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Re: Добрые пожелания для Евгения || Good wishes for Evgeni

Dear Evgeni!

I am your so hot fan during many years. I always have admired you very much. You are the great star in figure skating. I always could compare you only with Canadian figure skater Toler Cranston. Your skating is sport plus art. For me you are the great actor on ice always. In this so hard minute for you, I want to wish you to be quiet, patient, and strong.

I was born and lived in Volgograd during many years. But six years ago I moved to Grand Prairie, TX, USA where I am so happy with my beautiful husband. By the way I have the same problem with my back for many, many years and I know what you can feel better than many others. You are a hero always. You are the best and I hope that soon we can again look at you when your beautiful form.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for your every great, spectacular performance for us. Be happy, be healthy always.

Svetlana L. Gutierrez and family
by SvetlanaLGutierrez
14 Feb 2014, 07:24
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