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http://www.cbc.ca/sports/blogs/2009/09/ ... headi.html
September 14, 2009, Posted by Pj Kwong

Canada's the team to beat heading into the new season

Canada has established itself over the last two seasons as the No. 1 figure skating nation in the world.
With a medal in three of the four disciplines at both the 2008 and 2009 ISU World Figure Skating Championships, we are the nation to beat in the upcoming season.

This past week in Vancouver, Skate Canada has held its high performance training camp for the top 22 figure skaters in the country, including all four defending champions.
Among the activities planned for the athletes was a media scrum held after the practice sessions on the second day, where over 40 accredited members of the media got the chance to ask the questions they wanted of all the skaters.
Although the attention is clearly on the more well-known names, like Canadian men's champion Patrick Chan, it is clear that skating in general seems to be on the rise in popularity among the journalists, as evidenced by the number of questions for all of the skaters in the room.

Chan and Joannie Rochette, the Canadian women’s champion, were both silver medallists at the world championships in March.
This season, they are choosing to make their mark with superb free programs from choreographer Lori Nichol, showcasing their newfound maturity.
Patrick is skating to "The Phantom of The Opera" and Joannie to "Samson and Delilah." In each case, the skater is expressing the story from which the music is taken – using their interpretation and characterization to help frame their free programs.

Not an easy road

Despite the quality of the programs, it isn’t going to be an easy road this season as “comeback” seems to be the name of the game with a number of Olympic medallists returning to competition.

Earlier this year, American skater and 2006 Olympic silver medallist Sasha Cohen announced that she would be returning to competitive figure skating in the hopes of finally achieving gold in 2010.
She will have her work cut out for her with the 2008 world champion from Japan, Mao Asada, and defending world champion from Korea Yu-Na Kim already at the top of the heap both technically and artistically.

Also returning to the international scene are Russia's Evgeni Plushenko, the 2006 Olympic champion, and Swiss Stephane Lambiel, who won silver in Turin.
The defending world champion from the United States, Evan Lysacek, will be skating with a no-holds barred attitude, while Brian Joubert of France will no doubt be trying to vindicate himself after what he considered to be a disastrous bronze medal finish at the worlds in 2009.

A lot has changed in the last four years. The “comeback kids” are really going to have their work cut out for them if they are going to maximize the points under the judging system which has continued to evolve since the last Olympics.

Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison, Canada’s pair champions and world bronze medallists in 2008, have returned to a more romantic feel to their free program using music from “The Way We Were” soundtrack.
It is the sense of connection that they were going for in what Bryce calls a return to their “comfort zone.”

Sentimental favourites

China’s two-time Olympic bronze medallists from 2002 and 2006, Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao, will undoubtedly be sentimental favourites having announced their return to skating in time for this season. Many skaters have said that it is very hard to leave the sport if you didn’t get the chance to accomplish what you had hoped and this is the case with this Chinese team.
The two-time and defending world champions from Germany, Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy are early favourites as a result of technical but not necessarily artistic prowess.

Ice dance Canadian champions and two-time world medallists Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are both in excellent shape. Their bronze medal at the worlds last year is considered to be somewhat of a miracle considering that Tessa had spent the majority of the season off the ice due to surgery on her leg.
Their free dance in competition at the worlds was only the fifth time they had done their program. Having seen their free dance to music from Mahler’s "Fifth Symphony," it can be accurately described as a masterpiece.
The difficulty, the musicality, and the passion with which they skate the program will certainly give them an edge in heading for an Olympic podium finish.

There will no doubt be lots of competition from the 2009 world champions, Russia's Oksana Domnina and Maksim Shabalin, and Americans Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto, who were the 2006 Olympic Silver medallists.

Only in the Olympic season does the competition get serious right off the bat and this one is no exception.

