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Ваши идеи для Жени(ВИДЕООБРАЩЕНИЕ ЕП)||Your ideas for Evgeni

Plushenko's message to his fans (english and russian) - April 12, 2010
Leave your ideas and suggestions here.

Обращение Евгения Плющенко к поклонникам (на русском и английском) - 12 апреля 2010
Пишите ваши идеи и предложения в этой теме.

Перевод просьбы Жени:
Ребята, привет! Я хотел бы попросить Вас... Возможно вы мне подадите новые идеи для моих коротких, произвольных программ, или даже для показательных выступлений. Не одну идею, а много - я могу всё это реализовать. Вы можете мне предложить новую музыку, новые костюмы или даже новый стиль!
Я постоянно читаю свой сайт и прошу написать именно туда. Весь мир, женщины, мужчины, девочки и мальчики - все пишите сюда ваши самые смелые идеи!

by Genius
12 Apr 2010, 16:44
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

As a fan I'm very interested to find out more about Plushy and Mishin's strategy for Sochi. They need a very, very good one, considering how Russian skaters are performing in London. In my opinion Russian Federation totally lacks strategies for Olympics and probably they have no chance to win Team Gold as I was hoping. :plush27: I wanted so much a gold medal for Plushy in teams competion. :plush27:
Their strategy is that Plushy be healthy ... everything else will be come by itself. :a_g_a:
by cekoni
17 Mar 2013, 01:53
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Ковтун 19‑й. Спасай, Плющенко! Два олимпийских чемпиона – Ягудин и Плющенко о неудаче нашего юниора в Лондоне
Please, can someone to translate? :plush39:

English translation. Thank you for your help, Darina! :plush40: :co_ol:

Kovtun - 19th. Save us, Plushenko!
Two Olympic champions - Yagudin and Plushenko about failure of our young athletes in London

Peerless Patrick Chan and - the 19th place of Maxim Kovtun in the short program ... Those who might afford a sleepless night, and broadcast from Canada began at four o'clock in the morning, immediately began to remember the name of Plushenko. Between Chan who again set world record, and our junior, who has started leg weakness from disturbance, there is an abyss. And for us it is time to stop living in illusions and accept the ugly truth. Men's figure skating in Russia is now just not there.
Specifically to look at Chan, Olympic champion of Salt Lake City Alexei Yagudin went to YouTube. Yagudin is known for his skepticism. Many years he repeated that he does not watch figure skating because he does not have time.
No time - always means just one thing: it's boring.
This time Alexei watched.


- What happened to Maxim Kovtun, I do not know, I only saw the top three, - Yagudin told me on the telephone.

- Instead of combination 4-3, Kovtun did 3-1.
- In such cases, how said my first coach Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin: "Look at things realistically". I do not understand there was hope that Maxim Kovtun can make the top ten at the world championships. It would have been extremely difficult for him to do this. Any of the top ten shows such a high level
... And Chan - it's like ... there's unfinished canvases, draw an analogy with the painting, and here the picture, completely finished, which you can not take your eyes off!

- Was it worth in such a deplorable situation to fight for the second ticket to the Olympics? Who to sent and what for? For the 19th place?
- It’s always necessary to fight. Never give up and go to the end. Maxim will hardly be able to recoup in the long program, it is somewhere a millionth of a chance that he would suddenly gets into top ten. We really have not men's figure skating, to this, I will not argue. But you can not just sit down and put hands on knees? We have to go ahead and do what we can.

- And all that we have - it's Plushenko.
- Zhenya has a little more chance than Voronov or Menshov has. Once again I must ask to look at things realistically. What Zhenya and I were doing was good at the time, but against the background of what I saw in London, we are left in yesterday. Figure skating became completely different!


... Evgeni Plushenko yesterday flew to Israel for examination. He did not have time to see a short program at World Championships yet, even on YouTube.

"I forgot my iPod in the home," - Zhenya admitted. "I wanted to take it, but something distracted me, and I could not put it in the bag. So far I know only the results. Let's not attack Maxim Kovtun. 19th place, nothing remarkable, of course not, but he's still a very young athlete, and his free program at the European Championships in Zagreb, where he first performed at the senior level, looked very dignified. What happened to him in London, maybe there are some details that I do not know, but, probably, the point is that he has not yet matured ... I did not place any expectations on him, to be honest. But anyway there was not alternative to Maxim.

