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Re: Мужчины - соперники Жени.

Postby cekoni » 12 Sep 2009, 08:00

Brian Joubert - training, parts from his LP

http://www.dailymotion.com/user/Happyth ... 109_people

French "Masters" was today (local competition) and he received for SP - 75.79 (this is second place) :mi_ga_et:

P.S. Joubert's LP music is "Ancient Lands" by Ronan Hardiman (part of Yagudin's Overcome) :hi_hi_hi:
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Re: Мужчины - соперники Жени.

Postby cekoni » 13 Sep 2009, 05:28

cekoni wrote:Brian Joubert .....

French "Masters" was today (local competition) and he received for SP - 75.79 (this is second place) ....

Florent Amodio
3A, 3Lz, 3S-2T.
немного шатало на вращении. Программа симпатичная.

Alban Préaubert
3F-2T, 3A под сильным углом, без выезда, 3Lp
38.28+37.25=> 75.53

Yannick Ponsero
Полностью докрученный квад, 3A, 3Lz

Brian Joubert
4T вторая нога, без каскада, 3A касание рукой, 3Lz

.... (translation) ....

Short Programs
Florent Amodio
3A, 3Lz, 3S-2T
39.21 +36.66 =] 75.87
slightly swayed on spins. Program likable.

Alban Préaubert
3F-2T, 3A (under strong angle, without departure), 3Lp
38.28 +37.25 =] 75.53

Yannick Ponsero
4T (Fully quad), 3A, 3Lz
33.26 +36.76 =] 70.02

Brian Joubert
4T (second leg), without a cascade, 3A (touch ice with hand), 3Lz
36.54 +39.25 =] 75.79


MASTER'S 2009 - Men

- Short Program - Result Details
- Free Program - Result Details

Final Result:
http://www.ffsg.org/evenements/document ... T007RS.HTM
....................................... SP FS
1 Florent AMODIO FRA 232.52 .... 1 1
2 Brian JOUBERT FRA 220.79 ..... 2 3
3 Alban PREAUBERT FRA 217.36 .... 3 4
4 Yannick PONSERO FRA 215.54 .... 4 2
5 Chafik BESSEGHIER FRA 159.58 ..... 5 5
6 Dimitris CHRISTODOULIDES FRA 106.90 ... 8 6
7 Aurélien ROBERT FRA 104.61 .... 7 7
8 Thibault SCHUFFENECKER FRA 96.40 ..... 6 8


French "Masters" video of last group of men skating
(no sound cause the channel had problems - so we didnt listen to any music) :mi_ga_et:
http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xagrwk ... 2009_sport
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Re: Мужчины - соперники Жени.

Postby cekoni » 13 Sep 2009, 09:38

Hmmm... the Canadian public is already "preparing" for the "new" Olympic winner ::yaz-yk:

By Laurie Nealin, special to icenetwork.com

Chan readies himself for Olympic season
Pressure, the quad, and avoiding injury on Canadian's mind

Patrick Chan, the world's top-ranked men's skater, is a favorite to make the podium at the 2010 Olympics. (Getty Images)

(09/11/2009) - World silver medalist Patrick Chan was back in the 2010 Olympic figure skating venue on Friday, surrounded by a horde of journalists eager to get the 18-year-old rising star's take on the season ahead.

"Of course, there's more pressure in an Olympic year. I'd be lying if I said there wasn't," the Canadian champ said.
"But that's why the Olympics are the Olympics, right? That's why a gold medal at the Olympics is so great. It's who can overcome those difficulties and hardship prior to the Olympics, who can perform the hardest program and really perform it the way they want. Everything is bigger and harder [in Olympic season]," added Chan, who is in Vancouver for his national team's preseason, training camp.

Chan recalled the two significant victories he has already posted on Pacific Coliseum ice -- the 2009 Four Continents and 2008 Canadian titles -- and described what he is doing to secure his third win there next February at the country's home Games.

"I look around and think, 'Omigosh!' I've been here a couple of months ago and I did pretty well here. It's really cool," said Chan, who has a shot at becoming the first Canadian man to win the Olympic gold in singles competition.

"It's an old rink but it's really comfortable and has a cozy feel to it," added Chan, who was suffering a bit of a sore throat after making the trip from his Florida training site to his home in Toronto and then on to Vancouver.

"My whole past three years have been a surprise to me. I've been doing so well. I didn't really expect it. It was just all for fun. I just have a great time here and good memories," he said, describing his rapid ascent since graduating to the senior ranks in 2006.

For the Olympic campaign, Chan decided to keep his "Tango" short program music from last season, which he particularly enjoyed, although the choreography has been reconfigured. His new long is set to "Phantom of the Opera", a piece suggested to him by choreographer Lori Nichol and one that he immediately embraced.

One of the greatest challenges, according to Chan, is coming up with a fresh idea for his costumes. He has no desire to copy something previously worn by another skater. Chan, who looks through fashion magazines to get costume ideas, admitted he has rejected designs in the past if they did not meet his conservative tastes in costuming. "Tissue" is not his thing, he said.

On the technical side, Chan continues to work on a quadruple toe-loop jump, at improving the speed of his spins to make his the fastest out there, and getting the physically- and mentally-demanding choreography set by Nichol under control.

"You have to have difficulty throughout the whole program. You can't get weaker and weaker as you go further into the program. At four minutes, you should still have a strong program choreography-wise. Stamina has a big role in figure skating. Usually the skaters die after four minutes.
Whoever can finish the program and not bend over and start sucking air, I think that's the challenge we often go through," said Chan, admitting it took him a full month of "grinding" before he could get through his new long program.

Whether the quad will be part of his competition repertoire this season will be a game-time decision, Chan said. He used the analogy of Tiger Woods always having the driver in his bag but only using it when he is hitting it well.