The Grand Prix series schedule has been altered this season so that the competition starts in France and ends in Canada. This means that the final spots for this year’s ISU Grand Prix final, which will be held in Tokyo in December, will not be decided until then.
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Sorry, Anuradha :plush36: ... Plushy will not come to Finland :mi_ga_et:



Van Der Perren Kevin BEL
Martinez Ian CAN
Brezina Michal CZE
Minkkinen Mikko FIN
Nurmenkari Ari-Pekka FIN
Virtanen Valtter FIN
Brummer Clemens GER
Liebers Peter GER
Bacchini Paolo ITA
Zelenka Karel ITA
Mura Takahito JPN
Murakami Daisuke JPN
Takahashi Daisuke JPN
Domanski Przemyslaw POL
Menshov Konstantin RUS
Voronov Sergei RUS
Berntsson Kristoffer SWE
Sazonets Vitali UKR
Carriere Stephen USA
Johnson Alex USA
Frank Kerstin AUT
Samson Myriane CAN
Ikonnikova Olga EST
Korpi Kiira FIN
Lepisto Laura FIN
Poyito Susanna FIN
Dytrt Annette GER
Hecken Sarah GER
McCorkell Jenna GBR
Marchei Valentina ITA
Sawada Aki JPN
Takeda Nana JPN
Doronina Ksenia RUS
Leonova Alena RUS
Helgesson Joshi SWE
Helgesson Viktoria SWE
Bereswill Becky USA
Oberstar Molly USA
Geil Kira-Matsyuk Dmytro AUT
Kiudmaa Kristina-Trohlev Aleksei EST
Lindholm Henna-Kanervo Ossi FIN
Beier Christina-Beier William GER
Herrmann Carolina-Herrmann Daniel GER
Kerr Sinead-Kerr John GBR
Towler-Green Phillippa-Poole Phillip GBR
Hoffmann Nora-Zavozin Maxim HUN
Pajardi Isabella-Caruso Stefano ITA
Platonova Anastasia-Grachev Alexander RUS
Beknazarova Alla-Zuyev Vladimir UKR
Frolenkova Nadezhda-Kasalo Mikhail UKR
Summerset Jane-Gilles Todd USA
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By Jean-Christophe Berlot, special to icenetwork.com

Figure skating season begins in France

(09/14/2009) - There were two hot topics in Orléans this past weekend as the elite skaters of France gathered for their first competition, the French Masters. Brian Joubert was supposedly unveiling his new free program, crafted by former ice dancing world champions Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviski. The other subject that got tongues wagging was Isabelle Delobel's baby, which was expected to arrive during the competition.

Though both stories gained a lot of steam, and The Masters, allowed for a valuable review of French figure skating on the eve of the upcoming Olympic season.

Joubert's new program

Many were wondering about Joubert's new free program.
"Finally, this is a winning program," one international judge present in Orléans commented after seeing it.

Joubert's 2008-2009 season ended in turmoil, as he cut ties with former coach Jean-Christophe Simond and decided to train again with Laurent Depouilly, who had helped him win his first European Championship in 2005. Many then wondered how Joubert could renew his repertoire and undertake the necessary changes to his skating style.

"We decided to keep last year's short program," Joubert explained. But Joubert will be skating a new free skate this season. After long discussions, the team finally decided to ask Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviski to help him build what should be his Olympic free skate.
Joubert missed his quad in both the short and free programs in Orléans, and he lost to 2008 Junior Grand Prix Final winner Florent Amodio. His showing, however, reassured federation experts and judges.

"I am well aware that there is still a lot of work ahead of me," Joubert said. "Yet I am on track. And I love this program."

Delobel's baby is still on its way

"Is the baby there yet?" Pernelle Carron, one of Delobel's best friends and a teammate in Lyon, did not hesitate to ask.
No, Delobel's baby was not showing up yet. Olivier Schoenfelder, Delobel's on-ice partner, was in Orleans to commentate the competition for a television sports channel (Schoenfelder is also studying journalism). He also agreed to comment on the duo's own situation for icenetwork.com.

