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Re: Контрольные прокаты 03-04.09.2011 || Open Test Skating

немного фото со встречи .Остальное вечером и завтра

показывает нам тату :hi_hi_hi:
by Ирина
04 Sep 2011, 08:58
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Re: Контрольные прокаты 03-04.09.2011 || Open Test Skating

Thanks for the video, and many thanks to girls that went out there and supported him!

The 3As are tight and consistent, but the landings could be better. I am not worry about 4T, he still has plenty of time to practice till Russian Nationals. He seemed tentative and did not have his usual speed. But it's only 2 months after surgery, what he has done is already amazing.

When his program is ready, I am sure he and Mishin can get any expert's opinion they need in private. They don't necessarily rely on the "test skate" to get feedback.

I just hope he could stay healthy and don't push himself too hard, he needs time to rehabilitate his knees.
by lilywang
04 Sep 2011, 04:25
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Re: Контрольные прокаты 03-04.09.2011 || Open Test Skating

Today's articles? :-):
Most important things... :ni_zia:

Plushenko for the first time in four months performed for the public

"I feel better, but not fully recovered, injuries so far make it clear that they are there. I am training, but not 100 percent. Still, I have time. Besides, I want to say that for me the main thing is not specifically forthcoming season, than a three-year period which remains before the Olympics. I am preparing it to him.

Sometimes the pain shoots my knee on quadruple toe loop, triple axel. Besides, I can not sit entirely in a "sit spin". There are moments, which should be choose. In this help me doctors and my "off-ice" coach Vitaly Balykin. There are many nuances that need to be corrected in order, to overcome the pain."


Plushenko will perform to the Russian Championship at three competitions

Plushenko: "Before Russian Championship are few stages of the "Russian Cup". Perhaps, Perm or Samara. Necessarily ,to the Russian Championship I will perform on two or three competition within the country. Although, I do not exclude, that there will be one small international competition."

In these competitions the skater plans for the first time to demonstrate his new programs.

"Programs are preparing, they are still flawed, so I will not show them. We have decided that today I skate a exibition number. Just to go on the ice. I more than four months nowhere not skated and did not perform, so today might be called a training day."

An important starting point for Evgeni is the Championship of Russia.

"I would like to perform, wherever allow health. Championship of Russia, in this regard, will be very revealing, very responsible competition. And there will be a selection for the European Championships and the World. Now is too early to talk about the results. Will be the results - I will skate. The main thing is to be a health. If it is, I will continue my career. The desire is there.
I have not once talked, that a second return - insanely difficult. When this summer, especially after the operation I began, it was impossible. Even then, I wanted to finish with the sport. And such thoughts this summer visited me several times. :plush36: Hang skates is very simple. But to overcome such serious obstacle is difficult, and not everyone would do it. For that I respect myself. I manage to overcome obstacles, both emotionally and physically." :bra_vo:

... there is story about his skating school after Sochi... which you know :mi_ga_et:
by cekoni
04 Sep 2011, 05:37
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Евгений Плющенко: "Возвращаться сейчас намного тяжелее, чем перед Ванкувером"
Translated only parts that are not repeated in the previous interviews :mi_ga_et:

Evgeni Plushenko: "Return now is much harder, than before Vancouver"

- Except of the knee, you not so long ago had surgery also on your back. How does it feels?
- The back is more or less normally. If would like today, then in general, it will be possible to live up to the year 2018. (Pause) Just kidding, actually at least until 2014th (smiles).

- Taking into account all operations, when you will able to begin full-time training for the season?
- The full-time training actually begins only now. Work in full force, already in Test Skating. But before was hard, especially in summer training camps. Several times I wanted to end ...

- Helped to overcome the very high goal - Sochi 2014? Or, perhaps, Alexei Mishin found the right words at the moment?
- No, of course, the goal - Sochi. The fourth Olympics. Try it myself at the Olympics again. Maybe even to prove something to myself, and those who do not believe and say that it is impossible to do. But I think if man set a goal and has the desire, he goes to the end, and many can succeed. But I do not advise anyone to do it a second time. Very hard.

- You can compare the current return with that, through what you went to Vancouver? Or all that is still different things?
- No. Now is much harder. Then it was generally playgame. Just because there was no operations, and now the question is related to health. Well, and 27 years - it's not 28, and not 29 (smiles). This affects, to be honest. Very affecting, in the sense that more needed to warm up, more work. The head is still young (laughs).

- While it is a break in active figure skating before you have had longer. And even this does not compensate?
- No. At this time is much harder.