- I have just talked with Alexei Yagudin. He said that figure skating gone far ahead, and what you did stayed in yesterday.
- Um ... You see, Alexei retired in 2002, and after that I skated at the Olympics in Turin in 2006 and won, skated at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, also won at the previous 2012 European Championships in Sheffield. I skated under the new judging system and won, so I somehow disagree that stayed in yesterday.

- How to beat Chan, Fernandez who has three quads - do you have a plan?
- I have plan. The first plan - to get well, and so far I have no deviation from my plan. Six years I have suffered with a sore back, not only on the ice: it hurt to walk, sit and even sleep. Now the pain went away, the doctors told me today that my recovery goes as it should. I already allowed to run. I am negotiating with the producers of the new programs, I choose music.
I can not afford now to talk about the places (on the podium) , in general I should not think about them, in my opinion.
In May, we will go to the training camp in Kislovodsk, I'll jog, drink mineral water (he actually said like "little-water / vodichka" which is the diminutive of "water / voda". why is he so adorable..? srsly ) , shall clean the body, get some mountain air - our base is located at 1800 meters - there I'll start working on the floor, based on how this work will go, it will be possible to talk about timing the return to the ice.

- Zhenya, you answer is somehow not concrete...
- I know that is not concrete, but what can I say now? I have to start again to jump. On the floor. Roll out in new skates. To put the programs without jumping, without some sort of screwing. Slowly, slowly ... And no need to scare me with Chan. Chan is good sportsman, he spins well, just now jumps well. Judges love him, they love all the North Americans in general. But if we skate well at the Olympics in Sochi, we shall also get such scores (Chan broke world record in the short program - author's note) . But if we skate badly, we shall be... on the 19th place.
Do not worry. Yes, now the crisis in men's figure skating, but after the Olympics in Sochi, I'll become a coach. I’ll bring up the replacement.

- You have, I see, a good mood.
- I'm not kidding. I'm really going to open my own school!

Zhenya and Yags - contrast well as if the sun and the moon ... Zhenya just works without moaning. I respect his constructive attitude))) That's why I can't stop love him!!!! :ya_hoo_oo: :plush31: :son-ce:
by Kudryavka
17 Mar 2013, 02:53
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Yagudin is very realistic. Our commentators emphasized pretty much the same thing during Worlds and Euros, that in singles and dance Russia is miles away from today's standard, this is obvious to any outsider. Even my mother said it. :plush34:
Yagudin is partly right, especially about Kovtun and Yagudin himself is already in the past as a skater. As a result, he just showed approval to what Chan said before.
... “Well, if you look at Yagudin at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, his program wasn’t as difficult as any of ours,” said Chan, expanding the discussion to include his fellow Canadians, Vaughn Chipeur of Calgary and Vancouver’s Jeremy Ten, who stood at his side looking like a couple of uncomfortable bodyguards. Both are older than Chan.
“Our footwork today is pretty much a program, you’re pooped after footwork. You can’t really compare it to back then, if you look at their footwork and even their spins, it’s nothing compared to what we do.”
It was not about Plushy, who was doing the most complex programs at that time.
Probably Yags just wants to believe that he is still equal to Zhenya. But you know, Zhenya is able to deal with NJS, while he cannot (based on Medal Winners Open and Japan Open which were held under NJS). In my opinion, so far he could satisfy himself: "There was no way to continue to take part in the competition because I had hip replacement." But now Plushy also had artificial disc replacement surgery, and even after that still has will to fight in Sochi... Maybe to Yags, it is very hard to admire what Plushy is doing.

Yagudin and many others spoke too early, just after the SP at the Worlds. I can say that Plushenko's free skating in Sheffield was far ahead, far more brilliant and fascinating than the ones we saw in Canada, not to say of the scandal of Chan's ridiculous victory that everybody blamed!
by anna54
18 Mar 2013, 02:46
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Ковтун 19‑й. Спасай, Плющенко! Два олимпийских чемпиона – Ягудин и Плющенко о неудаче нашего юниора в Лондоне
Last part of Plushy's interview, which Kudryavka not translated... :mi_ga_et:

"Zhurankov did not apologize, because ... I not called him"

Until the end of the week it may be decided a criminal case of Zhurankov's libel against Plushenko.

- Zhenya, I must to ask you about Zhurankov. What is now happening?
- About that is better to ask my lawyer. I can only express my opinion. You can sit at the table with friends and there talk about what your heart desires. But to the whole country, you can not. There was up to it, that in some poll, after Zhurankov's words, people expressed doubts: "Plushenko is disingenuous." But I have airline tickets, medical records from the hospital ...