"Isabelle kept training until an advanced stage", he explained. "She stopped around seven-and-a-half months of pregnancy." In the second half of July, both of the duo's new programs were ready. Schoenfelder trained with Delobel until she had to stop, after which he started training by himself again. Schoenfelder had already endured such a period of training alone earlier this year, when Delobel injured her shoulder at the Grand Prix Final.

Many experts were concerned about Delobel's pregnancy itself and the weight she might have gained. Schoenfelder was reassuring on this point.
"Isabelle's pregnancy went really well, and this is quite a chance. She did not gain much weight, and after she stopped training, she went to the Alps, [with her husband Ludovic Roux, a skiing coach] and I know she was really careful there. Now the main thing is that birth itself goes well". In fact, the time Delobel needs to recover prior to coming back to the ice will depend heavily on how the baby is born.


Four men are in contention for the two Olympic berths France has. Joubert has already qualified for one, but Yannick Ponsero, Alban Préaubert and Amodio have just three months to grasp the other.

Ponsero finished fourth at the 2009 European championships. He has worked on his amplitude and keeps improving on his consistency. In Orléans, he had trouble with both of his programs, and his trademark quad Salchow eluded him.
"He is working so much," his choreographer Claudie Lucine said sadly.
"I train mentally also every day," Ponsero assured.

Préaubert, who is the most experienced internationally of the three, seems to have gone back to his humorous style, at least in his short program to "William Tell's Overture," where he portrays a horse rider. Préaubert's free program is quite different, however.
"I skate my free program to rock 'n roll, which is quite unusual in the men," he explained. "I am a big fan of the Rolling Stones, and my parents have the complete edition of their works. I went to see them in their last tour, and I felt their music would set fire to the rink!"
Préaubert finished third in Orléans, just ahead of Ponsero. Amodio, who won the Junior Grand Prix Final last December, worked with a choreographer for the first time in his career. Alexander Zhulin and Stanick Jeannette, a former European medalist, devised his two programs.
"Here I am, just brand new to this competition. I am here without any objective, simply to skate my two programs as well as possible," he said earlier. His victory proved that he was on the right track.

The upcoming Grand Prix events should provide good indication about which of the three will skate in Vancouver next February.

Ice Dancing

Along with the men's competition, ice dancing is traditionally the field where French skating is at its best.

The sport, however, had to endure something of a tsunami at the end of last season. In addition to Delobel's pregnancy, the third-ranked team of Carron and Matthieu Jost decided to split. The duo had just wrapped up a credible ninth-place finish in Los Angeles when Carron announced to Jost that she would not be skating with him anymore.
So the Carron-Jost couple gave birth to two new pairs, as both Carron and Jost are now skating with new partners. Neither team, however, can qualify to compete in the upcoming Olympics, as neither Carron nor Jost's new partners are of French nationality.
Carron teamed up with Lloyd Jones, a 20-year-old ice dancer from Great Britain. The duo devised their programs themselves.

"We had hoped that Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon [who came to Lyon last June to create Delobel and Schoenfelder's free dance] could help us as well", Carron explained. "Yet we did not have the budget for it, so we decided to create our routines ourselves. So it is like our babies!"
"Indeed," Romain Haguenauer, who coaches Carron and Lloyd in Lyon explained, "We have given them only a little help. They have done most of the work themselves. This way, it reflects their own personality, which helps them a lot, as a starting couple, especially since Lloyd still has limited experience."

Jost paired with Olga Orlova, a Russian skater who had been training with Nikolai Morozov in the USA for the last four years.
"I was in contact with Morozov at the time when Pernelle announced that she was leaving me," Jost recalled. "So I knew that Olga was by herself. Two hours after we met, our legs were matching, it was incredible. I have to admit that Olga is taller and more powerful [than Carron], so actually it is easier to skate together".