- On the Test Skatings you are doing exibition number. Do not want to show the public the programs in "raw" form? Or because of some more reasons?
- You are right in saying that this is "raw" programs, they need more skated. Because of the leg, I could not do now many elements, for example, spins, some steps, and generally, in full force skated short and long programs. I need to put myself in normal physical condition and then show all in the competitions.

- According to doctors, when the knee will withstand both the programs entirely?
- Doctors recommend a few more injections, which will I get, probably next week. And I think that in mid-October, knee will feel good.

- In your competitive plans appear stages of the Russian Cup.
- Yes, the first start, most likely, will be in late October. Stage of the Russian Cup, I still do not know which specifically.
... For now, first start - it's Russian. It is necessary shown here, to be judges look. And the second event may be international.

- At the closed Test Skating for federal leadership and expertise in Novogorsk, that preceded the open, you showed your programs?
- No, I do not skated there, just practicing. Came president of the federation, some of the judges. Just watched my jumps - I have done all the triples, on several occasions tried 3,5. There was also a quadruple with the touch of ice by hand. But there was already a message, that I can. Leadership liked, they said - go on (smiles).

- The whole story with your the restoration of amateur status has cost you a lot of nerves? Or somehow you managed to ignore that?
- You know, I just continued to train, to perform on the shows. Life continued. I want to say thanks to the Russian Figure Skating Federation and personally, to the president of the ISU Ottavio Cinquanta. I think they made ​​the right choice and did not more spoil anyone nerves. Neither the fans, nor including me (Laughs). Thank you, for supporting me and returned amateur status.

- In this inter-season, appeared to you a new choreographer. Tell us about this collaboration.
- It's Irina Sharonova, a former dancer, now she teaches at the Conservatory of St. Petersburg. She already had occasion to work with the skaters, though not with the largest. I've seen some of her work, and I liked it. I know Irina for a long time. We immediately found common ground, and our work is obtained very quickly.

- She will choreographing you both programs?
- Working on them and David Avdish (permanent choreographer of Plushenko -note), and Irina, and Stephane Lambiel. However, with Stephane we are doing some pieces - the transitions, exits, but not a whole the program. But some fragments, we now put into the program.

- Work with a female choreographer has its own specifics?
- Certainly. I worked most of the careers with men. I tried to try something new. This is unusual, pleasant to work. Men are moving a little differently, while women - more softly, gently. Maybe I just need it.

- Thinking about, how to change something in the habitual image of skater Plushenko?
- You know it's probably impossible. If I start now, it would be I am 15 years old, could be sculpt me. But now, my figure is already done. You can simply add some new moves and new costumes. But the crossover (перебежка?) - as it was in Plushenko, so be it. Naturally, we try to add something new. Especially, figure skating now requires it, because the system is changed.

- There is no boring, that "the figure is already done," do you would like to change something?
- You know, life goes on. At least, I'm not saying "no", I'm trying.

- You follow what are doing eminent foreign competitors? Patrick Chan, who promises two quadruples, or Evan Lysacek, who decided to return in the competitions?
- Of course, I watch all of them. I get lots of information: who, what, which programs. This is necessarily. But I believe that I must primarily think, not about the opponents, than about myself. And do my job.
by cekoni
05 Sep 2011, 09:11
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Re: Контрольные прокаты 03-04.09.2011 || Open Test Skating

Видео встречи Жени с поклонниками 3 сентября 2011. КАТОК РУ :mo-ro_zi_vo: :plush31: :plush32: :plush39:
(Evgeni's meeting with fans after Test Skating 03.09.2011 Rublevka, Moscow)

Встреча c поклонниками. Часть 1 КАТОК. РУ 3.09.11
Часть 3 КАТОК. РУ 3.09.11

Hey, girls! What a lovely interview/meeting you had! I wish I had been there :plush27:. I am not sure I recognize all voices, there are some fans asking him questions. One voice sounds more often and louder than others, probably because the person was close to the camera. Is it Irina? Well, since I am not sure, I'll just call "Fans" when I translate the girls' questions briefly.


Fans: Today is not an Olympic day, not the Worlds and yet you looked so committed in your skating. You did it for whom? For the committee, for the specialists?

Zhenya: For you. For you- my fans, for myself, for Piseev (girls: :-) ha-ha-ha), for Gorshkov, for Mutko, well... for everybody!

Fans: How is your knee?

Zhenya: It's okay, more or less, but it still hurts.

Fans: How does the operation change your training routine?

Zhenya: Well, I am trying to keep the schedule normal. But if it hurts too much, I just stop training. If it doesn't hurt, I'll keep it going. But recently because of the test skating I had to train in any case. By the way today I was happy that I didn't feel strong pain when I landed a quad at the training. At a warm-up I touched the ice with hands but the pain in the knee was not awful. The most difficult part to do now, after the operation, is to sit in a sit spin. Also, I had to warm-up the body longer than usual. If I don't do it, the pain in the knee becomes unbearable. But don't worry! I'll do it! I had tougher times in my life.

