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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

"Неделя спорта" от 24.10.11 О возвращении,о предстоящем сезоне,о своих целях!

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to let you know that the recent video news report from Nedelya Sporta that featured Zhenya - I have written English subtitles and embedded them into the video. Please enjoy! You can either just watch the video on YouTube at the link below, or you can actually download the whole video to your computer from here:

Enjoy! I love Zhenya here! He is so handsome, happy, and full of energy! This video makes me very happy! plush48
by Nyssa
26 Oct 2011, 03:22
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Евгений Плющенко: "В шоу мне скучно"
Translation :ni_zia:

Evgeni Plushenko: "I'm bored in the shows"

In recent months, Plushenko rarely gives extensive interview. What's a pity. How is convinced correspondent of "SE", 29-year-old skater, who is preparing once again to return to the sports, has something to say. To make it clear: why the champion of Turin and silver medalist in Salt Lake City and Vancouver (as well as three-time world champion, six-time champions of Europe and the other, and other) needs another Olympic epic?


- The most important is now, probably, the question: how is your health?
- Excellent. I am fully working. Not so long ago there was a problem with my hand - a fracture, but nothing, everything was restored. All bends, on training beautiful hands doing (smiles). Preparing for the nearest competitions. If I succeed, it will be a Panin Memorial. But the main start - Russian Nationals, which will be held at the end of December in Saransk. What will happen after that, we'll see. If I take away on European and World championships, I will skate further.

- Start in Saransk is not under question?
- No. It was planned already in the summer. Alexei Nikolaevich (Mishin) and me, originally decided to skip the "Grand Prix", since I had surgery on my knees. I did not want to risk, to sign up and then withdraw. Still, we are preparing for the future, so to speak. And the future - it's the Olympics in Sochi. I want to try to participate on my fourth Olympics, no one before me did not. I want to put my personal record in figure skating, try my force. I am ready for any outcome. But my main task - worthily do my job.

- Not so long ago in your account on Facebook was published a statement, whose essence is the following: Plushenko will perform at the European and World championships, if his health allows him, but nothing more specific can be said now. Whereby it was dictated?
- Thereby, that in the sport I am very long time. In the robot you can twist the screw, pour oil to begin to work like new. But we are not robots, than people, we may experience force majeure the circumstances. We are now, with my great team, even in training try to carefully monitor the process, to somewhere not pull a muscle, do not skate unnecessary free program. All work is under control. There is no such: I want to jump a quad, or a new quad. And, God forbid, something breaks. No - now we have a goal to work calmly.

- This statement should have been a response to numerous questions on subject: "And what will happen next?".
- Yes, everything will be normal. Well, yes, people ask. But all what I said before the Olympics in Vancouver, and directly in 2010, as a result I fulfilled. There was Vancouver? It was. Plushenko's back? Back. Won the European Championship? Won. Although not skated for three years. Then all also shouting: it's impossible. Yes, it was extremely difficult - to return after a three-year hiatus. But I'm back, because I properly done everything with my team. And because I have a character.
Now I'm trying to set a goal and achieve it. This goal is for three years, well, can be considered, already for two and a half, tighten my shape, my body, so that with the dignity (emphasis on that word) to perform at the home Olympics. That's what I want to do.

- Your personal task is clear. But sports management and fans, articulate their expectations a much more ambitious. For them, in the Russian men's figure skating Plushenko remains the Olympic hope the number one, no matter on what. It is a pressure on you?
- Once again I will say: I already skate so long. And I know: if I pay attention to this pressure, any results will not be achieved. So I'm trying not to react.
We have young athletes who are eager to beat me. The thirst is such, like when you wake up with a hangover, and there is no water. This is not only in Russian, the whole world, in fact. But I'm even curious to look at it. All these views askance - I'm interested to watch them. I understand what they want, but I will try that their desire is not fulfilled. It will be hard, after all the guys is strong and, above all, young. And the age in the sport is very important.


