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Re: Чемпионат России || Russian Nationals 2013/14, 22-27.12.

Streams for Channel SPORT (Спорт):

For Rossiya-2:

Paysite for both:
by let`s talk
17 Dec 2013, 05:10
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Re: Чемпионат России || Russian Nationals 2013/14, 22-27.12.

Russian Nationals will be aired on next TV channels - Schedule....

Спорт (Sport) - Live (probably whole):

--------------- - Live Stream (only for Russia!):
- 24.12.2013 .....
- 25.12.2013, 16:45-18:15 Мужчины. Произвольная программа:


Россия 2 (Russia-2) .... partly
- 24.12.2013 - partly, delayed...:
- 25.12.2013, 18:50-19:45 Мужчины. Произвольная программа / Men FS LIVE:
(Live Stream:


I will put later exact schedule and LS links :plush45:
by cekoni
16 Dec 2013, 23:37
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Re: Чемпионат России || Russian Nationals 2013/14, 22-27.12.

TV SCHEDULE (Moscow time)

Спорт (Sport) - Live (whole):

- 24.12. - 14:00-16:45 Мужчины. Короткая программа / Men SP - LIVE
(25.12. - 01:50 Мужчины. Короткая программа / Men SP - reprise)

- 25.12. - 16:45-20:00 Мужчины. Произвольная программа / Men FS - LIVE
(26.12. - 04:15 + 13:55 Мужчины. Произвольная программа / Men FS - reprises)

- 27.12. - 13:00 Церемония награждения / Victory Ceremony LIVE
14:00-16:30 Показательные выступления / Gala LIVE

- 27.12. - 21:05-23:05 Показательные выступления / Gala
- 28.12. - 02:40 Показательные выступления / Gala
- 28.12. - 11:25 + 19:10 Мужчины. Произвольная программа / Men FS
- 29.12. - 15:10 Показательные выступления / Gala

Live Streams :


Россия 2 (Russia-2)

- 24.12. - 17:00:17:30 + 21:00-22:05 Мужчины. Короткая программа / Men SP ("БОЛЬШОЙ СПОРТ") - partly, delayed

- 25.12. - 18:50-19:45 Мужчины. Произвольная программа / Men FS - LIVE (last group)

Live Streams: (?):


Russia-Sport (АНО "Спортивное вещание") - Internet Live Stream (probably and outside of Russia)

- 24.12. - 13:50
- 25.12. - 13:50
- 27.12. - 12:50

******************************************************** - Internet Live Stream (only for Russia!):

- 24.12. - 14:00-16:45 Мужчины. Короткая программа:

- 25.12. - 16:45-18:15 Мужчины. Произвольная программа:

- 27.12 - 13:00 Церемония награждения:
14:00 Показательные выступления:
by cekoni
21 Dec 2013, 00:13
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Re: Чемпионат России || Russian Nationals 2013/14, 22-27.12.


Irina and other girls told me that Plushy said them that he had problems in the legs (probably because of the spine) :plush36:
After press-conference, he was even joked with them, when he saw how they are depressed :hi_hi_hi:

... more will tell you later Irina and Vera, when they "returns from the shock" :mi_ga_et:


Plushy "inadvertently" said to journalists, the idea about ​​2 russian skaters on the Oly ... I hope that the ISU will "ignore" his statement, which he made, anyway, in an emotional state - as some kind of "public favor" to Kovtun (he was not defeated, but leaves his place to currently more readily skater)

Yana still think that "if there has justice" - Russ.Skating Fed. will send him on Oly.... she dont said, on which competition :plush34:
by cekoni
26 Dec 2013, 03:00
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Re: Чемпионат России || Russian Nationals 2013/14, 22-27.12.

I feel like I've been going crazy the last few days. The hope in my mind came alive, died, came alive, died, back and forth...But right now I think it is alive again. We'll wait and see if it changes.

I am kind of confused about what Plushy really said regarding the Euros in the press conference after the LP? I noticed that a lot of press came out very swiftly saying that he said he's not going to Euros, but on the other hand, I saw some other reports saying that what he really said was that he had originally not planned to go to Euros, but now he was reconsidering. Now what he said at the awards ceremony seems to support the second scenario.

With what he said at the same press conference regarding only going to the team competition, again, I noticed that a lot of media immediately picked up and reported it, and Piseev first reacted to it by saying he supported the decision, then turned around and said that Plushy didn't know the rules...