Fans: Can you tell us a little more about your new programs? Everybody is very interested to know.

Zhenya: The SP will be the same that we planned from the start. The FP was changed. At first we started working on another FS, but then we changed the program and made absolutely another one.

Fans: We asked because Flade wrote in her interview that you chose the music for FS but for SP- not yet.
Another fan: Flade took that interview ages ago!

Zhenya: Yes, that's true. That interview took place long time ago. The point is my new programs, both SP and FS, are ready. We haven't finished footworks yet. My new choreographer is Irina Sharonova. She is not that famous but she is very smart. She is from St-Petersburg and she teaches at the N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory. This year I tried to work with Zhulin, I worked with Lambiel, I planned to work with Browning. David Avdish is my friend, my choregrapher and the person who prepares me for the skating- stretch my body, etc. We discussed with Mishin a new choreographer and decided to work with Irina. We particularly wanted to work with a female choreographer, we think it will bring some new plastic lines in my skating.

Fans: Why your cooperation with Zhulin wasn't continued?

Zhenya: We worked with him and made one program that we thought would be my new FS. But then we changed our mind. It's just not mine yet (about Zhulin's FS- *letsy).

Fans: Have you ever thought at your camp in Italy, and especially after the operations, about finishing your career?

Zhenya: Yes, I thought, more than once. One day I got up, I felt fine, I worked hard, etc. On another day I just couldn't get up, I couldn't control my body, my head, I just wanted to hang my skates somewhere and fly far away on holiday. I sometimes felt angry with myself. It's really hard to come back for the second time, much harder than the first time.

Fans: What inspires you? Yana? (girls- :hi_hi_hi: )

Zhenya: Yana always inspires me. But also, I have the target, I have the idea and I have the desire to skate. Not just skate as #2 or #3, but as #1 of course. I want to skate in Olympics. Not just participate there but I want to win. I alread told in my previous interviews that I see this season as a mid-step. My main target is 2014 year. Before that I want to jump a new quad. I had some successful attemps of 4S and 4Lutz before the operation. But now, after the operation, it's impossible for me to do that stuff. For now.

Fans: What do your doctors say? How long time will the reabilitation take?

Zhenya: It depends. You can't predict it. When they operated my right knee, I could get all my skating stuff back in a month. Of course I felt some pain but in general it was okay. But with the left knee things are not that fine. My current diagnosis is related to bone tissues (hell knows how to translate that med term- *letsy :-( ). Before between the bones there was a full cartilage. Then they cut a part of my meniscus and now the bones are rubbing each other directly. It's not that horrible, the docs say, but I shouldn't overexercise my left knee for sometime.

Fans: Your global target is Sochi. But about your plans for this year?

Zhenya: My current one is the Championship of Russia. If I made it to the team, I will go further, to the Europeans and Worlds.

Fans: After this test skate what do you think about our team?

Zhenya: You saw everything, right?

Fans: Yes, we did, and we were disappointed a lot.

Zhenya: Well, I am sure everybody will do his best. We shouldn't think that if the guys couldn't skate well now, so they wouldn't be able to skate well in the future too. That's just not the right way of thinking. Everyone will skate well, with quads, footsteps, combos, etc. Actually, I shouldn't think about how poorly they skated. I should think about my own skating and do my job.

Fans: What about Switzerland and the promised surprise? We are dying to know!

Zhenya: You'll see it soon in the magazine "Hello".

Fans: Will it be a big surprise indeed?

Zhenya: Well, it depends. For me it was a very big surprise and I am interested to know what will come after that.

Fans: Our shouting before the skating to support you, does it disturb you? We are not on your way to concentrate?

Zhenya: NO! I am really grateful to all my fans and I told that in the interview to "Komsoml'skaya Pravda". Your support, your cheering, the banners that I see everywhere, all this helps me a lot and I feel much happier. Please keep doing that!

Fans: How does the new judging system reflect on your training?

Zhenya. It changed things entirely. The FS became much more difficult. For example the footstep that I did today is only of Level 1. It looks emotional but technically it is only Level 1, because it doesn't have a lot of stuff that Level 2-4 requires. I personally like when the footwork looks impressive. But the current judging system requires to perform a lot of tricks during the footstep. Sometimes it might look boring and less colorful when you are in a hush to perform all of them in order to hit the right level. The effectiveness might suffer but the scores will win.

