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Re: Пресса, интервью|| Press about Evgeni ON Ice

А что ты не поняла? Операция на шее по поводу грыжи между 6 и 7 позвонками. Заменили диск между ними.
Такая же операция, как и та, что была на пояснице. Но, говорят, на шее легче.
But doctor say only removal of a hernia in the cervical spine :du_ma_et:
Надо подождать интервью самого Жени :du_ma_et: .

Girls, he didn't have 2 surgeries. In order to heal a hernia you have to remove the hernia (the jelly like thing inside the intervertebral disk) and then fill in the space with an artificial fusion. You don't just remove the herniated disk and leave the space between the 6th and the 7th vertebrae empty. You have to put something between the 2 vertebrae to allow the normal motion of the spine and in time they create a fusion and it blends with the 2 vertebrae like a normal natural intervertebral disk.

The way the surgery was done depends on the doctor's choice. It can be done by cutting in front of the neck and access the cervical spine from front side. Or cut on the back of the neck.

@cekoni: "By Yana, doctor removed hernia and replaced intervertebral disc ... i dont understand - one more disc (now in neck), or there were 2 operations - on neck and back."

The 6th and the 7th vertebrae are in the cervical spine, located somehow in the middle of the neck as anatomical position. Intervertebral disks are from the base of the skull down to the coccyx (end of the spine). He replaced the herniated disk in the neck (cervical spine) not in the back (lumbar spine). :plush36:
by ~Natalia~
15 Mar 2016, 17:42
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Re: Intimissimi on Ice - Verona, Italy 07-08.10.2016 (2 show

Plushy's interview...

Evgeni Plushenko: «Che tristezza quelli che pattinano fino a 50 anni»:


It sounds so not like him..... I have a very strange feeling with such a phrase and from where did they make up the interview. He never said such thing about skating. To the contrary, he said skaters should try be in the sport as long as possible. I do not say he should compete, but to say he does not want to skate for too long because it is sad to skate until your 50, is not Evgeni. My take on it...
Either a phrase invented by the journalists or he was in a very bad mood to think like that.
I doubt he will feel happy not skating at all in shows in a few years. Skating is his life and what he loves the most, he always said it, he even said it last year in the interview from Armenia.
And Philippe Candeloro is 44 and still jumping the back flip.
by ~Natalia~
09 Oct 2016, 04:47
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Re: Вне льда (cтатьи,фото,видео)|| Evgeni OFF the ice

Thank you cekoni...
Mmmm...I never liked hokey to be honest, I don't know what he finds so cool about it, but well.
I would have liked to see him in more artistic things rather than in hokey, which is an extremely dangerous and violent sport...
I don't know why I don't like it that he is now involved in a professional team, having professional matches and all.. I don't find anything attractive in hokey, he is so beautiful when he skates, artistic, emotional, full of heart. I've always seen him graceful and sensitive on ice, like a ballet dancer. Hokey is just not him.
I am not sure if this means he will have matches all the time, or he is just playing as a hobby?...From what I see this team is professional? Sorry, I don't know anything about hokey so I might not understand well what he is doing...
I dont like also :plush34: ...but i think that this is just Plushy's "current hobby" :hi_hi_hi: We must not forget that he dont have enough free time when he was little, to play games with other boys :plush36: also, he is not obligatory to play whole season because to me seems that he is some kind of "mascot" to popularize the club :mi_ga_et: ... I think the league is mixed pro-amateur players :ne_vi_del:
I know what you say, and men are sometimes just bigger children. I really hope he won't be doing this too often or for too long, because it's way too dangerous and violent. I had the great idea to go and search for hokey accidents on youtube and google (because I knew it's a very violent sport) and that was enough for me to actually hate he is involved in this.
by ~Natalia~
25 Oct 2016, 12:08
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Re: Женя и его тренер А.Н.Мишин || Evgeni and his coach Mish


"Этим летом, уже после второй операции, он был свеж, бодр, у него не было даже предпосылок к явлению под названием "координационная старость". Женя прекрасно прыгал, и со своими тройными акселями, четверными тулупами, харизмой, опытом и артистическими данными очень неплохо бы выглядел в нашем фигурном катании", - сказал Мишин.
Специалист добавил, что молодые фигуристы не спешат занимать лидирующие позиции в отсутствии Плющенко. "Современному фигурному катанию молодой Плющенко был бы очень кстати. Ему, конечно, трудно делать четверные прыжки, по сравнению с молодыми лидерами мирового катания, а на фоне наших новых фигуристов Плющенко смотрелся бы очень неплохо. Хочется сразу вспомнить разговоры перед Олимпиадой в Сочи о том, что он закрывает дорогу молодежи, но сейчас дорога открыта, но молодежь по этой дороге бежать не хочет", - отметил Мишин.

