Press on English about Evgeni after LP

Зимние Олимпийские игры 2010 в Ванкувере || Winter Olympic games 2010 in Vancouver

Re: Press on English about Evgeni after LP

Postby Doll » 07 Mar 2010, 00:23

:ya_hoo_oo: Congratulations Plushy!!!
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Re: Press on English about Evgeni after LP

Postby AnyaNikolaievna » 07 Mar 2010, 04:56

Truly a great honor! Evgeni Viktorovich should be VERY proud!
"Show what you are capable of!" -- Evgeni Plushenko


"Was there ever a man who loved, who loved not at first sight?" -- Christopher Marlowe
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Re: Press on English about Evgeni after LP

Postby cekoni » 07 Mar 2010, 06:28

This is, actually, comment of one musician, in some kind of internet Guest Book of "Russian House" in Vancouver :mi_ga_et: ... mment-6556
THE MACHINE | February 19, 2010 8:55 PM

What happens when Evil Can evil jumps across the Grand Canyon? You may be awarded silver, but many people can see that you won the gold (you took the risk and that should be awarded for your success)!! No matter what nation or what individual you are- you are gold (even if the politics, judging, and other factors are against you - just like Elvis Stoyko said on the article I read today posted on Yahoo)!!

Let me say this, figure skating judging definitely needs improvement in the area of judging and the system by which is currently used to award points. I do not care what nation is involved or who is involved. I'm not an expert in this field, but I do have a background in playing the piano and writing music and I know when various athletes or couples skating are not synchronizing to the music properly (like staccato, arpeggios, four beat notes, and so on). Furthermore, I also know and understand that taking risk, like in stock market investing, and achieving success, normally represents greater rewards (like Elvis mentions about performing the quad in the article posted on Yahoo today). This being said, I think that the Russian should have won the gold medal the other night, and any figure skating individual or couple who synchronizes to the music wonderfully (like the Canadian couple tonight), deserves the real reward of gold! Does this make sense? When I say this, I mean common sense - not politically correct sense or marketing sense!!
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Re: Press on English about Evgeni after LP

Postby cekoni » 17 Mar 2010, 10:13

OK... quite old, but as a kind of "review" (not posted before texts here) reaction on the final outcome about Plushy at the Olympics Games.... :mi_ga_et:

********************************** ... ngman.html
February 19, 2010

... Philippe Candeloro of France, the 1994 and 1998 Olympic bronze medalist, said: “Evan did a very good job; all the jumps were clean. But my problem is, I didn’t see any quad. For me, it could be much better for the ice skating world if Plushenko can win. It would be more respectable. People who like skaters, like warriors.”

Yet, Boitano and Candeloro thrived under the old 6-point scoring system. There is a new system in place now, one that values completeness over big tricks. Plushenko did not calibrate his Olympic program accordingly.

It may be thin consolation, but there is no small sympathy for Plushenko’s point of view about the quad. Brian Boitano, who always viewed himself as an athletic skater, said, “I agree with him that figure skating needs to progress and get more technical.


translation from spanish by Ximena from EPD forum

Mr. Olavarrieta (an ISU technical caller) said that in his opinion, Evgeni should have won. In the video, both are in Spanish, he said that while he thought Evgeni had the advantage; then he talked about the PCS scores and he said that the problem is that the difference between them comes from a very subjective point, the appreciation of the program but he thinks Evgeni should have beaten Evan by more in the Performance mark...

At the end he says: "Gold, my Olympic Gold is for the mental strenght of Plushenko."


translation from the Russian newspapers, also by Ximena

Anton Sikharulidze, who is the Chairman of the Duma Committee on Physical Culture and Sport has been very loud abuot the bad work the Olympic Russian commitee is doing, and he talked about Plush.

"What happened in Vancouver with Plushenko was an accident. Zhenya is the best skater in the world today. He should be commended his the return, his "silver", and be persuaded to stay in the sport to Sochi-2014, where he has all the chances to win."

Anton has always been very confident in Plushenko and when Plush was growing up, Anton kept refering to him as his little brother. Remember, Anton & Elena skated with Moskvina, so it was not weird that he saw Plushenko a lot. During his commentary for 2002 Oly's in SLC, Anton said:

"I think that Zhenya doesn't need to be disappointed, everything is still ahead of him, he is such a fighter. I think that very soon we will see many many gold medals, from different competitions, including at the next Olympic games..... I think that in the next ten years we will loose count of all the medals which he owns."