Fans: I agree. Let's take ice dancing. I used to watch it a lot because it was interesting. Now I don't watch it at all because they all skate the same things.
Another fan: That needs a really good choreographer to succeed in both- effectiveness and pleasing the technical commettee.
One more fan: Chan, for example, with his huge second mark. Judges do love him! Or maybe it's because of his origin, he is Canadian after all (girls: :plush42: ).

Zhenya: Chan is good. He is doing a great work. Let him skate and I will tell my word in Sochi. (girls: ;;-))) ::yaz-yk: )


Zhenya: Today (on 3rd- *letsy) I was disappointed that I didn't do a quad. I should have tried it.

Fans: We heard you had a new tattoo.

Zhenya: Yes, I did (showed it). It' s a scorpion. Here I have "Yana" (in Japanese ヤナ- *letsy.) But when we with Yanochka have our children, I will write their names and the name "Egor" too. So here I'll have the names of all my children that the scorpion will be protecting.

Fans: We want to see your son Egor. Can we do that?

Zhenya: Of course you can. He is in St-Petersburg, training in an ice-hokey school almost every day. He is cute, active and energetic. He tried the skates for the very first time when he was 2 and a half. Then he didn't attend any school for sometime. But now we enrolled him in an ice-hockey club.

Fans: His mother doesn't object?

Zhenya: No, Masha is happy with this choice.

Fans: Have you thought about enrolling him in FS?
Another fan: Come one! You should pity your own children! ( :ni_zia: - *letsy)

Zhenya: No, we don't want him to be a figure skater. That's a too difficult sport, especially now. It's better to be in a game sport. You know, if you don't feel well, you can always wait for a while on the bench (joking, laughing). Of course any sport is very difficult. We chose ice- hockey. Maybe because it is on skates too! I am sure Egor will be fine there.
Thanks to you all a lot! :ki_ss:

:son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce: :son-ce:
by let`s talk
07 Sep 2011, 10:06
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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

Женя,солнышко. :plush32: Горжусь тобой! Удачи и побед!

"Неделя спорта" от 24.10.11 О возвращении,о предстоящем сезоне,о своих целях!
by Ирина
24 Oct 2011, 23:25
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Re: Женя на тренировках || Evgeni on training

"Неделя спорта" от 24.10.11 О возвращении,о предстоящем сезоне,о своих целях!
:ni_zia: "Sports Week", 24.10.2011 (Russia-2)
translation by Nyssa:

- journalist:
The Grand Prix figure skating series started last week. Many of the leading skaters did not go to Ontario to compete in the first event, including our skaters. The top Russian star Evgeni Plushenko has not registered to take part in Grand Prix. Lately there have been many rumors regarding his return to the sport. Which competition will be his first? And when will it happen? Today in St. Petersburg Nikita Goulin got a chance to speak with Plushenko and watch Evgeni train.

- Plushenko: Sasha, your vest looks very cool. Why dressed so nicely?
- Smirnov: My wife did some shopping.
- journalist: Not only women talk about clothes. Men also discuss their wardrobe. Alexander Smirnov arrived at his training session in a new outfit.
- Plushenko: That's all very well, but the problem is that wives are unstoppable when it comes to shopping.
- Smirnov: She spent both mine and her own salary.
- Plushy: So our salaries are not very big?
- Smirnov: Depends on the person.
- Plushy: We all have the same salary.

- journalist:
The broken hand, about which Evgeni wrote in his Twitter, does not stop him from tying skate's shoe laces by himself, but he has to be very careful in his jumps. He cannot fall down on the broken hand. The special protective brace he has to wear on his hand does interfere with training.
Plushenko's first official competition start this season will be the Russian Nationals Championship which will be in December 2011. Earlier Plushenko planned to skate in the Russian Cup, but two recent surgeries on his knees and broken wrist stopped him. Despite everything the figure skater is full of resolve to prove that Plushenko is not finished.

- Plushenko:
"All my power and hard work are focused on the coming competitions. Still, though I must train hard, my trainings must be reasonably balanced. I must not jump too much, must not spin too much, I must not overload my body too much because my leg just finished healing. Thank God, I finally feel healthy again!
Before I used to wake up in the morning, and my whole body was hurting. Now I wake up and I feel like running, walking, sprinting down the stairs of my home... I feel like running to my training session Finally, I have no serious health problems. Finally all my joints and ligaments have been fixed. And I feel a desire to work hard! I want to move!"

- journalist:
Triple Axel Plushenko jumps with the broken hand and he calls it his preparation for the quad. Multiple-spin jumps are one of the know-hows of the accomplished Russian coach Aleksei Mishin. Artur Gachinski also jumps quads. Whether better or worse than Plushenko is a separate question. It seems Evgeni has already decided it for himself.

