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Re: Книга Жени "Другое шоу" || Evgeni's book "Another show"

Mila, you are just so wonderful to translate this amazing book. One of the best books I've ever read!

I was blown away by how much I never knew about this extraordinary man! I've been watching him skate and following his life since he was 15, and yet so much was unknown to me despite me reading every (English-translated) article/interview available! It is just incredible to find out just how difficult and torturous his life was on and off the ice.

I was most surprised to find out he was born, what, a month early? For his dear mother to bring him into this world in the first place must have been difficult! And the motion sickness and respiratory problems... the poor dear :(

It is nice to see him bear his soul to the readers. I just saw a part of 2010 Olympics LP from BBC commentary with Robin Cousins, and he commented that Zhenya showed that he wasn't "as invincible as he seems to think he is." Anyone who has read this book would know for sure that he does not think of himself as invincible.

I can't imagine being a child going through the bullying he had endured at the hands of the older boys. I've suffered plenty of bullying but it was never anything like that. I cannot believe the cruelty and malice in that one boy's heart and mind when he (and how good of Zhenya not to mention his name!) took that kettle and placed it against 10-year-old Zhenya's arm. I hope that boy was punished for it... or at the very least, he has the knowledge that Zhenya, who endured all of that and plenty more, is now the greatest male skater in his generation!

I was touched by how spiritual he was when he spoke of his belief in a guardian angel. The 03-04 season, for me as a spectator and fan, was proof enough that he had one! But for him to say he physically felt and believed that the angel was with him on the ice at some points, it was surreal!

I've long believed that the events of our childhood shape who we become as adults, not just in occupations/hobbies, but personalities. Anyone who thinks that he is arrogant would likely have their minds changed when they hear/read about his childhood. He is stubborn and proud, certainly! But arrogant? Not a chance in hell!

There was one sentence that really surprised me. When he spoke of Alexander Abt, who is another inspirational figure to me, he said that he grew up on the streets. I know VERY little of Sasha's life, only the struggles with injuries. I was so saddened to hear about that... I can understand why he would not go into details but I sure would be interested to know more about that...

Anyway, it is really nice that even though Zhenya has endured such torment, he does not name names for the most part. I think that shows great respect on his part.

It was so interesting to find out more about his first marriage. It seemed so private at first, and what came out later seemed to me to be a bit speculative, but the book was very thorough and detailed about it all. Nice to see that as well.

What actually made me cry was reading about his experiences at 05 Worlds in Moscow. We all knew he was injured, but I for one had no idea how truly PAINFUL it was for him. When he revealed that he could not even get out of BED the day of the free skate, that just broke my heart. I just can't imagine going through everything that he went through... He MUST have angels watching over him for him to be so strong!

I hope that he does write another book and that he will talk about Vancouver 2010. It would be SO nice to read about things from his own perspective, to know things that the public did not know and likely would NEVER know unless he spoke out. I bet he'd have a few not-niceties to say about the vicious North American media too!

As I read this incredible translation, I felt as though he were sitting right in front of me, talking to me as though I were a lifelong friend. The tone is so casual, and his vocabulary, whether in Russian or in the translation, was well-placed. I feel as if I know him so much better on the whole, and I have you to thank for it, Mila.

Thank you.
by AnyaNikolaievna
07 Aug 2011, 09:54
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Re: Старые журналы || Old magazines

Strong Man - 2006.

... OTHER PHOTOS HERE : :mi_ga_et:
I actually liked not pics only but the interview too! The interview is quite old, so I skipped all the stuff about Russian FS Federartion, his meeting with Putin, etc., the stuff that we already heard many times. I translated only the parts about him and his personality. :plush45:

I.T.- Are you a sociable person?

E.P.- Yes, I always support the conversation. But mostly I am concentrated on myself. When I am in the middle of training or competition, I feel a huge outburst of emotions, energy and adrenaline. I am completely focused on my work, on myself. I simply don't have any power on doing something else. As the result at the end of the day I sometimes feel empty- I don't want to do anything. Just go to bed and sleep.

I.T.- Zhenya, in your opinion, what does it mean "a strong man"?

E.P. - For example, me- a figure skater Evgeni Plushenko (smile). I think I am a stong man, in life and in sport. When I just started and when I couldn't succeed in everything, my mum always told me that I was strong, I was the best and I would be able to reach all targets. With such a great support I was heading to my goals. I do love to win.

I.T.- You are always so serious, you don't smile enough.

E.P. Me? But if I smile all the time, people will think I am an idiot. I find it strange when people smile with no reasons. I like good jokes and laugh, if they are on topic.

I.T.- I heard you are very emotional but yet you do manage to control yourself. Would you share your secret?

E.P.- When something is going wrong at training, I scream at myself. I always do my best to be perfect at skating. The Free Program is only 4 minutes 40 seconds. During this time I have to perform a lot of elements and they must be clean. I do need super-concentration and super-attention. I still can't stop thinking what a difficult sport FS is. There is no room for mistakes.

I.T.- But the same can be said about any other sport...

E.P.- Yeah, but in game sport like football even if you miss the score, you still have a chance to score back. But in FS there is no such a thing as the second chance.

I.T. - What' sthe difference between Plushenko on ice and Plushenko off ice?

E.P.- There is no difference. My life is FS. I am the same person on ice and off ice. I don't do such a thing as "Now I will finish my program, take off my mask and go home."

I.T.- Is there such a thing as "the perfect sportsman"?

E.P. Definitely, no. Because even a very strong person can lose.

I.T. - I heard you want to act in a movie. What part would you like to be?

E.P.- The leading one (laugh). It could be a historical film or an action.

Blitz Survey:

-The most expensive present you got?
-The car from Putin, the apartment from Matvienko.

-Your hobby?
-Lawn tennis, Russian billiard, football.

-How much cash do you have on you now?
-Sometimes I have none, like today. But I always have my credit card on me.

-What thing in your wardrobe has the biggest number of items?
-Shoes. I have no idea how many pairs exactly I have.

-Your ambitions?
- I am very strict to myself. If I must do this element in this training session, I do it. I never leave it till next training.

-What is your biggest pleasure?
-Just rest. Sleep enough, do nothing and call no one.

-How do you start your morning?
-With a shower.

-Where is the best place on the Earth?
-I adore my city- St-Petersburg.

-What is a "drug" for you?
-Sport. I can't be without it. After two weeks of no- training I start feeling pain in my muscles.

-What jewelry is acceptable on a man?
-A watch, a wedding ring and a small but expensive diamond on the little finger.

-Your favourite cuisines?
-Japanese, Italian, Georgian. I love shashlik!

-Your favorite perfume?
-Lacoste, Paco Rabanne, Chanel.