- Your lawyer showed them to me.
- That's it. For me, the situation is quite clear. But it is still not clear to Zhurankov. When he was asked if he intends to apologize to Plushenko, he said... "But Plushenko dont called me yet!"

- Funny. And you would accept his apology?
- Not now, of course. If he was done immediately, I would collect my man's will in a fist... Man was really wrong!

- When you phoned pranker, falsely posing as Zhirankov, you at first believed? How did you know that this is a hoax?
- When he called me for the first time, I believe it. But when the second time he start to talk about the money, appeared suspicion.... I spoke already with this journalist in Vancouver ...

- With Zhurankov?
- Yes, Zhurankov, remembered his voice. And pranker's voice seemed vaguely familiar, but I felt that something is wrong. These jokers, by the way, and my wife several times called. But I'm not angry at them.
by cekoni
18 Mar 2013, 03:51
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic
Сегодня прославленный российский фигурист, олимпийский чемпион Евгений Плющенко дал эксклюзивное интервью «Русскому Радио», в котором рассказал и об операции, которую только что перенес, и о своих ближайших планах, и о конфликте со спортивным комментатором Андреем Журанковым.

Два дня назад Евгений Плющенко вернулся из Израиля после очередного медицинского осмотра и уже приступил к тренировкам. Конечно, ни о каких прыжках пока речи не идет, но спортсмену разрешили плавать, бегать и ходить в его любимую сауну. В конце апреля он собирается лететь в Новосибирск ставить программу с новым хореографом и вообще полон желания как можно скорее вернуться на лед. Впрочем, участие Жени в Олимпиаде в Сочи зависит прежде всего от того, как он будет восстанавливаться после сложнейшей операции на позвоночнике.

«Это была моя 13-я по счету операция, сложнейшая, которая длилась три с половиной часа, мне удалили межпозвоночный диск, – ответил Евгений на вопрос ведущих утреннего шоу «Русские Перцы» о его конфликте со спортивным комментатором Андреем Журанковым. – Заявление Журанкова о том, что никакой операции не было, что Плющенко здоров, а все это пиар, меня завело. Если бы он хотя бы позвонил и, как мужик, извинился! Не для того я делал себе имя всю жизнь, чтобы меня в одночасье перед русскими людьми уничтожали, говорили, что я пиарщик какой-то, лжец, лгун! Может, кто-то его об этом попросил, я допускаю. Сейчас идет следствие!»

«Есть ли у тебя враги в мире спорта?» – спросили своего гостя «Русские Перцы». В качестве своего единственного «врага» Женя назвал своего вечного противника Алексея Ягудина, пояснив, что в жизни он не завистливый человек, счастливый и добрый, а на ледовой площадке, сказал Женя, «я всех ненавижу, потому что стараюсь всех обыграть!»

На вопрос о поразительном спортивном долголетии Плющенко (в российском мужском катании на смену ему пока никто так и не пришел), спортсмен ответил: «Я люблю учиться, люблю тренироваться, люблю фигурное катание, поэтому я так долго остаюсь в спорте. Я очень горд тем, что в нашей стране пройдет зимняя Олимпиада, и очень надеюсь на ней выступить, а затем закончить карьеру. Для меня это будет четвертая Олимпиада!»

Осуществится ли Женина мечта, зависит от того, как будет протекать реабилитационный период. Если не форсировать события, считают врачи, у Жени все может получиться. По крайней мере, мы все ему этого искренне желаем!

by dustman
19 Mar 2013, 14:37
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

some contents of the radio

Евгений Плющенко: Я не могу без спорта, для меня это - катастрофа! ...

Translation of compiled transcripts.... :ni_zia:


I returned two days ago from Israel, where I had a regular inspection and rehabilitation. Now everything is in order, the vertebrae coalesce, I started with training. I still can not jump, but can run, swim, go to sauna. Future plans I have serious - this is the Olympics. In late April, I'm going to put a new program (in Novosibirsk, with a new choreographer). It so happened, that I was sitting on the one place a half month. For me it is - a catastrophe. I can not live without sport...

Now the situation with my performance in Sochi looks like 50:50. I myself can, but will be allow the spine. Doctors who operated me is the masters, they said that I just need correctly pass rehabilitation, recover. The month of June will show everything. In May, I'll go to the training camp in Kislovodsk...