- Plushenko:
"In many interviews I have already said that I am not scared to lose. My goal is Olympic Games 2014 in my home country. I want to compete at Olympic Games for the 4th time. Set a new record because no other male singles figure skater has ever competed at 4 Olympic Games. I want to stand on the Olympic pedestal again. Those are my goals. But I am not scared to lose. Even if something does not happen, I have already done a lot for figure skating, for my country, and for myself."

- journalist:
At his almost 29 years of age, his birthday is in 10 days, Plushenko is a true veteran because the sport of figure skating is getting younger. However, Plushenko has no insecurities regarding that. On the contrary, that only helps to prolong his athletic youth.

- Plushenko:
"It's nice to skate with young people. I have already skated with several generations. Take for example... Urmanov... I skated with Viktor Petrenko, though those were professional skating tournaments... Elvis Stojko, Kurt Browning... Brian Boitano... Yagudin, Kulik... Abt... Where are they? They are all in their professional careers now. Meanwhile Plushenko is still competing as an amateur skater, Plushenko has returned to amateur sport thanks to his wife Yana. Got 2nd place at Olympic Games in Vancouver - not a bad achievement.
Now coming back again... I am living and enjoying my life! I am enjoying the life of an athlete! I am enjoying my favorite sport! Of course it is difficult. It is incredibly difficult!
One day I may decide to write a book... This will be a big serious book. My first small book "Another Show" has already been published. After the Olympic Games 2014 I will write about how it all was in Vancouver, in Sochi...
In this in season alone I left and came back 3 times. Why? Because of injuries. I left, and I came back. Hoping that everything will work out well now."

- journalist:
Now almost all of Mishin's students have left the ice, but Plushenko continued to practice elements of his new free skate program. Only 2 months left before Russian Nationals Championships, and he must be ready.
When else would you see this? Olympic champion of Turin, two times Olympic silver medalist, Evgeni Plushenko, is training on ice, at the same time as the ice rink is being resurfaced. The training sessions are very intense right now.
by cekoni
24 Oct 2011, 23:57
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Re: ISU Гран При 2011/2012 || ISU Grand Prix series 2011/12

Men - Short Program
1 Artur GACHINSKI RUS 81.64 44.63 37.01 7.43 7.04 7.54 7.46 7.54 0.00 #7
2 Yuzuru HANYU JPN 81.37 44.93 36.44 7.43 7.04 7.43 7.18 7.36 0.00 #5
3 Jeremy ABBOTT USA 79.32 40.39 38.93 7.71 7.68 7.68 7.82 8.04 0.00 #6
4 Nobunari ODA JPN 77.65 39.68 37.97 7.89 7.32 7.61 7.54 7.61 0.00 #8
5 Nan SONG CHN 72.72 41.38 31.34 6.39 5.96 6.46 6.21 6.32 0.00 #2
6 Jialiang WU CHN 65.06 37.35 27.71 5.89 5.32 5.57 5.50 5.43 0.00 #1
7 Kevin REYNOLDS CAN 64.31 31.36 32.95 6.68 6.46 6.46 6.64 6.71 0.00 #4
8 Richard DORNBUSH USA 62.93 31.50 32.43 6.71 6.29 6.18 6.61 6.64 1.00 #3

Judges Scores (pdf):

Other VIDEOS :


Live play-by-play coverage: Cup of China men's short program:

QUAD COUNT: 4 attempted, 4 clean (Song, Reynolds, Hanyu, Gachinski)

Nobunari Oda JPN - spread eagle (and a little hitch) into triple axel (smooth), steps into triple flip-triple toe, triple lutz (nice), more of a spark than usual for Oda - good start - TES 39.68, PCS 37.97, SP TOTAL 77.97

Artur Gachinski RUS - quad toe-triple toe (nice), spread eagle into triple axel (very smooth), steps into triple loop, finishes a bit behind the music but really a good program, glad to see that he's finding his own style out there - TES 44.63, PCS 37.01, SP TOTAL 81.64

Jeremy Abbott USA - triple flip-triple toe (a bit low on the flip but looked clean), steps into triple axel (very clean), steps into triple lutz (just hung on) - TES 40.39, PCS 38.93, SP TOTAL 79.32

Yuzuru Hanyu JPN - steps into quad toe (so easy), triple axel (nice!), triple flip-triple toe (just ekes out the toe) - TES 44.93, PCS 36.44, SP TOTAL 81.37

Kevin Reynolds CAN - quad salchow-triple toe, triple axel (downgrade possibly, fall out) - TES 31.36, PCS 32.95, SP TOTAL 64.31

Richard Dornbush USA - triple lutz (fall, totally off axis), triple axel (hand down), steps into triple flip - TES 31.50, PCS 32.43, FALL -1.00, SP TOTAL 62.93

Nan Song CHN - quad toe-double toe (nice, probably could've pulled off the triple at the end though), triple axel (strong), steps into triple lutz - TES 41.38, PCS 31.34, SP TOTAL 72.72

Jialiang Wu CHN - triple lutz-triple toe, triple axel (really casual approach), steps into triple loop - TES 37.35, PCS 27.71, SP TOTAL 65.06
by cekoni
04 Nov 2011, 16:00
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Re: Женя и его тренер А.Н.Мишин || Evgeni and his coach Mish

- Евгений не жаловался на недостаток внимания? Ведь вы сейчас объективно не можете посвятить всего себя ему одному - есть еще как минимум Туктамышева и Гачинский.