Meanwhile, Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat have been training actively. After taking fifth place at worlds in Los Angeles last March, they skated in the French and Japanese skating tours and returned to Moscow to create their new programs. Last summer they spent a month in Epinal, in the east of France, with their coach, Alexander Zhulin. Both of their programs were entertaining, creative and highly technical.
"Our work has given us more amplitude and maturity, and we wanted to show it in our programs. The ones we created with Sasha [Zhulin] should help us prove it", Péchalat explained.

They displayed renewed amplitude and confidence in Orléans and proved that they are the clear leaders of French ice dancing in the absence of Delobel and Schoenfelder.

The French skaters are now preparing for the Grand Prix season, which will open in just a month with the Eric Bompard Trophy in Paris.
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ISU GP Rostelecom Cup - Moscow, Russia

15 Сентября 2009 г.

Билеты на «ИСУ Гран-При» по фигурному катанию на коньках

Открыта продажа билетов на соревнования «ИСУ Гран-При» по фигурному катанию на коньках, которые состоятся 23-25 октября 2009 года на ледовой арене дворца.
Кассы Дворца спорта "Мегаспорт" работают с 12 до 20 часов, телефон 643-18-25


September 15, 2009

Tickets for the "ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating

Began selling of tickets for competitions "ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, which will be held October 23-25, 2009 at the ice palace arena.
Palace Sports "Megasport" work with 12 to 20 hours, phone 643-18-25

- tickets recervation (only Russian language, no offer for this event... for now ;))




13:30 Обязательный танец • Compulsory Dance
15:00 Церемония открытия • Opening Ceremony
15:45 Мужчины, короткая программа • Men, Short Program
17:35 Пары, короткая программа • Pairs, Short Program
19:00 Женщины, короткая программа • Ladies, Short Program
20:50 Оригинальный танец • Original Dance


14:45 Мужчины, произвольная программа • Men, Free Skating
17:00 Пары, произвольная программа • Pairs, Free Skating
18:40 Произвольный танец • Free Dance
20:40 Женщины, произвольная программа • Ladies, Free Skating


16:00 Церемония награждения • Awards
16:30 Показательные выступления • Exhibition
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I Этап Кубка России - Самара / Russian Cup, stage I - Samara

... homevideos - Men, Women, Pairs... :-):

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http://sport.gazeta.ru/news/sport/2009/ ... 5329.shtml

В субботу в спортивном комплексе Katok.ru в поселке «Горки-2» начались открытые контрольные прокаты членов сборной России по фигурному катанию. В них, в частности, принимают участие олимпийский чемпион Евгений Плющенко и чемпионы Европы в танцах Яна Хохлова и Сергей Новицкмй, сообщает агентство «Весь спорт».

Список участников контрольных прокатов сборной России:

- Мужчины. Евгений Плющенко, Александр Успенский, Артем Бородулин, Андрей Лутай, Сергей Воронов.
- Женщины. Алена Леонова, Аделина Сотникова, Катарина Гербольдт, Елизавета Туктамышева, Ксения Доронина.
- Пары. Юко Кавагути – Александр Смирнов, Мария Мухортова – Максим Траньков, Любовь Илюшечкина – Нодари Маисурадзе, Ксения Красильникова – Константин Безматерных.
- Танцы. Яна Хохлова – Сергей Новицкий, Екатерина Рублева – Иван Шефер, Екатерина Боброва – Дмитрий Соловьев, Анастасия Платонова – Александр Грачев, Екатерина Рязанова – Джонатан Гурейро.


Валентин Писеев: сегодня Плющенко еще раз – и думаю, уже окончательно – доказал, что вернулся всерьез

Сегодня, 19 сентября, в спортивном комплексе Katok.ru в поселке «Горки-2» состоялся первый день открытых контрольных прокатов кандидатов в олимпийскую сборную России по фигурному катанию. В них, в частности, приняли участие олимпийский чемпион Евгений Плющенко и чемпионы Европы в танцах Яна Хохлова и Сергей Новицкий. Своими впечатлениями от прокатов с Агентством спортивной информации «Весь спорт» поделился президент Федерации фигурного катания на коньках России Валентин Писеев (на фото).

