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Re: Пресса & Новости о Жене || Press & News about Plushy

Hello Plushy Friends! :ya_hoo_oo: plush48

Italian Newspaper Article (10.02.2014) from "La Stampa" a national paper based in Torino, the Italian city dear to Evgeni!

Here is the Google translation in English:

Here is the Google translation in Russian:

Here original in Italian:

As always and forever: GO Plushy, GO! :co_ol: :plush46:
by MariangelaVcc
11 Feb 2014, 12:55
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Re: Интервью Жени || Evgeni's interviews

Hello Plushy Friends!

Interview 14.02.2014 by Eurosport in ENGLISH: ... 46229.html

Most important Zhenya is feeling better!!!

:co_ol: :son-ce:
by MariangelaVcc
15 Feb 2014, 22:19
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Re: Интервью Жени || Evgeni's interviews

Hello Plushy- Friends.
I wrote down the transcipt of the recent CNN interview, the video I found is only a 2.00 min abstract.
Here is the link to the video ----> Plushenko: If I can help people, I will:
(same as "Plushenko: I was told to skate injured"

This is the transcript. In brackets () you can find my notes, or description of his gestures so make it more understandable as possible.

TRANSCRIPT: (you can google translate into Russian)

PLU: I'm not able to say now what happened. But if you ask the President of Russian (skating) Federation he's going to explain everything.

CNN: What has happened?
PLU: He's going to explain to you. He's going to explain why I tried to skate. Why the other skaters didn't skate.

CNN: Did you want to compete?
PLU: Yes, I would like to compete, of course (I wanted to compete) and, of course, we have only one man who can skate in Olympic Games, because last year the guys who skated in Worlds came 15th and 17th.

CNN: So the pressure was on you to compete, however fit you were, because you had a better chance at a medal.
PLU: That's right . Right ( he gestures with hand as if to say YOU said it, not me)

CNN: Is that fair?
PLU: (sighs) You know, like I said, I tried. When we came to the Team Event everybody understood we can win Silver or Bronze. We came first: we won the Olympic Team Event. After that the Federation said o.k. do you want to skate? How do you feel? I said, well I feel not so good.
I feel problem after long program in Team Event. I missed two jumps : triple Salchow and triple Loop because I already felt my muscles (holds his back) sore. And I explained to my Federation: better maybe if somebody else going to skate. I asked them.

CNN: and they said?
PLU: What happens, happens.

CNN: So they told you to skate.
PLU: Yeah.


plush48 MY personal Opinion :I think Zhenya was saying at the end that the Russian Skating Federation wanted to take a risk with him after good performance in Team Event, even if he told them about severe back problem. If he had recovered, we know that his total score made in Team Event was worth a virtual Bronze. So Russian Skating Federation made a calculated risk, unfortunately we all know what happened, but it's safe to say they made the right choice!!!

:plush29: :plush46:
by MariangelaVcc
17 Feb 2014, 16:51
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Re: Пресса о Жене, интервью Жени || Press about Evgeni ON Ic

I do not know Russian, but i know English! I assume it is a way of saying that Zhenya has to promise not to skate until doctors say he can! To "subscribe" with " blood" in a metaphorical sense! To really, really promise!
Ciao! Hope I helped!
by MariangelaVcc
26 Feb 2014, 20:53
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