"Who cares if you do the quad toe at the beginning if you can't do the rest of the program?" he asked rhetorically. "Ninety per cent of the program is still relying on the triples and only five per cent maybe is the quad."

Asked about his significant presence on television these days -- both in McDonald's commercials and other Olympics-related promotional spots -- Chan downplayed his celebrity status. He insisted he has not yet seen any of his frequently-airing commercials on television. He does not find it shocking to see himself on posters and the like.

"I think like in 10 years, maybe, I'll be, 'Holy smokes! I had my own [McDonald's souvenir drink] bottle. That's pretty sweet,'" Chan mused. "It's all for fun right now and that's just a bonus from doing what I love to do.
I'm an average kid. I'm not anything special. I'm not like an A-list actor. I'm just riding a wave -- the wave of the Olympics," said Chan, explaining he is only experiencing what many athletes do in preparing for a home Games.
"I think Kurt [Browning] and Brian [Orser] can tell you the same story about Calgary [1988 Olympics]. I'm just going through what they went through. Luckily, I've had better preparation than they had [concerning the pressure]. And I have the right people around me to help me out."

Looking ahead to the Olympics, Chan forecasts that reigning world champion Evan Lysacek and bronze medalist Brian Joubert will be his main contenders and that any of the other men who ranked behind them at the world championships could factor into the equation.

"Weird things happen in the Olympic year, so I'm always knocking on wood and not jinxing myself because people have been hurt doing stupid stuff, like playing other sports like hockey or something. Or playing golf, I might hurt myself. It's an interesting year."

Chan opens his Grand Prix run in Russia in late October and is then slated for Skate Canada, which happens four weeks later in Kitchener, Ontario, just an hour's drive from his home.
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Re: Мужчины - соперники Жени.

Postby cekoni » 14 Sep 2009, 04:30

cekoni wrote:
cekoni wrote:Brian Joubert .....

French "Masters" was today (local competition) ....

MASTER'S 2009 - Men
- Free Program - Result Details
http://www.ffsg.org/evenements/documents/m...html/SEG014.HTM ....

Joubert's new LP from this competition
(music is "Ancient Lands" by Ronan Hardiman - from Yagudin's "Overcome" ::yaz-yk: ... very exciting and good music :co_ol: )

- view: http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=fi ... 434&page=1
- download (thanks to kudryavka :ro_za: )

P.S. by her's words: "Brian is very, very Yags" ;;-)))
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Re: Мужчины - соперники Жени || Men

Postby Ирина » 15 Sep 2009, 10:32

Brian Joubert 2009 French Master's free program (со звуком,наконец-то :-) )


Brian Joubert 2009 French Master's short program

..."Российский фигурист Евгений Плющенко добился уникального достижения. Он выступил на четвертых Олимпийских играх - и выиграл четвертую медаль,став двукратным олимпийским чемпионом! "...
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Re: Мужчины - соперники Жени || Men

Postby cekoni » 16 Sep 2009, 08:08

Joubert's "idols" - French "Masters" 2008 and 2009 year .... :hi_hi_hi:

http://loopaxles.blogspot.com/2008/10/p ... clone.html
Monday, October 06, 2008

Plushenko's Clone

It's been widely reported that Joubert has switched choreographers this season and gone from Kurt Browning to Evgeny Platov. Hmmmm...

This past weekend, Joubert competed in the 2008 French Masters competition. Quite shockingly he lost (all you Alban Préaubert fans can celebrate!), but that's not the point of this article. Take a careful look at the YouTube video below of Joubert's new short program. I know it's rough but you'll get the point.

Okay, I felt like I was watching Evgeny Plushenko out there on the ice. Joubert appears to have become Evgeny Plushenko...oh no! :-) The footwork, the entrances into jumps, the quirky movements...everything. Aye, aye, aye! I usually try (try I said...try!) to make an attempt to bland my personal opinion and report facts but I can't help it here...in my opinion, BAD MOVE BRIAN...BAD MOVE! I'd ask Evgeny to re-work the "moves." ....



http://iceaddiction.blogspot.com/2009/0 ... sters.html
monday, 14 September 2009

French Masters

I was unfortunate in that so far all of the French Masters I've been able to see is Brian Joubert's long program, and even that was without sound. Hopefully the videos will make Youtube soon. Anyway, I comment on this because I think Joubert is going to do well this season. He's definitely got the drive, as this will be his last Olympic shot. His performance from French Masters may show a lack of consistancy (he falls on the quad toe, for example) but in terms of a program it seems fantasic. It is choreographed by Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviski, which might have been a controversial choice given Staviski's recent "troubles" but the choreography is great. Joubert seems to have got some really graceful, almost balletic choreography which, apart from his "Hallelujah" exhibition, is a bit of a departure from his usual macho style. Furthermore, his spins have really improved, which is undoubtedly a result of his recent coaching from Lucinda Ruh, the spinning expert. Joubert may not have the jumps completely solid, at least in that performance, but past seasons have shown that he starts off the season weakly and then peaks at Worlds (like many skaters do), so I believe he can do the same this year.
I love this program, and I hope my opinion doesn't change once I actually hear it with the music, which is the piece "Overcome", a previous Yagudin exhibition program ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QA7UU2R-hQ ). It's known that Joubert is a Yagudin fan and one could deduce that he is trying to emulate Yagudin's Olympic success, perhaps? ... ;;-)))

Masters 2009 - Joubert's LP (TV Orange)


.... and since one idol's replaced with other, he again spoke out on his "famous" way .... :)-(:

http://www.lanouvellerepublique.fr/doss ... um=1369813

.... Vous allez retrouver face à vous de vieilles connaissances comme Takahashi qui revient de blessure après une saison blanche ou Plushenko et Lambiel qui viennent de sortir de leur retraite sportive. Quels sentiments vous inspirent ces retours à la compétition ?

