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Re: Hi to everyone!!

My name is Francesca and I'm from Ferrara, Italy. I'm very happy that I've found a forum like this...finally I'm able to speak with other people about my passions, the figure ice skating and Evgeni Plushenko.
Yesterday I went to Rimini, and for the first time I saw Evgeni live :plush31: obviously only the memory makes me going crazy!!
I hope to make new friendships and my dream is going to the European Championship 2013 and, why not?? the olimpics game in sochi!!
by Fr@ncy=)
30 Apr 2012, 18:14
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Re: c поклонниками (автографы,фото,подарки) || With fans

Yes Dominique, I've seen him in Bucharest in april and I was shocked, in my opinion he looks very different than on TV, younger, more handsome and his nose doesn't look so big :smu:sche_nie: :hi_hi_hi:. I've shot some photos and I was very disappointed because none of them were doing him justice! :is_te_ri_ka:
Καλο Σαββατοκυριακο! :ro_za:

I totally agree with you!
when I saw him I thought also that he had a great seems, how can I say..., healty. he had a good colour, he wasn't pale :plush33:
sorry, I'm talking nonsense :)-(:
and his eyes!!! :plush32: the bluest I've ever seen
by Fr@ncy=)
01 May 2012, 19:08
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Hi girls! I'm a new entry in this forum :-):
But when I saw this topic and I read your posts, I felt like at home :-)
I wolfed the 66 pages down in an afternoon and now I'm :ta_n_cor: :ta_n_cor: :ro_za: :plush31:
I'd like to thank you for the beautiful photos with a video that I love in a particulary way...unfortunately, the quality isn't high...but where you can't see, you can use your immagination ::yaz-yk: :plush31:

by Fr@ncy=)
03 May 2012, 00:35
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Re: Благотворит. шоу для детей || Charity shows 20.2 & 1.5.2

Zhenya's interview after the show....

Plushenko press-conference about charity show 01.05.2012:

Russian "transcript" .... final part (maybe now someone will translate whole Interview/text? :smu:sche_nie: )

Плющенко: мы делаем очень правильное дело
Окончание интервью российского фигуриста Евгения Плющенко:

1st part... :mi_ga_et:
Плющенко: Сочи для меня — последний старт:

I tried to translete it. please, tell me if there are any mistakes

Part 1

On the last season, the prospects Gachinskogo, preparing for the Games in Sochi, the problems of the judicial system and working with Pasquale camerlengo - in an interview with Olympic champion - figure skater Evgeni Plushenko.

Evgeni, how was your first season after returning to amateur sports?
In my opinion, the season has been remarkable, a hundred percent. All those events that I planned, I won: Cup of Russia in the ninth, the seventh time in the European Championship, and this is some kind of story. European Championships, I skated great even with the injuries could make a good program. So I'm happy with the season, is pleased with the work being done. In the future I look with optimism, I will work on, hard, work hard and make new programs.

Arthur Gachinsky at the European Championships took second place. He was constantly compared to yours. Assess the prospects talented young student Alexei Mishin.
Arthur - a good athlete. A young, promising, you rightly said. So we will wait and look at these prospects.

Can we now say that Gachinsky - the main star of the future of the Russian figure skating?
It is hard to answer. Differences that are present in the riding of Arthur, his competitive history, such as at the last world championships, did not entitle me to take on this responsibility and to say that our star is a Russian figure skating. But if others do not, it is probably a star.
Alexis Y Mishina now there are so many athletes, it 11-12. And if they will just work and work, they have a great future. For example, many athletes in the 11-12 years axel jump three and a half turns, a very complex element. Some athletes in 12 years, almost докручивая (?)and leaving, is a quad jump. If you take four years, they are comfortable, then maybe someone will have a new. Not just a new one. What is figure skating? It's not so good that once made - everything, you're a star. No. It should be stable to ride, I say sincerely and responsibly, such as riding Lesha Yagudin - steadily, constantly. Here is a master! Alexei Urmanov. He always skated, skated and was always in the top three, though not necessarily the first place, but in three. That's when you can say, "Yes, it is the leader of the Russian figure skating, world figure skating." And when the rise and fall, from one side to the other side, of course, too early.