-Your favourite colors?
-Dark ones.

:ki_ss: plush48 :plush12:
by let`s talk
14 Aug 2011, 18:04
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Re: Контрольные прокаты 03-04.09.2011 || Open Test Skating

Первый этап предсезонного турне сборной России по фигурному катанию
4 сентября 2011. Мос. область | Автор: Полина Митряшина
by cekoni
06 Sep 2011, 12:07
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Please, let someone translate next text to english :plush39:
21 сентября 2011, №145(18518) Рассказова И.
- Read on-line:
- Скачать в формате pdf (6437Kb)/Download PDF:

Евгений Плющенко: Как бы ни было тошно и больно...
Откровенное интервью олимпийского чемпиона турина, решившегося на второе возвращение. До Плющенко этого не делал никто

Когда ты знаешь, что тебя любят и ТАК любят, можно пойти на все. И через все пройти. И через тошно, и через больно, и через мириады любых других человеческих не могу.
Меня очень тронуло то, как любят Женю Плющенко его поклонницы. :plush45: :plush46: После первого своего проката на Рублевке он простоял с ними около часа.
Не отрекаются любя. И Плющенко, ни разу не пожаловавшись ни мимикой, ни словом на боль в ноге.
– Женя, а если мы будем кричать перед вашим выходом девиз вашей первой татуировки – «Дорогу осилит идущий», вы не будете против?
– Отличная идея, – серьезно поддержал Плющенко. – Буду только за!
– А вам не мешают сосредоточиться наши крики?
– Да ну что вы?! Если бы вы знали, как они меня вдохновляют.
– А вот Артур Гачинский жаловался, что из-за этого порой срывает прыжки.
Плющенко делает политкорректную паузу, намекая тем самым на молодость Артура.
– Артур – хороший спортсмен. У него большое будущее.
– А почему у вас на новой татуировке только имя жены и нет имени сына?
– Егора я впишу вместе с детками, которые родятся у нас с Яной.


Я без раздражения на задержку дождалась, пока Женя, сфотографировавшись и наговорив на видеокамеры все, о чем его спрашивали и просили, сел рядом со мной на опустевших трибунах «Катка.Ру».
– Женя, ваше выступление до последнего оставалось под вопросом. Были сомнения, стоит ли выносить себя на суд публики?
– Нет-нет. Мы с федерацией приняли решение, когда были закрытые прокаты в Новогорске. Все обговорив, мы приняли решение, что я буду кататься в двух показательных выступлениях… Для меня это тоже в общем-то прокаты, только я катаю показательный номер со сложными элементами, с прыжками в 3,5, с тройными. Попытался четверной сделать, но сделал лишь тройной.
– Что помешало?
– Помешало, наверное, долгое время «некатания» на публике. Все-таки пять месяцев я не выступал, была операция, и это забывается. Забываются вот эти чувства!
– Но это же приятное волнение?
– Конечно, приятное. В следующий раз попытаюсь сделать четверной.
– У вас некоторое время назад была операция. Насколько она была необходима? По-моему, под нож стоит ложиться только тогда, когда совсем нет альтернативы.
– Я прожил с этой проблемой лет, наверное, пять. Не решался делать операцию на левом колене. Мениск. Но так как я смотрю на три года вперед, собираюсь оставаться в большом спорте до 2014 года, то понял, что нужно делать операцию сейчас. Мне удалили часть мениска, но заживает, честно говоря, все плохо. Очень медленно и тяжело идет восстановление. Но ничего, через боль прыгаю сложные элементы. Поставлены новые программы. И произвольная, и короткая. Просто нужно еще шлифовать и шлифовать.
– Что дается сейчас тяжелее всего?
– Все!
– И тем не менее?
– Летом было безумно тяжело. Летом была катастрофа. Потому что начинал втягиваться, и ОФП, и хореография, и работа на льду. И выглядело это примерно так: два дня потренировался… все! Мышцы забиты, все болит. И несколько раз я хотел заканчивать. Думал, что надо бросить эту слишком смелую идею, не тот возраст, не те мышцы, боли невыносимые. Но – ничего! Через эту черту я перешагнул. Спасибо моему тренеру, Алексею Николаевичу Мишину, Балыкину Виталию. Это мой личный специалист по физподготовке. И моей жене, которая меня постоянно поддерживает…
– Кто из них вас особенно хорошо встряхнул?
– Несколько моментов было… практически патовых. И вспышки отчаяния, и чувство безнадежности. Руки опускались – ничего не мог. Уходил с тренировки. Готов был прямо из Новогорска уезжать в Петербург с вещами. Кататься в шоу, в показательных выступлениях. Ну, шоу – это шоу. Там нет такой работы на износ, как перед большими турнирами, которую, как мне показалось летом, я уже не выдерживаю ни морально, ни физически.
А кто встряхнул особенно ощутимо… Да каждый по-своему. Мне говорили: «Жень, а как ты хотел?! Через месяц после операции прыгать четверные?! Успокойся!». И понемногу, слушая их, понимая, что они правы, я почувствовал: мне элементарно не хватает мудрости и терпения.
– Про четверные, наверное, скорее Профессор вам внушал, а жена нашла другие слова.
– Да нет, все, кто со мной дружит, кто меня любит и кого я люблю, уже знают фигурное катание настолько… Жена, может быть, не владеет техникой четверных, поскольку это очень сложно. Но в чем суть моей ошибки, она поняла правильно. Я действительно сделал ошибку – начал форсировать. Хотел всего и сразу, а на деле только сильнее травмировал прооперированную ногу. И до сих пор чувствую последствия этой ненужной спешки.