«Конечно, после первого дня мои впечатления от прокатов будут неполными, - предупредил Валентин Писеев. – Во-первых, потому что сегодня кандидаты в олимпийскую команду за три отведенных часа откатали только часть своих программ: мужчины и парники – короткую, женщины – произвольную, а танцоры - обязательный «Золотой вальс» и произвольный танец. Завтра мужчины и парники покажут произвольную программу, женщины – короткую, а танцоры – обязательное танго и оригинальный танец. Прибавьте к этому немножко расслабленную, я бы сказал, семейную атмосферу, на создание которой мы пошли сознательно. Если бы прокаты проводились, допустим, на Ходынке, как нам советовали, неизбежно возник бы ненужный на данном этапе ажиотаж. Кстати, завтра, в Одинцове, можно будет увидеть уже чуть более напряженную атмосферу – хотя бы потому, что министр спорта Виталий Мутко будет вручать спортсменам значки «Кандидата в олимпийскую сборную России». Оговорюсь, правда, и прошу, чтобы вы тоже об этом написали: значок кандидата в команду не означает, что именно эти фигуристы гарантировали себе место в сборной России в Ванкувере. Если за полгода появится какой-нибудь самородок и убедит нас в своей силе, именно он поедет на Олимпийские игры. Даже без всякого значка. Хотя, между нами говоря, я не очень верю в такой расклад. Далее, если позволите, я расскажу о прокатах чуть подробнее».

Мужчины. «Разумеется, все внимание было приковано к нашей гордости – олимпийскому чемпиону Евгению Плющенко. Свою короткую программу на музыку Шопена Женя откатал хорошо. Он чисто исполнил каскад «четыре плюс три», тройной аксель и тройной лутц, показал очень интересные дорожки и вращения. Злые языки говорили, что Плющенко может помешать его недавняя свадьба, но все увидели, что это не так. Это еще раз – и думаю, окончательно – доказывает, что наш великий фигурист вернулся всерьез. Разумеется, нынешняя готовность его программы – еще не та, которая позволит выиграть в Ванкувере. Но сейчас, в сентябре, об этом было бы просто смешно говорить. Главное, что программа Плющенко оставляет огромные потенциальные возможности ее улучшить. Я вижу ее в идеале, и этот идеал мне нравится (улыбается). Я уверен, что Женя вместе с Алексеем Николаевичем Мишиным видят его не хуже меня».

Танцы. «На этих прокатах, как мы и заранее договаривались, отсутствовали наши лидеры – чемпионы мира Оксана Домнина и Максим Шабалин. Они тренируются в Америке, и выдергивать их, заставлять проходить процедуру акклиматизации ради двух дней мы посчитали нецелесообразным. Через неделю к ним, как и в прошлом году, отправится наш специалист – очень опытный судья с большим международным опытом. Там на месте они проведут прокаты, и смогут составить объективную картину своей нынешней готовности. Ну, а сегодня, конечно, выделялась наша вторая пара – Яна Хохлова и Сергей Новицкий. Их более высокий класс не вызывал сомнений. Все остальные, очевидно, будут отчаянно бороться за третье вакантное место в олимпийской команде, и как говорится, дай им бог. Конкуренция всегда приводит к чему-то хорошему».

Пары. «В порядке обе наши первые пары: Юко Кавагути – Александр Смирнов, Мария Мухортова – Максим Траньков. Более подробно об их катании сейчас говорить смысла нет, на данном этапе это тонкости для специалистов. Еще я был немножко расстроен отсутствием пары Любовь Илюшечкина – Нодари Маисурадзе, на которых, признаюсь, я возлагаю серьезные надежды. Как мне сказали, буквально за пять минут до проката, на разминке партнер при поддержке сломал палец. Я очень расстроился за ребят, и, надеюсь, они сумеют быстро вернуться в строй».