- How serious were the health problems which you have encountered in the fall?
- Serious enough. After the operation I started too early, began to forces training. Because of stupidity. I wanted to quickly get involved, to do something new. I had the surgery, and already two weeks later I started skating. And it was a mistake, because the month I did not need to do anything, at all. We had quietly drawn into, because the time was anyway enough.
While in September was yet a doctor's mistake: he gave me an injection in the knee which ended up not in the joint, than in the fat body next to him. Fluid was resorbed very long, and bothered me at a hundred percent! Generally, interfere with training. And I missed a month. Honestly, I'm in this season already three times returned and three times stopped. But anyway, when there is a goal, you can do anything.

- Then there was talks, that the problem with your leg can put a cross on your return. They were not without foundation?
- Here's the situation: you train, and suddenly starts to pain the leg. Doctors take pictures and say: yes, this is effects of the meniscus. Then starts inflamation of ligaments. And then comes the doctor, whom to me highly recommended as a unique specialist, and makes a mistake, which resulted with my expulsion from the sport for a month. Of course, I tried to do something, injected the leg. (*perhaps his therapy on machines in Moscow - cekoni's comment). But I not could go on the ice.
A month did not skate during the season - it's a big risk to get out of shape. The body ceases to feel the ice. There were moments when I realized that would be impossible to recover, once again to achieve, what already been done. And it was done ​​at that time much of that. So, of course, my hands dropped. Fortunately, helped me my wife Yana and my team. Cheer me up, found some words. Here, thanks to them and I hold on to this day.
Of course, it is difficult. It's one thing, if I was 18 years old. Then I did not think about anything: with unsheathed sword - and only forward. Now is more complicated. And this is not fear of losing. It is harder to overcome the injuries. There are many titles, secured life, but I should, in fact, start all over again. Here, through it's difficult to pass. But it is interesting to me. Do you understand? I find it very interesting. How is in figure skating? In 18 - 20 y.o., maximum 25, people become champions and think, well, why we must continue to skate? Indeed, why, if there is a shows - such a quiet pensioner's life (smiles). There's no need to jump the triple axels, do not do quads. But it's so boring!
I skated three years in the shows before Vancouver. It's monstrously boring. Everything is so monotonous, moving from town to town, anything new, you do not grow up. I forgot what is the adrenaline. And I wanted it. So I started to play hockey, football, paintball, golf, extreme driving, ride a motorcycle. Still, this is not that! That's why I took a decision to return. Of course, a tremendous impetus give me Yana, who said: you are still young and you can calmly skate. So, skate!
At first, it was insanely hard. When began the morning and evening trainings, all hurts me - in the morning, I not could stand up at all. Yelled at myself on the ice, because I nothing could, specifically, so yelling. People were shocked, they thought, perhaps: he is crazy, or what?
But I will say this: the show - it's great, but for myself I realized that I'm designed for the sport. God gave me talent, and still allows you to move forward. This means that I do not have so far to go from figure skating as an athlete. The show will be after - it's the next step. I have many plans, and they are implemented.

- Alexei Mishin said that the hardest time was this summer when you not immediately found faith in your strength. What was the matter?
- We arrived in the camp in Italy, and there began insanely hard days for me. Very powerful general physical preparation. Plus a lot of work indoors, choreography and work directly with Mishin. Body simply can not withstand. I could not recover and did not skate for three days. Then we went to Venice and other cities, just walking, taking pictures.
And then, when we returned to St. Petersburg, it was hard. Long time I entered into the form. Like, it seems, one training session conducted properly, the next day when I come - nothing does not work. I not could do trivial triple jump. But has a gained a scheme. And this scheme finally paid off. Although the process of obtaining forms continues and today.

