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Re: Kings on Ice 2014 - Bucharest, Romania 07.10.2014

Hello everyone,

I want to share some of my thoughts about the amazing day of 7 october 2014, the day when I saw Evgeni for the second time skating live. :is_te_ri_ka:
Last year, when I found out about the show, I bought two tickets, fr me and my mom and started to count the months until the big moment. When I found out that the show is canceled, and then rescheduled ,I gave away the tickets because I was sure that Zhenya wouldn’t come, after his surgery and everything. Somehow I didn’t want him to come because I thought that it’s too soon for him to skate in a show after his back problems, surgery. I thought that he’d better stay and fully recover and maybe I will see him next year. :a_g_a:
The day of the show was quickly approaching and I realized that he is actually coming and I didn’t have tickets :sh_ok: . I talked to a friend, and she said that she got that covered, and we will have the tickets before the show.
I know a few girls that love skating as much as I do, we know each other from a Romanian sports forum and we met in 2012,of course at the Kings on Ice show. We met on Monday to buy some Romanian souvenirs for our favourites ( some of the girls love Lambiel, some of them Joubert etc. :) . We didn’t know how we would manage to actually give the gifts, but we hoped that we will get the chance if we got at the venue earlier the next day.
(In 2012 we found Plushy playing “football tennis” outside the venue and we got the chance to give him the gifts and watch him doing something else , besides skating :mi_ga_et: . But that was a different venue ,an actual ice rink, that now is demolished ,and we couldn’t enter and see any rehearsals there, the bodyguard actually kicked us out ;;-))) ).

So, on 7th of October, that rainy rainy day, I met at 3 o’çlock with the girls in front of the Hall and started to think how could we get in, since clearly from the back entrance we couldn’t. We went to the official entrance, and one of the girls asked the security man if we could get in and he said “YES”. We were so surprised and so happy. We entered the hall and I saw the ice rink ( so small for those great champions),my heart started to beat really fast and couldn’t believe that we actually managed to get in and we will see the rehearsals and stuff that you normaly don’t see if you’re not part of the crew. I was looking everywere to see him, of course, but he wasn’t out yet. When he came and started to warmup near the ice rink I was in heaven, when he went on ice it was magic, even though he was just skating around, I was pleased that I get to see him so close.
The Pics and autograph:
After he gave that interview to our friend Flori from Inside Skating , we saw the girls (I think Anastasia&her sister) that stopped him for the pictures, so we thought that the moment is good for us too. So we stopped him too and gave him the gift, and took pictures. He is amazing, a wonderful person. Even though he was clearly tired, he stayed and took pictures with everyone, he was all smiles and very charming. I had a few things to say to him, but I couldn’t, I was so nervous and I didn’t want to bother him, that I actually ran away after the picture. You can see that in the video that cekoni took(5th part). I hope he didn’t think I was crazy : )))))))
We took pictures with Brian, Tomas and Stephane also, all of them great guys, they were very friendly and polite, even though we bothered them with autographs and pics.
I watched the rehearsals and it was perfect for me, being there, seeing everything so close, watch him joke around with the others, dancing and then a part of the program for the show. He is amazing!!!
The show was great all in all, from the romantic Lambiel to the sexiness of Tomas, everything was just amazing. Zhenya was the best of course ,I watched him almost without breathing , knowing that that was a moment that I will never forget.

(I forgot to say that my friend didn’t get the tickets, so in that day I went and bought the ticket, and my seat was waaay up high, I got dizzy just walking up the stairs :kli_ny: )

So…that was my amazing day, one that I will never forget, the rainy day when, on small,modest ice rink in Bucharest, I saw for the second time the great champion that I love and watch in every competitions for I think 14 years…Evgeni Plushenko. :-): 
For me , Zhenya is the best skater ever, he is unique and I don’t think that someone like him will soon be born. He is a true talent, on ice he is not only a great skater ,but a dancer ,an actor, a comediant, he is lovely to watch and he has a “thing” that nobody else has. I watch him intensely since 2001,I was 14 then, and I just fell in love with his skating, and told my mom that one of my biggest dreams Is to see him skate live . I couldn’t see him in competitions, but I got to see him twice in Kings on Ice. And I’m happy.
So thank you, Evgeni Plushenko for coming and for showing us pure talent,perfection and dedication!
I wish him to be strong, stay healthy and never forget that he is the best , and for me the only KING ON ICE.

That’s all from me. I have the pics down here, the last is from 2012 the rest are new from this year.

Kisses to all!

by SylvieMimi
15 Oct 2014, 01:24
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Re: Kings on Ice 2014 - Bucharest, Romania 07.10.2014

- One touching story :plush33: - on 4' you can heard how Plushy says: "Now much better" ... It is in fact a continuation of the story that we had few minutes before. Then I deliberately turned-off camera, approached him and quietly asked him: "Did really does not hurt you anything, I mean - the spine... really?" He told me that the wound has not completely healed (vertebrae), but it is much better than before (with screws) ... and he began to turns and lifted the sweatshirt to show me the scar on his back. I almost screamed: "No, I saw it, I do not want to look it!!" :plush44: :plush27:
At that point he turned to me, smiled warmly and widely... suddenly hugged me and said in my ear: "My friend!". He so strongly embraced me, as if he really lacks friends, who will believe him on the word. :plush34: I returned him hug, and was a very touched at this point - I knew that he did not need words, just a hug. :plush36: It lasted a few moments, but it seems to me like a real eternity....
Then he started to joke and continued with warmup ... when I turned the camera, the first thing which he said was sentence at the 4 minutes: "Now much better!" :plush34:

I saw that moment, when he turned around and pointed to his back injury. I remember telling the girls "Look, he is showing her his back and wondering if he is in pain or something :plush27: . Truly a touching moment.
by SylvieMimi
15 Oct 2014, 03:52
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