« J'ai regardé Plushenko sur internet. (Ironique) Franchement, j'espère qu'il va garder ces programmes-là. Il n'y a pas vraiment de transitions et je suis sceptique sur son quad. Quand tu vois le triple déjà… Il est à l'arrêt. On doit se retrouver à Talinn aux championnats d'Europe. Franchement cela ne me fait pas peur. Lambiel ? Je n'y crois pas. Takahashi ? C'est différent parce qu'il est animé d'une autre motivation, il sera plus fort. »

"... You'll find you meet old friends, as Takahashi returning from injury after a season, or white Plushenko and Lambiel coming out of retirement sport. What feelings you inspire these returns to the competition?

"I looked on the internet Plushenko. (Ironic) Frankly, I hope he will keep these programs. There's no real transitions and I am skeptical about his quad. When you see them three times already ... it is stationary. We must meet to Tallinn at the European Championships. Frankly, this does not scare me. Lambiel? I do not believe it. Takahashi? It's different because it is animated by a different motivation, it will be harder."....


:plush21: some people say that Joubert has the "old trauma of Plushenko's" :plush38:
.... well, whenever he was in the past talked to much about the colleagues, finishing as the second, third, fourth ... behind Plushy ::yaz-yk: - this is his doom :plush24:
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Re: Мужчины - соперники Жени || Men

Postby cekoni » 16 Sep 2009, 08:36

September 14, 2009

Evan Lysacek's short program music: Firebird

Sometimes it pays to hang around hockey rinks.

While the Kings were doing laps Monday on the Olympic rink at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, world figure skating champion Evan Lysacek was stretching and preparing for his practice session.

He was especially eager to get onto the ice because he said he had just gotten his short program music: Stravinsky"s "Firebird", a piece chosen by his coach, Frank Carroll, and choreographer, Lori Nichol.....

(his LP - "Scheherazade" by Rimsky-Korsakov .. russian "touch" :hi_hi_hi: )


September 15, 2009, By Jim Caple, ESPN.com

Weir hopes 2010 is finally his year

CHICAGO -- Johnny Weir has a reality show coming this winter. Of course he does.
If reality TV hadn't existed, they would have had to invent it for Weir. World champion Evan Lysacek said the figure skating camera "has changed from the ladies to the men," which is convenient because Johnny has enough personality for his own channel.

Consider his appearance Friday at the Olympic summit in Chicago between athletes and the media. He wore gold loafers, metallic olive pants and a necklace that reflects virtually every religion in the world -- "I feel like I need to be protected on all fronts; somebody always has to have my back."
He talked about baking banana bread and champagne mornings. He discussed his upcoming reality show (tentatively called "Johnny Be Good") on the Sundance Channel and his love of Russia. He mentioned he'll wear a corset and a tassel in his short program. And he announced his long routine is called "Fallen Angel" because "we think it's a very good representation of my career to this point."

Everything will be going fine, Weir said, "But as soon as I make one mistake, it's like it flips on me. And it's happened my whole career. I feel in many ways that it embodies the spirit of the fallen angel. I can be way up here one second and be all the way down in hell the next."
He certainly can. Weir was in position for a silver medal at the 2006 Olympics heading into the long program, but missed his bus, showed up late and said he didn't "feel my aura" after skating a disappointing performance that left him off the podium. He fared worse at last year's U.S. championships when he fell, singled a couple of triple jumps and finished such a disappointing fifth that he considered quitting the sport.

"After the national championships, it was a real struggle for me to actually want to skate anymore," Weir said. "I definitely quit for a month and a half. I didn't want to be a part of this world anymore, I didn't want to be a figure skater anymore. And then my mom called me one day and I was really upset, I had been crying. I had woken up with champagne that morning and it was just a bad day.
"I said, 'Mom, I can't handle this anymore, I don't want it, I don't love it.' And she said, 'If you quit, you're going to regret this. You're going to be my age one day and you're going to regret every second you spent sitting here feeling sorry for yourself when you have one more legitimate chance to make an Olympic medal a reality.' And she said, 'You have to use it.'"

So he got back on the ice, practiced hard and is poised to join what could be one of America's best men's figure skating contingents in the Olympics.
"I haven't worked this hard and this long to let myself crumble and just disappear in the skating world," he said. "So I dug deep, I found the strength to go back in the rink every day, to start pushing myself, to start jumping, and slowly and surely, I started to get better and now I feel I'm in the best shape of my life. I have about three more pounds to lose -- according to my coaches -- and then I'll be ready. I'm so happy."

He said Vancouver will be his last chance to win the Olympic medal he's dreamed about. Asked why he couldn't compete in 2014 at Sochi, Russia, he said he could but wouldn't have a serious chance to win a medal. Instead, he has a plan for another TV appearance that year.

"I would like to go to Sochi as the reigning Olympic champion who's talking for television in three different languages."
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Re: Мужчины - соперники Жени || Men

Postby cekoni » 16 Sep 2009, 08:37

11.09.2009., by Cam Cole, Vancouver Sun

Chan learns how to skate around the media

He is still just about the coolest kid on the block, but the 2009-10 model Patrick Chan has been to the shop to have a muffler installed.

The technical term for it is “media training.”

It hasn’t taken away his personality, just smoothed out a few of the sharp edges — like the ones that carved up former world champion Brian Joubert, and maybe even rubbed a few judges the wrong way, at the world figure skating championships in Los Angeles last March.

Friday at the Pacific Coliseum, where all the most likely candidates for selection to the Canadian Olympic skating team assembled for a day of program simulation and a horde of interviews, the 18-year-old wunderkind’s ever-so-slightly modified persona handled the most dangerous questions with considerable aplomb — without losing the slightly wacky edge that evokes memories of a young Kurt Browning.