I had the only one enemy in the sport - it's my rival, but a terrific athlete, Alexei Yagudin. By the way, I want to congratulate him with the last birthday. But in general, I'm not an envious person in my life, I have it all: family, children, a son Sasha was born, who is now two and a half months. But in sports, when rivals come to the ice rink, I hate them all, and try to beat them...

Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko thanked the whole country for support:
- I want to say that the whole country knows about my surgery. And when I go out on the street, people come up, ask for health, say that they believe in me, believe that I will perform at the Olympics. This is very inspiring for me! Kowtow to the whole country and our people! I will try to do everything, perhaps, impossible...

About Eurosport journalist, and his lies...
- I passed a complex way - the last surgery was my 13th surgery, and most difficult. To me removed the intervertebral disc, put another of the polymer. Provoked me, that this man said to people all over the country that my surgery - it's PR. If Zhurankov was apologized, admitted that the he blurted out too much... But this not happen... I'm not for that made a name all my life, to be overnight, to Russian people someone say that I'm a liar. I do not know what happened in his head, maybe someone asked him to say so, I do not exclude this option.
I think that if you're a sports journalist, you should comment on a sport and not get involved in the dirty laundry. Do not talk about who is my wife, how many children I have, do I deal with show business. By the way, I do not do the entertainment industry, there's just a lot of my friends, people, with whom I communicate. While journalists have to be more professional. If you comments figure skating, you need to talk about the program, costumes, plastic, there is lots things. It is necessary to learn, for start, a journalist - said Plushenko in the air of "Russian Radio".
by cekoni
19 Mar 2013, 15:42
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic


Plushenko: Hello everyone.

Journalist: First of all, how is your back? How is your health? All your vertebrae are in order, one after another? Is everything alright?

P: I just came back from Israel two days ago. I had another examination and went through light rehabilitation. Thanks god things are fine and my vertebrae are getting fused with each other (laugh). I have resumed my training already. It's impossible to jump now but I can jog and swim, as well as attend my favourite banya where I love to "parit'sya" (hit/massage oneself or get the one from others, with the bunch of dried branches and leaves in Russian sauna- *let`s talk). So little by little I am getting back to my training process. My plans are serious- Olympic games. At the end of April I am going to Novosibirsk to make a new program with a new chorographer.

J: What are your docs saying? What are their recommendations? They are not saying it's too early, that you should just "sit" on things a little longer?

P: Well, I have been "sitting" on things for a month and a half with doing nothing. It's a miserable disaster for me. I cannot not do any sport at all.

J: By the way, friends, Evgeni put on weight. I am on a diet myself eating cucumbers only.

P: Thanks a lot but I prefer lamb (laugh).

J: Zhenya, how is the situation with that TV commentator with whom you are having a "direct military clash." The last thing I read was that there some "neuro linguistic" examination of what he said should take place. In two words for our listerners: the commentator Zhu-ran-kov said during the broadcast that no operation on Plushenko's spinal ever happened, that all this was just a PR stunt and in fact Plushenko is as healthy as an ox.

P: That's true. He said such things and it made me angry. I had a rough career in my sport life. My last operation, the 13th one, was the most difficult. It lasted for 3 hours and a half, they removed my intervertebral disc, put a polymer one and inserted 4 screws there. So, when a man tells to the whole country that it was all a PR lie, then of course I got mad. In fact I would have accepted his apology and nothing afterwards would have taken place if he had called me and apologized like a Man is supposed to do. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Moreover, when someone asked him why he hadn't apologized, he said "Why should I if Plushenko didn't call me?" Such attitude is just plain rude. I was working hard for my entire life to make my name and earn the trust of people. I didn't do all this to be humiliated by some journalist who simply called me a PR liar.

J: Have you ever met this journalist before?

P: I have. I met him in 2010 in Vancouver and he looked like an adequate professional journalist to me. He asked me normal questions, I gave him interviews, etc. I don't know what happened to him since then and I have no idea if somebody asked him to say the things he said about me or not.

J: Zhenya, we have an interesting situation in general: in sport there are too many scandals nowdays: doping, match-fixing, commentators saying hell knows what. I don't remember anything like that 10-15 years ago. What is it? The sport has degraded or the sport journalism? Or it's just that we didn't know anything before but now we know all thanks to mass media? What do you think?

