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Re: Видео с Женей (ретроспектива) || Videos with Evgeni

Annaweir1 is too "shy" :hi_hi_hi: - so I must instead her to post links for download her's wonderful HD Plushy's videos from 2010 Olympics! :ya_hoo_oo: Spasibo Anna! :plush40:

:plush17: :plush7: :son-ce: :mo-ro_zi_vo:

2010 Oly SP Plushenko - Aranjuez (Russ_1920x1080).ts

2010 Oly - warmup 4th group before LP (Russ_1920x1080).ts

2010 Oly LP Plushenko - Tango Amore (Russ_1920x1080).ts

2010 Oly EX Plushenko - Je Suis Malade (1920x1080, no comment).ts
by cekoni
09 Nov 2011, 19:29
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1


Evgeni Plushenko - 2011 Russian Nationals : Short Program (RN SP)

and Merry Christmas to all Plushy fans! :plush39:
by dustman
25 Dec 2011, 20:33
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Re: Чемпионат России 2012 || Russian Nationals 2012, 24-28.1

:plush45: .... when was this interview - between 2 groups? :du_ma_et:

yeah, there were Plushy's and Gachi's interviews
OK - I will record interview over WebTV, if someone else do not upload better video on youtube :-):

I AM SO HAPPY, BECAUSE IS PLUSHY SOOOOOO HAPPPYYYYYY!!!! :ya_hoo_oo: :ta_n_cor: :son-ce:
by cekoni
25 Dec 2011, 21:53
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 2012 || European Championships 2012

Warm-up Group 1

Warm-up Group 2
10 Justus STRID DEN

Warm-up Group 3
15 Alexander MAJOROV SWE

Warm-up Group 4
20 Evgeni PLUSHENKO RUS plush48
24 Florent AMODIO FRA
by dustman
26 Jan 2012, 21:46
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 2012 || European Championships 2012

видео с евроспорта / British Eurosport

2012 E Pluchenko SP B ESP

2012 E Artur Gachinski SP B ESP

2012 E Tomas Verner SP B ESP

2012 E Javier Fernandez SP B ESP
by Gal4onok
27 Jan 2012, 10:11
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 2012 || European Championships 2012

Награждение малыми медалями.
Small medals ceremony of the Men Short Program

by Вера
27 Jan 2012, 11:15
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Re: Чемпионат Европы 2012 || European Championships 2012

After the European Championships, 嗷嗷嗷, who is a very knowledgeable fan at Plushy's Chinese fan club (his "tieba"), wrote a great technical element-by-element analysis of his SP and LP performances at the Euros. With her kind permission and help, I have translated it it to English, since I found it both really wonderful to read, and very helpful as well. I hope people here find it enjoyable!

Plushy's 2012 Euros Programs: a Technical Analysis
by 嗷嗷嗷

Frankly, I was close to tears watching Plushy's free skate at the Euros. There were so many feelings....Well, I won't say much about it now, since I imagine all Plushy fans have felt all those different feelings. I'll just get down to analyzing the programs....

Technical elements, European Championships:


1. 3Lz+3T: It's been a long time since we've seen Plushy do this combination jump, since usually he adds the 3T after his 4T or 3A. This is not a difficult element for him, although he had some problems with his 3Lz earlier this season. This combination jump was solidly executed: Plushy used the preceding steps that he usually uses for the solo 3Lz in his SP, the rhythm of the combination was good. The jumps were poised and steady, and both the height and the distance were quite nice.

2. 3A: One of Plushy's signature jumps. If it weren't for the fact that a solo axel jump is required in the SP, I'd have said that his 3A+3T combination would have been more consistent than any other triple jump followed by a 3T. This particular 3A is another example of his usual high quality, with an easy and powerful take-off, great height, superb flow, and a perfectly clean landing.

3. 3Lo with steps entrance: The execution of this was normal, except for a slight unsteadiness upon the landing, and everything else was good.