– Откуда такое нетерпение? Вы, простите, не мальчик.
– Если ты чемпион, ты хочешь быть им всегда. Да и характер еще такой. Мне нужно все и сразу! Не принимаю ни полутонов, ни полумер. Но, как я уже говорил, никогда не поздно что-то понять. И сейчас все идет своим чередом – и пусть идет. Я все равно пашу. Но, если что-то не получилось, уже не вижу в этом трагедии. Говорю себе: «Ничего страшного! Сделаю на следующей тренировке!».
Душевные кризисы, срывы, которые я пережил летом, изменили меня. В меня было заложено с детства: «Ничего не откладывать на потом». Как бы ни было трудно и тошно – обязательно сделать на этой тренировке. Теперь же не вижу большого греха в том, чтобы передохнуть, не потренироваться раз, а на другой тренировке сделать всплеск. И я, и вся моя команда – мы смотрим на ситуацию, на мое сиюминутное самочувствие и, исходя из этого, действуем.
– Женя, вы не можете не задумываться и о том, что фигурное катание в ваше отсутствие сделало семимильный шаг вперед. Техническое вооружение Патрика Чана, установившего мировой рекорд по сумме баллов на последнем чемпионате мира, вас не деморализует?
– А что конкретно должно, по вашей логике, деморализовать меня при виде Чана? Мы все это делали с Ягудиным 10 лет назад, те же два четверных в одной программе. Патрик сделал один тройной аксель, а мы с Ягудиным делали два тройных акселя, в том числе и каскады. Патрик Чан нового ничего не показал. Ну не показал он нам новый какой-то четверной… лутц, например. Или новый четверной флип. Или четыре с половиной, или 4–4. Ну, так о чем говорить-то? Он не сделал комбинацию 4–3–3. Ее никто пока не сделал.
– Ну, 4–3 он прыгает здорово.
– Между 4–3 и 4–3–3 разница, извините, есть, и немаленькая.
– А вы-то сами сможете? Или «слабо», как мы порой говорили в детстве?
– Когда-то я прыгнул 4–3–3 первым и единственным в мире.
– Но сейчас? Слабо или не слабо?
– Поживем – увидим. Я пытаюсь и буду продолжать пытаться подойти к этому. Безусловно! Вообще вернуть то, что я мог прежде, – это, наверное, предел моих мечтаний. Этого будет достаточно. Два четверных прыгать будет уже, конечно, трудно. Но еще раз говорю: посмотрим. Если вернуться к Чану, то ничего сверхъестественного он на московском чемпионате мира не выдал. Он здорово откатался, с этим не спорю. На тот момент…
– И вы чувствуете в себе силы, по крайней мере потенциально, перекрыть его рекорд по сумме баллов? Или понятие «сумма баллов» – не то, на что вы ориентируетесь?
– Я ориентируюсь на свое катание. На ту работу, которую я должен выполнить. А судьи пусть занимаются своей работой и ставят мне оценки.
– Вы сказали, что попытаетесь подойти к своему прежнему, запредельному 4–3–3. Нужен ли этот риск? С больной ногой? Оправдан ли он?
– Оправдан. Еще бы нет! А нога не вечно будет болеть…
– Почему вы считаете этот риск оправданным? Лайсачек победил на Олимпиаде в Ванкувере без четверного прыжка. Что дало повод прославленному Элвису Стойко сделать в блоге запись: «Ночь, когда они убили фигурное катание». Получается, не убили?
– Я думаю, что сейчас все будут прыгать четверные прыжки. Посмотрите, в послеолимпийский сезон, когда страсти обычно утихают, большая часть фаворитов тем не менее шла на четверные. Нет такого, чтобы все отдали приоритет гладкому, чистому скольжению, и тем самым превратят фигурное катание в балет, перестав рисковать с четверными.
– Весной к нам в редакцию на прямую линию «Советского спорта» приходил тренер и хореограф Николай Морозов. И мы говорили, помимо всего прочего, о том, что если посмотреть с позиций сегодняшнего дня и сегодняшнего судейства великолепные, ставшие легендами программы Плющенко и Ягудина, то получается, что дорожки там – на первый уровень, вращения – на первый уровень. Это вы сможете изменить и преодолеть?
– А вы знаете, раньше у футболистов бутсы тоже были, как наши ботинки. А сейчас они весят 146 граммов. Но и я, и мой тренер – мы адекватные люди. Мы не живем вчерашним днем. Да, появились новые требования к дорожкам и вращениям. И у них теперь имеются уровни. Естественно, мы держим это в уме.


– Мишин называет вас Шекспиром фигурного катания, поскольку Шекспир описал все известные человеческие чувства, а вы – все показали на льду. Остались ли еще белые пятна?
– Попали в точку. Мне очень тяжело подобрать образ. Вот как раз по этой причине! Безумно тяжело, безумно! И почему рассматривались образы сумасшедшего, скрипача, еврейский танец… Они тоже уже где-то были… Но после долгих творческих поисков, мук, радостей и больших сомнений я решил вернуться к старым образам, просто их видоизменив. Плющенко перекроить на новый лад очень сложно, фигурка уже слеплена. Вот добавить новые движения, новый танец – это да.
– Вы уверены, что никогда не пожалеете о том, что решились на второе возвращение?
– Сдать коньки в музей легко. Это можно сделать в любую минуту. К этому все приходят. Мне хочется – попозже. Все-таки Олимпиада пройдет дома… А после Олимпиады пусть будут показательные выступления, шоу. Кроме того, у меня есть большая мечта: построить школу, а может быть, и академию Плющенко. С интернатом, где маленькие фигуристы будут жить, учиться и тренироваться. Возможно, с кем-нибудь из известных хоккеистов мы сделаем совместный проект, и в академии окажется еще хоккейная школа, а то и футбольная. Сам бы я хотел при этом тренировать, продолжать, словом, жить фигурным катанием.
– И вы готовы есть этот черствый хлеб детского тренера, в чем-то абсолютно неблагодарный, потому что лавры потом достаются другим? Готовы на короткую строчку мелким шрифтом в чужих биографиях: «Первый тренер – Евгений Плющенко»? Готовы проводить ночи на льду, как проводит их на льду Новогорска Николай Морозов?
– Конечно! Почему нет! Раз я говорю об этом, хочу этого, значит – все осознаю. Я люблю фигурное катание. Если б не любил, я бы не вернулся.
– Сыну вы не пожелали почему-то этой жизни…
– Отчего же, я пожелал ему этой жизни, только в хоккее. А за что не разлюбил… Вот сегодня я снова катался. Пережил этот кураж, этот адреналин. И еще я люблю фигурное катание за то, что оно не такое простое… Но когда что-то не получается, а потом приходит мгновение, когда ты сделаешь это… Вау! Это настолько круто!
– Вас часто видят на светских мероприятиях. Не кажется ли вам, что ваша цель – Олимпиада в Сочи – предполагает полную аскезу и монастырский устав?
– На светских вечеринках меня не видели уже больше полугода. Но в принципе я тут никакого криминала не вижу.
– Но разве светская жизнь может что-то дать уму и сердцу?
– Да в глубине души я как раз не любитель этого. Я не любитель клубов. Лет с 18 и примерно до 21 года я бродил-гулял по клубам. Мне тогда это нравилось, но давно прошло. Я лучше схожу в кино или в театр.
– «Белая гвардия» сейчас один из лучших спектаклей Москвы.
– Спасибо, меня как раз интересуют советы на эту тему, поспрашиваю знакомых, друзей и что-то выберу.
– Женя, вы себе когда-нибудь врете?
– Себе? (Немного удивленно). Себе – нет.
– Значит, не соврете и мне. Сможете ли вы пережить, если не станете в Сочи двукратным олимпийским чемпионам, не проклянете ли муки своего второго возвращения?
– Сто процентов – нет! Я был уже два раза на Олимпиадах вторым. Этот вопрос я себе уже задавал. И успел подумать над ответом. А ответ такой: «Ну и что будет, если я не смогу победить? Ну вот что будет-то?». Я хочу попробовать откататься на четвертой Олимпиаде. Никто этого не делал. А я хочу быть первым.