P: Well, I think if you are a sport journalist, you should comment sport precisely and nothing else. No need to comment my personal life, my wife, my kids, my so-called "show business" or whatever. I am not doing any show business. Yes, I have a lot of friends in that field. Probably some people are too concerned about the fact that I have so many friends in show business, in politics, in the theatre and movie worlds. I think journalists should have a more professional approach to their work. If they comment figure skating, so please study this sport, like the difference between lutz and flip jumps. That is what they should talk about: technical skills, programs of skaters, their costumes, choreography, so on. Journalists have to study figure skating before being assigned to comment this sport.

(after a break time and fluff on the financial news from Cyprus)

J: By the way, Zhenya, where do you think it's better to keep your money safe? In your own country or elsewhere?

P: I keep my money in my home land. But I won't disclose the name of the bank, okay? (laugh)

J: Evgeni, we seldom have athelets here, especially such a famous ones like you. Will we be able to do it in time for Sochi Olympics? There are so many things flying around in media.

P: You know, this season I became the Russian Nationals champion for the 10th time exactly there in Sochi. It is a very nice arena, good quality of the ice. Of course there is just one huge construction site right now but I am sure we will do it alright and the Olympics in our country will be held on the highest level possible. The Olympic games is our heritage that we are leaving for children, so I am very proud that we are a host country. Naturally I do want to compete there and finish my career at my 4th Olympics

J: Finish?

P: Of course. I am 30 years old now.

J: How old you are? 30? Oh, my.. That's not just antiquity. It's decrepitude! (laugh)

(after commercial break)

J: Zhenya, we talked about the preparation for the Olympics objects in general. Now how about you as an object and your own preparation for the Games (laugh). Usually it takes years for athletes to prepare for the Olympcs. But you have had such an "occasion" ('operation' here- *let`s talk) just recently. Do you have enough time left to prepare?

P: I'll do my best whatever it takes. It's difficult to predict anything right now, it's 50/50. I want and I am ready to fight but it all depends on my back conditions. I will know in June. The doctor who operated me, and who performed a tons of operations of this kind, told me that it's a must to go through the right rehabilitation course, to recover, not to push things and not to force them. Then evrything will be fine and I'll be able again to skate, to jump and conquer the podiums.

J: So, you will know in June?

P: In June I am going to our regular sport camp. Before that in May I am going to Kislovodsk for general physical training and to enjoy hot springs and mineral waters.

J: Evgeni, could you please give me a big favour to bring mineral water from Kislovodsk? I am on a diet eating cucmbers and carrots only. It's easy to buy them in Moscow but Caucasian mineral waters is another story! Just a couple of liters, please.

P: Done. (laugh)

J: Recently we had one famous actor here and he said that it's a normal thing among actors to have so-called "actor's envy." How about it in the world of sport? Do you have true enemies?

P: You know, I had only one real "enemy" on ice, but not off ice, my ex-rival and an oustanding athlete Alexei Yagudin. By the way, yesterday it was his birthday, so I want to use the moment and congratulate him: "Lyokha, happy bithday!"

J: H-a-p-p-y b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y!

P: I am not an envious person. I have a wonderful family and career, I have a lot of children! The youngest Sashka is 2 months and a half only. He is a fantastic baby-boy. I am just enjoying the life. But in sport when we are on the rink I hate everyone and do my best to beat them all.

J: Thanks god that we are not the rink! Otherwise Evgeni would have chosen another tone to talk to us, my friends.

(after fluff break)

J: Pardon my ignorance but with all the hysteria around I honestly want to know if the popularity of figure skating growing or declining?

P: Where? In Russia? In Russia I think figure skating is sport #3. Of course football and ice hockey are in the lead and then figure skating right after them. By the way just now the World Figure Skating championship has finished and I want to congratulate our new World champions in Pairs Tatyana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov. It's their first World title, before that they won Europeans too, so I think we have a big future in Pairs. In Men we were not successful, but well, let's take it easy and don't get upset much because I am back on the scene (laugh).

J: That is what I want to talk about. A lot of people think that you are "charmed". Look, for years we have been having "Plushenko, Plushenko" only and no one else nearby of the same league.

P: And?

J: And what's the reason of it?

P: Well, I don't drink blood, I don't take magic pills. But I have wizards. (laugh) The real reason why I have been around for so long time is that I do love figure skating. Maybe the god gave me this gift and desire to win and to study new things. I know I am not perfect and I have a lot of things to learn about. But I love skating and I do love competing. So I think that is the reason of my longest career.