So, his main rival of Arthur at the Olympics in 2014 you can not see?
No, why? I never said that. I have all the athletes, all the world and see the Russian figure skating rivals. Once again, it is - a sport. It happens like this: swings, swings, and then something came together and succeeded. Therefore, all skaters will be my rivals.

There is already a first outline of the first vision of the program with which you will perform in Sochi? Or it is too early to talk about it?
No, it is too early. I have in front of the entire next season. Olympics two years later, through the season. It will not be the season as such, it will predpodgotovkoy (?) for the Olympics. Therefore, no matter how he passed, I will take this season. Another thing - in 2014. It will be very responsible

Performance at Olympics home to you, first of all, a crazy audience and support for a possible benevolence of judges or a heavy load of responsibility and a tremendous nervous tension?
As for the judges, they have never been particularly supportive of me. And I'm not counting on it. I'll rely on his skating. Of course, it will be difficult: to ride home - a big responsibility. This will be my last competition and I'm leaving the amateur sport. But Skates' hang on a nail, "I'm not going, I'll deal with demonstrations, I have a lot of projects. I am preparing a theater on ice, to be called "theater Plushenko." Still there is a proposal, operating time, the workpiece. Naturally, I do not want to leave the ice. By the way, now I "rolled up" of children in St Petersburg, engaged with them. Already consider myself as a coach. After completion of the Olympics I want to do a big tour around the world: in Russia, Europe, and then, perhaps, two or three months, try to leave, to forget. Somewhere to go away, I'll swim, relax, sunbathe, stay with the children. And no skating, no sports. Rest - and again will resume work. Yes, Sochi will be the last for me to start. In 2018 I was definitely not going to the Olympics, thanks. Our athletes in the world championship this year, took the 17th and 18th place, and now everyone is saying, "We can not do without Plushenko." But until recently no one believed, shouted: "How so, retired, and will be riding?". In 2010 I skated - and I closed the road, came up with a disqualification, but now say that the next World Cup will go a little boy. And who is this boy? Retired Plushenko. That is already decided everything - I'm going. And I can, the other position and I'm not going to go. And who will be performing at the Olympics? One little boy. Who is it? Again Plushenko! And what will serve our athletes? That is, I now need to bring a medal and a place with the next World Cup. So, when the need was - again believed. So I want to wish our athletes, our children, so they approached their work with the head, with a cool head, think of each event, for each process and acted, spoke, fought to the end. Well, I'll be somewhere near, I will help.

The last time the judging - one of the most vexed questions in the world figure skating. Maybe it's time to change the whole system?
I'm an athlete, I can not change anything. But, in principle, a system invented by good. In the sense that skating develops. Develops in terms of "tracks" in terms of "rotation". But it must finish before the end. Yes, it lasts for four years, something changed, come up with. Now again, changing the system of "rotation" system of "tracks". Sometime it is good, but somewhere - just ugly. When a person rides, falling three times while with crazy scores wins in those athletes who are also great ride and make your program clean, - this, of course, is inexplicable. It is not clear and understandable. But maybe now, after the last World Cup team, something changed. It is now a judge to see that figure indignant community, and apparently ready for a change. Let's see ..

Now a lot of girls in singles skating, among which stand out clearly Tuktamysheva Lisa and Adelina Sotnikova, and the boys, except for Arthur Gachinskogo, neither of whom is not particularly audible. What do you think, why?
Why do not you hear? We have the Ravens, Menchov, is Jean Bush. They ride. I'm an athlete, I'm doing my job. This question need to ask the Federation, the coaching staff. If I'm ever in the Federation or a coach, you ask me - and I will answer.

You miss the season because of injuries associated with back and knee. How is the feeling? Were you able to get rid of the effects of trauma surgery?
I finished my season and did not miss anything. At the World Cup I did not go because they did not plan. Had surgery, now I feel great, wonderful. Now you need to recover and continue to work.