Tatjana Flade already said on FSU that Plushy didn't know the real changes to the rules. And I think right now, this fact is actually to his advantage. I remember that before, he said that he would skate four programs or give the chance over to a younger skater. But that was before the proposed change or clarification to the rules, which said that it would require an injury on the part of the original skater in order to switch skater. Tatjana Flade said that Plushy was under the impression that Russia was allowed to have one skater for the team competition and one for the individual.

I think it's not a big deal to say that he was wrong about the rules. After all, lots of people involved with skating, and skating fans, say all sorts of wrong things about the rules regarding the team competition. And Plushy has been concentrating on training; he couldn't have been expected to keep up with all the nuances about every piece of news (which was around Nov. 19-20). But I do wonder what (or who) gave him that wrong impression...

This is just me guessing, but right now I suspect what he was thinking at the post-LP press conference was that he would go to the Euros, prove his right to go to Sochi there, but give one of the two different spots (as he wrongly thought at the point) to Kovtun. We all know his incredibly generous and honorable and dare I say sometimes foolish (in a good way) heart, he might just have thought that Kovtun deserved it, and that it would help the younger skater. He did not know that it would require that he be or pretend to be injured after the team competition. I think he never thought of it as giving up, or as conceding defeat. But given that it was all said under a wrong premise, I really feel that what he said about skating only the team competition should be disregarded by now.

I think they have not given up even now, and therefore we fans should not give up, either! (Though I do have to say I am still really, really scared. I don't understand at all how Mishin could dare to not let him go to the Euros. I am praying that he knows something we don't know at all, and I am praying that something is really, really solid...)

P. S. I think in my previous post on the last page, I misread Mishin' words before the coaches' council meeting about deciding whether to go to the Euros. But then again, I've been misreading a lot of things in the last two days...So this whole post could be totally wrong again in another couple of hours. But if there is even one shred of hope remaining, I will cling to it!
by whitebamboo
28 Dec 2013, 02:31
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Re: Чемпионат России || Russian Nationals 2013/14, 22-27.12.

Just calm down everyone, this is not the end of the world. Plush is just a human being who is allowed to make mistakes. Even if the cost probably is high, he tried, that should be the only thing matters.

Dream is so close but yet so far away, judging the situation and what happened, and what is happening, it might be just a dream. But he fought for it and went through so much, the road itself is a road to the Olympics, the person who went through all these, is and always be a great Olympic champion. The road itself delivers the message to be faster, higher and stronger, not in terms of record on paper, but in terms of overcome difficulties.

One defeat, even if it was critical, would not mark down Plush's achievement. He is and always will be the greatest skater in modern figure skating world.

If Plushy can make it to the Olympics, it would bring great pleasure to him. If not, he is the person who all the foreign opponents respect. He is the inspiration of many skaters, so as for many fans. For that, we are deeply grateful.

As a fan, I will forever support and cheer for him no matter what. He will remain the only skater I love and regard as the last noble man on ice, and a king.

Pray for his good health and happiness.
by lovplush
28 Dec 2013, 03:54
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Re: Чемпионат России || Russian Nationals 2013/14, 22-27.12.

Thank you for your report.
But I'm afraid maybe we, his fans pursue him to do the impossible ... Maybe we should wish him peace and rest with his family and preparing to the show tour . Maybe if he goes along this path to lose more than he wins. Lose fans, respects etc. What do you think? He will go to heaven or go to the "hell". Huge difference..:plush34: I don't know it worth it? I already read many attacks against him...

I've been thinking a lot this last week, and I've had similar thoughts myself. But in the end, I will trust him and Mishin. There are not many more chances for losing or winning anyway, just the Olympics. I believe they will make the right decision, whatever it may be. There is so much information that we do not have; we cannot make any decisions for him. So for myself, I will wish what he wishes, and nothing more.

Plus, everything is in fate's hands now. If he is chosen, and he believes that he can still fight with honor, then he will do so. If not, then he would still have done everything in his power. What more can anyone ask for?

As for attacks, of course many were ready to pounce and attack. If another skater has a performance not up to their level, then that's to be taken in stride, but if it is Evgeni Plushenko, suddenly it is all "delusional" and "a shadow of his former self". They forget that a day ago, they were trembling at his SP performance. But those ink-spillers and people who inhabit internet forums are small, in the grand scheme of things. He is a true legend who is loved, who is inspirational, a hero, and nothing can change this.

As for others--yes, maybe some people are easily swayed. That's the way many people are. One day they shout their acclaim at the gate of Jerusalem, another day they mock and revile along the road to Calvary.