The primary toughie: “How’s the quad coming?”

“It’s always a game-time decision,” said Chan, whose silver medal at L.A. was quadless, but who landed one in the warm-up prior to the Liberty Skate competition in Philadelphia last month. “It’s getting more comfortable. Mentally, I’m not making it into a bigger jump than it is. But again, I make the analogy of Tiger Woods. He carries a driver, but he doesn’t always use it. He won a British Open without ever taking it out of his bag.”
Atta boy, Patrick.
Royal Liverpool, 2006. Tiger surveyed the rock-hard golf course, decided it made no sense to hit driver into fairway bunkers, and played irons off the tee the whole tournament.

“Basically, the same idea,” Chan said. “I have my other triples. And who cares if you do a quad at the beginning of the program if you can’t do the rest of the program?”

Friday’s camp was one of those early-season affairs in which the skaters are only completely into their programs in 15- to 30-second bursts — the opening flourish, a particularly difficult footwork sequence, the buildup to a certain jump. In between, there’s a lot of gliding, consulting with the coach, and dodging other skaters.

Chan’s skating, even when he’s just messing around, looks like a finished product. It flows from him like water from a faucet. Watching him, it’s flabbergasting that the judges gave him component scores inferior to those of the Frenchman, Joubert, in Los Angeles — and it makes you wonder, frankly, whether the flap Chan caused early that week, dismissing Joubert’s overall skating skills, might have caused a backlash from the panel.
“No, I don’t think so,” said Skate Canada’s high performance director Mike Slipchuk. “But this is still a sport where you’ve got to go out there and show you can do it at the highest level — so stepping out at his second worlds and laying down two programs like he did, and getting a (silver) medal, that shows he’s able to do it.”

Slipchuk, and the other Skate Canada officials, cringed at times last season when Chan would speak his mind. The kid had no filter between thought and speech.
“Patrick had a crash course in Media 101 in L.A. and he learned from that,” said Slipchuk. “It’s learning on the fly, and his curve has been pretty steep, because of how quickly he has advanced. But the last thing we want is to make them robotic.”
Robotic? Chan? Not likely.

He’s fast becoming one of the most recognizable faces of Canada’s Olympic effort, via McDonald’s commercials, and even to the uninitiated, his skating is mesmerizing.

Chan understands why he had to put a bit of a lid on his ebullient nature, though.
“Not to brag, but I think my media skills were already quite good,” he said Friday. “I think my problem was I was too friendly with some of the reporters, I got too comfortable with them, and I would just spiel out all my private stories, and everything.”

So the Canadian Olympic Committee hired a consultant at a summer retreat, and “it really gave me a plan. Like, if they ask this question, you might answer this way, or here’s some common questions you might face — about the quad and Brian (Joubert), blah-blah-blah. It’s not like I’m lying. It’s an honest answer. He just wanted to make sure when I said it, it came out right.”
We should hate that, as journalists. But Chan is never going to go mum on us. He just needs to spend less time explaining himself, and more working on a taxing, Phantom of the Opera-themed long program . . . that might even have a quad in it.

He has spent some time, to that end, working with Kristy Krall, a U.S. jump specialist who uses a technology called Dartfish that can produce frame-by-frame analysis and pinpoint the exact split-second when a technical fault causes a jump to go sideways.

“The biggest thing now is just getting some mileage on it,” said Slipchuk. “You have this fall season to kind of try it out, to see if it works, to see if it affects your program, does it wreck everything else or make the overall package stronger?”

One more thing about the media training. It’s not foolproof.

Asked to name the major gold-medal threats in February, he listed reigning world champ Evan Lysacek of the U.S., former titleholder Stephane Lambiel of Switzerland, Japanese skaters Daisuke Takahashi and Nobunari Oda …

“Not Joubert?” someone asked.
“Oh, yeah, I forgot,” he said, clearly abashed. “Wasn’t intentional, I swear to God. Brian, for sure.”

And Patrick Chan, too, for sure. Bless his edited soul.


Not Plushenko? ::yaz-yk:
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Re: Мужчины - соперники Жени || Men

Postby cekoni » 17 Sep 2009, 09:10

By Susan D. Russell, 13.09.2009. (At the 2010 U.S. Olympic Team Media Summit)

Johnny Weir
The ‘Pop Star on Ice’ Meets the Press

Johnny Weir attended the 2010 Olympic Team Media Summit in Chicago last week. He spoke openly to the press about the ups-and-downs of his life the past eight months.

“I actually arrived in Chicago at 1 a.m. on Thursday morning because I was doing my test for U.S. Figure Skating yesterday in New York,” he said. “It went very well. I did a full run through of my long program with all of the elements. It was the first time I had been in front of judges since the national championships disaster this year. I was happy with the way it went.”

How did you spend your summer?
- I spent the summer training, working really hard with my coaches Galina Zmievskaya and Viktor Petrenko on my basic conditioning and being prepared as much as possible for the Grand Prix season.
I also went to Toronto for two and a half weeks during the summer to work with Canadian choreographer David Wilson to create two new programs.
So basically the summer was spent doing what the summer is for. Work, work, work. Getting prepared and losing the weight, just making sure I was happy and every kink was worked out before my first event, which is Cup of Russia in Moscow in October. So summer has been business as usual.

