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Re: Kings On Ice - Румыния || KOI Romania, Bucharest 07.04.2

:plush46: :plush31: :plush39:
what can i say? WAW!!! WAW!!! WAW!!!
7 april 2012 was a perfect day for me :-): i would have liked to last forever!!!
Saturday started early :plush45: i went to the icerink hoping :plush47: to find Plushenko there....and guess what??? there he was :plush31: playing ping pong without rocket :)
I'm very very lucky as i was in 2010. I was wearing the shirt, which has been made specially for him and which was signed by Plushenko in 2010!!!
I was in heaven at the time when i made the picture with him. :ya_hoo_oo: i was very very happy that he made the picture right before his walk in the park!!!
I was there with some girls and when he came back was as friendlly and nice as usual and he signed again on my precious shirt and he took pictures with the rest of the fans!!! and he received gifts and flowers :-):
I'm sure he recognized me...because before he signed he asked me: again? you want me to sign again? yes yes :plush47: please and than he smiled at me :-): yeyyyyyyy
Plush is a true gentleman and he is the best skater ever!!! :plush39: :plush39: :plush39: next time when he comes again I will give many many flowers :plush46:
I thank him from my heart for the wonderful and perfect saturday!!!
The show...what can i say about the show? :bra_vo: :bra_vo: :bra_vo: :bra_vo: :bra_vo: :bra_vo: :bra_vo:
It was incredibile to see them skating, I have no words to describe the feeling !!! I was in tears of so much joy!!!
Plushenko in the real KING OF THE ICE and to see him performing triple axel was BREATHTAKING!!! :bra_vo:
And the audience was on scale 10!!! we stood up and applauded tens of minutes :bra_vo: :bra_vo: :bra_vo:
I thank him that he chose Romania (Bucharest) on his list of shows and I wish he come back very very soon :-):
I thank him for giving us this opportunity and i thank him for his patient with his fans!!!
ROMANIA LOVE'S YOU!!!! :plush39: :plush39: :plush39: :bra_vo: :bra_vo:


by lauraboboc
12 Apr 2012, 15:22
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Re: Kings on Ice 2014 - Bucharest, Romania 07.10.2014

it was perfect, it was sublime, it was emotional to see him again!
by lauraboboc
12 Oct 2014, 00:04
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