- Apart from you, Mishin in the group have and Artur Gachinsky and Elizaveta Tuktamisheva's. It turns out, that coach can not give you all the attention, all the time...
- Well, why I should be capricious? At the beginning, even when in the group came Elena Sokolova, I said: "Alexei Nikolaevich, to avoid misunderstanding, let's do this: she will skate on the one ice, I will in the next." Lena and me had separated trainings. Because it is impossible with two eyes follow a few athletes, who jump at different ends of the rink.
Here, and now we have divided the ice. In the group is everything the great: a good team, great guys. I want to congratulate Liza on a great start. She has a good future. I do not exclude, that she will become Olympic champion, if she continue with work on that way. She is "plow-girl". And listen her coaches. And Artur has bright future. In the preseason, he made ​​three different quads, I personally saw it. I wish them luck.


- How difficult was from an arranged life, popularity and social events, return to a rigorous training regime, twice a day?
- It can be combined. Here, I trained twice, and went to a concert of Dima Bilan. Today slept - and has already managed to train a half hour. All can be combined, if there is no alcohol, but there is a regime, diet, the right approach. Naturally, I'm trying now to give up of some the activities. Because it's hard. But very selectively combine some things are still possible. (Pause.) Well, what is party? You can go to the party later. Everything will be all the same, even better.
Here I recently went to birthday of boutique a Swiss firm, with which we're releasing in January a joint line of watches. For me, this is a great pride. Design - blue with gold - was my idea. Blue - it's ice, gold - medals. Such sporty casual. I had a dream - to introduce a style of luxury in the sport. And it turns out. I like expensive things, beautiful costumes. If you take my own costumes for performances - it's also luxury, them always worked some famous designer. Now, by the way, we are negotiating with Dolce & Gabbana for costumes in the future. Perhaps, for Olympics.

- And why you were not satisfied with other proposals for (the existing) the watches?
- I was not satisfied with design. And that I no took part in the making. And this is what I wanted. I'm not a great expert for watches, but very like them. Just to give a name and say: it's my watch - this is stupid.

- Speaking about the costumes ... Who makes them for you this season?
- So far, there is none. But there is a design, and now we choose the options. When I will come back to St. Petersburg, I will do it. Maybe I will take the new young guys who are eager to work, full of ideas. It will be interesting.

- This will be something in your the usual style? Or you go to the experiment?
- Well, the bike does not want to invent. It will be stage costumes for figure skating. Pretty interesting. Not casual. Will be nice (smiles).

- That is, simple pants with a shirt, quite popular now in the skaters will not be?
- No.

- All the details about new programs you have intentionally kept secret. Informations which recently appeared in the press, quoting Mishin, is true?
- I do not know what they write.

- Short Program - a compilation of Vanessa Mae, Free - "Tango" by Edvin Marton.
- (Pause.) I do not know, from where they got it Vanessa Mae. But Free indeed will be "Tango" from "Moulin Rouge", but rewritten by Edvin. I want passion, more emotion. Love, some of the image. Therefore, this is Free program. While Short program is not Vanessa Mae. But a funny and interesting music, very beautiful, deep and emotional. It consists of two parts: the first - very melodic and soulful, while the latter - very fast. Everyone knows it, it's classic. But arranged.

- Name you wil not tell?
- For a few weeks is Saransk (smiles). Soon you will all see.

- This fall you have changed a lot programs?
- Of course, we have made adjustments. And we do it that so far every day. Something add, somewhere remove.

- You do many suggestions?
- Of course. From the beginning of my career, they could not say just: Do this gesture - and all. I need to first feel the gesture.

- Your programs have seen someone from the experts?
- When I skated in Novogorsk, of course they seen the guys. In St. Petersburg I would like to invite our judges, that they looked and disassembled the spins and the steps. But it will be the final part of the story. And, of course, we were shown to specialists, they are dismantled. Like anything.

- On Panin Memorial will be quadruple?
- We shall see. I do not want to anticipate events.

- It is correctly to say, that for Plushenko the competition without a quad simply can not be?
- No. Maybe without him, I do not exclude. But this applies only for Russian starts. At the international - only with the quad. And not only one.