Can you talk about your new programs and the concepts behind them?
- The short program is a very sexy rumba. It is called ‘I Love You, I Hate You.’ It is a very interesting piece of music. The beginning is very melodic and you think ‘okay, it’s Johnny. This is something he would skate to.’ But right in the middle it drops to the pit of your stomach. Its like this dirty, sexy kind of rumba and it is very fun. I am going to wear a corset and a big tassle.
I am very excited about it. It shows a completely different side of me and that is what I gave David as his gift. He said ‘you know what, I want people to see that you are clever and that you are funny and that you are not just this serious kind of ballerina when you skate. I want them to see your cheeky side,’ and this is what came out of it.
The free program is something David and I called ‘Fallen Angel’ because we thought it was a good representation of my career up to this point. It is very intense because I felt my career has been very hilly. You know, I have not been the Michelle Kwan skater. I have not had the consistency over the years. As soon as I hit a high, everyone loves it, but as soon as I make one mistake, its like it flips on me. It has happened my whole career.
In many ways I embody the spirit of a fallen angel. I can be up high one minute and then be all the way down in hell the next second. When I was talking about this theme with David (Wilson) he was all for it. He was like ‘it’s you, I totally understand it and I totally get it.’ So I am hoping that I can show that side of me and my story.

Was ever any suggestion that you should switch allegiance and skate for Russia?
- It is well documented that I am a fan of all things Russian but that concept has been just a joke between my coach and members of the Russian federation. I am American and my allegiance is to America and I have always thought that being a good American is appreciating the world not just your own country. So, of course, everyone knows I love Russia and love visiting the country and working with Russian coaches but I would never change my country at this juncture.

What is it that you like so much about Russia?
- I love being in Russia. I am very inspired by the artfulness and soulfulness of the Russian people and the Russian sports machine is undisputedly great. I have Russian coaches and we train in Moscow periodically because we have good ice there, good facilities, good doctors so why not use everything that we can? It is easier for me to go to Russia and train with the top coaches there than it is to go to Colorado Springs and train with 14 of my competitors. It is a very nice thing to do to get out of my bubble, out of my comfort zone.
So far, I have only had the opportunity to visit St. Petersburg, Moscow and Perm. Of course I need to see more but my schedule does not really permit me to have a big vacation but after the Olympics…hopefully some friends and I are talking about taking a trip to Mongolia and then taking the train across Russia and then heading to Europe for a very nice holiday.

How important do you think the quad is?
- We have seen the last two seasons that the World champion was the best skater, not the best quad jump person. So, for me the quad it is beautiful and it is such a difficult thing to do. It represents the progression of our sport, blah, blah, blah. But, to be a champion you have to have the whole package. If you can do a quad-toe or a quad-Salchow – great, good for you, but why can’t you spin? Why can’t you do clean edges in your footwork? All of these things come into making the champion.
I would like to be the one that skates that clean performance with the quad; no question that I would be on the podium. As far as the importance of the quad under this new judging system, it is not the same as it used to be. You don’t have to out-quad somebody, you have to out-skate somebody – you have to out-perform somebody. You have to be better than the other person in every aspect of the sport not just being able to do a very demanding jump. It is a give and take situation. You can try it and fall, you can try it and land it clean and it can still be downgraded. It just depends on who is sitting at the judging table that day.

What do you think about the number of coaching changes that took place in the off-season?
- I am a big advocate of making sure you are comfortable in your training situation and if you are not then you need to make a change. It is a very important year for everybody so you need to make sure you have the best possible team that is completely about your success, that is behind you because despite the support of your country and the fans and all that stuff, your team has to treat you like the baby that they are trying to push up into the world. So if you don’t have that situation in an Olympic year, you need to find it.

Tell us about your documentary and the new reality show.
- I really enjoyed the documentary. I have seen it in the theatre with a live audience several times now and it is always so exciting to see my face and my story on the screen. Something that people can relate to – that they can laugh and cry or hiss when something goes awry and stand up at the end. It is fantastic to have my movie be a success and do so well.

And the bathtub scene?
- That was not dirty and sexy in the same way. That bathtub was dirty. For anyone who has not seen the movie, it starts with me in a scene with my best friend. I have a blonde wig on and I am doing an interview about me in the bathtub. His bathtub was filthy but we had bathing suits on.
I have a reality show coming up in January. It is a documentary that follows up on the documentary that is in theatres right now. It is called ‘Pop Star on Ice’ which is about me and this crazy world. The documentary will premiere on the Sundance channel in December, right around Christmas. The reality show will start in January and it will document the end of last season into this season. So the cameras will follow me to Russia and Japan for my Grand Prix events and hopefully back to Japan for the Grand Prix Final. I have had a camera on me for about four years now so it is not a distraction anymore.
The reality show has been tentatively called 'Johnny Be Good' but I like ‘Pop Star on Ice’ more so maybe we will do something pizzazy.

Can you give us a tour of your necklace (Weir was wearing a necklace full of good luck charms)?
- This Korean ruby good luck charm is from my Korean fans. I have two Russian ruobles which are for good success and were given to me by a good friend. This ring was given to me by Elene Gedevanishvili, a skater from Georgia. It has a Russian orthodox protection prayer on it. This is a hamse, which is a Jewish hand of protection. I have a Matryoshka doll that Galina gave me. An orthodox cross from my mother. We are Catholic. And a Star of David. I feel like I need to be protected on all fronts. Someone always has to have my back. With religion I believe in anything good so I am not so strict with religion. I like anything that keeps love and I feel all these things protect me.