Женщины. «Что уж скрывать, это самая проблемная наша категория. И сегодня мне понравились только две наших молодых звездочки – Аделина Сотникова и Елизавета Туктамышева. Но, как вы знаете, по объективным возрастным факторам в Ванкувере они выступать не смогут. А без них ситуация по-прежнему грустноватая… Много в прошлом году говорили о Катарине Гербольдт, Алене Леоновой, выигравшей звание чемпионки мира среди юниоров. Но сегодня они не показали уровня, который бы позволил им претендовать даже не на олимпийские медали – бог с вами! – а хотя бы на достойные прокаты. Очень расстроен. Взять ту же Леонову. Молодец, в прошлом году всех поразила, я сам был очень обрадован. Но ведь надо постоянно прибавлять, выражаясь фигурально, увеличивать свой вес в фигурном катании! Сейчас это если и происходит, только, извините, в буквальном смысле этого слова. Так что в женском одиночном катании остается только ждать, когда повзрослеют Сотникова и Туктамышева. То есть, ждать Олимпийские игры в Сочи».
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Postby Anuradha » 21 Sep 2009, 13:08

Yes... I knew that allready... :ny_tik: :ps_ih: :sh_ok: :-(
Stockholm Ice 2010 was my dream came true!
In that year I saw him live! <3
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Anuradha wrote:Yes... I knew that allready... :ny_tik: :ps_ih: :sh_ok: :-(

Well... Estonia is close to you. :mi_ga_et: We'll see you there :chir_lider: :plush1: :plush4:
:plush8: :plush9:
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Кубок России. Первый этап. Самара, 15-19 сентября

Мужчины. 1. Константин Меньшов (Санкт-Петербург) – 211,20 балла. 2. Сергей Добрин – 185,80. 3. Никита Михайлов (оба – Москва) – 181,93. Юниоры. 1. Жан Буш (Челябинск) – 177,69. 2. Александр Степанов (Москва) – 167,55. 3. Константин Милюков (Казань) – 157,45.

Женщины. 1. Анна Овчарова – 153,21. 2. Екатерина Козырева (обе – Москва) – 139,97. 3. Мария Артемьева (Санкт-Петербург) – 135,26. Юниорки. 1. Полина Коробейникова (Москва) – 124,59. 2. Дарья Афанасьева (Тольятти) – 122.95. 3. Юлия Липницкая (Екатеринбург) – 117,10.

Танцы. По программе мастеров спорта. 1. Яна Иглина / Артем Шолохов (Киров) – 125,30. 2. Александра Зворыгина / Валерий Данилов (Ленинградская обл.) – 115,36. 3. Алена Корягина / Илья Кривенко (Нижний Новгород) – 113.28. По программе кандидатов в мастера спорта. 1. Валерия Старыгина / Николай Морошкин (Тольятти) – 154,44. 2. Валерия Зенкова / Валерий Синицин (Москва) – 150,22. 3. Ангелина Телегина / Валентин Молотов (Московская обл.) – 145,69.

Пары. По программе мастеров спорта. 1. Вера Базарова / Юрий Ларионов – 158,93. 2. Сабина Имайкина / Семен Степанов (обе пары – Пермь) – 127,98. По программе кандидатов в мастера спорта. 1. Елизавета Семенова / Максим Петухов (Пермь) – 141,33. 2. Валерия Морозова / Денис Голубев (Санкт-Петербург) – 124,09. 3. Екатерина Шереметьева / Егор Чудин (Москва) – 123,45.
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Тут узнала что и Стефан все таки возвращается - все таки знал Женя наверняка об этом! Замечательная новость :plush33:
Женя:" Очень хочется добра от людей, просто нереально хочется..."
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