J: We have some trouble news from the International Olympic Committee on that they want to remove wrestling from the list of Olympic sports and replace it with either baseball or American football. Some people believe that it's a conspiracy against Russia because we are traditionally very strong in wrestling.

P: I have to say that the US and Canada are indeed pushing their interests hard in figure skating. Just look at the results of the recent Worlds: a Canadian guy Patrick Chan won in Canada. Yes, he is not a bad skater, but how can anyone win Worlds with 4 major mistakes two of which are falls? I have no idea how they calculated his scores without lobbying. But I think it happened for the first time in my memory that a skater with 4 big mistakes 2 of them falls won the World title. And you know, everyone takes it loyal, adequate...

J: Come one! The guy just fell, it can happen to anyone. It's called "the New Judging System." Don't carp on people, please! (laugh)

P: I know what you mean. I am just sayng that the US and Canada are feeling very comfortable on that account.

(after fluff break)

J: Evgeni, what do you think about the new law on blood donation, when people are still getting one day-off and free meal but they are not getting paid anymore.

P: I think donation is something that goes from your heart. It's not something you are doing for money, you are helping people with this good deed. Still the government gives you some sandwiches and you don't have to work on the day after the day of blood donation.

(after fluff break)

J: Evgeni, we have a tradition here: we ask all our guests to say something light-hearted and profound to cover all our listeners.

P: You know, I want to say that now, after all the country thanks to media found out that I had an operation, a lot of people on streets come up to me, wish me good health and say that they believe in me. It's a really nice thing to hear, it inspires me. I want to recover as soon as possible, to regain my sport conditions, to create and to compete again. My dearest gratitude to all our people and the country, and I promise I will do what I can to achieve all things possible and maybe impossible too. Thank you.

plush48 :son-ce:
by let`s talk
20 Mar 2013, 17:36
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Great interview, thanks let's talk! :plush39: I wish Plushy a $peedy recovery! :-)
by clairdelalune
20 Mar 2013, 17:42
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Many thanks to Let's talk :plush39: :plush39: . It is really a very nice interview.
by lovplush
20 Mar 2013, 18:38
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Thank you so much,Let's talk!!! plush48

I'm so moved and can't help crying by this interview! :ro_za: :ro_za: :plush39:
by bigeyegugu
20 Mar 2013, 18:51
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic
20 Марта 2013г

Евгений Плющенко: Четыре шурупа в спине останутся со мной навсегда

– Лидеры одиночного мужского катания в течение года прибавили?
– Да, даже произошло несколько сенсаций. В первую очередь это второе место Дениса Тена. Он родом из Казахстана, но в последнее время готовится у прекрасного тренера Фрэнка Кэрролла, у которого занимались олимпийский чемпион Эван Лайсачек и другие знаменитости. Так что Тен очень здорово выступил. Что касается мирового лидера Патрика Чана, мне очень понравилась его короткая программа, но разочаровала произвольная. Хавьер Фернандес же, наоборот, стал третьим, отлично откатав произвольную программу. Но еще большим уважением я проникся к Брайану Жуберу. Настоящий мужик! В свои 28 лет отлично отработал короткую, потом произвольную программу – сделал два четверных прыжка. Я ожидал, что судьи за такое выступление поставят его выше. Еще меня удивил Дайсуке Такахаши. Я думал, что он будет в призерах. Так что неожиданностей случилось немало.
I translated only this part for some other forums :ni_zia: ....
Please, can you rest - Let's, Darina...? :plush39:

- Leaders in single men skating is better in the year?
- Yes, there was even few sensations. In particular, 2nd place of Denis Ten. He is originally from Kazakhstan, but recently him prepared a wonderful coach Frank Carroll, who were engaged with Olympic champion Evan Lysacek and other famous skaters. So, Ten skated very well. As for the world leader Patrick Chan, I liked his short program, but free has disappointed me. Javier Fernandez, on the contrary, was third, well skated free program. But still, I was filled with great respect to Brian Joubert. A real man! In his 28 years, he well skated short, then free program - did two quads. I expected the judges for this performance will put him higher. I am surprised with Daisuke Takahashi. I thought he would be among winners. So, there was happened a lot of surprises.