Talk about what happened before and after the 2009 U.S. Championships?
- Before nationals last year I got very sick and lost 8lbs when I was in Korea for Christmas and it took me a while to get that back but once I did it just kept on coming. I learned how to bake banana bread…I got into the upper 140’s which is high for me. Now I am down to about 137 so I have three more pounds to lose.
It is very hard to diet and deprive yourself when you are not in heavy training and even though I was an alternate for Worlds I was not really preparing to go because even if they asked me I was not going to go because I did not want to. But I was definitely unhealthy, I was a normal sized person and it was hard.
After the national championships it was definitely a struggle for me. I did not want to skate anymore. I quit for a month and a half. I did not want to be a part of this world anymore. I did not want to be a figure skater anymore. Then one day my Mom called me and I was really upset and crying. I had woken up with champagne that morning and it was just a bad day. I was like ‘Mom, I can’t handle this anymore, I don’t want it, I don’t love it,’ and she said ‘you know what, you are going to regret this one day. You are going to be my age and you are going to regret every second that you are sitting there feeling sorry for yourself. You have one more legitimate chance to make an Olympic medal a reality.’
And I said ‘you know what I have not worked this hard for this long to let myself crumble and let myself disappear in the skating world. So I dug deep and I found the strength to go back into the rink every day, to start jumping again and slowly but surely I started to get better. Now I think I am in the best shape of my life. I have about three more pounds to lose according to my coaches and then I will be ready. I am happy. I am so happy with the programs, I am happy in the situation with my coaches, with my life and I am happy that I did not let this chance pass me by.

What did your coach say when you were going through your down time and did not want to train?
- Galina, in her way, understood. She is a very strict Soviet woman but she understood the depression and the sadness and not wanting to be a part of it anymore. She has been a coach a long time and has seen it all. She would yell at me when I did not want to go into practice and did not go to practice but in her way she understood. She had to yell at me, she is my coach, it is her job. But she let me have my moment, she let me go. I was away about a month and a half in the spring time.

Weir laughed as a bevy of journalists all attempted to ask questions simultaneously.

Talk about what happened at the 2009 World Championships?
- I went to Los Angeles do some commentary for NBC on the ladies. Once I got there everyone was looking at me like, why are you here. ‘Oh, I am talking for television.’ It was kind of degrading for an athlete that should be at that event to be asked why I was there.
As my flight was landing in LA I heard how the men were doing. Galina was watching the Russian satellite transmission of the event and she said ‘Johnny they miss you. They just keep talking about you. They want you on the TV. I said ‘Galina I want to be on the TV too.’ And then she said, ‘Johnny, the Americans are not doing very well. It looks like we are going to have two spots for Olympics,’ because at that point Brandon and Jeremy were not in a high placement.
And then we were like ‘okay, Evan has to win. Evan has to win or we will have two spots and then it will be like a cat fight next year.’ And then he won and I was like great. Now we have three spots. Evan is the World champion and of course I am jealous about that but I am so happy that the country has the spots that we deserve. We have such a strong group of men that we deserve to have three spots at the Olympic Games.
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Re: Мужчины - соперники Жени || Men

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cekoni wrote:http://www.ifsmagazine.com/forum/index.php...&showtopic=1823
By Susan D. Russell, 13.09.2009. (At the 2010 U.S. Olympic Team Media Summit)

Johnny Weir
The ‘Pop Star on Ice’ Meets the Press

... Перевод на русский, by alexspade :mi_ga_et:

На прошлой неделе Джонни Вейр побывал на Олимпийском медиа-саммите в Чикаго и общался с прессой о подъемах и спадах в своей карьере за последние 8 месяцев.

Я прилетел в Чикаго в час ночи в четверг, поскольку накануне представлял свои программы Американской федерации в Нью-Йорке, - объяснил он. - Все было очень хорошо. Я откатал всю свою произвольную со всеми элементами. Это было первое мое выступление перед судьями с момента крушения на национальном чемпионате этого года. Я был очень доволен тем, как все прошло.

- Как ты провел это лето?
- Джонни: Лето я провел на тренировках, по-настоящему напряженно работая с моими тренерами Галиной Змиевской и Виктором Петренко, посвящая себя основной задаче: быть максимально готовым - насколько это возможно - к началу сезона Гран-при. Кроме того, я отправился в Торонто, где провел две с половиной недели, работая с канадским хореографом Дэвидом Уилсоном над созданием двух моих новых программ. Поэтому можно сказать, что лето было потрачено на то, для чего лето и существует: работа, работа и еще раз работа. Быть подготовленным, снизить вес, быть уверенным в том, что каждая петля отточена перед моим первым соревнованием - Кубком России в Москве, в октябре.

- Можешь рассказать о своих новых программах и их концепции?
- Джонни: Короткая программа - очень сексуальная румба. Она называется "Я тебя люблю, я тебя ненавижу". Это очень интересное музыкальное произведение. Начало весьма мелодично, и возникает мысль: "Так-так, это - Джонни, это - та музыка, под которую он обычно катается". Но в середине программы ты словно в преисподнюю проваливаешься. Это такая грязная, сексуальная разновидность румбы - очень забавно! На мне будет корсет с кисточками. И я очень взволнован тем, что представлю эту программу: она демонстрирует меня с абсолютно иной стороны, и именно это я преподнес Дэвиду в подарок. Он сказал: "Знаешь что? Я хочу, чтобы люди видели, что ты талантлив и забавен, что ты - не только тот серьезный танцовщик, каким ты обычно бываешь, катаясь на коньках. Я хочу, чтобы они увидели твою нахальную сторону". И вот что из этого получилось.
Произвольная программа - это то, что мы с Дэвидом назвали "Падший ангел", потому что думали, что неплохо бы представить в ней мою карьеру вплоть до нынешнего момента. Программа весьма напряженная, поскольку и карьера у меня была неровной. Вы знаете, что я не был фигуристом а-ля Мишель Кван. Я не был стабилен все эти годы. Как только я достигал высот - всем это начинало страшно нравиться, но как только я допускал ошибку - на меня тут же обрушивался град упреков. И так продолжалось всю мою карьеру.
Различными способами я воплощаю на льду дух падшего ангела. В какой-то момент я могу парить на вершине, а в следующую секунду рухнуть в ад. Когда мы обсуждали эту идею с Дэвидом (Уилсоном), он буквально загорелся ею. Это было что-то вроде: "Да-да, в этом - весь ты, я это понимаю!" Вот почему я надеюсь, что смогу показать часть себя и своей истории.