- Я вам так скажу: Женя как объект обучения никогда не был так внимателен и не относился к работе так добросовестно, как сейчас. К тому же тренировать его - это ведь не то же самое, что тренировать молодежь. Женю надо просто вести. Сделать так, чтобы он поверил в необходимость что-то делать, занимать его какими-то интересами, создавать ему комфортную обстановку. Плющенко не требует обучения в обычном смысле, за исключением разве что вращений, по поводу которых мы регулярно советуемся со специалистами.

вращений means spins? :du_ma_et:

Yes, it means spins)

- Evgeni did not complain about the lack of your attention? After all, you are objectively unable to devote yourself only to him - you also have at least Tuktamysheva and Gachinsky.

-I want to say this: as an object of teaching Evgeni has never been so attentive and never took his work so conscientiously as he does now. Besides that to train him - this is not the same thing as to train young people. Zhenya needs just to be guided. To make him believe that some things are necessary to do, to give him some interest, to make a comfortable environment for him. Plushenko does not require training in the usual sense, probably, except for the spins, about which we regularly consult with experts.

Thanks, Darina!!! :plush39:

This is a very good strategy!
by clairdelalune
22 Nov 2011, 18:53
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Re: Женя и его тренер А.Н.Мишин || Evgeni and his coach Mish

Darina or other Russian girls, could you give us the rest of translation, if you have more time or strength to work? It's okay just a part of Zhenya :plush47: I really really hesitate to ask such a bothersome work, but, Mishin's words are always too hard-to-understand to me! :is_te_ri_ka:

Вера » Вчера, 17:07
Полностью интервью Мишина.

Часть о Жене :

I did my best :hi_hi_hi: Here is the whole part about Evgeni:

" - How is Plushenko?

- Now he can do all the triple jumps, including triple axel, in the program. But I say honestly: he is not ready to compete at the moment for he has problems with the quadruple toe loop. We do not train this jump because of the fear to damage his left ankle. But in all other aspects he works without restrictions. As his mother Tatiana Vasilyevna said: "He never had such a strong desire to skate as now."

- Evgeni himself confessed that after his return he had so hard time that he was going to drop sports several times. You never had ideas like that?

- You know, I’ve got big endurance. Over the years, I start to take everything not so tragically.
There is nothing more joyful than skating for the skaters of such high level. No need to enforce; just let an athlete calm down and then explain everything quietly.
In summer we had very difficult time in training camp when Zhenya started to lose faith in himself. Then I offered him a loads distribution system, unexpected for him, and after that things got better. Now he does many elements better than in Vancouver: spins, triple axel. Whether he wins or not, life will show. But I’d like to warn some inhabitants of the village called "figure skating", those who tell now that Plushenko deceives people, saying he is getting ready for Sochi. No, he is not cheating. And his activity deserves at least respect.

Evgeni really wants to skate very much. This time his return, in my opinion, has a completely different conception. The first return before Vancouver was like a slap on the boot-top. And now it wil lbe a prolonged process.

- What do you think, Plushenko is ready for the situation when he can lose?

- I prepare him for any situation. This is not a storm like in 2010. We need a siege now. On the other hand, those skaters who are much talked about now, - they are not kings of Sochi yet. Status quo is still indefinite.

- Evgeni did not complain about the lack of your attention? After all, you are objectively unable to devote yourself only to him - you also have at least Tuktamysheva and Gachinsky.

-I want to say this: as an object of teaching Evgeni has never been so attentive and never took his work as conscientiously as he does now. Besides that to train him - this is not the same thing as to train young people. Zhenya needs just to be guided. To make him believe that some things are necessary to do, to give him some interest, to make a comfortable environment for him. Plushenko does not require training in the usual sense, probably, except for the spins, about which we regularly consult with experts.

- BTW, about his interests. Many people think he has too many interests, and pretty active social life bothers Evgeni as a sportsman.