I know I should not make such comparisons. Evgeni is merely human. And I'm not even a Christian myself, but he is. I remember an interview from I think the summer of 2011, when he was training, and his knees were bad, he talked about his faith, what it meant to him, that to be a Christian is to "carry the cross". I remember being surprised and struck by that.

What I mean is, if it comes to heaven or hell--then perhaps that's what this venture is from the very start. If it comes to hope--then perhaps it has always been the smallest of hopes. But there is another motto I remember now, from the great composer J. S. Bach. It says: Christus coronabit crucigeros , "Christ crowns those who carry His cross".

So in that sense--as long as he keeps faith and honor in his heart, then no matter what happens, there is no chance of hell after all.

A week ago, I thought that the goal, so near, was all-important. Now I understand it is the road. Even if Evgeni never stands on competitive ice again, this would not have been in vain. it has already been worth it. He has already done the impossible.
by whitebamboo
31 Dec 2013, 19:49
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic
Евгений ПЛЮЩЕНКО: в Сочи планирую выступать и в командных, и в индивидуальных соревнованиях

Evgeni Plushenko: I am planning to compete in both Team event and Men singles in Sochi Olympic Games.

The Olympic champion of 2006 and two-time silver medalist Evgeni Plushenko told ITAR-TASS about his preparations for the Olympics in Sochi, about the family holidays, the farewell tour and his plans to train Yuzuru Hanyu.

- How did you celebrate the New Year?

- In the family circle, following the requirements of sport regime. At two in the morning I was in bed. Before the New Year we were holding the housewarming party, to which my son Sasha invited his friends - Dima Bilan, Nikolai Baskov and other celebrities. The series of events continued on Jan 2 when I congratulated my wife with her birthday, in the family circle too. My team monitor closely that the festive table wouldn't break my diet. The competitive weight must be kept all right.

- When the clock chimes 12 telling us about the start of the Olympic year, athletes usually make wishes that can be easily guessed ...

— I wished everyone be healthy. This is a much more important thing than any titles or money. After having 12 surgeries I know what I am talking about.

— How often do you have to fly to Israel for check-ups with the doctors who did your last surgery?

— The last time I was in Tel Aviv in summer. But I always consult with the surgeon Ilya Pekarskiy who did my last operation. I send him X-rays, get recommendations. In Russia the rehabilitation doctors constantly work with me. Thanks to the golden hands of Alexei Evkov I could get on my feet quickly. The pains that I used to feel in summer are now gone.

- Many people compare your comeback after such an operation with Alexei Maresiev's feat. It is understandable why during the war people had to do such things. But why do you need it now?

— The decision to continue my sports career was made after Vancouver when they put me on the second place. Plus the disqualification imposed on me by the International Skating Union "stired me up". The things looked like they simply wanted to get rid of me. But I didn't want to leave the sport this way. I came back and won the European Championship 2012 in Sheffield. After that I again had to lie down on the operating table and listen to all the talks about the impossibility of returning to the ice. After my surgery in Israel even top athletes started talking like that. I am not going to prove anything to them, I want to prove to myself that at age of 31 you still can not just compete but also win medals at the Olympics.

- At the European Championships 2012 in Sheffield the presence of Evgeni Plushenko on the ice effected even well-prepared athletes, like a boa constrictor to a rabbit. Now it's more like a red rag to a bull ...

— Perhaps somewhere on the subconscious level my rivals can be effected by my name and my previous achievements. But I myself first of all have to go to the ice rink and do my job. At the Russian Nationals, the one that I lost for the first time since 1998, I was too calm. At practice I could succeed in everything, didn't fall on any quad or trixel, I felt like I was 18 again. Today I can say that I know the main reason of my failure there: after the surgery my practices were not tough enough. We could prepare the Short program well, but the Free skating was not ready. I won't go into the professional details but together with my coach Alexei Mishin we changed the system of training, and now I add more and more every day, with each practice.

— Are you planning any changes in your Olympic programs?

— In Sochi at RN I made a big mistake when I set the elements in FS in the wrong order. Now we made some necessary changes. I think that in February at the Olympic Games in Sochi everything will be all right.

- At the championship of Russia you gave the impression that you were not really willing to fight for gold "on aortic rupture" ...

— We took the RN as some training in competitive conditions. That was a mistake.

— Did you expect such a kick-out from Maxim Kovtun?

— He didn't do anything phenomenal. Out of three planned quads he made two. It's a norm nowdays. Figure skating is moving forward, you can't win the Olympics without quads anymore. That's cool! We are not ballet on ice, not "Ice Age", we are sport.

— After getting the silver at RN you stated that you would compete at the Olympics in Team event only, leaving the right to skate in Men singles to the Russian champion ...