- Rrecently your old time comrade and a rival Brian Joubert mentioned it was your comeback in Vancouver that inspired him to remain in the sport and go on fighting. Is it a nice feeling?
- (Pause.) I'm glad to inspire. Guess, I deserve that. I respect Brian as an athlete and a man. He's a good person. There is a reason why I invite certain people to my shows, even those who I compete against. Some rivals are rotten, and I can't stand communicating with them, but there are those who beat you, but later approach and say : well done, it just wasn't your day. This is why I skate in the shows with Stephane Lambiel, Joubert, Florant Amodio, the Czech guys Michal Brezina and Tomas Verner.
I was lucky to have greate mentors. For example Elvis Stojko. When I just started competing internationally he was at the final stages of his competitive career, was a 4 times world champion. I was just a 15 y.o. kid who came to his first Grand Prix event, was just starting to land my quads. Back then, if you landed one quad, taking the rest of the program was clean, it mean winning the competition. Stojko approached me, shook my hand and wished me luck.
It was unreal! The 4 times world champion comes to shake my hand, to a young pup, knowing that he can beat him! It was a huge boost for me. I was looking up to those great athletes. But time goes on and now others are looking up to me. It's great! Awesome! This is why I am trying to do something that I will be remembered in 10-20 years from now. So people would say: "Plushenko - that was a worthy skater". Now some already call me a legend. I want them to go on calling me that. (Smiles)

- And you can go to the young athlete and do same thing as Stojko?
- Of course. Once again, I'm not afraid to lose. Figure skating goes forward, I need to be with him. Anything can happen: not enough sleep, injury, something else. And I'm ready for it.

- What feeling left to you from the last stages of the "Grand Prix"?
- I'll say about Patrick Chan. He's a great athlete, very much progressed. But if he does four or five errors, and receives 9 points out of 10, it is a bit wrong. And so, he great skate, great spins, has quadruple jump. Also appeared new Chinese Nan Song with two quad. Athlete is excellent, even unique. But some innovations, surprises to me was not. All can be defeated. The main thing - to do my own job.

- Your training plan for Sochi implies, in principle, performing at the stages of "Grand Prix"?
- In the future will be "Grand Prix", yes. Perhaps one stage, then Russian Nationals, European championship, and so on. Maybe even some small competitions. And then, there is now a new story - Team World Championships which will be held in April.

- You want there to appear?
- Yes! It's very interesting! Well, what is "Grand Prix"? This is an intermediate stage, some kind of "test skating" (обкатка?) . The main thing - it's the titular competitions: European and World championships. How much do I already can win "Grand Prix"? If there are necessary, I will performing there. But generally, I repeat, it's almost as "test skating".

- What do you think regarding the overall aspiration to do quadruples, with what all can not cope?
- It's good. Figure skating has to move forward. Race to 100m every year moving forward, hockey and football are becoming more dynamic, more intelligent. While figure skating in 2010 took a step back. So it's good, that skaters themself, as is say, responded to my call. And I fully support that many in their programs are trying quads.

- If until Sochi all they have learned the quads, by your opinion, what will be needed for success there?
- I think in Sochi will be a need to perform several quads. Although to say exactly how things will go, it's hard. Suddenly, again, they can introduce some new system, and all will again do "3+3". But, hopefully, they will do not impose. Now figure skating in general has become more complicated. And that's progress!

by cekoni
06 Dec 2011, 09:43
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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