- Now his social life has been reduced to zero, he practically doesn’t go anywhere. As for diversity of interests... As a child he was the same. Zhenya does kickboxing and he has become stronger than before. And he never was so flexible (stretched) like now. He also goes in for paintball – in the locker room it turns out he is covered with bruises because of those paintballs. And he involves our youngsters. There’s such a thirst for active movements in him."
by Дарина
23 Nov 2011, 04:40
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

And one more article. Maybe the same interview as and ? I don't know... It seems slightly different (More detailed). And, somehow funny (if google was right) :-):

translation :-):
-Do you remember the first time you saw Plushenko live?

- When I began to go to St. Petersburg for training, he took a break ... But some time later Evgeni appeared at the rink again. And when I first saw him ... "Wow." My heart started to beat faster: Zhenya Plushenko himself! And then we became friends. I can freely talk to him. He is so good. Sometimes he teases me. But it’s funny, it does not hurt.

- This is what you should tell us. We know nothing about it, he didn’t teas us yet.

- For example, he skates and permanently looks at me with playfully rounded eyes. As if he wants to eat me - right now, live! Or when I skate a fragment of my program, he locates somewhere nearby and starts to perform the same. To my music but in his own manner. And this is not just a joke: he shows how this can be done more brightly, more expressive! Evgeni jokes, and teaches at the same time. He taught me, for example, to play with my look during the performance. When he categorically does not like something, he just comes to me and says: "Liza, that’s wrong!" He can repeat several times: "It is wrong, Liza, it is wrong!" And he is ready to explain as long as necessary, how it actually should be. He doesn’t spare the time. He never get angry, it is important for him to make me understand! Zhenya, in particular, did not like that I look down ...
"He scolded you for being modest," - says Liza’s personal coach Svetlana Veretennikova.
"Yes, yes, for my modesty ..." - Liza agrees, laughing.
by Дарина
25 Nov 2011, 16:15
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Re: Женя “вне льда” (cтатьи,фото,видео)|| Evgeni OFF the ice

На трибунах. Спасибо за фото Александре! :plush39: :plush32:

by Вера
27 Nov 2011, 18:36
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

Алексей Урманов: может быть, катание Плющенко на чемпионате России не будет бриллиантовым, но уровень его таланта и мастерства позволит ему победить
Alexei Urmanov: maybe Plushenko's skating at the Russian Nationals will not be brilliant, but the level of his talent and skill will allow him to win

25-28 December in Saransk will take place Russian Championship in figure skating - qualifying for European and World Championships. The central event of the tournament can be a resumption the amateur career of Evgeni Plushenko's, Olympic champion in 2006, silver medalist in 2002 and 2010. Olympic champion in 1994 and now coach Alexei Urmanov said to Information Agency "All sport", that to Plushenko's at the Russian Championship in Saransk no one can be his rival.

- What do you think, will be someone able to compete with Evgeni Plushenko in the fight for gold?
- Figure skaters at the Plushenko's level we still do not have. It is clear that Zhenya is prepared and he is in good shape. Otherwise, he would never in his life participate in a competition. And it is clear to all. Maybe Plushenko's skating at the Russian Championship will not be brilliant, but the level of his talent and skill will allow him to win.

- His return could provoke progress in our men's figure skating?
- No. It's all myth and illusion. Nobody could push our athletes. First, this is an individual sport, and secondly, it's all the talk for the children. If the skaters themselves will not help, if they do not want to get up, if they do not have a will, talent, and everything else that contributes to the success - no one can help.

- Rivalry still contributes to the development ...
- I agree with you. Rivalry is something what we have here. But such is it? Who's competes with whom, and at which level? That's important moments. Therefore, at the question - can be happen that Plushenko loses the Russian Championship, I will say, "No". It can not happen, by definition. When Zhenya goes to the ice, to all is immediately clear, that this is a completely different level. That's it.

- Who are the main contenders for the top three winners?
- About Plushenko we already said it all. The remaining two places on the podium claiming Arthur Gachinsky, Konstantin Menshov, Sergei Voronov, Jean Bush and, perhaps, Artur Dmitriev Jr....
by cekoni
22 Dec 2011, 03:46
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 24-28.12.2011


8 Станислав КОВАЛЕВ МОС
9 Станислав САМОХИН МОС
12 Жан БУШ С/Ч
15 Константин МЕНЬШОВ СПБ
16 Евгений ПЛЮЩЕНКО СПБ :plush25:
17 Владислав СЕЗГАНОВ СПБ
18 Александр СТЕПАНОВ СПБ

2 Александра ДЕЕВА МОС

Спортивные пары
4 Анастасия МАРТЮШЕВА / Алексей РОГОНОВ МОС
5 Татьяна НОВИК / Андрей НОВОСЕЛОВ МОС
10 Катарина ГЕРБОЛЬДТ / Александр ЭНБЕРТ СПБ