4. Sit spin with change of foot, level 3: This had a difficult variation with free leg to the side before the foot change, 8 revolutions, and a difficult variation with the free leg in front after the foot change. It's seems that he originally wanted to do the foot change with a jump, but didn't quite make it, so the spin only satisfied three of the level features. Actually, this sit spin is better than I had expected. Plushy learned new spin positions this season: it is truly admirable that at his age, he is still trying hard to adjust himself to the new rules. This particular sit spin was well-centered and fairly fast, with a slight decrease in speed toward the end, and the positions were well-sustained.

5. Flying camel spin, level 3: with a difficult variation of flying entrance, 8 revolutions in camel spin position, and the doughnut spin as a difficult variation. There was supposed to be also a back catch-foot position, which would have been another difficult variation, but he didn't manage to hold this for more than one revolution. If' he'd held it for 2 or more revolutions, this would have become a level 4 spin. Because the camel spin has the largest radius among all spin positions, it is by necessity the slowest. For the doughnut spin, although his flexibility is no longer comparable to what it was in the past, the requirement is satisfied as long as the position is there. Overall, the speed and positions of this spin were good, but the center of gravity was not quite perfectly maintained.

6. Straight-line footwork sequence, level 3: Generally speaking, Plushy has the ability to do level 4 footwork sequences, but he can also complete level 3 sequences without expending too much energy and physical stamina, so this is a better deal for him. There is absolutely no problem rating this particular sequence at level 3: it contained a rich variety of different types of turns and steps, the changes of directions were balanced, and the edge usage was very crisp and clean. The movements fitted the music superbly, and the expression of emotions was strong and full.

7. Combination spin with change of foot, level 3: This had an edge change before the change of foot, a difficult variation with the free leg in front, and three basic positions both before and after the foot change. This spin was well-centered and good positions. The speed was good before the foot change, and slightly slower after, which could be due to stamina issues, as this was the last element in the program.


1. 4T: I really never expected that he would go for the quad anyway....I don't know what to say. This was a great quad, 3 preceding strokes for acceleration, a powerful and unhesitant take-off, superior height and distance. At the landing, there was a tiny bit of shakiness, but it was instantly controlled, and there was beautiful extension upon the exit.

2. 3A: No need to say more, executed with superior quality as always. I think he jumps 3As with as much ease and aplomb as many other skaters jump 2As.

3. 3Lo: This was a better 3Lo than the one in the SP, with the same take-off, but the air position, as well as the steadiness and flow of the landing and the exit were all better.

4. 3A+3T: A super dazzling jump, with two very difficult moves for the entrance: a rocker turn followed by a counter turn. The 3A itself was high and light as a feather, and the rhythm of the combination was flawless. He controlled his air position and center of gravity like a cat: graceful and flowing. If it weren't for a slight decrease in the height of the second jump, this would have been a perfect jump deserving of +3 GOE.

5. Flying sit spin, level 4: This has a difficult variation of flying entry, a difficult variation with the free leg to the side, 8 revolutions, another difficult variation with the free leg to the back: four level features in all. This was a pretty good spin, very well-centered, with well-maintained positions and fast speed: so the whole spin was of of a high quality.

6. 3Lz+2T+2Lo: With preceding steps. The first jump was nice, although the landing was not perfect. However, he had it under control right away, so it did not affect the two less difficult jumps that followed. Actually, it is not usual to see a 322 combination jump from Plushy, in fact it was pretty much unseen before this season. This one is basically normal.

7. 3Lz: Also with preceding steps, and decent height and distance. The landing still had a small wobble, with the center of gravity a little too much forward. It seems that there were some small problems with all the 3Lzs this season, except for the one in the Euros SP.

8. Circular footwork sequence, level 3: Like the footwork sequence in the SP, here he did not do the footwork on one foot only over a long-distance, as the new rules now use as a level feature, but still used the kind of choreography similar as in the Olympic season, in order to satisfy the requirements needed for level 3 footwork--requirements on the types, directions and quantity of turns and steps. At the same time, he used his upper body well. There was also high-quality edge usage, and a good match to the music.