- Ты когда-нибудь получал предложения сменить гражданство и кататься за Россию?
- Джонни: Всем хорошо известно, что я - поклонник всего русского, но это была всего лишь шутка моего тренера и членов Российской федерации. Я - американец, и очень предан Америке. Я всегда полагал, что быть хорошими американцем - это значит ценить весь мир, а не только свою собственную страну. Конечно, все в курсе, что я люблю Россию, люблю посещать эту страну, люблю работать с российскими тренерами, но я никогда не изменил бы своей стране [и правильно: одно дело - туризм, и совсем другое - ПМЖ].

- Что именно тебе так нравится в России?
- Джонни: Мне нравится находиться в России. Я очень вдохновлен искусством и эмоциональностью россиян, а российская спортивная машина, вне сомнения, грандиозна. У меня русские тренеры, периодически мы тренируемся в Москве, потому что имеем там хороший лед, благоприятные условия, хороших врачей - почему бы не воспользоваться всем этим, если есть возможность? Мне проще отправиться в Россию и заниматься с ведущими тренерами там, нежели отправиться в Колорадо-Спрингс и заниматься вместе с 14-ю своими конкурентами. Кроме того, это - очень хорошая вещь, способствующая тому, чтобы вырваться из своего "пузыря", из своей зоны комфорта, в которую ты заключен.
До сих пор у меня была возможность посетить лишь Москву, Санкт-Петербург и Пермь. Конечно, я обязан увидеть больше, но мое расписание не позволяет мне устраивать большие каникулы, однако после Олимпиады... Надеюсь, что с некоторыми друзьями нам удастся предпринять путешествие в Монголию, потом проехать через Россию в Европу, где и устроить большой праздник.

- Что ты думаешь о важности четверного?
- Джонни: В течение двух прошлых сезонов мы имели возможность наблюдать, что чемпион мира, являясь лучшим фигуристом, был не лучшим специалистом в области четверного прыжка. Да, я считаю, что четверной - это прекрасно, что это - чрезвычайно сложная для исполнения штука. Четверной символизирует прогресс нашего спорта, бла-бла-бла... Но для того, чтобы быть чемпионом, ты должен обладать целым набором качеств. Если ты можешь сделать четверной тулуп или четверной сальхов - очень круто, молодец! Но вращаться ты почему не можешь? Почему не можешь чисто демонстрировать реберность на дорожках шагов? А ведь все эти вещи необходимы для чемпиона.
Я хотел бы быть тем человеком, который в состоянии чисто откатать программу с четверным - и никаких вопросов: я стоял бы на подиуме. Что же касается его важности, то при новой системе оценок это совсем не то же самое, что было раньше. Ты не должен перепрыгать кого-то в четверных, ты должен "перекатать" кого-то, ты должен выиграть у кого-то. Ты должен быть лучше, чем кто-либо другой, каждом аспекте спорта, а не только быть в состоянии сделать этот прыжок, требующий большой отдачи. Это - компромиссная ситуация. Ты можешь попробовать его и упасть, ты можешь попробовать приземлить его чисто - и все равно получить даунгрэйд. Все зависит лишь от того, кто в этот день сидит за судейским столом.

- Что ты можешь сказать об изменениях в количестве тренировок в это межсезонье?
- Джонни: Я – большой сторонник того, чтобы быть уверенным: расписание тренировок для тебя удобно. Если нет - тогда нужно прибегать к изменениям. Этот год будет очень важным для всех, поэтому ты должен удостовериться, что работаешь с лучшей командой, которая стоит за тебя горой, и от которой во многом зависит твой успех. Потому что, несмотря на поддержку своей страны, своих поклонников и всего, что с этим связано, именно твоя команда должна рассматривать тебя как ребенка, которого она должна вывести в мир. И если ты не видишь, что подобная ситуация складывается вокруг тебя в Олимпийском году, ты должен ее создать.

- Расскажи о своем документальном фильме и новом реалити-шоу.
- Джонни: Мне по-настоящему понравился фильм. Я смотрел его несколько раз в кинотеатре с живой аудиторией, и мне всегда было очень интересно видеть свою историю и свое лицо на экране. Люди получают возможность с чем-то соприкоснуться, они могут плакать, или смеяться, или шипеть, когда что-то идет не так и разъясняется в конце. Это просто фантастика: быть героем фильма, иметь успех и преуспеть с ним.

- А что по поводу сцены в ванной?
- Джонни: Это не было грязным и сексуальным. Да, ванна с пеной была "грязной" штучкой. Для всех, кто не видел фильма, он начинается именно с того кадра, когда я сижу в ванной со своим лучшим другом. У меня на голове светловолосый парик, и я прямо в ванной беру у него интервью. Может быть, ванная и выглядела неким извращением, но на самом деле на нас были плавки.
Реалити-шоу начнется к январю. Это - документальный фильм, который является продолжением уже снятого фильма, демонстрирующегося сейчас в кинотеатрах. Он называется "Поп-звезда на льду" и рассказывает обо мне и сумасшедшем мире, меня окружающем. Премьера документального фильма состоится на канале Sundance в декабре, к Рождеству. Реалити-шоу начнется в январе, в нем будет показан конец прошлого сезона и переход в нынешний сезон. Поэтому камеры будут наблюдать за мной в России и Японии, когда я буду принимать участие в соревнованиях на Гран-при. И, как мы надеемся, снова вернутся вместе со мной в Японию на финал Гран-при. Камеры следили за мной приблизительно в течение четырех лет, поэтому меня они уже давно ни от чего не отвлекают.
Реалити-шоу получило предварительное название "Johnny Be Good", но "Поп-звезда на льду" мне нравится больше, поэтому, возможно, мы сделаем что-то "pizzazy" [кто знает, как перевести это слово? :))]