P.S. For those who worry, because Plushy play golf - he play it on the simulator, because is the snow outside :hi_hi_hi:
by cekoni
21 Mar 2013, 01:55
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Actually, digest of all which we already know :mi_ga_et:
By Lynn Rutherford, special to

Last call from London: Plushy pops off on Twitter

(03/22/2013) - Not all the news out of the 2013 World Figure Skating Championships in London, Ontario, made it into our "London Calling" reports. Here's a potpourri from out of the cupboards.
Once Evgeni Plushenko is fully recovered from the back surgery he underwent in January, he intends to begin his drive to compete at his fourth Olympic Games. (

Plushenko gearing up for Sochi run

Ari Zakarian, longtime business associate and manager to Evgeni Plushenko, reported that Plushenko was in Israel this month so doctors there could check on his progress. The 2006 Olympic champion underwent disc-replacement back surgery there in January.

"He just went for the second observation of his health, and the doctors think it is going well," Zakarian said last week in London. "The wound is healing in a good direction, and he can slowly start training again. He expects to return to the ice the first week of May."

After falling on his triple Axel and placing sixth in the short program, Plushenko withdrew from the 2013 European Figure Skating Championships, citing back pain. Earlier this season, he won his 10th Russian title.

"I told him, 'Why are you going to Europeans? To win your eighth title? You have nothing left to prove. Just rest and train for the [2014 Olympics] in Sochi,'" Zakarian said. "But he insisted to compete."

Plushenko watched the world championships and had strong feelings, at least about the men's event. He criticized Canadian Patrick Chan's victory via Twitter, attributing it to the strength of his federation, and called silver medalist Denis Ten of Kazakhstan "the real champion."

"Of course, he is watching the competition -- he wishes he could have been here -- but at his age (30) pretty much every athlete has a problem with health and injuries," Zakarian said. "To show good quality at that age is very difficult. He respects the performance of Brian Joubert here; he cheered for his performance, because he knows how tough it is."

Plushenko's longtime rival Joubert, 28, placed fifth in the short after landing a quad toe-double toe combination and triple Axel. He slipped to 10th in the free skate after two of his jumps were called under-rotated and his second triple flip was ruled invalid, because he had already repeated two types of jumps (quad toe and triple Salchow) twice. The Frenchman placed ninth overall.

Despite the surgery, Zakarian said Plushenko hopes and expects to compete in Sochi, to put a cap on his historic career, which also includes Olympic silver medals in 2002 and 2010. If he does compete in Sochi, he will be the sole Russian man, and will be expected to compete on the individual side and in the new team event. Maxim Kovtun placed 17th in London, qualifying just one men's spot.

"He will do everything in his power to compete in Sochi," Zakarian said.

by cekoni
23 Mar 2013, 02:03
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Re: С друзьями и знакомыми || With friends

С кем Женя? Не с Меньшовым? :du_ma_et:

by Ирина
20 Jan 2013, 19:42
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Figure skating: Evgeniy Plushenko will retire after Sochi Olympics

Radio "Voice of Russia" - Download:

The 2006 Olympic champion Evgeniy Plushenko who has just undergone a surgery on his troublesome spine said he will retire after the home winter Games in Sochi.

"I'm very proud that my country will host the winter Olympics where I'm dreaming to compete. My biggest wish is to perform in front of the home crowd in Sochi and after that finish my sports career."

The question about Plusehko's participation in 2014 Games is up in the air as first of all Evgeniy hasn't yet booked a spot on the team and secondly he must heal all of the injuries that have been disturbing the skater for quite a long period of time.

Let's not forget that Russia's rising star Maxim Kovtun took a disappointing 17th place at the world meeting in Canada failing to earn the second Olympic berth for the country. So, the hosts of the winter Games will be represented by just one skater in the men's single field.

So with just one license to the winter Games a more than intense fight will unfold at the Russian nationals where the selection for the Olympics should take place. More than 6 talented guys will try to prove that they deserve the privilege of defending the national prestige in Sochi. And by the way Evgeniy Plushenko will be one of the ticket seekers.

- So how can you evaluate Plusheko's chances to get a coveted spot on the team?
- Undoubtedly Plushenko is by far stronger than the rest of his counterparts and I don't think he will face any troubles in progressing to the Olympics. But how well can he perform there? This question remains unanswered.
Evgeniy is the most experienced and most decorated skater in the Russian team, he has already taken part in three

- Olympic tournaments where harvested one gold and two silver awards. Do you think he might face serious obstacles on his way to another Olympic medal?
- Oh, definitely he will. Since 2010 Games in Vancouver new names have emerged on the figure skating horizon and these immensely gifted skaters have already cemented their places on the top. And it will not be an easy task for the Russian legend to topple the current leaders from the throne.

