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Re: Kings on Ice 2014 - Bucharest, Romania 07.10.2014

Here not have any "behind story", just watch Plushy on ice - warmup, practice jumps, gliding, spins... :plush32:

2014 KOI, Bucharest - backstage, part 8/10 (18:20h):
by cekoni
14 Oct 2014, 16:32
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Re: Kings on Ice 2014 - Bucharest, Romania 07.10.2014

Now follow the most interesting moments... :mo-ro_zi_vo: Plushy is so funny and sweet and... :plush33:

2014 KOI, Bucharest - backstage, part 7/10 (18:00h):
- Fiona Zaldua & Dmitry Sukhanov off-ice practice
- Plushy off-ice warmup and Alexander Liubchenko & Jean-Denis Sanchis acrobats practice
- warmup on ice Verner, Joubert, Lambiel...

Some details, which was not recorded... :mi_ga_et:

- 35" of video - Plushy jumped (before this moment) an incredible jump over my head :sh_ок: - so I asked him to repeat it... In video is not so high jump (as jump before), but enough spectacular! :bra_vo:

- One touching story :plush33: - on 4' you can heard how Plushy says: "Now much better" ... It is in fact a continuation of the story that we had few minutes before. Then I deliberately turned-off camera, approached him and quietly asked him: "Did really does not hurt you anything, I mean - the spine... really?" He told me that the wound has not completely healed (vertebrae), but it is much better than before (with screws) ... and he began to turns and lifted the sweatshirt to show me the scar on his back. I almost screamed: "No, I saw it, I do not want to look it!!" :plush44: :plush27:
At that point he turned to me, smiled warmly and widely... suddenly hugged me and said in my ear: "My friend!". He so strongly embraced me, as if he really lacks friends, who will believe him on the word. :plush34: I returned him hug, and was a very touched at this point - I knew that he did not need words, just a hug. :plush36: It lasted a few moments, but it seems to me like a real eternity....
Then he started to joke and continued with warmup ... when I turned the camera, the first thing which he said was sentence at the 4 minutes: "Now much better!" :plush34:

P.S.... Anastasia - whether Plushy somewhere in the 5' minutes danced in front of you "Sexy and I Know It"? :hi_hi_hi:
by cekoni
14 Oct 2014, 01:44
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