Евгений Викторович ПЛЮЩЕНКО
Родился 3 ноября 1983 года в Солнечном (Хабаровский край).
Титулы: олимпийский чемпион-2006, двукратный серебряный призер Олимпийских игр (2002, 2010), трехкратный чемпион мира, шестикратный чемпион Европы.
Первым в истории мужского одиночного катания выполнил комбинацию четверной тулуп – тройной тулуп – тройной риттбергер (на Кубке России-2002), вращение «бильманн», каскад тройной аксель – ойлер – тройной флип (2001).
Тренер: заслуженный тренер России, профессор Алексей Николаевич Мишин.
by cekoni
21 Sep 2011, 05:11
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic
21.09.2011, №145 - Рассказова И.
- Download PDF:
- scan:
translated by me and Darina :ni_zia:

Evgeni Plushenko: No matter how unbearable and painfully...
Open interview of Turin Olympic Champion, who decided on the second returning. Before Plushenko, nobody did it

When you know that people love you, and love you SO much, you can do anything. And you will overcome anything - and unbearable things, and pain and the myriad of other human «I can not».
I was very touched by how Zhenya Plushenko’s fans love him. After his first Test Skating on Rublyovka, he stood with them for about an hour.
Not deny loving. And Plushenko didn't complain neither with facial expressions, nor with words, about the pain in his leg.
- Zhenya, if we'll cheer you up before you skating with your first tattoo motto "The path will be overcome by the one who walks it", you will not mind?
- Great idea - seriously replied Plushenko. – I don't mind!
- And may be our shouting does not let you focus?
- Come on! If you only knew, how it inspires me.
- But Artur Gachinsky complained that because of this, he sometimes falls on his jumps.
Plushenko made a politically correct pause, hinting at Arthur's young age.
- Artur is a good athlete. He has a great future.
- Why do you have only your wife's name tattoo, but no name of your son?
- I want Egor's name to be tattooed along with the names of babies we will have with Yana.


(here is a similar part, as in previous interviews about Test Skating: :mi_ga_et:

Plushenko: ... I tried to do a quad, but did only a triple.

- What prevented it?
- Prevent, perhaps, a long time "non-skating" to public. Still, five months I did not perform, had surgery, and this is forgotten. These feelings are forgotten!

- But this is pleasant excitement?
- Of course, pleasant. The next time I will try to do a quad.

- Some time ago you had surgery. How much it was needed? In my opinion, under the knife should go only when absolutely is no alternative.
- I have lived with this problem years, probably five. Do not dare to have surgery on my left knee. Meniscus. But as I look at the next three years, that I am going to stay in sport until 2014, I realized that I had to do this operation now. I have removed part of the meniscus, but healing, frankly speaking, all bad. Very slowly and painfully going recovery. But nothing, through the pain I jump complex elements. Put new programs. And free, and short. They just need more polish and polish.

- What are the hardest now?
- Everything!

- Still?
- This summer it was incredibly hard. This summer was a disaster. Because I starting from the scratch, and the General Physical Preparation, and choreography, and work on the ice. And it looked like this: two days training ... everything! Muscles are clogged, everything hurts. And several times I wanted to finish. I thought that I should throw this too bold idea, not that age, not that muscles, the pain was unbearable....

A few moments it was... almost stalemate. And the flash of despair, and hopelessness. The hands dropped - I not could anything. Came away from training. I was ready to go right out of Novogorsk to St. Petersburg. Skate in shows, exhibitions. But the show - is show. There's no such drudgery, as before a big tournament, which seemed to me in the summer, I can not stand neither morally, nor physically.
And who help me especially? (Mishin, Vitaly, Yana) ... Each in their own way. They told me: "Zhenya, what do you want? One month after surgery you want jump quadruple jumps?! Calm down!" And little by little, listening to them, knowing that they are right, I felt: I did not have enough wisdom and patience.
... I actually made ​​a mistake - began to forced. I wanted everything at once, but in fact, only stronger injured my operated leg. And still I feel the consequences this unnecessary haste.


- Why this impatience? You are not a boy.
- If you are a champion, you want always to be like that. And yes, I have such a character. I need all and at once! I do not accept any half-tones or half measures. But, as I said before, never too late to understand something. And now everything is going by order - and let go. I am calm. If something did not work, do not think about this as tragedy. I say to myself: "Do not worry! I will do that in the next training!"
Mental crises, breakdowns, which I survived the summer, changed me. I have been learned from childhood: "Do not delay anything for later". No matter how unbearable and painfully - necessarily I had to do on same training. Now I do not see the big sin in to break, no training one time, but on the next training to make a splash. Both, I and my whole team - we look at the situation, to my momentary health, and on this basis, we act.

- Zhenya, you do not to worry that figure skating in your absence has made dramatic leap forward. Patrick Chan, who established the world record for number of points at the last Worlds, you do not demoralize?
- And what exactly should demoralize me, according to your logic? Yagudin and I did this 10 years ago, the same two quads in one program. Patrick did a triple axel, but we did two triple axels, including cascades. Patrick Chan has demonstrated nothing new. He has not demonstrated us a new quad… lutz, for example. Or the new quad flip. Or four and a half, or 4-4. Well, so what we have to talk about? He did not do 4-3-3 cascade. Nobody has done it yet.

- But 4-3 he jumps great.
- Between 4-3 and 4-3-3 is difference, I'm sorry, there is, and not small.

- You can do that?
- Once I jumped 4-3-3, then first and only one in the world.

- But now?
- We shall see. I'm trying and will continue to try to approach to this. Absolutely! Generally, to back what I could before - this is probably limit of my dreams. This will be enough. Two quadruple jump is already, of course, difficult. But once again I say: we'll see. If we back to Chan, he did not show nothing extraordinary on the Moscow World Championships. He skated great, with this I do not argue. At that time...

- And you feel the strength, at least potentially, to break his record in the amount of points? Or the concept "amount of points" is not something to which you are oriented?
- I am oriented on my skating. On the work, that I should do. Let judges do his job and put me scores.

- You said that you try to approach again to 4-3-3. It's need this risk? With the injured leg? Is it justified?
- Justified. Of course. Leg will not pain forever...