— Well, I created the intrigue, raised the interest to figure skating. Had I win one more gold medal in the championship of Russia, they would have written a couple of lines about it and discussed it on fan forums for a while. But here by the end of December everybody was talking about the rivalry of Plushenko and Kovtun. I warmed up the intrigue by my statement even more.

- Are you afraid that the Figure Skating Federation of Russia simply won't give you the Olympic spot?

— I'm not afraid. Moreover, I am going to take part not only in the Team event but in the individual competitions as well. To the adherents of sport principle I wish to remind the following: at the previous championship of Russia Kovtun ranked 5th, but still he was sent to the European Championship and the World Championship too. After his 17th place in London Russia remained with the only spot for 2014 Games. Yes, Kovtun had a great skating at the last national championship, but one needs to have a serious international experience to fight for the Olympic medals.

— The Figure Skating Federation of Russia created a special commission that will monitor your training and at the end of January there will be a test skate ...

— The fact that the Federation established such a commission can be only welcomed. I will be pleased to talk to their representatives. But I think test skates is not the most important thing. It's nonsense to show yourself off 100% there. It's a must to prepare for the Olympcs and bring it up 1,000% at them. The fuss that is reigning now in the Russian figure skating works for me. Even the National ice hockey team for Olympics is discussed less than the participation of Plushenko in Sochi. And it is useful for Kovtun to experience such a psychological attack and to show how he is capable to deal with it at the European Championship.

- You are not afraid that such an authority as Tatiana Tarasova, who did a lot for the progress of Kovtun, will do her best to protect the sport principle?

- Let's not forget that Tarasova is a coach who trains athletes. The same goes about Alexei Mishin, Tamara Moskvina, Oleg Vasiliev and other people who also prepared the Olympic champions. The question who will defend the honor of Russia at the Olympics in Sochi is the prerogative of the President of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia Aleksandr Gorshkov and the General Director Valentin Piseyev.

— The Finnish ice hockey player Saku Koivu, who turned 39, declined the invitation to the Olympic team, giving a lack of proper form after trauma as a reason...

— If I feel that I am not ready for the Olympics or if I have health problems, I will surely say so. I will skate at the Olympics only if I feel ready to fight at the highest level. It's out of question.

- Do you follow how the skaters, who got to the world top while you were absent, skate this season?

— Of course. Patrick Chan, Javier Fernandez, Yuzuru Hanyu are all excellent athletes. The Japanese skater has always been my favorite. When he was a junior who just started mastering his quads, even then you could see his distinctive individuality. Many of today's leaders merely show on the ice studied to the automatism choreographed movements, while Hanyu skates from inside. He does it effortlessly. I predict him a great future.

— Don't you think that Hanyu lacks the male charisma, the one that makes Plushenko looks better on the ice than your opponents?

— He's just a boy! He is eighteen and I'm over thirty. Our skatings are different. He reminds me of myself in 1990s- the same spinning top. He will build some muscles, will come to me to get training and everything will be fine.

— You have already planned out your coaching career?

— With Hanyu we even talked about it. Due to the fact that now we are competing against each other, such cooperation is not possible. But after Sochi it can become quite real.

- So, your next comeback for the 2018 Olympics is not part of your plans?

— After having so many comebacks I won't say anything categorically. I think that Sochi will be my last Olympics as an active athlete. But the technological progress is going on. Who knows, they might invent nano-meniscus, put new inguinal rings in me and I will continue to compete. My nearest plans after Sochi is the organization of the tour "Evgeni Plushenko presents the show of champions." There you will see Stephane Lambiel, Brian Joubert, Johnny Weir and many other outstanding skaters. It will be not just skating to the music, the style to which the viewers of some latest ice shows got used to, but it will be the ice show with an emphasis on sports concept. We are planning to skate in forty cities of Russia and in some European cities as well.

by let`s talk
12 Jan 2014, 15:05
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

I've been thinking about this quote from Gorshkov a little more, and if he really said it in this way, I do not like it. I know that the article is written by Madam E. V. and that maybe I am reading too much into phrases of speech...