Ну вот и я вслед за Киви и Сарой удостоилась. :-): Была на тренировках в Юбилейном. С 15 по 17 дек. Так писать как они я не умею, но уж как умею.
В предновогоднем Питере дождь и лужи, зеленая трава. Это удивительно. Приехала на Мемориал Панина, не зная точно будет ли Женя там выступать. Но его не было. Узнала об этом уже в дороге. Но не поворачивать же обратно. Не было и Артура, и Лизы, ранее заявленных. Но всё же без сладкого я не осталась. Алексей Николаевич и Женя любезно разрешили мне посмотреть тренировки. Только посмотреть. Снимать нельзя. Ну что я могу сказать. Работа кипит. Новые костюмы уже готовы, Женя в них катался. Не буду раскрывать тайну какие они, но мне понравились, очень красивые. :co_ol: Особенно к ПП – шикарный костюм, в его стиле – блестящий, сверкающий, очень ему идет. Женя в нем настоящая звезда. :plush31: К КП 2 варианта перчаток.
На тренировках он конечно царь и бог, все ему подчиняются. Мелкие разбегаются когда он катает программу. Мишин его очень любит, это видно. У них очень уважительные к друг другу отношения.
Тренировал Женя в основном прыжки, дорожки, фрагменты программ. Я не все прыжки различаю. Но точно был лутц, тройной аксель, каскады 3-3 с лутцем и акселем. Тренировал четверной. Работает Женя очень серьезно, самоотверженно, себя не жалеет. Ничего не делается в полноги, всё по-настоящему, с полной самоотдачей. Я впервые увидела какой у него взрывной темперамент, как он себя заводит, когда что-то не получается. Рядом со мной тренировался мальчик из группы Мишина. У него не получались прыжки. Я слышала как тренер сказала ему: «Посмотри на Женю, учись, видишь как человек себя заводит, сколько эмоций»
Да, эмоций было много. И они были настоящими, не искусственными. Лобанов, где ты? Здесь самый красивый Женя, когда он в своей стихии, на льду. Можно сделать ряд фотографий. Спокойный, улыбчивый, и вдруг взрыв эмоций, накал страстей и… полетел в дорожке. Злой, расстроенный когда не получается. Радостный когда получается. :son-ce: Шутит, прикалывается над Лизой. Задумчивый, серьезный, что-то обсуждает с Мишиным, нарезая круги.
Как же нелегко всё дается, ох как нелегко…Но «что без страданий жизнь поэта и что без бури океан? Он хочет жить ценою муки, ценой томительных забот»…Да, можно сделать ряд фотографий. Но нельзя. Ничего нельзя. Даже для истории. И как сказал мне Давид Авдыш, для истории нужно писать, "рукописи не горят". Только после того как он мне это сказал, я вспомнила, что он поставил «Мастера и Маргариту» на балетной сцене. Поставил замечательно. Жаль, что я ему это не сказала.
Спасибо, Женя, что разрешил посмотреть на твои тренировки. :ro_za: И удачи в Саранске!

В перерывах между тренировками бегала в Академию, посмотрела в основном мальчиков МС и КМС. И показательные. И вот здесь оторвалась, снимала всех подряд. Но об этом в соответствующей теме.
by Вера
19 Dec 2011, 14:28
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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

Vera's report from Plushy's training! :ya_hoo_oo: Spasibo dear!!! :plush40: :plush39:

Ну вот и я вслед за Киви и Сарой удостоилась. :-): Была на тренировках в Юбилейном. С 15 по 17 дек. Так писать как они я не умею, но уж как умею....
I was on training at the Yubileyni. From 15-17 December.... I arrived at "Panin Memorial", not knowing exactly whether or not Zhenya compete there. But he was not. I learned about this already on the road....
... But Alexei Mishin and Evgeni kindly allowed me to watch the trainings. Just watch. Not and take video. Well, what can I say. Work in full swing. New costumes are already done, Zhenya skated in them. I will not reveal the secret of such they are, but I liked them, very beautiful. :co_ol: Especially for Free Program - a chic costume, in his style - a brilliant, sparkling and very suits him. Zhenya in him is a true star :plush31: For Short Program - 2 versions of gloves.
In training, he is certainly the Czar and God, all is under his command. The little (skaters) scattered when he skate the program. Mishin loves him, it is obvious. They are very respectful to each other.
Zhenya trained mostly jumps, steps, fragments of the programs. I can not recognize all the jumps. But there was Lutz, triple Axel, cascades 3-3 with Lutz and Axel. Trained quad. Zhenya works very seriously, with dedication, does not spare himself. He anything does not do halfway, everything is real, with full dedication. The first time I saw such explosive temper he has, as he pushing himself, when something does not work. There was a boy from Mishin's group. He cant managed jumps. I heard when the coach told him: "Look at Evgeni, learn, see how a man pushing himself, with how much emotions".
Yes, there was a lot of emotions. And they were real, not artificial. Lobanov, where are you? Here is the most beautiful Evgeni, when he is in his element - on the ice. There can do a plenty of photos. Calm, smiling, and suddenly an explosion of emotions, eruption of passions, and ... flew into steps. Angry, frustrated when something does not work. Happy, when work. :son-ce: Jokes, makes fun with Liza. Thoughtful, serious, discussing something with Mishin, cutting circles.
How hard is to archieve something, oh, how hard ... But "what is the poet's life without suffering, and what is ocean without storms? He wants to live at a cost of torment, by the price of tired concerns"... Yes, can be make a plenty of pictures. But not should. Nothing should be. Even for the history. And how David Avdish told me, for history should write, "manuscripts do not burn". Only after he told me this, I remembered that he put "Master and Margarita" on the ballet stage. Put wonderful. I'm sorry that I did not say it to him.