Here is precise translation.... :mi_ga_et:

"This summer, after the second surgery, he was fresh, cheerful, he did not even have trace of a phenomenon called "coordination of old age." Zhenya jumped well, and with his triple axel, a quadruple toe loop, charisma, experience and artistic values, he will look very nice in our skating, "- said Mishin.
The specialist added that young skaters are not in a hurry to occupy the leading position in the absence of Plushenko.
"To modern figure skating, young (former) Plushenko would be very helpful. To him is certainly difficult to do quadruple jumps, compared with young leaders of world of skating, but compared with our (russian) new skaters - Plushenko would look not very bad. I would like to immediately recall the conversations before the Olympics in Sochi, how he closes the road to the youth, but now the road is open - but young people do not want to run on this road."


Lala, 2nd article is just paraphrased Tass interview, and that, very bad! :st_op:

Cekoni, that sounds completely different from what I could understand from Russian :kli_ny: It translated to me like "Plushenko among the younger skaters would look very bad". I was like whoa?! Why would Mishin say that, and it contradicted the first part of the interview.
by ~Natalia~
01 Nov 2016, 02:24
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Re: Pán Ľadu 2016 (Kings on ice) Словакия (3шоу) 1-3.12.2016

Дарина wrote:Storm (Zvolen) ...

He is crazy)
Girls who will go to Cluj, support him well there :bra_vo: :bra_vo:

For sure we will!!! He has a whole army here :bra_vo:
by ~Natalia~
07 Dec 2016, 13:50
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Re: Другие интересные новости || Other interesting news

Javi will publish his autobiography next month! The prologue will be written by Plushy and Brian

translated by xibsuarz:

He met him in Jaca, Spain, when he was 7 or 8 y/o, and he was a very bad skater back then
Despite his success, he is still the same person. He says his coach has helped him reach his dreams, and Javier tries to improve everyday. They are a true team.

He is getting physically and mentally stronger. He said his concentration is one of his fortes, and he gets goosebumps when he sees him jump. .......
Sorry, can you replace "he, his, him"... with names - i dont understand who said what :smu:sche_nie: :plush39:
From it seems everything above is what Evgeni said about Javier :plush45:
by ~Natalia~
02 Nov 2016, 22:00
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Re: Полнейший оффтоп

Dear Svetlana....
In moments like this I hardly find my words, but I want you to know that even though I haven't been registered here on the forum for a long time, I've been reading here for years, and I always, always appreciated your attitude, your presence here. You simply felt Evgeni. You felt his soul and feelings, even among a lot of difficult moments or when people threw garbage at him; you felt him. You always could read beyond the surface.

I met her a couple of years ago (at one of Evgeni's shows) and she was kind, funny, open, helping.

I know, in such moments, words fall short, and fail to relieve the pain. I just know that you see all this, and that above all and everyone's thoughts and words, Evgeni's words this morning reached to you. And I'm sure you couldn't hold back the tears like I cannot hold mine now.

by ~Natalia~
24 Nov 2016, 22:11
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Re: Pán Ľadu 2016 (Kings on ice) Словакия (3шоу) 1-3.12.2016

I admit I'm still worried with his injury. Last night appeared this article from the same site, and they detailed a bit what happened. I don't believe the press 100% for some reasons, but anyway, I don't know what happened to him.

In the article they say he cut 3 tendons on top of his hand. The problem is-- if he cut 3 tendons, there is no way he could have moved his fingers and in the close-up video someone filmed on instagram from Kosice he clearly moves all his fingers normally. So he couldn't have cut his tendons as they say. Then I see he has his hand in a fixed cast, even if in Kosice he moved his hand and fingers freely. I don't know what happened to him.

A cut finger tendon make you absolutely unable to move and flex your finger. He moves them.

What I am worried about is that a cut finger tendon means there is no way to fix it but with surgery which takes a very long time to recover after, and it's very complicated recovery time. That's why I am worried. But as long as he moves the fingers-- the tendons are not cut. Maybe something else happened and the press again understood it all wrong?