- Why do you think the risk is justified? Lysacek won the Olympics in Vancouver without a quadruple jump. Which gave cause, well-known Elvis Stojko to make a blog entry: "Night, when they killed the figure skating." It turns out, not killed?
- I think that now everybody will jump quads. Look at the post-Olympic season, when passions are usually calm down, most favorite nonetheless went on quads. There was no such, that all give priority to a smooth, clean sliping, and with thus turn the figure skating into ballet, stopped to take risks with the quads.

- Coach and choreographer Nikolai Morozov said that if you look from position of today's score rules on great, already legendary programs of Plushenko and Yagudin, it turns out that the steps there - the first level, spins - also. Can you change and overcome that?
- Do you know that football boots before were also, as our boots. But now they weight 146 grams. And I and my coach - we are appropriate people. We do not live in yesterday's day. Yes, there are new requirements for steps and spins. And they now have levels. Naturally, we keep that in mind.


- Mishin named you as "Shakespeare of figure skating", because Shakespeare has described all the known human senses, and you - all shown on the ice. Are there more white spots?
- We have reached that point, that it is difficult to me, to pick up my new image. That's just for this reason! Insanely hard, insanely! And why examined the images of a madman, violinist, a Jewish dance ... They also have been somewhere ... But after long creative search, pains, joys and big doubts, I decided to return to the old images, simply modifying them. Remake Plushenko to a new way is very difficult, figure is molded. But add new moves, a new dance - this is possible.

- Are you sure you will never regret for the decision to the second return?
- Give skates to the museum is easy. This can be done at any time. Towards this, all come. I want - a little later. Still, the Olympics will take place at home ... And after the Olympics will be shows. In addition, I have a big dream: to build a school, and maybe academy Plushenko. With boarding school, where little skaters will live, learn and train. Perhaps with someone of the famous hockey players we will do a joint project, and the academy will have a hockey school, and even football. Personally, I would like to train at the same time, to continue, in short, to live in figure skating.

- Your son you do not wish, for some reason, this life ...
- Why, I wished him this life, only in hockey. And for what, I would do not like this life... Here, today I again skating. Survived the courage, the adrenaline. And I love skating, because it is not so simple... when something does not work, but then comes a moment when you manage do that... Wow! This is so cool!

- We can often see you at social events. You do not think that your goal - the Olympics in Sochi - assumes the full asceticism and monastic rules? (... and so on 3 years? :kli_ny: )
- On the parties, I have not seen for more than six months. But basically, I do not see there any crime.

- But, really, a social life might have something to give the mind and heart? (...but now she gave him the idea :-) )
- In my heart, I just do not like this. I do not like clubs. In the ages of 18 and 21 years I walking in the clubs. I loved it then, but it is long gone. I'll go better in the movies, or to the theater.

- Zhenya, you sometimes lying yourself?
- Myself? (a little surprised). Myself - no.

- So, you will not lie to me. Can you survive, if you not become in Sochi double Olympic champion, you will not curse the suffering of your second return?
- One hundred percent - no! I was already two times second at the Olympics. This question I already asked myself. And had time to think about the answer. And the answer is: "So, what will happen, if I can not win? Well, that would be something?". I want to try to skate on the fourth Olympics. No one did. And I want to be the first.
by cekoni
25 Sep 2011, 03:38
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Re: Видео с Женей (разные старые) || Videos with Evgeni

Little Plushy on his first World pedestal! :bra_vo: :k_i_n_g: plush48 ... video never seen so far !!! :ya_hoo_oo:

1997 World Junior Championship, Seoul Korea
Evgeni Plushenko - LP Wilhelm Tell Overture, K&C, Medal Ceremony :
by cekoni
09 Oct 2011, 07:20
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Re: Zhenya won't perform in Yoshkar-Ola

Заслуженный тренер России Алексей Мишин: Плющенко откладывает старт. Тренер чемпиона Турина-2006 в начале сезона оценил перспективы своих лучших учеников
:ni_zia: translation...

Alexei Mishin: Plushenko postpones start

Alexei Mishin with questions about Evgeni Plushenko regularly called: "Zhenya trains?", "How is his knee?". Now the most pressing question: "How likely is Zhenya's appearance on the ice in Yoshkar-Ola, at the Russian Cup (18-22.10.2011) , as he previously announced?".
In the capital of Mari El was expected the first official start the 2006 Olympics champion, since the 2010 Games. But until the start - only a week...

Amazing me skepticism in relation to Zhenya

- Alexei, you're going with Evgeni to Yoshkar-Ola?
- No. Zhenya, at this stage of the Russian Cup will not perform .

- And when it will be his first start?
- I will necessarily tell you.

- What is the reason of the cancellation? Doctors are not allowed to force training?
- The reason is one and the same. Preparation includes medical treatment, rehabilitation and training. Zhenya was seen in pre-season Test Skatings. And all were convinced: Plushenko is alive. And I, like main witness in the case of his second return, I want to notice: he is doing everything possible, to begin to perform as soon as possible. And takes tremendous willpower.

- Increased attention disturbs you?
- In relation to Zhenya's and my decision to go to fourth Olympics, I notice two waves. One of them - skepticism, in which is involved malevolence. And only the fact of such relationship, its fairly widespread, amaze me. Another wave - respect. That is - naturally. Since, if in sport is there heroism, then secondary return to the Olympic ice - is a pure manifestation of heroism. But skepticism, I might leave to the conscience of those, who can not live without it. That's all, what I can say now about the subject.

(again about Japan Open)
- If there was not a special benevolence the judges to Chan, Gachinsky could beat him?
- In talking about the unfairness of judging, there is some truth. I think Patrick Chan, an outstanding skater. I respect him, and I am totally not jealous. But at the same time, I would like to appeal to people, which forming the spirit of the rules. Chan glides beautifully. I agree, for this he should get ten points. For the transition - also ten. But for the other components - please, give him what he deserves! If Chan earns nine, give him a nine. Here is Plushenko, say, unsurpassed master of interpretations. Well, let's follow this logic, give and him for everything else automatically the maximum scores!

(about Averbukh's statement: "no one needs another Plushenko, than first Gachinsky")
- Mishin: Plushenko and Gachinsky are two very bright and original skaters. Bright and original skaters are not alike. Where do you think that they look like?

- Especially jumps, if you look at Gachinsky from afar, cause direct association with Plushenko.
- Ah! So that's it ... In this case, and jumps of Urmanov, Yagudin and Tuktamysheva, with you can cause association with Plushenko. Because all of them had one and the same coach. His name is Mishin. He put his jumping technique, accordingly with his know-how.
by cekoni
11 Oct 2011, 11:11
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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

I´m not talking about their personal opinions, if they like Plushy´s footwork or not. They are absolutly right that judges should have no difficulty in asigning the levels, this is a fact, not a personal opinion.
Let´s be realistic, Evgeni´s footwoork in 2010 wasn´t great and it will cost him a lot of points if he does not improve it. :-( I remember people were saying the same in 2009, when he came back, that he had plenty of time to work on the footwork until the Olys, nevertheless it wasn´t enough to achieve sensational GOE. And he had the same team, Mishin and D. Advish.