I mean, what is "out of respect for the great athlete" and "give him another chance"? The motive should be to determine what would be the best for Russia's results at Sochi. But this sentence reminds me of things the FFKKR said during the disqualification time.
Ofc, you are right with alll this recalls - as we say: "who was bitten by a snake, and from a lizard is scares" :plush44:
.... but I'm not sure, that this was really Gorshkov's words (do not forget that EV "quoted" and Ari, who talks bad about Plu shows - which is not, for sure,in his interest to speak). In addition, Gorshkov does not look like me as a person, who gives a thoughtless statement.
In the only one official statement, Gorshkov said:
Олимпийский чемпион Евгений Плющенко пропускает европейское первенство по причине того, что из-за травмы, последующей операции, лечения и восстановления поздно начал текущий сезон....
Сразу после чемпионата Европы 21 января на олимпийской базе в Новогорске под Москвой пройдут контрольные прокаты с участием Евгения Плющенко. Присутствовать на них будут члены экспертной группы, состоящей из профессионалов. Именно члены этой экспертной комиссии, оценив результаты выступления спортсменов в сезоне и итоги прокатов, определятся с составом олимпийской команды.

It is true that Evgeni lost the RN, but they are doing a lot else to create this impression. This is why they are working so hard to discredit him, trying to create the false impression that he had given up at first, and then "suddenly changed his mind"...That way, even if Evgeni chooses to speak up and tell of everything that really went on, they might make people disbelieve him.
Some journalists wrote this, not FFKKR... journalists were encouraged (because Plushy once failed), or it's Tarasova's lobby... I believe that it is not FFKKR intention - because to them is not in the interest that the "public and the media" decides about a candidate - I think that in this moment, only FFKKR need calm situation (at least, it is logical for me) :plush38:

Nevertheless, Evgeni needs to be careful of himself when he goes to the test skate. And they need to find a way to have it recorded somehow.
Well, video or not video - will be, how they decide :plush34:
by cekoni
14 Jan 2014, 01:17
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Re: Пресса & Новости о Жене || Press & News about Plushy

Дорогие форумчане! Все админы уезжают в Сочи! Будем очень благодарны за помощь в обновлении форума ! Ведите себя хорошо!)) Пока! Всем удачи!
Dear friends! All administrators leave for Sochi! We will be very grateful for your help in updating the forum! Be good!)) Bye! Good luck to everyone, and especially to Zhenya!!! See you in Sochi!
plush48 :plush17: :plush1: :plush10: :plush11: :plush14:

Have fun, dear girls! Please shout and cheer for our Zhenya as loud as you can!! plush48 plush48


A short bit:

Плющенко: В 2010 году в меня тоже никто не верил

And more Tarasova :ps_ih:

Татьяна Тарасова: "Федерация поступила правильно, выбрав Плющенко"

Тарасова: у Ковтуна не было цели бороться с Плющенко

Ковтун и Плющенко очень мотивировали друг друг, считает Тарасова
by whitebamboo
03 Feb 2014, 02:15
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Re: Пресса & Новости о Жене || Press & News about Plushy

Zhenya didn't come out on the first training session in Sochi

Плющенко во вторник не вышел на первую тренировку в Сочи

Yana's tweet :mi_ga_et:
Тренировки у Евгения запланированы только на завтра и послезавтра ! Все идет по плану ,спасибо всем за понимание.

google translation... :-):
Training in Eugene planned only tomorrow and the day after tomorrow! All goes according to plan, thank you all for your understanding.
by dustman
04 Feb 2014, 14:52
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Re: Пресса & Новости о Жене || Press & News about Plushy

Held the Olympics in Sochi without Plushenko would be wrong - Weir

Skater Joubert: happy to once again fight for the Olympic ice with Plushenko

Head of the Technical Committee ISU: that Evgeni Plushenko missed training, there is no intrigue

Chan: I admire the determination and spirit Plushenko

Valentin Yudashkin on the Olympic suit Plushenko: The conditions were extreme, but we do not like to complain
by lala630312
04 Feb 2014, 21:53
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Re: Пресса & Новости о Жене || Press & News about Plushy

04 февраля 2014, Вторник, 09:15
В Сочи - настоящий Олимпийский сочельник: болельщики и спортсмены в предвкушении соревнований

Первые - командные по фигурному катанию - даже опередят официальное открытие Игр на день, и начнутся буквально в четверг, 6 февраля. Большие ожидания зрителей связаны с выступлением человека, который давно считается легендой в этом виде спорта. Евгений Плющенко уже прилетел в столицу Олимпиады.