VIDEO: ... vse-21771/

Irina Rodnina (three-time Olympic champion, ten-time world champion):

Plushenko did everything

"No one Olympics the Americans did not leave without at least one medal in singles skating, because in the U.S. is most to develop this area. They all clearly figured in the women's skating in America this year, nothing on earth, and they focused on their men's singles skating.
Plushenko, as an athlete, did everything, even though I was the biggest skeptic in his return.
Silver medal at the Olympics - is a tremendous achievement, and it reached them individually, together with a coach, choreographer and his wife. And if the Russian skating federation did what was expected, then we would have a gold medal."


Also Rodnina, about "new" rules and russian sports officials...

"... Yes, Plushenko struggled, no doubt, and even with that skating could be a champion. Libra swayed, Evgeni not lost, the American did not win, but turn things in our direction, leadership of the national federation failed.

- Specifically Piseev?
- In the first place. Previously responsible for a team of skaters are not sat in the stands and fought furiously - with colleagues from other countries, judges, representatives of the international federation. This is not about banal bribes, no. With people need to talk, the form relations. With Piseyev not one want to talk, he has no credibility, he is not respected. Moreover, I heard very disparaging remarks about him. But the question is not only the reputation of the one individual. At stake is the honor of Russia figure skating. Why scream that we are not satisfied with the current system of judging? Not like this model - offering own. But how to do this, if we are almost completely lost representation in the international sports movement? Laws and regulations are written without our participation. That and you must to play on someone else's rules. Figure skating is judged today on plans proposed by the Canadians. And who's to blame?..."

------------------------------------------------------ ... 04156.html

Elena Tchaikovskaya: "Someone had to be blind, to so modest evaluate performance Plushenko in Vancouver"

About protests for Plushenko: "Someone had to be blind, to so modest estimate Plushenko's performance in the short program with a fantastic skating. With objective judging, he would score at 10-15 to break away from rivals, and looked up only 0.55! I nor believe, that he lost an long program. Absolutely not believe!

But the leaders of the Federation of figure skating in Russia have remained silent, because there was Ice Dancing in front, where the emphasis on the couple, and to spoil relations with the judges would not be "smart"."
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Re: Press on English about Evgeni after LP

Postby Doll » 18 Mar 2010, 00:03

cekoni wrote:OK... quite old, but as a kind of "review" (not posted before texts here) reaction on the final outcome about Plushy at the Olympics Games.... :mi_ga_et:


Thank you so much for sharing this Cekoni! I can't find much in the American papers. The majority of it is negative about Plushy. :plush43:
Thanks again! :plush45:
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Re: Press on English about Evgeni after LP

Postby cekoni » 18 Mar 2010, 10:19

More "old" Plushy interviews translated from russian newspapers... :mi_ga_et:
---------------------------------------------- ... 90269.html

Interview after SP...

... Today I had a completely different feeling than before in Salt Lake City and Turin. Perhaps, with each Olympics, every season, every start is becoming harder and harder. Why? It's not even that I am getting older. Is difficult, because I must constantly prove with my skating, why I can. You all know what a difficult situation now was in Russia's team at the Olympics. According medals we are going badly. In the Olympic village, really attacked me from all sides, not just Russians, with the words: "You can, you can!" I just want to close somewhere, and nothing not hear.
The first part of story is finished. All battle is ahead, in the long program. Once again - I will accept any result. I am a man, and also not from iron. Everything is possible. But, I will try to the maximum...



translations from EPD forum, by Ximena ...

- What have you learned after the Games?
- It is necessary to carry out with my work. and jump quadruples. I already have my music for the next season, we'll do the transitiosn, the in-between, much better.

- If you say that you have chosen the music for the next season, does it mean your return is permanent?
- In the summer I need to do two surgeries. Remove a cyst from my Achilles tendon and heal my knees. I will have surgery in Germany, I already have talked with the doctors there. Then we need to see how it will heal and recover. But I already know who I will be working with in my general physical preparation, I'll pay more attention to it. In short, I know how I need to procede.