Starting next season, in your coaching staff will join Pasquale Kamerlengo. Tell me more, what functions it will perform?
He has already joined. We started to put the short program. A couple of days, of course, impossible to put a program, but there are some basting, more than half of the "seasoned", the backbone has already been made. Pasquale will come to us for collection in Spain, we will continue to cooperate with him to work. I would like and short, and any programs were delivered to them. This is the master, a good specialist, a choreographer, "katalschik." He suddenly surprised me in a good plan. So I want to continue to cooperate with him and work.

Part 2

About the future of the anniversary, the emotions from the ESC and the Olympics, living gift of Alexei Mishin, slippery plastic and grandiose plans for charity - in the second part of the interview with Evgeni Plushenko.

May 1 at MSA "Luzhniki" a charity concert, which was attended by Evgeni Plushenko, Arthur Gachinsky, Lisa Tuktamysheva, Adelina Sotnikova and other Russian and foreign skaters.
They showed their rooms to nearly seven thousand children gathered in the stands of the ice arena,a live musical accompaniment performed by Dima Bilan and Edvin Marton. At the end of the show viewers were able to see the famous number "Believe me", which brought Russia its first victory in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. After the concert one of the main ideological inspirers charity event answered questions from a ""

Have you taken part in TV show related to figure skating. In the near future do not plan to return to TV?
No, I do not plan to. The near future - this is the Olympics. And as long as possible do not plan to engage in any other activity. Time is now fully focused on skating, completely focused on his anniversary. By the way, November 3, I'm 30 years old. The anniversary will be doing in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Then the coach's job, his theater - here would like to show themselves. And TV is not for me.

All Russia remembers your triumphant performance at the Eurovision 2008 Dima Bilan and Edvin Marton. How comparable are the emotions with the emotions derived from the victory at the Olympic Games in Turin?
This is quite different. I have my whole life, from childhood, with four years of dreaming to become an Olympic champion. I've always looked at Victor Petrenko, Kurt Browning, Brian Boitano on at Urmanov and dreamed, dreamed of being an Olympic champion. And this dream came true in 2006. Therefore, for the athlete's most important - it is an Olympic medal. Of course, winning the Eurovision Song Contest is also a big boost, big emotions in terms of something that I also helped, so it is also a victory, but it's a completely different emotion.

And the plastic, on which you rode in Eurovision, slippery?

What harder you fall on the ice or plastic?
I can not compare. On plastic, I did not fall.

This victory in the Eurovision Song Contest has inspired you to make Jana Rudkovskaya marriage proposal?
No, no contest. Perhaps, my heart told me that was already time to make an offer Yanochka and marry.

In the near future additions to your family is not expected?
My coach Alexei Mishin is now growing geese. And we have to Yanochka is an area on which we built a small house. So, Alexey says, you know you have one shortcoming - you do not have geese (laughs). Now he gives us goose, and we will be growing them. That is the completion - the geese.

How do you feel about charity? And why "Bingo Boom"?
To take very great charity and I think that with "Bingo-Boom" and "League of the Good," we are doing the right thing and going in the future will do much more. Such events, such demonstrations may, by the way, think of something, there will be many. Today, six and a half thousand children have been, it's great: we combined figure skating, live music Marton and Dima Bilan. We are again reminded demonstration performance, which performed at the Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, the motor burned out, and there was no room acrobats "flying." They are unique in the world fly to the ice at an altitude of 20-30 meters without insurance. Today we were invited by Sergei Yakimenko, who did the crazy frog and makes these tricks flyaki also the only athlete in the world. We want to expand and make more and more of these events, it's a good thing. And why "Bingo Boom"? This is my official partners. "Bingo-Boom" will assist me in preparing for the Olympics until 2014. I thank them very much.

Already there are plans to organize similar charity events?
Yes. There is already a lot of ideas. You are all in the near future will see. But I think it will be next season, from September. So now I will not be distracted anywhere, I'll be ready to compete.
by Fr@ncy=)
03 May 2012, 21:06
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It was a topic about football guys, don't??
Enjoy with some football players in Rimini :plush45:
by Fr@ncy=)
13 May 2012, 21:50
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This picture makes me laught a lot... :hi_hi_hi: but also makes me melt in front of the unbelievable beauty of his eyes!!!!! :plush32: :plush31: :plush33:

by Fr@ncy=)
04 May 2012, 18:55
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