Первые - командные по фигурному катанию - даже опередят официальное открытие Игр на день, и начнутся буквально в четверг, 6 февраля. Большие ожидания зрителей связаны с выступлением человека, который давно считается легендой в этом виде спорта. Евгений Плющенко уже прилетел в столицу Олимпиады.
Олимпиада начинается с аэропорта. Сейчас здесь главное место действий. Каждый день сюда прилетает более 70 самолетов со всего мира. Первое что видят спортсмены, когда выходят из зоны получения багажа, - журналистов, которые выстроились словно почетный караул, чтобы никого не пропустить.
Но еще раньше в самолете, спортсмены могли понять, кому достался счастливый билет. Ведь только с правого борта при заходе на посадку Олимпийский парк как на ладони. Вид на будущие арены жарких ледовых баталий с высоты тысячи метров запоминается сразу и надолго.
Это путешествие для некоторых болельщиков стало незабываемым по другой причине. Поздним вечером рейсом из Москвы прилетел спортсмен, ради которого многие любители фигурного катания и отправились в Сочи. Евгений Плющенко и его постоянный тренер Алексей Мишин из российских фигуристов на Олимпиаду прилетели первыми. На вопрос о том, как он долетел, Евгений Плющенко ответил: "Хорошо, спал, отдыхал, готовился, настроение прекрасное".
Для 31-летнего Плющенко это уже 4-я Олимпиада. В фигурном катании до него на такое не отваживался никто. Золото Турина, серебро Солт-Лейк-Сити и Ванкувера, три первых места на Чемпионатах мира и семь на чемпионатах Европы. Самый титулованный фигурист в одиночном катании готов снова покорять и удивлять всех своими головокружительными прыжками и каскадами.
"Я приехал сделать хорошую работу, а медали будут давать судьи. Это большая ответственность, безусловно. Все россйяские спортсмены приехали сюда делать свою работу и радовать болельщиков", - говорит фигурист.
Плющенко - единственный спортсмен, который будет представлять Россию в одиночном катании. Евгений подтвердил, что выступит и в командном первенстве. Всех, кто волнуется за его здоровье, Плющенко успокоил.
"У меня давным-давно со здоровьем все в порядке и все старые травмы я позабыл. Я надеюсь на хороший результат и на хорошее здоровье", - заверил он.
В машину Евгений садился под радостные возгласы болельщиков. Единственное, о чем жалеют его поклонники, что не успели сфотографировать.
"В жизни он лучше, чем по телевизору. Он солнечный, молодой, красивый, целеустремленный! Рядом с ним великий человек - его тренер Мишин, поразительный, легендарный человек, мы тоже его знаем", - говорят болельщики.
Командные соревнования по фигурному катанию начнутся еще до официального открытия Игр - в четверг. Спортсмены уже тренируются. На этой же арене пройдут состязания и по шорт треку. Для этого вида спорта температуру льда будут делать на два градуса ниже. Но даже после этого фигуристы смогут почувствовать себя конькобежцами.
"Скользкий лед, который, наверное, будет оставаться после шорт трека, вот эта вот изюминка холода с шорт трека достанется фигуристам и она придаст им скорость", - считает руководитель ледового дворца "Айсберг", Олимпийская чемпионка в конькобежном спорте Светлана Бажанова.
Спортсмены, которым пока некуда торопиться, изучают окрестности Олимпийской деревни. Самый подходящий для этого вид транспорта - велосипед. На нем можно домчаться и до почтового отделения, чтобы отправить родным и друзьям сочинскую открытку: "из России с любовью".
by dustman
04 Feb 2014, 11:54
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Re: Пресса & Новости о Жене || Press & News about Plushy

OLYMPICS: Feature- Athletes arrive in Soch
by dustman
04 Feb 2014, 13:53
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Re: Пресса & Новости о Жене || Press & News about Plushy

Practice 5.2.2014

Lori Ewing ‏@Ewingsports
Plushenko's jumps as big as ever, just landed a huge quad in practice.
Plushenko landed strong triple Axel in practice; his run-thru coming up.
Plushenko just squeaked out a quad, starting short program run thru now.
Some things never change. Plushenko stood, blew his nose&stroked around aimlessly during runthru; a few stray 3toes & 4t3t at end
One thing I've noticed: Plushenko is bigger in terms of weight & muscle than four years ago in Vancouver. #Sochi2014

by bigeyegugu
05 Feb 2014, 15:11
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Re: Пресса & Новости о Жене || Press & News about Plushy

Zhenya jumped 4T, 4-3, 3A :co_ol:
15:23 05.02.2014
Евгений Плющенко провел первую тренировку в Сочи

СОЧИ, 5 фев - Р-Спорт, Евгения Баксанова. Олимпийский чемпион Евгений Плющенко, являющийся единственным российским участником на Играх в Сочи в мужском одиночном катании, в среду днем провел первую тренировку на олимпийском льду.

Плющенко особое внимание уделил прыжковым элементам и, в частности, выполнил четверной тулуп, каскад из четверного и тройного тулупов и аксель в три с половиной оборота.