- After these Olympic Games will you change someone from your team?
- I won't. We will probably invite some experts, but in general it will remain as it is. Probably I will change my image, nevertheless I believe this season was perfect. I like my programs and my team. ....


Plushenko will stay away from politics, but he will remain in the sport
People are the most important for me

Yesterday in the northern capital landed a flight with skaters, the Olympians. The first in the arrivals hall in Pulkovo dressed in red, Zhenya Plushenko wearing training pants and his choreographer, David Avdysh with his shaggy hair.

Skaters immediately were showered with flowers.

Evgeni, you are the real champion! We are your fans! We are always with you! - cried the most exalted fans.

- I want to say thank you to everyone who supported me. Those who are interested in sports, knows how difficult it is to return. What efforts need to be done for it, - Zhenya spoke franklu - The people for me are the most important thing. There are, of course, a bunch of people who thing and write negatively. They write blogs full with all sorts of abominations. What can I say to them? Only wish them good luck in their difficult task and they may continue to write.

There was not offense in Plushenko's voice, nor any despondency. Apparently, he has coped with the emotions caused by his defeat....

Plushenko is already making plans for the future. But the sad eyes of his mother, who came to meet her son and quietly stood next to him, eloquently reminded everyone what was the price for this medal. Evgeni skated after a set of injections due his determination to come back and perform.

- For me the season is not finished, - confessed to the athlete. - In late March, we will perform at the World Championship in Turin, as long as my health allowes it. Then we will do a small tour and then I will go see my doctors in Germany. I need to do an operation on the meniscus and remove the cyst in foot - it prevents me to learn new elements. I should give up being a deputy, I need to focus on the sports. I have an strong desire to perform in Sochi. But it will be difficult to do if the Figure Skating Federation did not revise its methods of work. They did not provide any material and financial support. And pay it from my pocket is fundamentally wrong....


Evgeni Plushenko: I make money to feed three families

- Last summer you explain that your return to compete was not about the desire to win an Olympic medal but because you wanted to feel once again the adrenalin when performing. Did you get what you wanted?
- Evgeni Plushenko: I did. In sports you know for sure what will happen tomorrow, next week, a month ... Sometimes, of course, something happens and it's very hard and there are ups and downs. But in general, the outcome has been more than positive.

- There is a saying that those who come back to sports are those who could not find themselves in their everyday life. You were engaged in politics, on shows, hosted TV programs...was that adrenaline not enough?
- Evgeni Plushenko: You know, no athlete wants to lose their best years. Why should I give up a performance at the Games, if I was able to go? Many who rushed to finish their career for sure would like to be in my place. Olympics is a real spectacle, a holiday. It does not compare not even with the World Cup, it's a different set of passions and emotions. So I weighed all the pros and cons and decided that at 27 years I could still skate, set records and to prove that a person can be capable of so much more...

- Your former colleague, Elena Berezhnaya thinks quite differently. In an interview before the Olympics, she said she now follow the competition with great relief: that the people there are under terrible pressure, but she, at home, was watching it on television in cozy slippers.
- Plushenko: I also had that feeling after the Turin Olympics. Back then I needed a break. I needed to rest, recover, and I just wanted to try something else. And then that old excitement came back ... I think I am that kind of man, I can not live without risk and adrenaline. If I'm in a car, I will for sure want to get all the power of the engine to the end. And if I play paintball, I will certainly wan to run ahead and to knock all the opponent out of the game.

- And how fast have you gone in a car?
- Plushenko: 320 kilometers per hour.

- In the city?
- Plushenko: It was during a test drive in one of the automobile clubs. They arrange races on a special ground or runways.

- You are not afraid?
- Plushenko: My life flew in front of my eyes, the first record was in the "Mazeratti", 260 miles per hour! Yes, even on winter tires ... That course I was frightened (he laughs). And then, when the professionals started to teach me extreme driving, the fear disappeared... And while it was not present, it was still terrible, thuogh you go that fast just for a small part of the way, but it is also interesting to feel...that kind of horror.

- Let's go back from racing to figure skating. At what point this season was the hardest for you physically?
- Plushenko: Throughout the season was very difficult. Sometimes, I just got tired of skating. And then with the my coach Mishin and my choreographer Advysh we decided to take a break, then I came back two days later and began to enjoy it again. The beginning of the season, it was all some kind of madness ... My muscles and joints ache horribly. I thought that I would never be able to get ready and that I should forget this ridiculous idea of coming back.