I guess we will have to wait until after Plushy's first competition to know the result. But like I said, this time, there is enough time for Plushy to experiment all the options before the Olympics. So do not worry too much and just be happy that Plusy is in great shape and a high spirit of training :plush45:

Of course I´m happy that Plushy is in a great shape and so eager to train and compete. But I don´t want him to train in vain, to be in excellent form and lose because of the programs. :-(

First of all, my apologies for yet another very long and rambling post.

If I recall correctly, Evgeni's footwork in 2010 were level 3, not the very highest but by no means below average. Also, I recall that at the 2010 Olympics, Lysacek received some highly debated level 4 ratings on his footwork sequences. (Evgeni himself mentioned the fact that other skaters had the levels of their footwork raised without any actual changes.) I agree that there should not be personal opinions involved in assigning levels to elements in skating, but I do not believe this is the case in reality. And there certain is a great deal of personal opinions involved in assigning GOE scores, and frequently these are not even opinions about the skater's actual performance, but motivated by off-ice political or personal factors. The judges have amply proven this, for instance Joe Inman with his email, and other judges in openly defending that email.

We all want Evgeni to get the maximal amount of score he can in competitions, of course. There is no argument about that. However, it may be that not having Level 4 footwork with +3 GOE will cost him a lot of points, or it may be that simply being Evgeni Plushenko will cost him a lot of points. I guess, maybe a point to consider is that no matter how much we talk about how he should "play by the rules", when the people who are supposed to apply those rules do so according to their own agendas and favoritism, then these are things a skater and his team cannot necessarily change. And personally, I have never seen any FS fan--of any kind--claim that judges have no agendas.

As for what happened at Vancouver, one can blame Evgeni's footwork or transitions or other aspects of his choreography, but to me--just my own personal opinion, of course--this both ignores the realities of Evgeni's physical condition at the time, and somewhat misses the point. My own belief is that Evgeni should have won at Vancouver as it were , based on how he and the others performed at the time (others may disagree). Of course, this is absolutely not to say that he cannot, or should not, or need not improve on various aspects of his programs for the coming seasons, but merely my feelings on that particular season and competition, in and of itself--since it was mentioned. In any case, things have changed since 2010--Evgeni's condition, the amount of time he has, the general state of men's skating, the rules themselves.

We certain can talk about different aspects of Evgeni's skating, and talk about what each of us likes or does not like. I do understand your desire to see Evgeni win; I am sure that we all share that desire. However--I hope you will pardon me, and it certainly is not my intention to start an argument with you--frankly, and again just for myself, I find it absolutely incomprehensible to suggest that any skater would "train in vain" just because he and his team choose to do things one way and not another. (I want to emphasize the word "choose" here--based on Evgeni's condition, style, abilities, and convictions about figure skating. Because I absolutely do not believe, even for a fraction of a second, that Evgeni and his team do not know what they are doing.) Right now, all we have is a few seconds of practice. But even if (and this is nothing but an if) the competitions did happen and he didn't get the highest transition score, or footwork level or GOE, whatever, to say that he "trained in vain"--just to be clear, I am only talking about these particular words--is, in my honest opinion, inconsiderate of his (and his team's) effort, and of their understanding of figure skating. And I am not even saying this just because it's Evgeni: I would say this about any other skater as well.

And back to Evgeni's condition. I am extremely happy and relieved that he is physically better now, and that he is in no pain. I hope fervently and everyday that things stay this way. Nevertheless, he will be 29 years old in a week. His accumulation of old injuries is huge, even for this sport. A couple of weeks ago there was this whole story by Vaitsekhovskaya about what terrible state Evgeni's knees were in, how his muscles had atrophied, how the treatments failed, etc. That report turned out to be a lie--as many of us expected at the time--but just because Evgeni is in good physical condition, it does not mean that all of a sudden things are or should be easy for him. And this does not mean if he doesn't do things this way or that way or get all level 4 with +3 GOE it would be because he's "a fool" (to quote Yagudin's words, or because he doesn't want to win, or because he and his team does not understand how the current scoring system works. Because absolutely nothing of what Evgeni does on ice is easy (no matter how easy he makes it look). Remember how he said this second comeback is many times harder than the first? I believe him completely in this, and it doesn't change.

Please don't get me wrong, I completely understand that you want to see Evgeni get all the points he can, and that's where you're coming from. I want the same, and I'm sure all fans want the same. However, we fans are just sitting behind computer screens. We're not the one on the ice. We're not the one who's had a dozen (or is it more? I've lost count) operations. We're not the one who has to deal with the politics of the ISU and the Russian Fed, and every kind of malicious people and everything else. We're not the one fighting against time and the laws of nature. I'm only speaking for myself, but my feeling is that I can hope and wish him to win or to give us another great program or another great piece of art (or perhaps to put it more selfishly, something I love), but I myself cannot in good conscience expect or demand anything more out of him. Because Evgeni has already given us far, far more than anyone could possibly expect. Anything else would only be an extra gift.

(Again, I apologize for this long rant. I am a wordy person, I guess.)
by whitebamboo
27 Oct 2011, 03:17
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

I'm so nervous and excited for Plushy! I wish it was earlier so I could sit up and watch! But I just won't be able to sit up past two o'clock, I am sick with a cold :(

But the first thing I will do tomorrow is jump on my computer and look for the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :plush45: :plush47: :ya_hoo_oo: :ya_hoo_oo: :ya_hoo_oo: :co_ol:

Good luck Plushy! plush48 :ki_ss:

MERRY CHRISTMAS GIRLS! I know it's not Christmas in Russia until January 7, but it's Christmas here now! ::yaz-yk:
by karnelove
25 Dec 2011, 10:29
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

Excuse me Clairedelune but awful is a very cruel word, at least in his forum I d like more respect cause I m already reading shitty stuff in other forums. My personal first view is that I liked it 100000 times better than Tango Amore, costume and program looks more fresh. He has more steps between elements, new jump layout and pays attention to details (hands). And has learnt new spins at the age of 29! I dont care if he loses to Chan or Takahashi, each athlete writes his own road. At this point Chan and Daisuke are unbeatable and they havent stopped competing for 2 seasons. So they have advantage for Sochi. I dont think his focus should be to catch them than improve himself. I want him to skate what he can, no what fan board people expect him to.
by dimi
26 Dec 2011, 22:34
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

Lets not start with the programs yet, Please lets party today and not think what and who will beat him.
if we realise what he just did, it is almost not human, it is impossible to comeback and be competitive , having stll the best 3axel in business and such confidence to feed an army. I believe Evgeni is The Superman.
by dimi
27 Dec 2011, 06:14
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

еще фото
by Астелла'c
27 Dec 2011, 11:14
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

So happy that our Plushy is back! plush48 plush48 Of course he's still far from his top condition and the jumps are not all perfect yet, but remember everything that has happened this year, how only three months ago some "medical expert" nearly destroyed his knee with his botched injection, and how he was still in rehab by late September, how he only began to get his quad back a few days before the competition started....I can only agree with Tarasova, "this is a phenomeon".

