой принципиально
важной. Если говорить о Жене, то я
не знаю, как бы дальше развернулась
его жизнь и спортивная карьера,
если бы он тогда выиграл... Возмож-
но, после победы в Солт-Лейк-Сити,
мы бы больше не увидели Плющенко
на любительском льду. И он бы не ра-
довал в такой степени всех любите-
лей фигурного катания, почитателей
его таланта."

by let`s talk
22 May 2016, 19:08
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Re: На тренировках || Evgeni on training

No, it is not for Plu spine. It's Mishin magic! Liza is wearing the same vest. :mi_ga_et:
by let`s talk
28 Jun 2016, 05:40
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Re: Полнейший оффтоп

I am still rapping my head all around :kli_ny: . How is it possible? She couldn't be old enough to leave this world. I never met her offline but it seemed like I knew her for ages :plush27: . With her bright personality, full of life and joy, with original sense of humour in its tender-wicked flavour ::yaz-yk: , and hella positive attitude to reality. It looked like such a person knows no darkness and therefore simply cannot be gone! Needless to mention her Iron Maiden style to defend Plu againts any hater :du_el: and her total support of him, his achievements, career :bra_vo: , and us, i.e. fans :plush40: . R.I.P, dear.
by let`s talk
24 Nov 2016, 20:12
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Re: Женя и его семья, близкие друзья.. || His family and fri

I believe this is the second pic ever where Egor and Sasha Plu are together, on the same photo, and with papa! :plush45:

by let`s talk
06 Jan 2017, 18:54
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Re: Женя и его семья, близкие друзья.. || His family and fri

Both Zhenya and Sasha called the idea of this reality show "stupid nonsense" and agreed to take part in it only for a bus home for Zhenya and a new puppy for Sasha.

Plu called his country house in Leningrad oblast "kordon" as his sanctuary when he can shut himself off from the real world. He used to go to a lot of Yana's show business events but eventually gave it up. He doesn't like fake smiles and untrue feelings. His father permanently lives in kordon where he takes care of the huge household. Plu wants to live in kordon too after the retirement.

Plu likes hunting for ducks and then he cooks them in soup or stew. He compares it with fishing. He doesn't approve killing big animals for the sake of trophy hunting. In his childhood he often spent time in the family two-storeyed country house in Volgograd, that his father had built himself. He took care of the vegetable gardens and since then he loves touching the ground and the countryside spirit in general. He often criticizes how his father runs the household, it is organized not well enough. He wants to send their Moscow's house manager to kordon to set things right. He used to consume alcohol but got tired too fast. Now he doesn't drink at all.

Plu and Yana attend the reproductive center where they consult their fertility doctor. They tried a lot to have a child but failed. Yana revealed some details. She has issues with her health, she went through multiple hormonal therapies. During last two years they tried 4 times to get pregnant but the pregnancy didn't happen. The doctor prognoses 10% of chances that Yana will get pregnant. Plu says perhaps it is time to stop trying and consider other options. He says that some years ago, when they kept failing to get pregnant, he refused the idea of surrogacy as scary one. The doctor added that the current law gives the surrogate mother the right to keep the child. Plu and Yana say they will think about both: surrogacy and adoption.

Be continued... :plush45:
by let`s talk
17 Nov 2019, 14:35
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