9: 3S+2A jump sequence: This season was the first time we saw a 3S+2A jump sequence from Plushy. This one had good rhythm. The first jump was quite nice and of high quality; the landing of the second jump wasn't the best, as the toe pick scratched the ice.

10. Camel spin, level 4: With entrance on an back edge, 8 revolutions in the camel spin position, a doughnut spin difficult variation, and a back catch-foot difficult variation: four level features in all. I can only say that this spin is well-centered, with average speed, and the positions were maintained well though not with perfect ease.

11. Straight-line footwork sequence: This sequence is un-levelled, so the details of the footwork here are not hugely complicated. Instead, the focus was on the speed and power, with small jumps woven in and strong body movements, so that the entire sequence was passionate and extremely expressive.

12. 2A: A normal 2A. As the final jump in the program, it was performed effortlessly, and was of high quality.

13. Combination spin with change of foot, level 3: This had the same choreography as the change foot combination spin in the SP, and the quality of execution was similar, too.

Overall, at the Euros Plushy completed the technical elements better than he did at the Russian Nationals. The 4T at the Euros is cleaner and better than both of the 4Ts at the Russian nationals. He landed all of his 3Lzs smoothly here, whereas there were problems with the ones at RN. The 3S+2A jump sequence, too, was improved over the RN one in terms of rhythm. Also, his speed was faster at the Euros, the programs flowed well, and the performances were just generally better.


I won't discuss the SP and the LP separately here. After all, when it comes to something like PCS, I really am completely uncertain that I'm able to understand it according to the so-called rules, LOL

SS: Many people have analyzed Plushys skating skills before. I can only say that this is absolutely one of Plushy's strengths. It has always been so, and is so now. Plushy's skating style is somewhat similar to that of Mao Asada, efficient and well-considered in how he uses the edges. The speed and forcefulness may not appear so strong, rather, there is simply a feeling of "floating" on ice. It's rare to see Plushy constantly doing crossovers: even when he's jumping 4Ts and 3As, usually he only takes 3 or 4 strokes to get to the speed he needs, and he is effective at maintaining his speed. Further, Plushy also does well in ice coverage, balance of directions, balance of edge usage and the proportion of one-foot gliding.

TR: Both of the programs this season are much improved over the programs of the Olympic season in this aspect. Basically, except for the 4T, before every jump there was either a difficult entry or a tight transition from another technical element, instead of the basic crossover then take-off. There was also a rich variety of transitions between the technical elements, using turns, steps, free skating movements or choreography movements. Of course, Plushy's transitions still aren't "packed full", one reason for this is possibly because of stamina considerations, and another reason, in my personal opinion, is a matter of style. Plushy is a skater whose strength is in performance, and he needs to use a certain amount of time and movements for the performance, instead of continuously doing transitions with his feet.

CH: Plushy used new choreographers this season, and one can see improvements in the handling of the new rules. Perhaps due to age, or perhaps due to habit, the SP still had all three jumps at the start, and there were only three jumps in the second half of the free skate, but there really isn't anything wrong with that. The most important thing is that the programs appear to flow much better, without the sense of being arbitrarily divided into discrete parts, with each part being one technical element from start to end, and then the next part begins. Another thing worth mentioning is the choreography of the spins. Given how stringent the changes in the new rules are with respect to all aspects of spins, the choreography brought all of of Plushy's abilities to full play, with two level 4 spins and one level 3 spin--this is already very difficult. In particular, there were two new positions, ones that he had never done before, in the sit spin.

IN and PE: I am putting these two together because these are the two most subjective standards. As a Plushy fan, I am not asking myself to make any "fair or objective"comments, nor is it possible for me to do so. I only want to praise. I don't think anyone will disagree that Plushy's interpretation and expression of music is at the very top among current male singles skaters. The music for the short program is Yanni's "Storm", arranged and performed by Edvin Marton. To be honest, I am not familiar with this music, but looking at the expression of each of Plushy's physical movements, before and after the start of the straight-line footwork sequence--and to an even greater degree of detail, in the first and second halves of the straight-line footwork sequence--one sees that they are completely different. As the style and rhythm of the music changes, the style, rhythm, mood, force of Plushy's movements also change constantly, in close accordance with the music.