Thank you Zhenya, that allowed me to look at your training. :ro_za: And good luck in Saransk!

Artur trains separately, although one time, 15 minutes they were together on the ice. Artur jumped the quad, Evgeni applauded. Liza not always train with him....
by cekoni
20 Dec 2011, 01:52
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

Протоколы Жени и Артура / Plushy & Gachi Protocols

by Таня
26 Dec 2011, 03:33
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

And please can somebody tell what Tarasova said after the lp? :plush47: :plush47:
I'll try a little later :a_g_a: .

Tarasova was so excited!!!

Here is translation .

Cor .: …. Artur Dmitriev and Ivan Bariev – these two boys had their best skate today
Tarasova : Yes, good job, the youngsters are great but (interrupting the correspondent) I have no desire to speak about anything else but…
Cor .: That’s for sure. I mean, they skated so well probably due to Zhenya’s participation in the competitions. He pushed everyone.
Tarasova : Yes, because they would be ashamed, just ashamed! A man made such a great comeback! You know, frankly, I was crying. I’m a coach who has been working for hundred years already and it’s the 1st time that I see such an outstanding return. I just can’t get fully aware of what he managed to do today. I don’t see the difference between what Zhenya was in old time and what he is today. I see his perspective; he of course is able to do two quads.
He sometimes used to have trouble on his lutz too. But [today] after he made a mistake he did one more lutz. You know when he did a quad jump, even though with a little error on his landing, when he did 3A-3T combination and one more axel, I realized, after that he would string the jumps like on a skewer , he would let no one to take it from him, he wouldn’t let himself to give it up.
That’s a true thing that we have. Не needs nothing to provide for him, he himself will take it all! Why I say so, because yesterday I was talking with a member of the technique committee, a person who is also a mother [of an athlete], and she said: «We have never been given a chance». But the chance they [must] win themselves. For all this generation, 18 athletes which are here today, and for junior team Plushenko along with Alexei Nikolaevich and his other coaches has done a great deal, he showed how to do it. And they saw this, they know this. I am humanly grateful to him, I admire him; of course I gave him a standing ovation but he gave me a faith that he can do it. And only such people can win, very strong intellectually, technically. He is standing with his choreographer and his off-ice coach and Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin who is a professor, who does everything [for him] And of course there's no denying that he has colossal talent that he got from his mother and father. I congratulate his parents, his wife who is rooting for him and all of us… We are sitting here exhausted. You know it’s like when you visit some outstanding dramatics or concert and you are ready to thank on your knees for making you to empathize. I’m grateful that he made me to empathize, to remember the past, all about him, how he took ice, how they competed with Alyoshka Yagudin, how he aimed for another Olympics… And how he appeared now. That’s not even a world record, that’s a phenomenon. And he has to work so much, work is just beginning, this process can never be stopped.
by Дарина
27 Dec 2011, 22:57
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 2012 || European Championships 2012


Finally British Eurosport! :ya_hoo_oo: :son-ce:


by simona
30 Jan 2012, 05:01
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