- And what was the most difficult moment psychologically?
- Plushenko: Sometimes I would come in for trainings and I could not perform a basic element. And I just couldn't understand it, why I can't? It was very difficult to do a whole program, I would do just two elements and then the rest I just didn't have the strenght for it. And I began to doublt myself: why I can't do it?

- When were you finally convinced that it was the right decision?
- Plushenko: Once I went to compete. For example, at the Grand Prix in Moscow, I was there to skate with dignity, there were a lot of spectators. After that, many believed finally about the the reality of my comeback.

- Some experts say that you didn't have the time to get in better shape and set your programs in a better way. Do you agree?
- Plushenko: Nonsense, time was enough. And people can say anything ... Here, for example, now that I'm back from Vancouver, due the time difference I can't sleep. So, I start reading internet articles and someone wrote: if Plushenko had done the combination 4+3+2, or simply added to the program another jump, he'd have won and I want to say, it's all nonsense ...

- Why?
- Plushenko: Well, look - in the short program, three judges on "Skating skills" they put me on the 21th and 22th places. Computer for some reason did not eliminated any of those marks; and on the contrary, it eliminated those who placed me first... Under the current system, with the alignment of judicial votes, you can win and with the same success, lose. Don't think that I want to attack the new rules, they are not bad - but they need to be refined.
And I was very surprised by the position of our federation. Its president Piseev said: at the European Championships in Tallinn, Plushenko skated much better than in Vancouver, he especiallu compared the free skate. In Estonia, I missed the triple lutz, I doubled it. And in Vancouver I have fulfilled all the elements clean, and it was better performed from an emotional point of view. Well, what can be said now, it is necessary to forget everything and move on ...

- Your sound resentful.
- Plushenko: Yes. See other athlete's footwork was marked in level 4, but throughout the season they had only level 3 and they didn't make any changed in Vancouver,did they do an extra loop, make twizzles from both sides? And mine were on level 3 and stayed there. Why they gave me in some elements level 3 when throughout the entire season they have put me level 4? Simply because someone said: Plushenko do not make enough turns and have basis transitions.

- Do you think about a judges' conspiracy?
- Plushenko: You know the story of the overseas referee, who sent a letter to his colleagues calling to mark European skaters lowe. There was a whole publicity campaign ... And at the end it has worked. After the short program I was supposed to win at least by five points. And as a result, the same gap was just 0.35. But our federation has not even reacted to that...

- Why would you the ISU (International Skating Union) withhold?
- Plushenko: The fact is that because of the lack of new names, the interest in figure skating has fallen all over the world. Before the ISU sponsors gave $ 22 million for advertising during television broadcasts, and now the amount has dropped to 6 million. The prize-money in other sports are growing, but here have fallen twice. And one of the leading American show - "Champions on ice" just closed. The ISU is trying to artificially unleash new stars.

- Well, let's change the subject. Eight months that have passed since your return to the sport, what you take from it?
- Plushenko: I proved that I'm still a good athlete. Now on training I do elements that I used to do when I was eighteen. I've started to jump 3ax-4t again and I returned to the elite world of figure skating. Although I've lost a lot, financially. Due my trainings, I gave up exhibitions and while the fderation promised to compensate all the losses, they never did.

- Was it a big amount?
-Plushenko: On the sum of six zeros. At the same time in an airplane while returning from Vancouver, they told me: "How can you complain that we don't help you? The ice time is paid for!"

- You stated that in March you are going to compete at the World Championships in Turin. Were you joking or saying this seriously?
- Plushenko: I am now flying to Switzerland for some exhibitions, I will be there for eight shows.I have to earn money to feed my three families. If I can keep my Olympic form, I will go to Turin. If not, I will cancel my trip...

- Three families?
- Plushenko: I was referring to my current family Yana, my sister with her three daughters plus their parents. And I still have my son whom I have to pay alimony.

. What are your long-term plans?
- Plushenko: I really want to perform at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, and that's not just me talking. But before it is necessary to survive. After the world championship I have planned an extensive tour through Europe and in two Russian cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Then it will be necessary to meet with my doctors in Germany. They will examine the meniscus in my left leg and probably remove the cyst on my the right achilles tendon. After that, it would depend on my health.

