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Re: Artistry on Ice 2012 - China 09-17.06.2012 (4 shows)

My all videos download :plush45: :,bw1jnyjs8nwac5e,c5iih8wnxs29dd1,z8h7o5h3dllk5jg,jagei3rxwei26be,yp8xc95dp9mstak,rn3ufegotp6a2ak
Xiexie dear!!! :ya_hoo_oo: :plush40: .... you will upload this videos on youtube, or will we? :plush45:

Can we expect more videos from you - show, other cities, off-ice...? :smu:sche_nie: :plush39:

I'm sorry, these videos are all I have, and it's not convenient here for me to get access to youtube. Hopefully you could upload them. THX!
by jk139
21 Jun 2012, 06:38
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