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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

I think that Havier Fernandez here praised Plushy and compared him with Nadal... can someone to help us with translation? :plush39:
Por otro lado, no vio con malos ojos la vuelta del ruso Evgeny Plushenko. "Nadie va a conseguir tanto como él. Es como si hablásemos de un Nadal, que lo ha ganado todo y sigue y sigue. Ha tenido muchas lesiones, operaciones, problemas de espalda, pero quiere seguir. Es un patinador de alto nivel y si trabaja duro se puede poner en el podio con 32 o 33 años, así que tengo que entrenar sabiendo que si vuelve no me puede pasar", aseveró.

.... probably same .... :mi_ga_et:

Javier Fernández: “El oro Olímpico está en mi mano”:

I can help with translation! It says:

"Nobody is going to win as many (competitions) as Plushenko.
On the other hand, he doesn't disapprove of Evgeny Plushenko's return. "Nobody is going to achieve as many things as he has achieved. It's as if we talked about Nadal, who has won everything and he keeps on going. He has had many injuries, surgeries, back problems, but he wants to keep on competing. He's a high-level skater and if he works hard he can reach the podium being 32 or 33 years old, so I have to train knowing that if he (Plushenko) returns, it can't happen to me", he said" (I'm not sure what he refers to here... maybe getting to the podium?)

(sorry for any mistakes, it's my first time posting here!)
by themythoftheair
24 Apr 2015, 17:14
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