I have been watching the SP a few more times, and I love the music for it more and moe, especially the fact that the first part is so different from the second. The spins and footwork are better than before and have new elements to them. Their levels still can be increased, but from what Plushy said after the competition, I believe this will happen. (One thing I want to mention is that I remember in an old interview, from maybe 05 or 06, Plushy once said that he felt serpentine sequences were under-appreciated under the new COP system, and he would like to see elements of it more in programs.)

I have seen some people criticize this program for having all three jumps in the first part. It is true that nowadays, it's considered "better" to have everything "spaced out evenly" in programs. So maybe this is a technical flaw, but I am starting to think that "evenness" is not necessarily the right thing for this particular program, if only from an artistic point of view (though I don't know how much "art" is worth in judges' eyes). It seems to me the climax of the program, the actual "storm", is still in the second part, in the footwork sequence, so to me, the program does not feel front-loaded.

Perhaps I am over-interpreting things, but if we really see the program as a storm, then there is a difference between how it feels before the storm--the sense of pressure and heaviness in the air, the rising wind, the feeling of expectation. Then the real storm comes in an outburst of fury and passion, and the tension is released. To my own ears, I think something of this is reflected in the music for the program. So maybe it makes sense that the first part of the program is so different from the second part, in terms of the types of elements it contains, and in terms of rhythm and feeling. And jumps (including the long strokes leading up to them) have a different rhythm compared to spins and footwork. What I am vaguely feeling is that while having all three jumps in the first part is generally considered a flaw in a SP program, it can be argued that in this case, there is a certain aesthetic justification for it, which I actually find extremely interesting.

Of course, I don't want to interpret any of Plushy's programs too literally. Again, this is probably just my own mind making things up, but such themes and feelings remind me of the "Sturm und Drang"--Storm and Stress--of Romanticism. Performance-wise, I get the sense Plushy is also not yet at 100%: after all, he himself said how he needed to overcome the big psychological barrier of competing again. But the beauty of his movements, the aristocratic aura, and the sense of passion are in full force alreay And of course, the combination of grace and power, and also of charisma.

If I were to nitpick the SP performace, based on nothing but my personal notions and tastes, maybe I could even say that possibly there was actually a little bit too much charisma for this program. Partly this was from comparison with the practice video from before the SP, but somehow I get the suspicion that the blown kiss before the step sequence was not actually in the choreography.... ::yaz-yk: And he also replaced the ending pose with a fist pump and another blown kiss. I am of two minds about it. On one hand it is clear that Plushy was just returning again for the first time, he was in love with competition and the audience and he's happy, and that makes me happy. On the other hand, I got the sense it did "break character" somewhat, and just for my own tastes, I felt it broke the tension a little. Just for this particular program, I wonder what it would look like if he made it a little more...not colder exactly, but a little more alone , perhaps. (Of course, I am not saying he should do things one way or another, or that others need to interpret things similarly as me. I am absolutely certain that every artistic choice he makes is his own. But I am a bit curious.)

Once again, I apologize for yet another terribly long post....I know all of this nonsense--based on no more than my own overactive imagination--do not necessarily make it fit into the strict mold of the likes of Lori Nichol would consider a "good" program, but somehow I can't help going on about it....(as usual)
by whitebamboo
29 Dec 2011, 07:04
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Re: Ваши идеи для Жени(ВИДЕООБРАЩЕНИЕ ЕП)||Your ideas for Ev

I'm not sure if this topic is still open for discussion, but I randomly came up with an idea for Plushy at 12:30 AM. :D

What I haven't really seen (at all) in figure skating would be competitive programmes to video game scores. This one in particular is from the Japanese game Gyakuten Kenji , a part of the Gyakuten Saiban series.


This (in my opinion) is a very beautiful piece of music, and can even fit Evgeni's personality very well. With the right chromatography, the flow of the music and Evgeni's talent could make it a very competitive programme (possibly for next season, if he doesn't stick with his current ones?).

Just a suggestion. I wish Evgeni luck at Russian nationals in December! No matter how he performs, he will forever be a champion in my eyes. Good luck to the rest of team Russia as well! plush48
by tamaryokucha
29 Nov 2011, 10:54
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

Дарина, Ania_i_Tania, Таня once again girls, thank you so much for your transcripts - they helped a lot. and big thanks to Вера and Ирина for videos!

For now I managed to translate only part 2 and short part 3 of the interviews.

Click "cc" to see subtitles.

I will continue translating today and I'll add the next translated videos to this playlist:
by Eve
10 Jan 2012, 19:24
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

Стефан Ламбьель: "Гачинский - не второй Плющенко. У него свое лицо"

Stephane Lambiel: "Gachinski is not the second Plushenko. He is his own man"

Q: Recently, one of the main discussion topics in figure skating is yet another return to the ice of Evgeni Plushenko. What are your thoughts on this subject?

Stephane: I saw Zhenya's performance at Russian Nationals in Saransk and in my eyes Plushenko was magnificent, well, as always. I think for the time he had, Evgeni was in a pretty good shape. About his technical abilities we all already know. I always said if he's healthy and motivated he would come back. So I'm looking forward to the European Championships in Sheffield, with his participation, and of course I wish him good luck and many wins this season.

Q: Is it good for figure skating, when someone, who was already leaving the sport twice, is still a competitor for the gold in all the major competitions?

Stephane: You have to understand, that's not Evgeni's problem. If he himself is mentally prepared to take this road once again, from beginning to the end, then why not do it. I sincerely admit, I admire Plushenko's decision to come back again - it is a very bold move, once again proving what a great athlete Zhenya is and a real champion. I still remember all our battles, in Turin and in other big competitions. Sport - it is a real battle, but sometimes it happens, that your opponent is stronger than you and you have to accept that, as did I in my time.

Q: There's one more Mishin's student, Artur Gachinski. Will he be the second Plushenko - will it be good for him or bad?

Stephane: I think it won't happen, Artur has his own charisma. Besides, the skating styles of Plushenko and Gachinski are completely different. so there's no point comparing them. Believe me, they are totally different and we should give Artur a chance to be himself. Gachinski is not the second Plushenko. He is his own man.

