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Re: For fans agreements

This new thread gave me so much old memories, when we did a few scrapbooks for Evgeni in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006

May be we should do one more scrapbook for him. It is a lots of work, but really fun to do. We could do it during summer and give him at his first competition in a fall. Hope someone will have the courage to do it again( not me this time), but we can put ideas together.
In 2003 we did it together, everyone did his own page (same size) and at the end we put it together at the first competition in Germany. Evgeni was very pleased and we took many pictures from that fan meeting.
I did another two books in 2004 and 2005
In 2006 girls from Russia did and they posted photo from the metting with Evgeni.

I just download some pictures from old scrapbooks from 2003 and 2004
I will do 2005 later, it was really big book, Evgeni always had and has many fans :plush45:

Cekoni, if everyone likes idea about scrapbook, we can open separate thread later and share.





I like this idea, Lotus. :-): So much has happened since the last scrapbook book in 2005! Maybe he would enjoy one more "update" from his many fans for his final competitive year? If anyone else decides to do this, I will be very happy to contribute something to the project. I missed the chance to help with the previous books and there may be many others like me.
by LunaMoon
04 Feb 2013, 13:18
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Simona...I completely agree with Жюли. Nobody needs that kind of venom inside them...and especially not your precious little Luna. She looks so cute in her costume! (I LOVE her name, by the way...)
by LunaMoon
12 Feb 2013, 15:51
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