Танцы на льду
2 Анастасия КАБАНОВА / Николай БАБИН МОБ
4 Екатерина БОБРОВА / Дмитрий СОЛОВЬЕВ МОС
5 Кристина ГОРШКОВА / Виталий БУТИКОВ МОС
7 Ксения МОНЬКО / Кирилл ХАЛЯВИН МОС
8 Екатерина ПУШКАШ / Джонатан ГУРЕЙРО МОС
by Ирина
08 Dec 2011, 23:18
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

Женя на тренировке. (training)

Прессконференция (press conference)

Жеребьевка. (Drawing)
by Астелла'c
24 Dec 2011, 23:55
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 2012 || European Championships 2012

Many pics :plush32:  but with watermark.
by dustman
26 Jan 2012, 19:05
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 2012 || European Championships 2012

Hello Plushy and Yana! :son-ce:


Привет! (Hello!)

by cekoni
26 Jan 2012, 19:35
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 2012 || European Championships 2012

Warm-up Group 1

Warm-up Group 2
10 Justus STRID DEN

Warm-up Group 3
15 Alexander MAJOROV SWE

Warm-up Group 4
20 Evgeni PLUSHENKO RUS plush48
24 Florent AMODIO FRA
by dustman
26 Jan 2012, 21:46
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Japanese magazine "World Figure Skating" No.52 - March 2012


European Championships 2012
- The birth of New Plushenko
- Plushenko / Gachinski / Amodio ...
- Highlight of Press Conference with Medalists

- ...
- ...
- Evgeni Plushenko: "If you like what you are doing, it goes well."

- ...
- Russian Nationals

This issue will be released on March 3rd. plush48 "March 3rd" - is the day of Girls' Festival in Japan. So this magazine will become a nice present for Japanese girls :-)
by Kudryavka
24 Feb 2012, 13:58
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Re: Сканы статей из газет и журналов || Scans from newspape

Japanese magazine "World Figure Skating" No.52 - March 2012

European Championships 2012
- The birth of New Plushenko
- Plushenko / Gachinski / Amodio ...
- Highlight of Press Conference with Medalists

- Evgeni Plushenko: "If you like what you are doing, it goes well."

- Russian Nationals
This issue will be released on March 3rd.
... Фотографий Жени в журнале очень много, целых 12 штук, 4 из них на всё страницы, одна из которых на обложке. Осталные фотки в основном соло, либо с другими фигуристами. Но кажись все были в топике про ЧЕ. Кстати про обложку....
Poster in Japanese bookstore:
Russian translation:
by cekoni
06 Mar 2012, 03:44
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Re: Kings On Ice - Румыния || KOI Romania, Bucharest 07.04.2

Cute interview :hi_hi_hi:

interviu - Edvin Marton si Evgeni Plushenko

on youtube

Plus Plus plu plu :-)
Plushy's favorite food is sushi! wow! I like too :plush31:
by dustman
05 Apr 2012, 21:50
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Re: Japan Open 2012 & gala Carnival on Ice - Saitama 06.10.2


протоколы мужчин / Men:
женщин / Ladies:
Japan Open 2012 - Results:

Men - Free Skating Results
PL. Competitor National TSS TES PCS SS TR PE CH IN Deduction StN.
1 Daisuke TAKAHASHI JPN 172.06 81.00 91.06 9.11 8.71 9.21 9.25 9.25 0.00 #6
2 Takahiko KOZUKA JPN 165.08 83.06 83.02 8.54 8.18 8.32 8.29 8.18 1.00 #3
3 Jeffrey BUTTLE CAN 160.86 72.66 88.20 8.71 8.64 8.86 8.89 9.00 0.00 #1
4 Evgeni PLUSHENKO RUS 156.21 71.63 85.58 8.75 7.96 8.68 8.54 8.86 1.00 #5
5 Michal BREZINA CZE 151.53 71.45 80.08 8.25 7.61 8.07 8.00 8.11 0.00 #2
6 Patrick CHAN CAN 137.42 57.00 84.42 8.61 8.57 8.07 8.57 8.39 4.00 #4
by cekoni
07 Oct 2012, 04:05
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Re: Japan Open 2012 & gala Carnival on Ice - Saitama 06.10.2

Japan Open 2012 官方完整版(DVD 720*480 ) :ya_hoo_oo: :ya_hoo_oo: :ya_hoo_oo:

Recorded and uploaded by “东京彩虹” (pls: don't upload to youtube,thanks)


Plush 37'24

Two weeks later, TV will re-broadcast 2012JO. plush48 plush48 plush48 plush48
by bigeyegugu
07 Oct 2012, 10:04
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