Can anyone of you girls ask Ari what happened and if Evgeni will need any kind of surgery and then tell us what he said? maybe Ari will answer? I cannot ask Ari because he's not following me on instagram and if I send him a message he won't see it, he has to accept the request, etc., etc.. If he followed me I would have asked him already.

All we know is from the press and we all know what press means.


This is the article from last night:

with rough google- translate:

Plushenko did not stop in Košice injury

The hospital had to come back after the show.
3. dec 2016 o 0:00 Monika Almášiová

Evgeni Plushenko performed Thursday at the Steel Arena great show. Although two-hour performance was compromised by injury, figure skating fans can finally come into their own.

But the sympathetic athlete even at night waiting for the doctors to give him three cut the tendons in the hand treated.

Thorough hard time experienced organizer of the show, Mr. Roman ice Hodoň of 212 agencies at the dress rehearsal before the performance at the Steel Arena in fact the biggest star Evgeni Plushenko skated injured hand.

"He tried to turn somersaults, but somehow it did not work out skates and hit the arm. I did not see anything, but its like running out of ice, "Hodoň clarify the situation and admitted that at that moment it would be the blood of a hinge.

The organizing team immediately drove skater in the traumatology University Hospital.

"Whacking a three tendons at the back of the hand. At the hospital, he's busted, they put a splint and obviazali. "

According Hodoň Pľučšenko even for a second did not think that would be prominent.

While it was possible, given over two hours on ice skaters take turns further and, if necessary, fill the program.

"He has already had so many injuries that this is one of the easier." ( idiot press again- one of the easiest my ass, a cut tendon is a serious thing, they clearly have no idea what it means )

To the doctor for twice

If not for his bandaged hand and foreword in Russian before vykorčuľoval ice, no one would have no idea that another half an hour before he was in the hands of doctors.

"Absolutely not rattle him it was nice and peaceful. Rather, it frightened all around, "says organizer.

"Right after the show we drove him back to the hospital. They did X-rays, and gave Dosil fixed splint. We are very grateful Kosice physicians are excellent approach. "
by ~Natalia~
03 Dec 2016, 18:53
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Re: Kings on Ice - Bratislava, Slovakia, 29.11.2016

It would be helpful if someone could translate a bit what he says.... I mean I understand Russian like 60% but not all.
Maybe someone could write down what he says and google translate would be more helpful then :a_g_a:
by ~Natalia~
30 Nov 2016, 16:20
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Re: Pán Ľadu 2016 (Kings on ice) Словакия (3шоу) 1-3.12.2016

„Skúšal skákať salto, ale nejako to nevyšlo a korčuľou dopadol na ruku
Čítajte viac:
Не иначе, как сальто дурацкое прыгали, и он на руку упал :plush34: .
Честно, как можно рисковать ради какой-то ерунды?
Не подстрекали бы его с этим сальто :plush43:

I actually saw what he did...
In Kosice at the rehearsal you know Brian tried and did the salto. Then, in the afternoon, Ari posted on his facebook a video with Evgeni trying the salto. He actually did it, he jumped it, he landed on his legs, and right when he landed it some of the guys who held him fell down. After that, in a couple of hours, Ari took down the video from his facebook...

After I found out about his accident, I thought oh god... this is when he injured himself. But my opinion, after seeing the video, is that Evgeni couldn't have injured himself, because he landed it on his legs. I think the guy who fell down right next to him hit him with the skate somehow. It was hard to tell because it was filmed from far away. All I know is that Evgeni didn't fall doing the salto.

Please Irina, ask Ari what happened and if Evgeni is ok or if he will need surgery....
by ~Natalia~
03 Dec 2016, 22:36
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Re: Pán Ľadu 2016 (Kings on ice) Словакия (3шоу) 1-3.12.2016

It's so stupid to read only the press and their interpretation. :-( And Evgeni didn't say anything and I asked my friend who is a doctor and told me 3 cut tendons is serious, so inevitably I worry :-(
Irina asked Yana? What did she say, is it true what they said in the press? :du_ma_et:

Я спрашивала Яну,она написала,что разговаривала с Женей по телефону,он ей сказал,что растяжение.. И еще сказала,чтобы мы не волновались.

Thank you! :plush39:
by ~Natalia~
03 Dec 2016, 23:41
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Re: Pán Ľadu 2016 (Kings on ice) Словакия (3шоу) 1-3.12.2016

My sister talked to Ari, cause Ari followed her page. I put here what Ari said....