- You must be talking about Patrick Chan who clinched his third world title a couple of days ago.
- Not only Chan, there are a great number of contenders who are dreaming about the Olympic gold in Sochi and now it's impossible to name clear frontrunners for the Olympic title because everything can happen. We saw Chan committing drastic errors and there is no guarantee he will be faultless in Sochi.
Yes, you are right it's too early to speculate about the outcome of the Olympic tournament. Let's just keep our fingers crossed and wish Evgeniy Plushenko to enter the Olympic Games in the best shape possible.
Let's first wish him to overcome all the problems with his health and to make it to the Olympic team, as only after that we can support him in Sochi.

Roman Kosarev,
Malakhova Elena
by cekoni
26 Mar 2013, 16:21
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

There is VIDEO (I cant see it): :ne_vi_del:

Алексей Мишин: на Олимпиаду должен ехать именно Плющенко
short translation... :ni_zia:

Alexei Mishin: At the Olympics must go Plushenko

"Zhenya Plushenko's health is much better. Doctor even allowed him to play golf. He is moving to a new season. Checkpoint of our ice training is June 17. On this day start of a camp in Italy, where we begin to really train. Until then, we will make programs, deal with general physical training, music arrangement. The same a big and complex task" - said Alexei Mishin.

I think it should be no surprise, that Alexei Mishin fully supports Plushenko and believes that he should go to the Olympics.

"I think that the best chance for a successful performance at the Olympic Games has Evgeni Plushenko" - said Alexei Mishin.
by cekoni
26 Mar 2013, 16:13
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

Novosibirsk...???? Who is there? I know only Zelenski :3
Игорь Зеленский? Это он?
Он даже на Женю чем-то внешне похож...
Yes, he is. Mariinski ballet's principal dancer, and the artistic director of Novosibirsk ballet and Moscow Stanislavski ballet. Though I don't think that Zelenski can choreograph :du_ma_et: (I just remembered about Zelensky, when I saw the words "Novosibirsk" and "choreography".. Maybe, there is someone who is a talented choreographer.)

Speaking of Zelenski, he was dancing in Vancouver in 2010 for the PR Sochi Olympics. :)
by Kudryavka
19 Mar 2013, 18:29
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Re: Ваши идеи для Жени(ВИДЕООБРАЩЕНИЕ ЕП)||Your ideas for Ev

ой-ёй-ёй, скока всего тут! :kli_ny: :co_ol: Мои хотелки:

и ...

( Иван-Крым, я с тобой!!!) я тоже мечтаю, чтоб Женя взял эту потрясную музыку! хотя бы для показалок :bra_vo: Женя-а-а-а-а!!! Услышь нас, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!! :plush32:
by Таня
24 Jul 2012, 08:50
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Re: Женя “вне льда” (cтатьи,фото,видео)|| Evgeni OFF the ice

Yesterday, Plushy went to Yudashkin show at Fashion week in Moscow.
by dustman
28 Mar 2013, 07:04
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Re: Женя “вне льда” (cтатьи,фото,видео)|| Evgeni OFF the ice

Dear dustman
I reconfirm U as our Queen of Plushypic sharing!


:plush39: Arigatò!!

by simona
28 Mar 2013, 11:28
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Re: Женя “вне льда” (cтатьи,фото,видео)|| Evgeni OFF the ice

Евгений Плющенко впервые вышел в свет после травмы

После травмы спины и лечения в Израиле, Евгений Плющенко появился на московской неделе моды. На показ Валентина Юдашкина в рамках недели моды Volvo Fashion Week Евгений пришел со своей супругой и по совместительству продюсером Яной Рудковской. К слову сказать, для Яны это уже третье светское мероприятие за три дня. Евгений особо не распространялся по поводу своего здоровья, сказав лишь, что у него все хорошо, и он приступил к тренировкам.
По давно сложившейся традиции, показ Валентина Юдашкина посетили его ближайшие друзья и знакомые. .........
by Дарина
28 Mar 2013, 15:36
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Re: Женя “вне льда” (cтатьи,фото,видео)|| Evgeni OFF the ice

A lot of thanks for the wonderful pictures! Both Yana and Plushy are looking gorgeous here. I'm happy to see Zhenya's OK, wish him with all my heart to recover in the best way for the upcoming Olympic season!!
by Gabry
28 Mar 2013, 15:41
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