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Re: Мужчины - КП & ПП || Men - Short & Free Programs 13/14.0

Dear Zhenya,

You are a legend, and more than that, A HERO.
You skated despite injuries more times than we can count.
Thank God you stopped today, before something more serious happened!!!
Your country, your friends and your fans from all around the world are proud of you, and for us, you will always be No. 1.
You gave us many many years of beautiful, passionate competitive skating, that eventually took the sport of figure skating to a whole new level. Look at all the skaters today. THEY ARE THAT GOOD BECAUSE OF YOU!!! You inspired the sport, and the individual skaters as well, to move forward and perfect themselves and the entire sport.

It goes without saying that WE LOVE YOU.
You can now focus on your beautiful family, and do anything you want to do - you're very young, life is ahead of you.


Krisztina, Hungarian fan since around 2001...
by Noondarkly
14 Feb 2014, 00:41
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Re: Добрые пожелания для Евгения || Good wishes for Evgeni

no matter what happen all the time, u are great all the time wish u many health and no pain!!!!! I send u love from slovakia!!!! the country which love you!!!! :-): :plush45: :ro_za: :ro_za: :ro_za: :ro_za: :ro_za: :ro_za: :ro_za: :ro_za: :ro_za: :ro_za:
the medail or olympic games are not important!!! when u will be healthy u can do everything on this world!!!!!

pls dont be sad everything will be alright!!!!!!

lenka from slovakia košice
by lenik
13 Feb 2014, 21:59
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Re: Добрые пожелания для Евгения || Good wishes for Evgeni

Thanks for everything, you are our Champion! The King! :k_i_n_g:
Now you only have to think about your health. A hug from Italy,
by vanex83
13 Feb 2014, 22:58
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Re: Дискуссии о Жене || Discussion about Plushy

Can someone translate the discussion that you're upset about? I've been reading in some US news that ppl in Russia, including Yagudin and Urmanov, have criticised Zhenya for pulling out, the skating federation for selecting him over Kovtun, and even accused Yana of masterminding a Plushy PR stunt by having him compete in the team and then pull out in the individual event. I don't even understand how people can think this way. Anyone can see that he is one of the toughest competitors ever. He never gives up. The fact that he did should indicate what unbelievable pain and potential danger he was in. I, for one, was worried that he'd compete and permanently disable himself. Also, Zhenya's never played the politics of the sport. He competes pure and simple because he believes in greatness instead of manipulation. Yana's great at PR but Zhenya's off-rink life is quite different from his on-rink one. He doesn't "play up" his showmanship in the sport and engineer little PR coups; he's just a natural artist and showman on the ice. Plus, he was so important in helping to win the team gold. He anchored the entire team with his performances. And finally, have any of his detractors tried themselves to compete at Olympic level a year after spinal surgery? I think not.
by Jia Jia
15 Feb 2014, 01:40
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Re: Пресса & Новости о Жене || Press & News about Plushy

Another surgery coming up on March 2nd. :(
It seems a screw snapped. I wonder if it happened during warm up. Get well soon!
Thanks for link :plush39: .... here is more about his surgery: :mi_ga_et: :plush34:
by cekoni
22 Feb 2014, 22:05
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