She asked if it's true that he cut 3 tendons and Ari said "But he skates, all good". Then she asked "Did he cut his tendons or broke his hand? and Ari said "Cut".

That's all he answered....
Maybe Yana didn't want us to worry, who knows. I really hope he is fine and he will recover soon.
by ~Natalia~
04 Dec 2016, 01:43
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Re: Pán Ľadu 2016 (Kings on ice) Словакия (3шоу) 1-3.12.2016

Yesterday Tomas said to the audience Plushy can't jump because he broke a piece of his first and cut the tendons. Despite to the all medical prohibitions he skated, jumped once and made brutal hard footworks. He prcticed salto, yes. :plush34: :-)

Rather than see him skate and risk his health (if he was advised to not do it) he better reschedules the shows.
I still don't know who is lying and why, because I don't have a good feeling about this. Tomas Verner says 3 cut tendons, Ari says cut tendons, Yana says sprained wrist and nothing serious.

I am supposed to see him in Cluj on December 9th, and instead of being happy I am upset and don't know what to think anymore. I am upset because his health is more important and I don't like him to risk his health for anything.
And I am also upset with all the contradicting information. Whoever says the truth and whatever happened to him. I might be subjective or not, but among all I think the one who would not lie is Yana. But then again what do I know.
by ~Natalia~
04 Dec 2016, 17:37
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Re: Kings On Ice - Cluj-Napoca, Romania 9.12.2016

Girls I am on mobile. When I get home tonight I will share!
It's so much to say!
I am Natalia from the instagram Darina posted, so I have so much to say! :-)
by ~Natalia~
10 Dec 2016, 11:09
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Re: Kings On Ice - Cluj-Napoca, Romania 9.12.2016

Дарина wrote:Natalia, so happy for you. Everything went perfect? We are waiting for your reports!)

It went more than perfect! Just for everyone to know, he is in great shape! I post more soon, he was unbelievable. I think he cannot believe it himself, he was overwhelmed
by ~Natalia~
10 Dec 2016, 15:38
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Re: Kings On Ice - Cluj-Napoca, Romania 9.12.2016

Дарина wrote:And we are waiting for our Lala here too. I read she presented a book of fan arts to Plu. I wish he posted it on Instagram, not only the bra))))

Yes, we were with her! We are friends :a_g_a: She also bought us presents and we thank her very much, so sweet of her! :plush33:
by ~Natalia~
10 Dec 2016, 18:07
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Re: Kings On Ice - Cluj-Napoca, Romania 9.12.2016

Ok I’m home!

My goodness, from where to start…
This was the most beautiful day in my whole life, I am still ecstatic!

I will try to not write too much, because as much as I have to say it would take pages.

I arrived there at the arena with my two sisters, Tatiana and Anna. We went there around 15:00 and entered at the rehearsals with the help of a wonderful person from Quantum Media staff (the Romanian organizers), we know each other and this is how we were able to take part in the rehearsals this year and last years also.

Now-- Evgeni. He stood beside the ice for quite some time, until they retouched the ice, and he then entered on the ice to warm himself up. As you know, I was a bit worried with him, but I won’t get much into details because I figured out some things, and media and journalists allow themselves to read everywhere and then run and post things they shouldn’t and that aren’t true. All I can say is that he is definitely in very good shape, he warmed up, he jumped a few triples in rehearsal with no problems. He was all smiles, joking either with Edvin, Ari, so as you know him, a delight to look at.

At the show, he let himself waited a lot. What I mean is that he usually tends to enter the ice either in the beginning or at least in the first part of the show. Now, he didn’t enter in the beginning, nor in the first part of the show. He entered in the second part of the show, after the 15 minutes break. There was so much expectation, you could feel it in the air, people were watching and watching, waiting for him to come on the ice and again Brian Joubert, again Stephane Lambiel, again Tomas Verner, again Florent Amodio, again the pair skaters. The air was getting thick. You could sense people were waiting for him !

Until the moment he stepped on the ice, looking gorgeous as always, all in black.
The entire hall, and I mean the entire hall exploded. You suddenly heard screams and clapping that wouldn’t end, it felt as if we were at a boxing match.