- Alexei Yagudin, after all the overload, they had to put a metal implant in his leg. Aren't you afraid to follow his example?
- Plushenko: I have a lot of operations already. If I do everything in mind and in time, I can expect a good result. Anyway, I would like to believe that.
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Re: Press on English about Evgeni after LP

Postby aysu » 19 Mar 2010, 03:00

Enough about this Olympics,but I made some analysis of the event :
(I don't know is there anyone here who read Harry Potter books,I read all of them and I'm going to compare some of the characters from the fifth book "The order of Phoenix" with the ones in the vancouver olympics)

Evan Lysacek& Patrcik Chan : Gregory Goyle & Vincent Crabbe ( first I decided to call Lysacek Draco Malfoy,but no,he is not even Draco Malfoy:)
Frank Carroll : Lucius Malfoy
Jamie Sale : Dolores Umbridge ( definetely!) ;;-)))
Octavia Cinquanta: Cornelius Fudge
Western Media : Death Eaters, plus all the junk of Rita Skeeter's journals
Judges : "Dementors"
Lori Nichol : Peter Pettigrew
Evgeni Plushenko : Harry Potter ( in this book everybody hates Harry,media attacks him,based on nothing,everybody talks ill of him ,only his friends and the order of phoenix supports him,etc,etc,etc,yes he has many similarities with Evgeni in this case-just for this book)
US : We are "The Order Of Phoenix.... :a_g_a: :a_g_a:
Politics : Voldemort ( they can deny it, but it/he exists ) :-)

To the ones who haven't read the books,this won't mean a thing I know, but the ones who read, would agree with me, :a_g_a: of course something can be added..
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Re: Press on English about Evgeni after LP

Postby cekoni » 19 Mar 2010, 03:03

Alexey Mishin about Plushy :plush33: ... interviewes and press conference after returns in Russia :mi_ga_et:

.... translation from Russian by Ximena from EPD forum... :plush39:
---------------------------------------------------------- ... 94160.html

Plushenko's coach Alexei Mishin: "You can not measure Plushenko's actions with measures ordinary people"

What were your feeling at the Olympics, when you saw that Plushenko came out in second place?
- I was very upset! Without exaggerating, this is one of the most tragic moments in my sporting and coaching career. On the other hand, not that I actually expected it, but I didn't rule out such turn of events.

However, Evgeni admitted after the competition that when he did all the technical elements, he didn't doubt of his success...
- I think he said that because he was confident in his abilities.

Before the free skate, you didn't share with Plushenko your doubts?
- No, to discuss this topic at that moment would have be a complete nonsense. Would you have wanted me to do with the athlete everywhere telling him over and over: "You know, you have to be careful!" That is wrong ...

But if he was armed, he could have prevented it...
- Not in this case. Believe me, it would have been a mistake.

But if Evgeni had done two quadruples on the free skate, then the judges would not have put first Lysacek and all this issue would not have happened, right?
- We must look at things realistically about what we did. I think we very sensibly and wisely built the program. Now the critics say that it was required to do this and that. It's easy to give backdated advice in newspapers, criticizing. In my opinion, this is approximately the same as blaming Yelena Isinbayeva in using the wrong setting pole when jumping.

Anyway, soon is the World Championship in Turin. I can imagine that Evgeni is extremely motivated to win this tournament?
- Yes, he is. But at the same time to win gold, it's a big challenge. There is always a risk, one mistake - and you are 10th. I mentioned Isinbayeva - she lost the world championship in 2009, because she did not take the initial height. In figure skating is all the same, you don't get the right hight, and everything falls apart.

Do you think Plushenko will be able to mantain his highest level for another four years before the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi?
- Of course, it will not be easy. But he is set to go on. After all, Evgeni tried to return to figure skating a year ago. We went to training camps, but then his injury started to bother him and the German doctors said that this was a very serious matter, and it was required first to recover from the injury. Since then, many people no longer seriously believe in his return, and when in August 2009 he first appeared at the training camp in Novogorsk and began to do a triple axel's and combinations "3+3", everyone experienced a real shock. So, Plushenko is an absolutely outstanding person. Figuratively speaking, we have the meter which is a meter, but for him, it's one and a half meter. So it is wrong to mesure his acts the same way we mesure the rest of the people. If I remember well, he is the only single skater who left for three years and came back, and he did it triumphally.