Тренировку фигурист покинул до ее официального окончания. От комментариев Плющенко отказался, лишь сказав журналистам: "Все хорошо, увидимся завтра".

Во вторник Плющенко не вышел ни на одну из официальных тренировок, также он не тренировался и в среду утром.
by dustman
05 Feb 2014, 16:39
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Re: Пресса & Новости о Жене || Press & News about Plushy
Алексей Мишин: в основном, уделили внимание прыжкам – вы ведь это видели?!
05.02.2014 15:41:01 | Фигурное катание | Олимпийский турнир по фигурному катанию-2014

Сегодня, 5 февраля, в Сочи продолжаются официальные тренировки фигуристов. Первое ледовое занятие после приезда на Олимпийские игры провёл олимпийский чемпион россиянин Евгений Плющенко. Он исполнил четверные прыжки – и по отдельности, и в каскаде. Тренер Алексей Мишин коротко прокомментировал тренировку своего ученика специальному корреспонденту портала TEAM RUSSIA-2014 Алексею Успехову.

«Ребята, о чём сейчас говорить? – улыбнулся Алексей Мишин. – Прошла обычная тренировка, на которую всегда настраиваются. В основном, мы уделили внимание прыжкам – вы ведь это видели?! Так и пишите. Всё, спасибо».
Давид Авдыш: у Жени всё нормально
05.02.2014 18:03:01 | Фигурное катание | Олимпийский турнир по фигурному катанию-2014

Сегодня, 5 февраля, в Сочи продолжаются официальные тренировки фигуристов. Первое ледовое занятие после приезда на Игры провёл олимпийский чемпион Евгений Плющенко. Хореограф Давид Авдыш сообщил специальному корреспонденту портала TEAM RUSSIA-2014 Алексею Успехову, что завтра Плющенко проведёт ещё одну тренировку.

«У Жени всё нормально, - сказал Давид Авдыш. – Подготовка к Олимпийским играм идёт по плану. Завтра, 6 февраля, в день начала командных соревнований у нас будет ещё одна тренировка – в 11.30 на олимпийской арене «Айсберг»».
by dustman
05 Feb 2014, 19:32
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Re: Пресса & Новости о Жене || Press & News about Plushy

video :mi_ga_et:

05 февраля 2014, Среда, 18:40
Российский фигурист Евгений Плющенко провел первую тренировку на сочинском льду

Уже завтра командным турниром фигуристов открывается соревновательная программа игр в Сочи. Сегодня спортсмены провели заключительную тренировку на арене "Айсберг".


Уже завтра командным турниром фигуристов открывается соревновательная программа игр в Сочи. Сегодня спортсмены провели заключительную тренировку на арене "Айсберг".
Евгений Плющенко, пропустивший утреннее занятие, впервые вышел на сочинский лед днем. Российский фигурист исполнил несколько каскадов, а также сложнейший прыжок - четверной тулуп. Ранее сегодня стало известно, что Плющенко выступит в короткой программе командного турнира фигуристов.
Также от России заявлены одиночница Юлия Липницкая, спортивная пара - Татьяна Волосожар и Максим Траньков; танцевальный дуэт - Екатерина Боброва и Дмитрий Соловьев. Командный турнир впервые включен в программу Олимпийских игр. По регламенту, после короткой программы отсеются 5 из 10 сборных, оставшиеся и разыграют медали по итогам проката произвольной программы.
by dustman
05 Feb 2014, 20:54
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Re: Фотографии на льду || Photos on Ice - training, SP, LP,

Что за бред, почему они все говорят что Женя без боя :du_el: отдаст медаль в индивидуальном? Еще чего не хватало, вон в ванкувере его выступление достойно золота! И какие еще позиции он не выполняет, фу какой мерзкий пр от Браунинга, просто не ожидала. :kli_ny:
Женя никого не слушай просто катайся для себя и для нас, все будет хорошо!

на командном просто разомнись, а в индивидуальном просто выполни все элементы чистенько :plush45:
by Lotus
06 Feb 2014, 12:39
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Re: Пресса & Новости о Жене || Press & News about Plushy

Mishin after this morning's practice:

Алексей Мишин: "Плющенко - рекордсмен, герой"

Тренер Мишин: уверен, что по окончании карьеры Плющенко наше сотрудничество продолжится

longer interview (with E. V.):
by whitebamboo
06 Feb 2014, 18:22
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Re: Командные соревнования || Team Event
Евгений Плющенко: Поверьте, четвертая Олимпиада сложнее первой
Евгений Плющенко прокомментировал свое выступление в короткой программе командных соревнований по фигурному катанию на Олимпиаде в Сочи, сообщает корреспондент «Советского спорта» Инесса Рассказова.