He skated “Storm”. Pure perfection, with all his moves, the entire classical choreography, the gorgeous jumps, the crazy footwork. At the end, the hall exploded, he got standing ovations, it felt as if an earthquake happened! Evgeni was overwhelmed, he couldn’t erase the smile from his face, he was shining.
As Ari put it “We had standing ovations for “only” 20 minutes”. "Only 20 minutes"! :plush26:

Me and my sisters got him 11 roses each of us, that would make 33 roses. I had white, Tatiana red roses and Anna orange roses. After “Storm” he came to us and we gave him the roses, he was really shining, he came to us saying “Hello! Whoooa!” when he saw the roses, we actually were the only ones who gave him flowers at the end, and they were like 33 roses. He kissed us, we kissed him. I don’t even need to say how gorgeous he is in person, even more than in photos or videos. I don’t care what people believe or say- he is breath-taking .

At the end, we wanted to go backstage to congratulate him and take some pictures with him. We went towards the artists’ entrance and met Ari. I asked him if we could go talk to him and take picture with him, to which Ari was so kind to tell us smiling “Romanian or Russian?” I tell him “Romanian” not knowing why he asked and he said “Ok come with me”. He took us with him backstage, he let us wait 2 minutes on the hallway to go to Evgeni and tell him. While Ari was still with us, I hear Evgeni screaming from the dressing room, I was laughing literally, it went like this (Evgeni was in a very good mood) :-) :

Evgeni: Ари!!!
Ari: да
Evgeni: Идите сюда!
Ari: А что?

Ari went to Evgeni’s dressing room and told him something in Russian (I don’t know if Ari thought that it was safe because we were Romanian, and he thought we didn’t know Russian, but I actually know Russian pretty well, not everything, but I understand most of it), so Ari told Evgeni that some beauties are waiting for him outside. :-)


Ari comes out and tells us “Girls, come with me”. I thought he takes us to Evgeni’s dressing room? I didn’t know. He took us to a separate room, and told us to wait a few minutes here that Evgeni will come to us. So we waited. Ari kept walking around there, running from a side to the other on the hallway, there was no one there besides us, and from time to time Ari came to us telling us “Take something to drink, really, whatever you want!” He is the nicest person!

We were waiting there in that room (that we then noticed it was Stephane Lambiel’s dressing room) and we hear on the hallway Evgeni “Giiiirls?” and just before we even had time to make big eyes when we heard him, he entered in the room where we were.

I cannot even begin to say what an amazing, sweet, peaceful person he is. We talked for like 10 minutes with him, he asked us from where we were, we told him we came from Bucharest, almost 12 hours by train, and he was amazed and he was like “Oh, and you came from Bucharest for me?” and we were like “Yes.” Then we talked about his show, about the fact that we will see him in Bucharest on 8th of April, he said “Yes, just a few months and see you again! Time flies, it’s just a few months.”

Then we took pictures, congratulated him again, he thanked us for the roses, he told us right before leaving “And take care, ok? Take care of you, and a Happy New Year, right? Because it’s coming soon!” Of course we wished him health, to take care of himself.

And that was the most beautiful day in my whole life.
I will post some photos and the two programs he skated. Also from the rehearsal. I just have to take them from my photo camera, I’m working on them.
And we also took a picture with Ari because he is the nicest person on earth, and we thank him for everything he did for us.

Me with Evgeni

Tatiana with Evgeni

Anna with Evgeni

The rest from the show soon!

And we were so happy to meet lala630312 again, we know each other since last year, we met at Evgeni's show also in Cluj.
Thank you for the presents, it was so nice of you :plush33: See you again in Cluj next year when Evgeni will come again!
by ~Natalia~
11 Dec 2016, 03:56
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Re: Kings On Ice - Cluj-Napoca, Romania 9.12.2016

he asked us from where we were, we told him we came from Bucharest, almost 12 hours by train, and he was amazed and he was like “Oh, and you came from Bucharest for me?” and we were like “Yes.”
and this is exactly was he? :sh_ок: not the Marton? :-)
Yes, it was him. I am sure of that, because he was blonde with blue eyes :-) We met him in a very talkative mood :hi_hi_hi: He was in a very good mood :a_g_a:
We wanted to meet Edvin, but I don't know where he was after the show.
by ~Natalia~
11 Dec 2016, 12:03
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Re: Kings On Ice - Cluj-Napoca, Romania 9.12.2016

I don't know how to make the video visible here, I tried all the versions but it doesn't work other way. What should I select?