For the LP, his music is Tango de Roxanne from Moulin Rouge, a piece of music that many skaters have used before. Among these, a favorite is the version by Yuna Kim, a version that I have saved on my computer and watched many times. So when this familiar music first began, I thought I would be comparing the two versions, which one would be the greater "classic". But as Plushy moved on the ice, the only thing left in my eyes and my heart is him. I no longer thought of anything Yuna did, never mind comparisons. By the last moments of the program, I was nearly in tears. His flawless interpretation makes it impossible to think of anything, about anyone else. I don't want to say which one is better, I can only say that in the end, Plushenko is the one that my heart loves. Plushy is very much suited to the tango: if I remember correctly he has skated three programs to tangos: Tango and Flamenco from 2004, Tango Amore from 2010, and Tango de Roxanne from Moulin Rouge from this season. Each of them has a different feeling: heroic, bright, sexy, seductive, mercurial, dignified, dominant, and even more. Can you say which one is the mood that the tango "should" possess? After watching his performance, the answer becomes: all of them. This is Plushy's own performance style, no restrictions, no copying from any classic, every movement full of expression, every movement evoking delight and love. The ice is his stage, and he is the king on ice.

I let out a breath of relief after learning the news that Plushy will skip the Worlds for medical treatment. My first wish is for him to be healthy, and only then--that he brings us more wonderful programs. He no longer has anything to prove. From the past to the present, he was and is always the best.

A huge thanks to 嗷嗷嗷! :plush39: :plush39: :plush39:
by whitebamboo
13 Mar 2012, 19:53
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Re: Japan Open 2012 & gala Carnival on Ice - Saitama 06.10.2

OK, to recap.... plush48

Japan Open 2012
06.10.2012 - 12:30-15:30 (local time)

Times around the world:

Team Japan : Mao Asada, Akiko Suzuki, Daisuke Takahashi, Takahiko Kozuka
Team Europe : Elene Gedevanishvili, Alena Leonova, Evgeni Plushenko, Michal Brezina
Team North America: Ashley Wagner, Agnes Zawadzki, Jeffrey Buttle, Patrick Chan

By them, Plushy will skate:
FS: Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, Swan, Dance of death (Saint-Saens)
choreographer: Sergei Petukhov

Here probably will be Results - maybe only after competion!:


Japanese news site - figure skating main page:
- english on-line translation:

... here should to be (I think) - "Live flash news" (starting order, planned elements...) : :plush45:
- japanese:
- english on-line translation:


TV broadcasting :

TV Tokyo - 06.10.2012, 19:00-20:54
(Times around the world:

Live Stream .... not so good, both option:
1. bad stream over "KeyHoleTV" software
- instal both files:
- find in list: TV Tokyo ... almost at the end of the list
2... also on this blog - if video stops, reload page:


GOOD LUCK ZHENYA, UDACHI!!! :bra_vo: :du_el: :plush13:
by cekoni
06 Oct 2012, 02:18
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Re: Japan Open 2012 & gala Carnival on Ice - Saitama 06.10.2

У Жени 4-3 в заявке :sh_ок: Удачи и победы, Жене!!! Пусть все получится!!!

1,Jeffrey Battle

2,Michal Brezina

3,Takahiko Kozuka

4,Patrick Chan

5,Evgeni Plushenko

6,Daisuke Takahashi

1,Elene Gedevanishivili

2,Akiko Suzuki

3,Agnes Zawadzki

4,Alena Leonova

5,Mao Asada

6,Ashley Wagner
by Таня
06 Oct 2012, 08:13
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Re: Japan Open 2012 & gala Carnival on Ice - Saitama 06.10.2

Доброе утро, друзья, сегодня прекрасный день, ибо начинается новый праздник фигурного катания. Скрестив пальцы, жду отличных выступлений фигуристов, и конечно же, превосходного катания Евгения Плющенко. :an)(gel: Если я правильно поняла, то оно начнётся примерно в 14:00 по москве, всех люблю :plush40:

Уже началось! Женя скоро! :plush47: репорты с фсу

Jeffrey Battle 160.86
Michal Brezina 151.53
Takahiko Kozuka 165.08
by Таня
06 Oct 2012, 08:25
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Re: Japan Open 2012 & gala Carnival on Ice - Saitama 06.10.2

Вера wrote:Всё завалил что ли? Таня, дай ссылку! ... 986&page=4
by Таня
06 Oct 2012, 08:34
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Re: Japan Open 2012 & gala Carnival on Ice - Saitama 06.10.2

Japan Open 2012 官方完整版(DVD 720*480 ) :ya_hoo_oo: :ya_hoo_oo: :ya_hoo_oo:

Recorded and uploaded by “东京彩虹” (pls: don't upload to youtube,thanks)


Plush 37'24

Two weeks later, TV will re-broadcast 2012JO. plush48 plush48 plush48 plush48
by bigeyegugu
07 Oct 2012, 10:04
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Re: Japan Open 2012 & gala Carnival on Ice - Saitama 06.10.2

выложили, наконец-то, и на YouTube :-):

Evgeni Plushenko :son-ce:

by Таня
07 Oct 2012, 12:45
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Re: Чемпионат России || Russian Nationals 2013/14, 22-27.12.


Фигурное катание. Короткая программа Евгения Плющенко: ... no comments

Sochi/2014 Russian Nationals/ Evgeny Plushenko /SP: .... Russia-Sport

Evgeni PLUSHENKO 2014 SP Russian Nationals: .... Sport

Евгений Плющенко в Сочи на чемпионате России занимает 1 место 24 декабря 2013: ... Russia-2


russian news "Russia-1" .... Plushy on 1' + 23:10"

Вести - Эфир от 24.12.2013 (20:00):

.... here you can watch PLushy's SP on "Russia-2" ... only inside Russia :plush34:

Короткая программа Евгения Плющенко:
by cekoni
25 Dec 2013, 00:53
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Re: Чемпионат России || Russian Nationals 2013/14, 22-27.12.



Давай Женя! @EvgeniPlushenko Жен'ка Плющенко КОРОЛЬ!
Congratulations @EvgeniPlushenko! 98+points and leading the Russian National championship followed by M.Kovtun and S.Voronov. #SochiOrBust


Фигурист Евгений Плющенко выиграл короткую программу на чемпионате России в Сочи:

Евгений Плющенко: А говорили, что я вообще больше на лед не выйду:

Тренер: Плющенко должен пройти концовку пути к Олимпиаде спокойно и без самолюбования:

Алексей Мишин: Такого пунктуального, выверенного катания Плющенко не показывал еще никогда!:

Плющенко: 98,41 балла за семь недель до Олимпиады:

Евгений Плющенко: "Главный старт у меня, думаю, впереди":

Алексей Урманов: Евгений Плющенко успеет исправить все недочеты до начала Олимпиады

Олег Васильев: Плющенко очень убедителен. Только вращения и дорожки требуют «доводки»:

Ковтун признал поражение в короткой программе:

Татьяна Тарасова: Плющенко выступил совершенно сенсационно:

Елена Буянова: соревнования состоят из двух дней, и Максим просто так не отдаст победу!:

Главное событие дня – Возвращение Евгения Плющенко:


(AFP) Figure skating: Plushenko wins short programme at Russian champs:

Yevgeny Plushenko leads after Russian Nationals short program:

Plushenko skates clean for lead at Russian figure skating nationals:


Evgeni Plushenko sfiora i cento punti nel corto dei Campionati nazionali:

Plushenko se perfila a Sochi:

Retour réussi pour Plushenko à Sotchi:

プルシェンコ、男子SP首位 フィギュア・ロシア選手権:
by cekoni
25 Dec 2013, 00:37
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Re: Medal Winners Open 2015 (pro-comp) - Tokyo, Japan 16.01.

bigeyegugu wrote:

MWO Plu Video

:plush40: :plush32: plush48
by Дарина
17 Jan 2015, 18:00
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