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Re: Добрые пожелания для Евгения || Good wishes for Evgeni

Дорогой Женя! Очень переживаем за твое здоровье. Нужно долечиться до конца и радоваться жизни.

Ты столько сделал для страны, для нас, ты стойко выдержал командный турнир, мы счастливы, что ты победил!

Ты - лучший . Мы с тобой, мы тебя очень любим,всегда всей семьей ждали твоих выступлений!

Ты многого достиг.А сейчас надо подумать о себе, о своем здоровье. Все-таки фигурное катание - это травматичный

вид спорта. Ты никогда не берег себя, никогда не отступал ,шел до конца. А теперь мы мечтаем ,чтобы ты был здоров!

Ты- наша гордость, наш герой!

Can't agree more ,

Zhenya , don't say sorry , don't be sorry , you are already no doubt the best you , in spite of the little pity , but life is not perfect , 'not perfect' is another kind of 'perfect' ,don't you think so ? You leave the most precious treasure to us , that is all you performed on the ice , every time , every moment , these are eternal . :-):

Now it's time to back to family and enjoy staying with your lovely son and nice wife , enjoy the life ,that's the most important . We are always loving you , no matter on ice or off ice . Cause you are always who you are . :son-ce: :plush31:
by Blue Sky Ma
13 Feb 2014, 21:46
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

A Chinese People's Daily article from Jan. 30:

Plushy didn't talk too much about himself, but said a lot of very nice things about Chinese skaters, including his friends Shen/Zhao (mentioning his participation at their on-ice wedding in 2010) and Pang/Tong. He also said that when he comes to China, he is always very moved by the Chinese fans, who even made an "official fan club" for him :plush45: :hi_hi_hi:

Also, he hopes that in the future, it will be possible to invite young Chinese skaters to train in Russia. And of course, Chinese New Year's greetings to skating fans in China! :plush31:

Oh that's so sweet of him ! Now the only thing I wish is that Zhenya could take more care of himself , of his health ... cauz we are care for him :-):
(To Zhenya ,)
Anyway we support you and we always do . Just be yourself and take care ,don't push yourself too hard . Cauz you are always the best no matter how far you go and how long you go . :son-ce:
by Blue Sky Ma
11 Feb 2014, 20:14
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