Here is the link

by ~Natalia~
11 Dec 2016, 13:28
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Re: Видеомонтажи || Video montages

Natalia, it's your creativity? Cute! :plush46:

Evgeni Plushenko/Евгений Плющенко - The world is not enough for him


Yes, everything on my channel are my video creations :ro_za:
The message of the song is one that I always though it fits him so well

"The world is not enough"
I know how to hurt
I know how to heal
I know what to show
And what to conceal
I know when to talk
And I know when to touch
No one ever died from wanting too much
The world is not enough
But it is such a perfect place to start my love
And if you're strong enough
Together we can take the world apart my love
People like us
Know how to survive
There's no point in living
If you can't feel alive
We know when to kiss
And we know when to kill
If we can't have it all
Then nobody will
I...I feel safe
I...I feel scared
I...I feel ready
And yet unprepared
The world is not enough
by ~Natalia~
11 Dec 2016, 16:03
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Re: Kings On Ice - Cluj-Napoca, Romania 9.12.2016


Again, if someone could fix the link for me :ro_za:
At the end when he is all smiles, you can see how happy he was, I've never seen him so overwhelmed by how people received him, it was madness!
He couldn't take that beautiful smile off his face, I had tears in my eyes because of happiness looking at him!
by ~Natalia~
11 Dec 2016, 16:15
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Re: Kings On Ice - Cluj-Napoca, Romania 9.12.2016

Natalia, you shot his speech and the Final?
Lala, we are waiting for your impressions. Show us your book, please. :mo-ro_zi_vo:

He didn't speak in the end, he just thanked Ari and said "See you next year!"
I didn't film the Finale, I was too euphoric, couldn't concentrate on filming, maybe someone else grabbed it :smu:sche_nie:
by ~Natalia~
15 Dec 2016, 11:12
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Re: Kings On Ice - Cluj-Napoca, Romania 9.12.2016

So true, but I wish he had close people who do not make money on him. I think it is important for him but very dangerous when they always push him. Do this, do that, you can do it etc. I'm still in shock about his back flip attempts :kli_ny: :plush44:

It's not really like that, I think you should really not worry about that.
You know-- Evgeni has a very strong character. If he does something it's because he wants it. If he doesn't want to do something, nothing can push him.
If he tried the back flip it's because he wanted to. No one makes money of him, if he makes money it's because he is so wanted all over the world, people ask him to come everywhere. His name alone makes money because his presence ANYWHERE is a guarantee for success.

I can tell you for sure he is ok. I saw him. All I can say is that the only ones who do not respect him or his privacy or the ones who do not like him are mostly the media/journalists. Not the people in his team.

The people who kept supporting him to go to competition did it to support something he always adored. With the risks that he had, with the injuries he had, but is he the only skater in the world to have 4 Olympic medals, or isn't he? I'm very proud of that, very proud of him.

The real winners are not those who never fail but those who keep going despite hardships.

I was worried myself too, you know I told you. But then, when I saw him in front of me-- god, this man exhales fire. He is pure energy, pure strength.

You know, those of you who saw him face to face-- despite his rather fragile appearance-- in reality he is smaller than he seems in the videos, he is very very strong. Not shorter, no, but his body is fragile, delicate. By the way, a side note-- he's definitely not 1.78m. I am 1.69m, and I stood next to him in the photo (I'm the brunette), and I had some boots with very high heels and platform and especially I measured myself on those boots and I was 1.77m. In the photo you can clearly see he is definitely 1.80m. That's why lala630312 says he is tall. He really is! Just that he is delicate, and don't get me started on how gorgeous his body is; you can see every single muscle on him. There, I said it.

by ~Natalia~
16 Dec 2016, 20:32
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Re: Kings On Ice - Cluj-Napoca, Romania 9.12.2016

Natalia, Lala, I know that Evgeni is a strong person. But as well I know about two artifical disks in his spine. And also I saw that the only one commentary pushing him to try back flip was Yana's one. Maybe it's just what he needs. But I saw his answer. He did not look excited about trying it... And why he should do this acrobatic element now if he didn't try it in his life ever? :ne_vi_del: This is dangerous and childish. That's what I think. We need him healthy.
You are perfectly right, of course it was a stupid thing to do, I think he was carried out by the adrenaline, maybe he was like "Joubert can do it? Whoa, why can't I?" and well....
I saw Yana's comment and Evgeni's answer, but it was in a joking way.
Anyway, I saw the video of his salto, even if it was from far away, and he didn't fall. He actually landed it. It was the other idiot next to him who was holding him that fell at the end exactly when Evgeni landed it, and I think it was then when he hit him over his hand with the skate.
by ~Natalia~
17 Dec 2016, 04:05
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