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Re: Heaven’s Edge (2 shows) - Prague (Прага) 15/16.04.2011

... and rest of pics and videos of other skaters... :mi_ga_et:

While I was waiting for Plushy to rest after football, I found Johnny to curl his hair for performance on the show. :hi_hi_hi:
I sincerely told him that I like his haircut, and that I want the same! :plush45: .... and he sent me a kiss :ki_ss:
- original size:

Someone asked me and for this original, big photo... :mi_ga_et:

Johnny Weir after skating "Bad Romance" in the backstage :



Very short video ... Sarah Meier - warmup in the backstage during show :

by cekoni
10 Aug 2011, 23:50
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Re: Heaven’s Edge (2 shows) - Prague (Прага) 15/16.04.2011

I know it's really late :smu:sche_nie: ... but better ever, than never! :hi_hi_hi:

Since Plushy, after football match, passing by me said that he would give us interview for the 5 minutes... I am after 5 minutes boldly sneaked into the hallway to the locker rooms... :-) :fo_tik:

Sara's photo - Plushy and Vitaly after interview... :plush45:

... And one strange, but interesting Evgeni's question , that we have forgotten to write.... :hi_hi_hi:

Somewhere during the conversation with us, Plushy asked us whether we know a girl with long black hair, which he saw in the audience at many of his shows around the world, and who always sitting alone, separate from others! ... We were quite confused, and nobody not know the answer :plush38:
So, if the "mysterious" girl accidentally read this, and recognize herself in this description - please, let it inform us and Evgeni, who is she! :hi_hi_hi:
by cekoni
10 Aug 2011, 23:35
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