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Re: Presentations

Hello, first time here :-): I just want to thank everybody in this forum, this is such a great place
for fans of Evgeni :plush39:
Somehow I'm sooo slow to join here, but I was briefly hanging around in places like the fan forum EPD and
FSvids Plush thread :-) some years ago. I haven't always been an active member on the Internet though.
Anyways, Zhenya has been definitely my favorite skater since the SLC OG in 2002. It's a happy surprise
he's still skating competitively and doing some wonderful jobs. Best wishes for him and his family/team/friends
and everybody in here.
I wish I could understand Russian, but so sorry I don't, and English in this forum helps me a lot.
So HUGE thank you again! :ro_za:
by Coral
11 Sep 2012, 23:44
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Re: Видеомонтажи с Женей || Video montages

Hi, here's rough translation of the Japanese montage 'Impressive Quotes of Plushenko'.
Slashes </> are inserted where the pictures change.
Please note the expressions may differ from what Evgeni actually said. If any of you can correct my English
or tell me the right words from his interview articles/vids/book pages etc, it would be appreciated. Thanks :-):

Impressive quotes of Evgeni Plushenko

I think I was born to be a figure skater / I think this was my destiny
I thank God / for what have happened to me / and for giving me the talent
I know that / talent means / a big responsibility as well
You have to open up / everything that is given to you
I have to strive / for this purpose

For me / there was no choice to quit skating
Because I always / wanted to help my parents financially
If you don’t make full effort / you cannot win
So I must work so very hard
It’s not allowed that I weaken my ability
My hardest rival is / myself
Each time I go onto the rink
I have to fight with simmering emotions and anxiety
But you can do anything if you overcome the fear
The most important thing is / to prove yourself / that you can win

My competitions with Yagudin / developed figure skating significantly
He came up with new techniques, combinations and jumps
And I had to surpass him
You cannot prove to anybody / that you have an injury if you lose
Nobody is interested in such things
So I don’t tell anybody
I feel so baffled / that people consider that I’m not a human
After I win, because I’m not a machine
My heart beats in my breast, not an engine
Blood flows in my veins, not oil
I’m just a normal man that knows pains and fatigue
So I will continue to do my best / to keep on winning

I have never tried to / stop my progress
The duty of a top athlete is / to move the sport forward
I want to put my soul / into every move I do
And I would like to show my soul / to the audience and the judges
I’m a person who has to win the competitions that I participate
I have carried this burden for a long time
This was truly my dream (photo: kissing the Olympic gold medal)
The Olympic Games of four years ago was not my Olympic Games
But this time it was my Olympic Games

I cannot live / without figure skating
Because my life is / the ice
I think all the decisions I made on the crossroads in my life
Were destined by God
My fans, thank you for loving me / I’ll keep training hard / to skate well
So that people will like me more
I don’t want to predict or / talk about the future very much
I just / hope that / everybody will remember me
Evgeni Plushenko plush48
by Coral
12 Sep 2012, 18:41
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Re: Видеомонтажи с Женей || Video montages

My pleasure Cekoni, thank you for your continued hard work :plush39:
by Coral
12 Sep 2012, 19:34
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Re: Presentations

Thanks a lot, lala630312 and Cekoni! :lo_ve: :lo_ve: :son-ce:
by Coral
13 Sep 2012, 08:39
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Re: Видеомонтажи с Женей || Video montages

lala630312, :-): :ki-)(-: I agree with you, it's focused on younger Plushy in competitions
and very touching.
I saw the comment of the vid author and it says it took her years since she first started editing that
montage with quotations. So I'm not sure if an English version will be released very soon... but
anyway I love it too, thanks for this forum and official twitter for the notice. :plush39:
by Coral
14 Sep 2012, 15:34
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Re: Видеомонтажи с Женей || Video montages

Well it would be great to see your own creative works, Cekoni! But maintaining this forum itself
is a wonderful work! :plush31:
lala630312, thanks for your kind comment :-): We thank so many people in Russia and various area
in the world, I can't even press the thank you button enough times in here - there are so many info,
works and everything! :an)(gel: So it's nice if I can do a little bit in return :lo_ve:
by Coral
17 Sep 2012, 10:21
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Re: Opera On Ice - Verona, Italy 22.09.2012

Here are some photos. And here is its source. She took Plushy's 35 wonderful photos!! Really good photos! Opening, Carmen, Rigoletto, Aida :ta_n_cor: …
I guess the photographer of these is the same person that Kudryavka posted?
Photo links courtesy FSU. Many thanks :-):

Opening: Barbiere di Siviglia, Ouverture

Rigoletto "La donna è mobile"
by Coral
26 Sep 2012, 13:24
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Re: Opera On Ice - Verona, Italy 22.09.2012

Some more photos from FSU. Thanks again :-):


Finale Aida
by Coral
26 Sep 2012, 15:01
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Re: Opera On Ice - Verona, Italy 22.09.2012

Actually, I dont believe that anyone there was "slave" - all were members of high society, Egyptian nobles :hi_hi_hi:

Thanks again, we're not experts and just wondering! :-): :ro_za:

Evgeni Plushenko, Opera On Ice 2012, encore, Carmen-Habanera:

Awww I love the encore even in home-vid quality. BTW, the encore number is 'Les Toréadors' from
Bizet's Carmen Suite, the video author doesn't mention it :-):
by Coral
26 Sep 2012, 04:19
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Re: Opera On Ice - Verona, Italy 22.09.2012

An article in Italian

So, does this article say the Aida costumes of men in the finale supposed to be ancient Egyptian Faraohs? :-):

Big thank you for all the info, vids, pics!! Grazie Holly!! What a great historical arena, an orchestra, singers,
chorus... and Zhenya performing Carmen first time in a very long time!
We also enjoyed a bit of atmosphere :plush39:
by Coral
24 Sep 2012, 20:11
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Re: Japan Open 2012 & gala Carnival on Ice - Saitama 06.10.2

Well, as a Kurt's twitter reader myself, I enjoyed his umbrella tricks at MWO very much and
I was about to praise his performance at 46 yrs old. But I just couldn't agree with his comment.
I know in many shows Evgeni, Kurt and Jeff skate together, I imagine they talk when they meet
and they understand each other's techniques as top skaters.What I was afraid was readers' reactions,
some were saying things like "OK Plushenko has just jumps" without making sure what he jumped
(2 quads and a 3A, 3Lz2t2lo etc) and what were failed. Maybe Kurt is so tired to tweet long
messages, but since he has many readers, I'd appreciate a bit more details and accuracy.

On Evgeni's presentation, he has got seventy-five 6.0s in old scoreing system, 70 of them FOR
PRESENTATION according to wikipedia.That's the best score of mankind maybe? It means he was
very successful with skating on different theme and music, performing in different styles,
classical to modern.

If you look at JO's protocol, here are some data:

Skating skill: Takahashi 9.11 Evgeni 8.75 Jeff 8.71 Chan 8.61
Stsq: Takahashi 5.6, Chan 5.5, Evgeni 5.3, Jeff 5.3 (means both are 3rd)
Chsq: Jeff 3.6, Takahashi 3.4, Evgeni 3.3, Chan 3.2
Note that the differences are so small, so I think we can add 'Evgeni's jumps are totally amazing and his
skating skills are top notch". :a_g_a:
It looks like Kurt had no intension to report, but I think choice of Swan theme is a good idea. People
remind of Russian classical ballet and it's a good chance to show Evgeni's performing skills.
I hope the program will be more improved if he keeps to skate this FS.
by Coral
11 Oct 2012, 14:31
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