Before the Olympics in the North American press started a campaing against your pupil. What do you think about this?
- His return before the Games in Vancouver caused a panic in the world of figure skating. And last fall at the International Skating Union there began to distribute a disc, which shows how to skate. So, Plushenko was presented as an example on how not to skate! And all around me they began to ask me "but where is the 'transitions'?" But wait, it is like in the 100 meter race we no longer look for the speed, than on the way the move on the race! For the Canadians and American participants they needed to find a way out, and there was a substitution of concepts. So, we now run by a peculiar "penalty range", but I am sure, figure skating still will come back to the main track. Which is the right direction Plushenko is going.

05.03.2010 ... reader questions...

Our Plushenko

Reader question: I have the impression that at the Olympics Evgeni was very calm, confident, even cocky: how it was possible for him to be that calm?
- Alexei Mishin: If you, during trainings, see that the total amount of complex elements are done better than your competitors, it creates a sort of materialist basis for this confidence. Evgeni won all his previous competitions, and he often had "bypass" very strong skaters. This provides the foundation for his confidence, or as you said, for his self-confidence. After all, when Evgeni goes out to the ice, skaters fear.

Reader question: Its very touching how people are handing over their chains and gold rings for Evgeni's "People medal", but how has Evgeni reacted to this?
- Alexei Mishin: We are following this closely. If this was an initiative of the a charlatan, we would have stopped it inmediately, but since it is due the good wishes of figure skating fans, we really cannot reject it.

Reader question: Is it hard for you to train Evgeni? In the sense that Plushenko already has so many statuses and awards, that he could deal with the trainer work itself.
- Alexei Mishin: It's not about awards. Coaching Evgeni is both - hard and easy. And the reason is due his great sktill talent and accumulated knowledge of figure skating. It is easy to coach, because he suggests the solution of some issues. And at the same time is hard, because he has a pretty high level of knowledge of figure skating, and each council should be adressed in a very smart and wise way, which is not often that simple to do.


Alexei Mishin quotes from press conference 05.03.2010. in St. Petersburg, from different news sites....

About Plush being in Sochi:
"That's an issue that raises many doubts. To assure you of this would be unreasonable, but he really wants it".

About Plushenko and the new system:
"We have taken into account all the specifics of the new system, and all the nuances that are associated with it. But another thing is that before the Olympics in Vancouver, the US-Canadian part of the Internation Federation of Skating panicked and sent to the offiice a disc that was "What is wrong in figure skating and here is an example with Zhenya's performance".

About the help (or lack of) of the Fed for Plushenko to prepare:
"If it wasn't for the assistance of a well-known cosmetic company who wanted to sponsor Evgeni, we would not have been able to prepare for the Games and win a medal".

About Russia's performance at the Olympics:
"We are lagging behind in the methodological aspects, this is realted to the single coaches. We are lagging behind in the organization structure. We are lagging behind in the process of making laws for this. The flawed legislations prevents some sports to evolve".

Commenting on the prospects for Russian skaters' performances on the next Winter Olympics in Sochi, Mishin said that so far does not see the brightest young stars in this sport:
"We must not only start from scratch, but we also have to execute a Bulgarian dance on hot coals to do something (for the Olympics-2014)."
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Re: Press on English about Evgeni after LP

Postby Kiireke » 19 Mar 2010, 03:10

aysu wrote:Judges : "Dementors"

;;-))) definitely!

aysu wrote:Politics : Voldemort ( they can deny it, but it/he exists )

ah...and I hope it will end like in the book. Brave Harry Potter will beat Voldemort :mi_ga_et:
К вопросу о СМИ:
Нас будет трое, из которых один раненый; в придачу неопытный юноша, а скажут, скажут, что нас было четверо.(с)
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Re: Press on English about Evgeni after LP

Postby Doll » 19 Mar 2010, 20:39

Kiireke wrote:
aysu wrote:Judges : "Dementors"

;;-))) definitely!

aysu wrote:Politics : Voldemort ( they can deny it, but it/he exists )

ah...and I hope it will end like in the book. Brave Harry Potter will beat Voldemort :mi_ga_et:

:plush46: Ha ha!
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