– Первый день на Олимпиаде сложился удачно, – сказал Плющенко. – И я хочу пожелать нашей сборной вот такого хорошего заряда. Заряда не на победу, ни на какие-то медали. Только хорошо отработать. И тогда все будет…

– Мишин сказал, что на вас сегодня давил стотонный груз.

– Давил. Четвертая Олимпиада сложнее первой – уж поверьте. Доказывать, работать, подтверждать свой уровень на протяжении стольких лет – это очень тяжело. Когда ты выходишь на лед, и со всех сторон тебя окружают крики: «Женя!», «Россия» – это с одной стороны выбивает из колеи. И в то же время эти выкрики тебя заводят. Но для меня главное то, что я все-таки сумел сконцентрироваться. Несмотря на тысячу флагов, которые мелькали у меня в глазах.

Напомним, что Плющенко предварительно поднялся на первое место в короткой программе, набрав 91,39 баллов.

06 февраля 2014, 20:34
by dustman
06 Feb 2014, 20:54
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Re: Командные соревнования || Team Event
Backstage at the #Olympics, everyone wants to chat with the current leader, Evgeny Plushenko. #Sochi2014
Евгений Плющенко: «Первый день соревнований начался для меня удачно»

Олимпийский чемпион Евгений Плющенко за прокат короткой программы в командных соревнованиях на Играх в Сочи набрал 91.39 баллов. Стартовавший под 4-ым номером российский фигурист откатался без ошибок, исполнив каскад из четверного и тройного тулупов, тройной аксель и тройной лутц. После проката Евгений дал короткое интервью СМИ.

Женя, как оцениваете свое катание?

Первый день соревнований начался для меня удачно. Я откатался с прыжками, эмоциями. Хочу пожелать всей нашей сборной такого хорошего заряда – заряда на работу. На хорошую работу. Ни на какие победы, ни на какие медали. Только хорошо отработать. Будем работать хорошо, и все получится.

Родные стены не давили?

Давили. Все давило. Четвертая Олимпиада еще сложнее первой. Доказывать, работать – это всегда тяжело. На протяжении долгих лет показывать хороший уровень – очень непросто. Но я очень доволен. Справился и доволен.

Когда пришло решение вернуться к «Танго»?

У нас было несколько программ – и коротких, и произвольных. Но решили и выбрали «Танго». Эта программа мне нравится. Она экспрессивная, мощная. И сегодня я катался с большими эмоциями.

Но вы не чувствуете усталости?


К этому старту подошли в хорошей форме?

Но вы же сами видите. Я стою перед вами.
Ребята, простите, много не буду говорить. Надо не выплеснуться. Впереди еще произвольная программа.

Ольга ЕРМОЛИНА, Сочи
by dustman
06 Feb 2014, 21:14
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Re: Командные соревнования || Team Event

Brief interview with Plushy after the SP:

Плющенко: «Я справился с давлением и доволен прокатом»

Евгений Плющенко: на четвертой Олимпиаде отрешиться от эмоций сложнее, чем на первой

Chinese skater Yan Han about Plushy:

Vitaly Mutko about Plushy:

News reports:

Евгений Плющенко успешно выступил с короткой программой в Сочи

Евгений Плющенко стартовал на Олимпиаде с личного рекорда, но проиграл японцу

Евгений Плющенко занял второе место в короткой программе
by whitebamboo
07 Feb 2014, 00:23
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Re: Командные соревнования || Team Event

Hey, could anyone pls translate evgeni's one minute interview into english? Please, I really want to know what he is saying and I do not speak Russian. Thanks a lot for all the news you keep me in touch from Sochi.
Long live the tsar on ice! What he did tonight was just...amazing, though I think he was severely underscored in the components, an Chan for example was way overscored, but let's hope the judges will reconsider their opinion before the free skate and the individual event. For me, it is just amazing and inspiring the way that he can handle age, health problems, the pressure of the home crowd all at the same time. I guess it's just...EVGENI plush48 He said it's his secret how he could manage to stay focus and concentrated on his skating. He wants to express the huge gratitude to home crowd who supported him greatly and heartly. It's both tough and easy to skate at home Olympics. Right now he 's happy because of his clean skating in SP, he's flying somewhere in this euphoria. But he wnats to go back to earth to keep focusing on his next skate in LP.
by let`s talk
07 Feb 2014, 07:31
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