Q: How about you, is 26 the age when one ought to finally say "no" to professional sport?

Stephane: Well yes, that is my case (laughs). My goal was 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and unfortunately I could not win a medal there, finishing 4th. Now I perform in various shows and I love it. So I have no regrets and no thoughts of coming back - I'm content with the life I now live.
by Eve
15 Jan 2012, 22:35
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Re: Женя и его тренер А.Н.Мишин || Evgeni and his coach Mish

Their lives are all training and competition between one another. But they were no friends with Jagudin. Zhenya had a life that was not at all easy. Mishin was such a father for him, he is a great man. I think such people deserve to be happy, they have given mankind such a happiness, so great moments. I am thinking how much labour you must give to become a good sportsman, how modest you must be, through how many difficulties you have to go. And the people around you are not always so good. And it lasts for so many years. Zhenya went through all of that. And REMAINED A REAL MAN! I admire him. I cannot make such a thing.
by MiLa
17 Jan 2012, 03:32
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Ah, the North American press... :ps_ih: Is it just me or has the Canadian press gotten much worse than the American press lately? I suppose it's because there aren't any really outstanding American male skaters right now, and there is Chan...

Evgeny Plushenko’s special requests continue to multiply.

Yes, start the article right off with their usual little tricks, as if people can't tell....What other "special request" has Plushy had before? If they're talking about the restoration of eligibility...Don't even get me started. Just don't. It's not as if there hadn't been plenty of "special requests" from the Canadian Federation, but then again, what would be the NA press be without double standards? (Yes, I know this may be a generalization. And I stand behind it.)

Bring him on, Chan says. Last week, Chan said that he was “really excited” to face Plushenko again. “I’ve always looked up to him since I’ve been skating,” Chan said. “I used to watch him at the Grand Prix and world championships, and he was exciting to watch. To be on the same ice again since the Vancouver Olympics would be very exciting.

“I would like to compete against him and see what judges would have to say and what they think between the two of us.”

Ah, so it was exciting to compete with someone so "old and outdated", whose choreograph was only to be laughed at, at Vancouver? :-) Well, I am glad that it was shown that sometimes an "out-of-fashion" dinosaur can actually change the "fashion" and direction of skating, perhaps.

One thing I did notice, though, is that what Chan says he's interested in is "what judges think" about the two of them, and nothing about how they might actually perform...(But then again, what the judges think about you in general is more important nowadays, I suppose.)

After Plushenko won his ninth national title last month, coach Alexei Mishin was coy about how they were going to surmount the problem of the minimum score. But the solution was no real secret. He had to petition the ISU. The ISU “exceptionally agreed.” And the decision was a no-brainer. Plushenko brings an excitement to any event he enters.

Well, good to see they admitted that. But if so, then why is allowing Plushy to compete at Euros such a "favor"?

The ISU bowed to his special request for reinstatement in July of 2011, but Plushenko was unable to take part in international competitions this year because of injury.

The usage of the word "bowed" is a nice touch. As if the whole disqualification business had any kind of legitimacy at all to start with. And as if Evgeni brought some kind of "power" or "pressure" to force the ISU to restore him, which is just the farthest from the truth.

Plushenko admits he’s still a work in progress. He said he does not fear defeat this year. His ultimate goal is the Sochi Olympics, where the results could be quite different from Vancouver.

Okay, maybe this one is reading a bit hard, but I'm wondering if the use of the word "where" is a nice touch, too. (Kind of reminds me of how Evan Lysacek was repeating how he "wouldn't be welcomed" at Sochi, four years in advance....)

He is human, after all.

Oh, well, gosh.

No, y'know what, their small-minded condescension, masked behind a very thin veneer of "objectivity", annoys me even more than their outright attacks. I want to throw in many expletives here, to be honest, but I'll hold myself back...

(Edit: Sorry, it seems I'm getting kind of belligerent lately....But I really just cannot stand this kind of nonsense from the NA press.)
by whitebamboo
18 Jan 2012, 13:17
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 2012 || European Championships 2012

Simply I love the coreography before the amazing step sequence.
The 2nd part of this program is really wonderful, love the music <3
Plushenko seems not human in these days, I think no one skater can do the same things in the same physical conditions.
by Rika
26 Jan 2012, 17:42
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Aamulehti's report from Europeans (quite freely translated):
Only the "little brother" finished better than Plushenko.

Jevgeni Plushenko met his own level opponents for the first time after the Vancouver Olympics. Plushenko, who has won all the possible titles in figure skating, skated a clean short program, but something was missing: the quad.

It annoyed the master himself.
- I can't be satisfied if I don't make a quad. But I'm simply unable to do it, my knee can't withstand, said Plushenko, who is going to a surgery after the Europeans.

The judges rewarded Plushenko's harmonious and charismatic performance (for which he is famous) with 84.71 scores. These scores kept him for a long time ahead of the competition. Eventually, one man took over: training partner Artur Gachinski. Though just with 0.09 points.
Plushenko and 18-years old Gachinski made ​clean performances, unlike other top-names at competitions. Unlike his idol, Gachinski also managed to make a quad.
Finnish media usually writes very kindly about Plushi. I think they also love him :cool_cool:

edit: Aamulehti is 2nd most widely read newspaper in Finland. This is short translation from their article after mens SP.
by Ronja
27 Jan 2012, 02:30
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 2012 || European Championships 2012

Someone like him comes along a few times in history. So lucky that we're alive at the same time as him and get to see him show what true heroism is. He's not just a figure skating or sporting legend, he shows how human beings can break boundaries of what is possible.
by Jia Jia
29 Jan 2012, 01:04
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 2012 || European Championships 2012

I‘ve had to work all morning, and I couldn't even watch...(Just as well since I was too terrified anyway) And I finally got online with shaking hands just a little while ago....

I don't know what to say anymore. I don't know how he did it. I simply don't. I think I'm going to fall to my knees.

Now go get those operations and take care of yourself and get better, Evgeni!

P. S. I remember now that in his book, he said that he would "talk" to the ice, and sometimes the ice talked back...I remember yesterday seeing Dimi's post that he jumped that 4-3 in practice, and then stood in the middle of the ice quietly, pensive...I was scared at the moment because I imagined he was thinking about going for the quad in the LP and I was terrified because frankly I was convinced there was no way he could skate clean in his condition if he goes for the quad--and now...I was a doubting Thomas and I am properly ashamed and I never imagined I would be so happy to feel such shame. But I still don't know how he did it. I think yesterday when he was standing there he must've been talking to the ice and the ice must have said something to him.

Sorry I'm kind of incoherent now.
by whitebamboo
29 Jan 2012, 01:21
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