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Re: Видеомонтажи с Женей || Video montages

alysonshade wrote: I'd like to see Zhenya skating this song, it's so romantic! :plush33:

My friend made this video.
She says, she hopes someone who is skillful than her will make montage for you.
But I wish that you will get to like this one.

by Sakura
06 Sep 2011, 21:46
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

Yuzuru have worn Plushy's bracelet at PIW ice show.

And also, he was wearing it at "Fantasy on Ice". These pictures from the magazine "World Figure Skating49".
by Sakura
10 Sep 2011, 09:36
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Re: Контрольные прокаты 03-04.09.2011 || Open Test Skating

Ирина wrote:Интервью Жени "Московским новостям" в дни прокатов.Вроде не было?...

Someone, please translate this article to English! :plush47:
by Sakura
23 Sep 2011, 10:21
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Re: Искусство, вдохновленное Женей || Art inspired by Zhenya

:sh_ок: ...and me too. Just amazing! Lala630312 , thanks! :plush39:
А кто-этот монстр? :sh_ok: И почему он рядом с нашим Cолнцем? :plush38:
He is "cute" monster :-) ... probably some "cookie" (sponsor of competition) :hi_hi_hi:

Watch this video until end, about 13:20" ... there is and little Miki Ando :-):
Evgeni Plushenko 1999 NHK Trophy EX Russian Country Dance + Crazy Bird + finale:

This is the mascot of NHK.
His name is DOMO, called DOMO-kun.
He is not cookie. :-)
He was born from an egg and lives in the burrow in the mountain with his friends.
Perhaps his quadrilateral face indicates television, I guess. :mi_ga_et:
by Sakura
29 Oct 2011, 05:36
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Russia Ice Prince Plushenko Israel Medical concentrate on preparing for the Winter Olympics in Sochi:

Photo: Russia Ice Prince Plushenko Israel Medical concentrate on preparing for the Winter Olympics in Sochi
Published: 9:59:52 June 12,2013

Ticker June 12 news, the Russian figure skating champion Plushenko's coach revealed Ice Prince Tuesday has flown to Israel to undergo a medical examination.

Russian figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko won the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics champion male solo player is reported, Plushenko was in Israel in late January a local hospital for a spinal surgery. Coaches revealed Plushenko Tuesday night, has flown to Israel to carry out the necessary physical examination.

Plushenko who missed last year's World Championships and the European Championships this year due to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, so Ice Prince will be targeted at the gates of the title race in order to better prepare for the Olympics, Plushenko first treatment for injuries, gradually restored( reported that Plushenko has competed for this year held in November skating Grand Prix in Moscow station. then, ice fans will enjoy a wonderful performance Plushenko . (Hsiao Chiu)
by Sakura
13 Jun 2013, 03:14
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

cekoni wrote:Can someone to download video from here? :plush39:
Plushy on yesterday training (14.11.) - he continued his training with a "reduced intensity" :plush45: :bra_vo:

This one? ...
by Sakura
15 Nov 2013, 17:47
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Re: Видео (с Женей и другие о нём) || Evgeni's Videos

could you please shortly translate what Yuzu is saying about Evgeni at 1:00-1:40?

same as upper TV news,

Yuzuru says:
I have admired Plushenko all the time from childhood.
My image of him is quadruple jump.
Therefore I have adored this jump for a long time, and now , I think that quadruple jump became my weapon.
by Sakura
08 Feb 2014, 17:40
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Re: Together on Ice (3 shows) - Sendai, Japan 13-14.06.2014

I went to TOI in Sendai. I saw a lot of presents for Zhenya, and some Russian national flags fluttered in the hall.
It seems that Zhenya's condition was very well.
All audience were so excited,
and gave big applause to Zhenya, as well as Yuzuru.
by Sakura
14 Jun 2014, 01:21
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Re: Ледовые шоу(общая информация) || Shows News

Hm.... :plush38: :du_ma_et:


Dear, who will more skate at shows in Beppu? :mi_ga_et:

Yuzuru Hanyu
Takahito Mura
Keiji Tanaka
Ryuju Hino
Haruka Imai
Emi Hirai & Marien De La Asuncion
Miki Ando(only in 22)
Akiko Suzuki
Nobunari Oda
Javier Fernandez
Tomas Verner
Koshiro Simada(novice)
Marin Honda(novice, Miyu's elder sister)
by Sakura
20 Jun 2014, 03:03
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Re: Dreams on Ice - Yokohama, Japan 12-14.06.2015 (4 shows)

This japanese tweets i dont understand best, please - translate :plush39:
The costume of Carmina was black clothes for Storm. When he failed in a jump at south side, he grinned a little.
In the ice-resurfacing time, staffs came to seats to sell official programs. There was Plush's goods shop next to the selling space of programs where autographs of figure skaters were displayed. To shoot these autographs, there was very long procession.
Zhneya's Carmina was almost same before, but, in my viewing, some movements of hands after short stop were different from FaoI a bit. I watched his performance from a distance, so that, one movement looked like the pose of Faunus at that moment. And I was so excited with his step sequence. This time, I found some different points from Makuhari version.
There were Zhenya and Liza at south-west corner in finale of the show. I don't remember what other skaters did on the ice because I have watched only Zhenya and Liza. Zhenya was in high spirits, and few times snapped his fingers, and sometimes talked with others.
When Zhenya skated with Carmina Burana, the whole arena was dyed to deep red by lighting, and then, before finish, the spotlight just lighted him up, and other places around him were dark. Seeing it, I got goose bumps to a whole body .
by Sakura
15 Jun 2015, 17:35
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Re: Пресса, интервью|| Press about Evgeni ON Ice

Плющенко будет работать с балетными танцовщиками мирового уровня - Мишин
Translation by quiqie

Plushenko will work with a world-class ballet dancers - Mishin

Plushenko will be training in Novogorsk from July 21 till July 31...
Mishin: "There is an idea to invite a choreographer whose personal authority will exceed the authority of Evgeny. I am speaking about world famous ballet choreographers, not going to name names, but they are very famous. It's difficult for choreographers to work with Evgeny because their ideas often crash on the rock of his personality. Like Stephane Lambiel and over outstanding skaters, Plushenko is a creator of 99% of his programs. He has such a turbulent personality that he has troubles confining himslef to the idea of a choreographer.
He worked with Nikita Mikhailov while I was on vacation. But to say that his programs will be choreographed by Nikita Mikhailov isn't correct."

According to this article, Professor Mishin doesn't approve “Carmina Burana”?
But I want Plush to act this program at competition. :plush47:
by Sakura
25 Jul 2015, 10:17
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