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Расписание ТВ || TV Schedule & LS

For ALL FS Olympic events.
The Russian Channel One, VGTRK (Rossiya-1, Rossiya-2) and NTV have the broadcast rights.
The channels like SPORT and NTV-of-all-kinds are not really necessary since main channels will broadcast all FS events LIVE. As well as almost all other sports.

TV schedule on official sites - Russian TV's:
Channel One:
Or 'united' here:
Eurosport: "Davai Sochi - Review"

National TV channels:
ТВ Гид / Olympic TV Guide


LIVE Stream for all channels above can be found here:

Россия / Россия-2 (Rossiya-1 and Rossiya-2) - "official" site:

Россия (Rossiya-1):


Первый канал (Channel One, 1TV):

НТВ+ Спорт (NTV+Sport):
НТВ+ СпортХит (NTV+SportHit):

НТВ-ПЛЮС Спорт / Спорт Плюс (NTV-Sport Plus):

Спорт ВГТРК (Sport):

HD Спорт (HD Sport): (only in Russia!)

by let`s talk
30 Jan 2014, 17:30
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Добрые пожелания для Евгения || Good wishes for Evgeni

plush48 :son-ce: :bra_vo: :du_el: :pisa_tel: :plush1: :plush17: :plush10:

Дима Билан и Эдвин Мартон сочинили олимпийский гимн в честь Евгения Плющенко /
Dima Bilan and Edvin Marton composed Olympic anthem in honor of Evgeni Plushenko "I can"

Скачать / Download (mp3) - eng/russ:

‏ @Yanni:

Congrats to our friend @EvgeniPlushenko -All the best for his 4th Olympic games competition!
by cekoni
01 Feb 2014, 03:11
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