- Можешь рассказать о своих брелках, которые ты носишь на шее?
- Джонни: Это - корейский рубин, "заговоренный" на удачу, который подарили мне поклонники. У меня также есть два российских рубля, подаренные мне близким другом, которые являются символами успеха. Вот это кольцо подарила мне Элене Гедеванишвили, фигуристка из Грузии. Вот эта вещь "заговорена" русской православной защищающей молитвой. Это - хамса, еврейская "рука защиты". У меня еще есть кукла - матрешка - которую дала мне Галина. Ортодоксальный крест - от матери. Мы - католики. И звезда Давида. Я должен чувствовать, что защищен по всем фронтам. Кто-то всегда должен оберегать меня. В религии я верю только в хорошее, поэтому с религиями я не очень строг. Мне нравится все, что несет в себе любовь, и я чувствую, что эти вещи меня защищают.

- Давай поговорим о том, что произошло до и после Чемпионата США 2009 года.
- Джонни: Перед ЧСША в прошлом году я сильно болел и потерял 8 фунтов - это случилось, когда я находился в Корее на Рождество. Мне потребовалось время, чтобы вернуться в форму, но как только это произошло, я понял, что продолжаю набирать вес. Я научился печь банановый хлеб... Я стал весить 140 фунтов, что для меня слишком много. Теперь во мне около 137 фунтов, поэтому мне осталось сбросить еще три.
Очень сложно сидеть на диете и лишать себя чего-то, если ты упорно при этом не тренируешься. Даже с учетом того, что я был "запасным игроком" перед Чемпионатом мира. Но на самом деле я не готовился к нему, потому что даже если бы меня попросили - я не собирался туда ехать. Не хотел. Но я на самом деле сильно болел. Я был человеком нормального размера, и это было сложно.
После национального чемпионата за меня действительно пришлось вести борьбу. Мне больше не хотелось кататься. Я "уволился" на полтора месяца. Я не хотел быть больше частью этого мира. Я больше не хотел быть фигуристом. Однажды моя мама мне позвонила, я был ужасно расстроен и расплакался. Утром я проснулся в обнимку с шампанским, и это был очень плохой день. Я жаловался матери: "Мам, я больше не могу, не хочу, я не люблю это все!" А она ответила: "Ты знаешь, что горько об этом дне раскаешься. Доживешь до моего возраста - и будешь сожалеть о каждой секунде, когда сидел и жалел себя, несчастного. И это при том, что у тебя есть еще один совершенно реальный шанс завоевать олимпийскую медаль".
И я ответил: "Знаешь, что? Я слишком много и упорно работал, чтобы позволить вот так рассыпаться всему, чтобы испариться из мира фигурного катания". Поэтому я взял себя в руки и нашел в себе силы каждый день возвращаться на каток, снова начать прыгать. Конечно, очень медленно, но я стал выздоравливать. Теперь мне кажется, что я нахожусь в лучшей форме, чем когда-либо в жизни. Как говорят мои тренеры, мне нужно сбросить еще приблизительно три фунта, и тогда я буду окончательно готов. Я счастлив. Я так доволен программами, я так доволен ситуацией с моими тренерами, так доволен своей жизнью, что не позволю себе еще раз упустить этот шанс.

- Что говорила твой тренер, когда ты был в депрессии и не хотел тренироваться?
- Джонни: Галина, понятное дело, на все смотрела по-своему. Она - очень строгая женщина советской закалки, но она поняла и мою депрессию, и мою грусть, и мое нежелание быть частью этого мира. Она долгое время была тренером и через все это проходила. Она могла орать на меня, когда я не хотел заниматься и не ходил на тренировки, но она все поняла. Она должна была на меня орать, потому что она - мой тренер, и это - ее работа. Но вместе с тем она позволяла мне ловить свой момент, отпускала меня. Меня не было [на катке] около полутора месяцев весной.

Вейр смеется над тем, как толпа журналистов одновременно пытается задавать ему вопросы.

- Поговорим о том, что было на ЧМ-2009?
- Джонни: Я отправился в Лос-Анджелес для того, чтобы прокомментировать для канала NBC некоторые выступления девушек. Как только я оказался там, все на меня уставились: мол, а чего это ты здесь делаешь? Я отвечаю: "На телевидении работать буду". Это была своего рода деградация для спортсмена, который должен был принимать участие в этих соревнованиях, а его спрашивают: чего это ты здесь делаешь?
Когда мой рейс приземлился в Лос-Анджелесе, я услышал, что выступают мужчины. Галина смотрела российскую спутниковую трансляцию и сказала: "Джонни, они по тебе скучают. Они продолжают о тебе говорить. Они хотят видеть тебя по телевидению". Я ответил: "Галина, я тоже хочу видеть себя по телевидению". После этого она сказала: "Джонни, американцы выступили не слишком хорошо. Похоже, у нас будет всего два места на Олимпиаде", - потому что в тот момент Брэндон и Джереми занимали не слишком высокие позиции. После чего мы решили: "Так, Эван должен победить. Эван должен победить, или у нас будет всего два места, и в следующем году все станет похоже на кошачью драку". И он победил, и это было потрясающе. Теперь у нас есть три места. Эван - чемпион мира, и я, конечно, ревную, но ужасно счастлив тому, что у страны есть три места, потому что мы заслуживаем их. У нас - очень сильная группа мужчин-одиночников, поэтому мы имеем право располагать тремя местами на Олимпийских играх.
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